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En el Tribunal Federal de San Juan: Rubén Blades y Willie Colón ~ FINAL DECISIONS - Morgalo's defamation suit denied!
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«Hay gente en el mundo tan pobre que solo tiene dinero». - 14 July 2011 - Pirineos Sur, Spain
The Federal District Court in Puerto Rico has dismissed the defamation suit filed by Robert Morgalo against Ruben Blades after hearing the evidence at trial. Morgalo, who was the president of Martínez, Morgalo & Associates, LLC, had sued Blades over a May 2007 press conference in Panamá where Blades was quoted saying that he and Willie Colón had been “robbed” of their Siembra Concert fees in 2003. Among several defenses asserted by Blades was that his statements were substantially true.
Magistrate Judge Bruce J. McGiverin decided in favor of Blades, finding that Morgalo’s company accepted Colón’s and Blades’ performance fees, used the money to pay the company’s debts without permission, and still has not paid the artists. The Court also found that “the impact on Morgalo’s reputation in the industry would be the same.”

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