Scarecrow and Mrs. King
The Times They Are A Changin'

(The glockenspiel in Munich. The bells are chiming and a whole crowd on the street is watching the little figures dance .around each other. Part of that crowd is Amanda, Dotty, and the two boys. They're all grinning with awe and snapping pictures. Amanda sighs.)
Amanda: I just love Munich. This is really amazing.
Dotty: Oh, god. I tell you, this is what winning contests is all about.
Amanda: Oh, well, Mother, you know, you really should have won. You enter every contest the grocery store ever has.
Dotty: I know, plus fifteen sweepstakes, don't forget, no luck. You walk in, you buy one can of coffee and do you imagine, you have the winning ticket.
Amanda: Oh, it is fun, isn't it?
(Jamie takes a break from his camera to look over at Phillip.)
Jamie: You watch, this time he's gonna lose.
Phillip: No, he's not! (They watch two mechanical knights, one black, one white, jousting on the clock.) We've been here in Germany for four days and the same thing always happens! Look! (He points at the figures just as the black one knocks the white one down with his lance.) See? The knight fell.
(He shakes his head. Jamie takes another picture.)
Dotty: The glockenspiel is so beautiful.
Amanda: Oh, yes, Mother, I just love the glockenspiel. (They watch a mechanical rooster crow.) They look real.
Dotty: But so are the stores.
Amanda: Oh, Mother --
Dotty: Let's go shopping, come on.
Amanda: Mother --
Dotty: Come on, let's go!
Amanda: Mother, I don't --
Dotty: Come on!
(Amidst all the protesting, Phillip gets loose and runs to the glockenspiel.)
Amanda: Phillip, Phillip! Come here. (Phillip returns and the two boys look at her.) If we go shopping one more time with your grandmother, we'll come back here tomorrow. (Phillip groans.) Okay, come on.
Dotty: Thank you.
(The group moves out, Dotty literally pushing Amanda along.)
Amanda: Let's go, let's go, let's go.
(Once out of the crowd, Dotty unfolds her map and studies it, still walking.)
Dotty: Let's go to the market area, which is the Balka-- the Balkay--
(She shakes her head. Amanda reaches for the map.)
Amanda: Here, let me see it.
Dotty: It's number ten on your tour map.
Amanda: Uh-huh.
Dotty: How do you pronounce that?
Amanda: Um, let's pronounce it number ten on the tour map, Mother.
(She chuckles.)
Dotty: Amanda, you know, I counted every little coffee bean in that coffee can --
Amanda: Oh, you did?
Dotty: -- and do you know what your lucky number is?
Amanda: No, what is it?
Dotty: One thousand, six hundred and thirty-eight.
Amanda: Gee, you know, I always kind of hoped my lucky number would be seven.
(Dotty abruptly stops and turns around to face Amanda.)
Dotty: Amanda.
Amanda: Hmm?
Dotty: It was more than luck when you picked out that coffee can. I mean, that was intuition. Your grandmother had the same thing! She had a special touch.
Amanda: Oh, Mother.
Dotty: You are very blessed, Amanda.
Amanda: Mother, that's very sweet of you, but I just happened to pick up the right coffee can at the right time.
Dotty: Well, I'm glad, because here we are in Germany.
Amanda: Yep.
Dotty: Come on, sweetie. (She herds the boys along. Amanda stays behind, gazing around at her surroundings. Suddenly her jaw drops when she sees Lee looking back at her, then he turns away and vanishes into the crowd. Amanda gasps. Dotty runs back.)  Amanda, what is it?
Amanda: Nothing, Mother, I just ó oh, look! (Dotty looks in the direction Amanda is pointing, confused.)İWell, I just thought I saw someone that I know, but ó
Dotty: Oh, that happens all the time when you're traveling. Come on.
Amanda: It's silly. . . . (Dotty walks off. Amanda stares at the spot where she saw Lee. Now there is nothing there. She looks up to see her mother walking away.) Mother!

(A little later, they are all walking down the sidewalk, Phillip and Jamie in front, followed by Amanda and Dotty.)
Phillip: You know what I miss most? Hamburgers.
Jamie: And milkshakes.
Phillip: Fries!
Jamie: Yeah.
Dotty: Don't worry about them, they are having a wonderful time.
(Amanda pauses to peer at something through a window.)
Amanda: Fellas, if we get separated, go back to the hotel, don't wander all over Munich by yourselves! (She looks up to see the rest of her family way ahead. She runs after them.) And wait for me! (Suddenly, an arm reaches out from an alley and grabs her. She screams. After a couple of moments, Lee comes out from the alley and looks at Dotty and the boys disappear in the crowd. Amanda walks out and hides behind Lee to look. When she sees that they are far enough away, she steps out and faces Lee. She sighs.)İCan't you ever just say hello?
Lee: Hello.
Amanda: What are you doing here?
Lee: Be at the Friedensengel in one hour. Come alone, and be sure to bring your camera, you're a tourist.
Amanda: The Frieden what?
Lee: Friedensengel. Angel of Peace. Tall, gold statue.
Amanda: Tall, gold statue. Right.
(She takes out her tourbook and flips the pages.)
Lee: Number eleven.
(He walks away. As usual, Amanda has no clue and continues talking.)
Amanda: Right, number eleven in my book. Number eleven in my book. Uh, the ó (She looks up and sees Lee gone.) Lee? (She glances around, then runs after her family.)İMother!

(One hour later at the tall, gold statue. Amanda is standing at the base, looking up. She closes her tourbook and turns around. She waits a few seconds and glances at her watch. Still no Lee. Casually, she walks over to the railing and gazes down at the city of Munich below. Just then, Lee trots up the stairs and saunters over to Amanda. His camera is swinging around his neck. Amanda grins and looks at him.)
Lee: Look, if anyone should come too near, just, you know, be yourself. You're a tourist.
Amanda: Yes.
Lee: Amanda, we need you for one simple assignment.
Amanda: Oh, I'm sorry, I can't. (Lee stares at her.) I'm on vacation with Mother and the boys.
Lee: Uh, not really.
Amanda: Yes, really. (She smiles proudly.) I won a trip.
Lee: No you didn't.
Amanda: Yes, I did!
Lee: No, the contest was rigged, we wanted you to win. (Amanda's smile fades.) Billy had set it all up.
Amanda: You mean I'm not blessed?
Lee: You're not what?
Amanda: Mother said that I had a special -- never mind.
Lee: Ah.
Amanda: Well, it's just that, you know, I was so excited about it. I mean, I've never won anything before.
Lee: Uh, look, this could be a very simple conversation. Why don't I talk and you listen?
Amanda: I don't think I like this.
Lee: What?
Amanda: I think that by now, you should probably trust me. You should have told me that I was coming to Europe on assignment. It would have been simple, fair, and honest.
Lee: No, the simple thing to do is not to tell you anything more than you need to know. That way, there are no suspicious moves on your part and no mistakes. I don't want you getting yourself into trouble, okay?
(Amanda nods, subdued.)
Amanda: I'll just be a tourist.
Lee: Good, good. Now, a man will be contacting you with a message. Just bring that message to me.
Amanda: That's all?
Lee: Yeah.
Amanda: We got a free trip to Europe for that?
Lee: The man who is contacting you with the message is Hatfield Kemp. You might remember him as --
Lee and Amanda: Haddy Kemp.
Lee: Yes.
Amanda: He was a student radical in the sixties.
(Lee looks past Amanda suspiciously.)
Lee: Uh, one and the same.
(He leads her away. They walk together down the stairs.)
Amanda: Yeah. I heard one of his speeches once. Very serious. Lee, I don't think he has much of a sense of humor.
Lee: Well, he's still on the Wanted list back in the states. He's been in Europe for fifteen years, connected with a ruthless terrorist group.
Amanda: And you're going to arrest him?
Lee: No. No, he contacted the Agency. He wants to come home. It's our job to get him back.
Amanda: Why would you want to get a person like that back?
Lee: Well, Amanda, we're making a trade here. See, he's bringing with him some vital information on this terrorist organization, the Riebaden group. They're not fun people, believe me. They're threatening widespread violence if the U.S.-Western European trade pact is ratified.
(Amanda chuckles nervously.)
Amanda: This kind of sounds like a job for Francine.
Lee: Now, now, don't worry, you're not in any danger from Haddy. He's a speechmaker, not a bomb-thrower. A terrorist would smell an agent in a second. But not a tourist.
Amanda: What about a nervous tourist?
Lee: Look, everything is set. München Brauhaus Beer Garden tonight. Haddy will not contact you unless he feels safe. (He hands her a small key.) This key unlocks the door to an exclusive beer stein collection where each member has his own stein. It also has a code number to a special mug which you must use. This is how Haddy will know who to approach. (Amanda nods.)İAny questions?
Amanda: What in the world am I going to tell my mother?
(Lee shrugs.)
Lee: Be inventive.
(Amanda smiles and looks down. at the key then back up. Lee walks away. Amanda looks from the key to her map.)

(A big, fancy house somewhere in Munich. A very dignified man called Baron Klaus van Eiger is carrying a container of liquor. He comes from around the corner and walks past the butler, chuckling.)
Eiger: It will be interesting to see how the Countess Ruvyetska (?) gets along with the avant-garde filmmaker Hellerstadt. They despise each other!
(His smile fades and he walks into the other room, where Inga, a blond woman, is sitting and Ortiz, a dark-haired man in his 30s, is holding a very big, very expensive-looking vase. Eiger walks past them, but turns when Ortiz calls.)
Ortiz: Nice. You put flowers in this?
(Eiger yanks it from his hands and carries it carefully to the other side of the room. He looks down on Ortiz with some disdain.)
Eiger: This is artistry from the Ming dynasty. If you drop it, Ortiz, you'll be old and gray by the time you pay it off. (He places the vase carefully on a stand and turns to face Ortiz, with his hands in his pockets.)İMy orders were clear. Never meet here in the presence of others.
Inga: This couldn't wait.
Ortiz: It's Haddy. He's getting a little edgy.
Inga: He's abandoning our course. I can feel it. He knows too much. Maybe we should kill him now.
Eiger: You never understood the value of patience, my dear. The plan remains intact. Haddy will perform the assassination of the American as intended. Then I, as a loyal citizen, will kill Haddy. And to the world we can say that our Riebaden organization will have a new brave martyr for the cause. (Ortiz and Inga exchange glances.) I still want you to follow Haddy closely, though.
Inga: And if Haddy goes to the other side before your great plan?
Eiger: Well, then, Christmas comes early for you, my dear Inga. Kill him.
(He turns and leaves the room. Ortiz looks at Inga, smiling. She just stares forward, stone-faced.)

(Later that night at the Bierhaus. Lee is dressed out of his usual suit and instead in a jacket and Hawaiian shirt, attempting to look like a tourist. Amanda is standing in front of him, nervous.)
Lee: Haddy will be here any minute! Remember your code words and get your stein.
Amanda: Where is it?
(Lee motions with his head to the door. Trying to look like she belongs there, she bounces a little to the music. Lee gestures for her to do more. Still bouncing and swaying, she walks off to where he pointed. Squeezing through the dancing crowd, she makes it to a locker-type thing and uses her key to unlock it. Lee watches her pull out a big stein and holds it up, grinning and still swaying to the music. Lee smiles. Amanda takes her stein over to the bar.)
Bartender: Do you want beer?
Amanda: Ja, ja, ja, ja.
Bartender: That's a big cup.
(The bartender hands it back full. She almost drops it because of the weight. The bartender catches her.)
Amanda: Thank you. (She bounces back to Lee. As she almost hits someone with her cup, she whirls around.) Oh, I'm so sor-- (The beer in the glass flies into Lee's face. He just looks at her. She gasps.) Oh, I'm so sorry.
(She brushes back his wet hair.)
Lee: Will you please, please sit down?
(Amanda puts the top back on her stein.)
Amanda: I'm trying, I really am.
(She smiles broadly and goes bouncing off to find a table. Once she reaches one, she puts her coat on the back and sits down. The man opposite her raises his glass.)
Man: Cheers.
(Amanda raises hers.)
Amanda: Cheers.
(As she sips her beer, a man walks up. Staying behind her, he leans on a column. It is Haddy.)
Haddy: This music's not exactly Bob Dylan, is it?
(Startled, Amanda puts down her glass and looks up. She recites her half of the code.)
Amanda: I like the Beatles more.
Haddy: Yeah. (He walks around to take a seat opposite her.) Especially the White Album. Remember, "Happiness ó"
Amanda: "-- is a warm gun."
Haddy: You really are a tourist.
Amanda: Yes, I really am. I'm here with my mother and my two boys. Well, I don't mean here, they're not here here, they're back at the hotel, the Hilton. I am a tourist. . . . Would you like some beer?
(She holds out her stein.)
Haddy: No, I can't stand the stuff. (Amanda nods and takes her stein back.) The Agency's got to get me out quickly, before I'm forced to kill someone.
Amanda: Forced? To kill someone?
Haddy: I'm not into that stuff. But the Riebaden gang has drawn up a hit list of prominent Americans. I don't know who's on it, but I know that I've been elected to complete the first hit.
Amanda: Can't you say no?
Haddy: I've been doing a tap dance with these crazies for fifteen years. Up till now, I've managed to avoid their violence. If I don't go through with this now, they'll kill me. For disloyalty, you know? These people play for keeps over here.
Amanda: Who are you supposed to kill?
Haddy: I won't know until just before. That way I can't warn anyone or back out. All I know is it's an American, here in Munich, forty-eight hours, when the night falls.
Amanda: Well, I can see why you'd want to leave.
Haddy: There's another reason. I just learned . . . I have a son. He's seven years old, I've never seen him before. I met his mother over here. I didn't even know we had a child. And now I've just been told she's been killed in a car accident back in the States. He's going to need somebody. I'm his father.
Amanda: Oh, well, I --
Haddy: People can change, you know! Sometimes even for the better! (Amanda looks at her beer, smiling warmly. Haddy looks around. He sees Ortiz and Inga walk in.) Give me the Agency's answer tomorrow. Ten o'clock. St. George's church.
(Amanda starts digging for her tourbook.)
Amanda: St. George's church. Ten o'clock tomorrow. (Haddy stands up and leaves, not wanting to be caught by either Ortiz or Inga.) Yes, do you happen to know what number that is in my --
(She looks up to find herself talking to nobody. She looks around, then begins flipping. Across the room, Haddy goes and greets Ortiz and Inga. He kisses Inga's cheek and puts his arm around Ortiz. They go off like buddies. Suspicious, Inga doesn't follow. Instead, she just looks around. Her eyes focus on Amanda, flipping through her guidebook frantically. Inga tears her eyes away and goes after the two men. Amanda takes a big gulp from her stein, wipes off her upper lip and goes back to her book.)

(Next morning on the streets of Munich. Amanda and her family walk up. It appears that they have been shopping again. The boys run ahead. Dotty looks around.)
Amanda: Why don't we, uh. . . .
Dotty: Now, which way do we go?
Amanda: Boys! Let's go -- I'm sorry. (She lowers her voice and points off in a direction.)İLet's, uh, would this --
Phillip: Mom, can we go swimming in the hotel pool now?
Jamie: Yeah, it's hot.
Amanda: Okay.
Dotty: All right.
Amanda: What do you say, Mother?
Dotty: Okay, yes.
Amanda: Would you take them back to the hotel?
Dotty: I'll take them.
Amanda: I'm going to get a few more pictures. (She hands Dotty her bags. Dotty juggles them with her own.) I'll be right back.
Dotty: Here, let me have this.
Amanda: There are those bags. (Jamie takes a couple of her bags.)İThank you, sweetie. Stay with your grandmother!
Dotty: I love you. (She hugs Amanda, then chases after the boys as they take off down the block.) Wait a minute, wait a minute, we're going to take the subway over here!
(They all run off. Amanda glances at her watch.)

(A bit later somewhere in Munich. Amanda is walking beside Billy. Lee and Francine follow behind.)
Billy: If what you're saying is true, Amanda, then the clock is really ticking! Not only do we have to get Haddy Kemp out of this country, but now we have an assassination to stop and it's going to be pretty difficult because we don't know who is going to be assassinated!
Amanda: Mr. Kemp seemed very nervous.
Francine: I wonder why.
(They all stop walking. Lee turns to Billy.)
Lee: Listen, Billy, I think the two people that he greeted on the way out were some of the terrorists.
Billy: Well, that's your department, Scarecrow. Francine, I want you to compile a list right away of all the prominent Americans who might be in Munich in forty-eight hours.
Francine: This could change our priorities.
Amanda: Can't you just stop these terrorists?
Francine: Now why didn't we think of that?
(Billy glares at her.)
Lee: The trouble is, Amanda, nobody knows who's in the Riebaden group.
Francine: It's not a large group, there's only about thirty members, and they're spread all over Europe. The only problem is they attack in small groups.
Lee: And they're totally ruthless.
Amanda: They could kill Mr. Kemp and he would never see his little boy again and that would be just awful.
Billy: We will still get Haddy Kemp out of this country as planned. Now I'm arranging for a United States Army transport plane to be put on standby alert. That leaves just you, Amanda.
Amanda: Yes, sir. That makes things quite a bit different, doesn't it?
(Lee smiles comfortingly.)
Lee: Hey. Amanda, your part in this is still safe. You just deliver the second message and continue to act like a tourist.
Amanda: Because they would never do anything to hurt a tourist, would they?
(Lee chuckles.)
Lee: No. No, they wouldn't.
(Amanda nods.)
Amanda: Right.

(Ten o'clock, St. George's church. Inside, the organ is playing. A nun walks down the aisle and out the door just as Amanda walks in. She walks slowly to the front, looking around in all the pews. She settles in the first row and waits, watching the organ player. Haddy walks in a little later and sits a few rows behind her.)
Haddy: Don't turn around. Someone might be watching.
Amanda: In a church?
Haddy: They blew up four churches last year.
Amanda: Oh, my gosh.
Haddy: What's the Agency's answer?
Amanda: They'll take you out tomorrow by Army transport.
(Haddy chuckles.)
Haddy: That's funny.
Amanda: No, no, it's the best way.
Haddy: No, I believe you. It's just ironic. All those times I've protested against the Army and now they're going to save my hide.
Amanda: Do you have any further information about the intended assassination victim?
Haddy: No, no. If they could postpone getting me out of here by a couple of days, I might be able to come up with something. I could call it a way of making up for past mistakes.
Amanda: No, you can't wait. They might kill you and you have valuable information.
Haddy: Yeah. I know. Tell the Agency Emmerams Mueller in Bogenhausen tomorrow at ten o'clock.
(He stands up and leaves.)
Amanda: Right. Your son can be very proud of you. You're a very brave man. . . . Mr. Kemp, are you there?
(She waits a few moments, then turns. Haddy is gone. The priest walks up to her. It is Lee.)
Lee: He's gone, Amanda.
Amanda: Thank you, Father -- You were up there?
Lee: Yes.
(He takes Amanda's arm. She stands up and walks with him toward the door.)
Amanda: You were up there?
Lee: Is it all set?
Amanda: Yes. Um, tomorrow at Emmerams . . .
Lee: Emmerams Mueller.
Amanda: . . . in Bogenhausen at ten o'clock.
Lee: Good.
Amanda: Yes.
Lee: Billy's got the plane all arranged. So I guess you can go back to the hotel and have a happy vacation.
Amanda: Will you take it from here?
Lee: Yes, Amanda, I will take it from here. I'm doing what I do.
Amanda: Right. (A blond German woman walks up to them. She speaks some German in a low voice to Lee. He answers her and she walks to the front of the church.) What did she say?
Lee: She wants me to hear her confession.
Amanda: You wouldn't!
Lee: No, I wouldn't. (He looks over his shoulder at the woman waiting for him.) It might be pretty interesting.
(Amanda whacks him with her guidebook and walks away. He glares at her back. As Amanda leaves the church, she walks past a car by the sidewalk. Inside, Ortiz is playing a penny whistle and Inga is sitting in the driver's seat, annoyed. They both watch Amanda walk by, oblivious.)
Inga:  Now I know I'm right. She's the same one that was with Haddy at the Bier Hall.
Ortiz: We should notify the baron.
Inga: She must be Haddy's contact. (Ortiz goes back to his whistle. Inga whirls around and glares at him.) How would you like that thing sticking out of your ear?
Ortiz: There is something wrong with someone who doesn't like music.
(Inga gazes at Amanda's back.)
Inga: We'll kill her now.
Ortiz: No! Not without the Baron's permission.
Inga: We'll kill her first and get the Baron's permission later.
(She starts the car. Ortiz sighs and looks forward. Inga floors the gas pedal and hops onto the sidewalk after Amanda. Amanda hears the engine and turns. Seeing the car coming after her, she runs and ducks into an alley just before the car hits her. Inga gives up and drives away on the street. Amanda looks up an sighs in relief. A bright red car drives up and parks. The driver, Klaus van Eiger, gets out and takes Amanda's shoulders.)
Eiger: It's all right, it's all right.
(Amanda looks up at her savior, still shaking.)

(A little later at the München Hilton. The red car drives up with Amanda in the passenger seat.)
Amanda: The duchess and the ambassador got married even though they hated each other?
Eiger: Oh, yes. I've never seen two people despise each other more.
Amanda: You were telling me about their wedding toast. So what happened?
(The car stops by the entrance. The man turns to face Amanda.)
Eiger: Well, so the duchess pulled the ambassador's belt off and poured the rest of her champagne down the inside of his pants!
(They both laugh.)
Amanda: I guess that did sort of put a damper on things.
Eiger: To say the least, Amanda.
(He gets out, walks around, and holds Amanda's door open for her. He takes her hand and helps her out of the car.)
Amanda: Oh, thank you.
Eiger: I may call you Amanda?
Amanda: Oh, yes, please.
Eiger: We've had a terrible problem with teenagers and drunk driving lately. But enough of this talk. I'm having a little soirée tonight, it's for charity. Black-tie. I would like you to come.
Amanda: Oh, well, thank you very much, I--
Eiger: There will be other Americans there.
Amanda: Oh. Well, I'm here with my mother and my two boys, Phillip's ten, but Jamie's only eight, so I really should see what they're doing.
Eiger: Well, I just hope you can make it. Here's my address.
(He takes a card from his pocket and hands it to her.)
Amanda: Oh. Thank you.
Eiger: The bone structure of your face is most beautiful, Amanda. (He pauses to pick something off her jacket.) Lint. (Then he takes her hand, raises it to his face, and kisses it.) Amanda, goodbye.
(He clicks his heels. Amanda glances down, then back up at his smiling face. He walks away to his car and drives off. Amanda waves.)
Amanda: Bye.
(She enters the revolving doors of the hotel. They continue turning and she comes right back out again, with Lee pulling her away. They walk down the sidewalk.)
Lee: Come on, we don't have much time.
Amanda: Lee, it scares me when you come around like that.
Lee: Who was that guy?
Amanda: He's a baron.
Lee: Ah.
Amanda: He's Klaus van Eiger.
Lee: Oh, Klaus van Eiger? Yeah, I've heard of him. He's a playboy type. All right, what did he tell you?
(They stop walking. Lee turns to face Amanda. She blushes.)
Amanda: Well, he told me that the bone structure in my face is lovely.
Lee: Oh. Well, that's really vital information. Anything else?
Amanda: Well, he did tell me that he's having a little soirée at his home tonight and he invited me. He said that there will be other Americans there, too.
Lee: Good, good. We'll have to find out who they are. (Amanda nods.) Amanda, you've got to be more careful, I'm telling you.
Amanda: Oh, you saw the accident.
Lee: Accident? Yeah. Yeah, I saw it. I was too far away to do anything about it, though.
Amanda: Oh. But you were worried?
Lee: Well, unofficially, yes. I was hoping you'd run a little faster, you know.
Amanda: Well, I was hoping I could run a little faster, too, but I don't have my running shoes on.
Lee: The people that tried to run you down were pros.
Amanda: You mean you think they were trying to kill me?
Lee: Well, maybe they saw you with Haddy, I don't know.
Amanda: Does this mean I'm in trouble?
Lee: No. No, you're not in trouble. That is why we are here. (Amanda nods.) Okay?
Amanda: Right.
Lee: Okay, now. Billy and Francine are waiting for an update --
Amanda: No, no. I should get back to Mother and the boys.
Lee: Don't worry, they couldn't be better. Believe me.
(Amanda chuckles.)
Amanda: You're looking after them, you're looking after me.
(Lee smiles and shrugs. They look at each other for a few minutes, then Lee takes her arm and leads her to a car a few feet away.)
Lee: Come on.
(He holds the door open for her and she climbs in.)
Amanda: Got it, thank you.
(Lee closes the door once she is in and walks around to the other side.)

(A bit later at Eiger's estate. He comes walking around the corner angrily, followed by Inga and Ortiz.)
Eiger: Stupid! Your pathetic attempt at Mrs. King made me sick to my stomach. I can't believe I've associated myself up with the likes of you. (He turns to them. They stop walking and he walks in between them, then turns again.) If I hadn't suspected your stupidity, I wouldn't have followed you two all day. (He walks up to Inga. She avoids his gaze.) I knew you'd try something ridiculous.
(Inga looks up, indignant.)
Inga: But she met Haddy at the Bier Hall and then at the church. She could be jeopardizing our whole operation.
Eiger: I know that! (He directs his gaze to Ortiz and walks closer. Ortiz refuses to look his way.) What I'm really surprised at is you, Ortiz. Why did you let her do it?
Ortiz: I'm not sure.
(Angry, Eiger turns away and walks over to Inga.)
Eiger: Well, that is a reassuring answer.
Inga: Why don't we kill both? The King woman and Haddy?
Eiger: Because, my dear Inga, I want her to come to my soirée tonight. (She purses her lips and looks away. Eiger walks past her.) As to our friend Haddy, he's gone underground for your botched attempt to kill Mrs. King. And now you are going to find him. Either you find him or I'll find you.
(He turns and leaves the room. Inga and Ortiz exchange glances and shift uneasily.)

(The Nümfenburg castle. Amanda and Lee walk by it, with Amanda gazing around in awe and taking in all the sights. Lee is stiff and businesslike.)
Amanda: The Nümfenburg castle. Now I'll have to remember to bring Mother and the boys here, it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. (She turns to Lee.) You hardly even looked at it.
Lee: Huh? Oh, I spent the summer here once.
Amanda: At the castle?
Lee: Yeah.
Amanda: Doing what? (Lee just looks at her and they continue walking.) I know, I know. I guess I don't want to know.
(Lee and Amanda walk right up to Billy and Francine, who have been waiting patiently.)
Lee: Billy? (Billy and Francine turn to him.) What's up?
Francine: Matthew Hearns is supposed to be at the baron's party tonight.
Amanda: Ooh, the symphony conductor.
Billy: Except he left his baton at home this trip. Now he's traveling Europe as an American goodwill ambassador.
Francine: And he's not the only prominent American in Munich right now. Randolph Benton --
Amanda: Aid to the president.
(Francine clearly does not enjoy being interrupted by a mere civilian.)
Francine: Right -- is also going to be in town tonight, and --
Amanda: Uh, Jason Steiron, the playwright. (The three agents stare.) Well, I--I read about it.
Billy: All right, listen up, people. There's going to be an attempted assassination sometime tomorrow. Possibly before nightfall, that's the only clue we have.
Lee: And Haddy Kemp is still in a lot of danger. We don't have much time left to get him out.
Amanda: Yes, and let's not forget that he does have a little boy at home waiting for him.
Lee: I'm sure none of us are forgetting that fact, Amanda.
Amanda: Well, I'm sure we're not, but I just wanted to remind us because family is very important.
Billy: All right, we're going to have to cover all the bases we have here. Scarecrow, you and Amanda go to the Baron's party. (Lee nods. Amanda looks to Lee, somewhat shocked.) Keep an eye on Matthew Hearns. I'll cover Randolph Benton and Francine, you stay close to Jason Steiron. Any questions?
Amanda: Uh, sir, I have a problem. I can't go to the party.
Billy: Why not?
Amanda: Well, I assume it's black-tie and I --
Francine and Amanda: Didn't bring a gown.
Amanda: No, sir, I didn't.
(Francine stares at her.)
Francine: How can you come to Europe without bringing a gown?
Amanda: Well, I didn't expect to meet a baron. You see, I didn't know that I was here on Agency business. If I had known that I was here on Agency business, I probably would have brought a gown, but I. . . .
(She shrugs. Francine smiles smugly at Billy.)
Francine: Well, it's okay because I'm here on business and I brought a gown. Good thing, huh? Because I'm ready for anything.
Billy: It is a good thing, too, because you're going to lend your gown to Amanda.
Francine: Uh, no, Billy, I don't think that's a good idea, I mean, we're talking about an original gown here. I mean, this is three months' salary and besides, it wouldn't fit Amanda at all.
Amanda: Yes, sir, I really --
Billy: Nonsense, a few nips and tucks here and it will fit fine. And Amanda will take good care of it, won't you, Amanda?
Amanda: Yes, sir.
(Billy takes Francine off. Amanda turns to Lee and shrugs. He leads her off in the other direction.)

(That evening in Amanda's hotel room. As the boys lounge in the couch watching TV and Dotty is at the table, Amanda runs in, wearing Francine's gown and finishing with her earrings. She sits opposite Dotty and pulls on her shoes.)
Dotty: Who did you say the friend was that lent you that wild outfit?
Amanda: Oh, uh, I didn't, Mother.
Mother: Was this that friend from home that you met in Munich?
Amanda: Well, she's not a close friend.
Dotty: You see? First you meet a businessman friend, then you meet a friend that lends you a wild outfit, and then you meet a baron. (Phillip and Jamie lean over the back of the couch. Jamie hands Amanda a video camera. Amanda holds up the pieces and attempts to put them back together.) You do have the touch, Amanda. Your grandmother, she met a lot of men.
(Amanda, chuckles, embarrassed.)
Amanda: Well . . .
Phillip: Mom, can we go see the glockenspiel tomorrow again?
Amanda: You want to see it again tomorrow?
Phillip and Jamie: Yeah!
Amanda: We can see it again tomorrow. (The boys cheer. Amanda puts the camera down on the table.) I'll fix this for you tomorrow, sweetheart. (She kneels on the floor and faces the boys.) Good night. Give me a kiss. (They smooch loudly.) Look, I want to tell you something. I am very lucky to have you both. And I love you very, very much.
Phillip: Ma?
Amanda: Hm?
Phillip: How come you're getting so mushy?
Amanda: That isn't mushy. This is mushy!
(She grabs them and wraps them in a big hug and kiss. Dotty looks up.)
Dotty: Amanda, can I ask you something? Do you think they have stamps this late at night?
(Amanda cranes her neck and catches sight of the address. Her jaw drops and she waddles over on her knees.)
Amanda: Mother! You're writing Beatrice Norton? I thought you couldn't stand Beatrice Norton.
Dotty: You're right. I can't. That is why I'm writing her, telling her that I won a contest, sending my whole family to Munich. (Amanda turns away, hiding a smile.) That's why I'm doing it. She'll be so terribly jealous. I mean, you don't mind if I tell a little white lie and say that I won the contest?
Amanda: No, Mother.
(Dotty turns back to her letter.)
Dotty: I'm also telling her that you're engaged to a baron.
(Amanda whips her head around.)
Amanda: Mother!
(Dotty raises up her hands, surrendering.)
Dotty: All right! All right. Just . . . dating a baron.
(She smiles. Amanda stands up, collecting the postcards and letters on the table.)
Amanda: Of course. Goodnight.
Dotty: Goodnight.
(She gives her mother a kiss on the cheek and walks out.)
Amanda: Goodnight, fellas!
Phillip and Jamie: Goodnight!
Dotty: Don't lose Beatrice's card!

(Eiger's estate. Amanda walks in with Lee on her arm. She nods to the butler)
Amanda: Thank you very much. (She accepts a drink from a maid.) Oh, thank you.
(Eiger strides up to them.)
Eiger: Amanda!
Amanda: Hello!
Eiger: You look enchanting.
Amanda: Oh, how wonderful to see you, baron. (She offers Eiger her hand. He takes it and kisses it.) Baron Klaus van Eiger, this is my friend Lee Stetson. He's a businessman from America.
(The men shake hands.)
Eiger: How do you do?
Lee: Nice to meet you. Baron, this is quite a beautiful home you have here.
Eiger: How nice of you to say, Mr. Stetson. You must see my collection of antique vases.
Amanda: Oh.
(He leads them off a little way to a vase, which he holds up to show them.)
Eiger: I traded three horses and a backpack for this beauty in a small town at the tip of the Ivory Coast. (He reaches for Lee's jacket and picks something off it.) Lint.
(He places the vase back on its stand.)
Lee: Don't know how I could have missed it.
(Amanda raises her glass and picks out the piece of lint which fell into it when Eiger picked it off of Lee.)
Eiger: You must excuse me. Madame Dupris has arrived. I must see to her. Mr. Stetson, Amanda, my house is your house.
Amanda: Uh, thank you very m-much, Mr. Baron. (Eiger smiles at her and walks away. Amanda turns to Lee.) What did you think of the baron?
Lee: A little compulsive.
(He leads her around the corner.)
Amanda: He notices even the tiniest piece of lint.
Lee: Yeah.
Amanda: Mm-hmm.
(All of a sudden, Lee stops and stares straight ahead.)
Lee: Hold it, hold it, hold it. There he is. Matthew Hearns. (Amanda follows his gaze to a gray-haired, dignified man speaking to a small group of people. An elaborately-dressed woman is on his arm.) Look, Amanda, why don't you get rid of the woman?
Amanda: Get rid of the woman?
Lee: Just get rid of the woman.
(Amanda nods, a little uneasy.)
Amanda: I'll get rid of the woman.
Lee: All right.
(Amanda turns, takes a deep breath, and marches off toward Hearns and the woman. The woman is deep in a conversation with him in German. Amanda waits a few seconds, then interrupts.)
Amanda: Excusez-moi? (The woman keeps talking. Lee rolls his eyes.) Excusez-moi?
(The woman stops and smiles pleasantly at her.)
Woman: Achtung?
Amanda: Hello.
Woman: Hello.
Amanda: Oh, English.
Woman: Yes.
Amanda: Well, there is a very handsome man in the hall and I think he's looking for you.
Woman: For me?
Amanda: I think so.
Woman: Oh, how wonderful!
Amanda: In the hallway, there's a small group of people.
Woman: Thank you.
Amanda: Yes. You're welcome. Goodbye. (The woman walks off, nodding to Lee as she passes him. Lee walks over to join Amanda and Hearns.) Mr. Hearns? Please forgive me, I'm such a great admirer of yours. Amanda King.
(She shakes his hand.)
Hearns: It is my pleasure, I assure you, Amanda.
Amanda: Oh, thank you very much. (Lee clears his throat.) Oh! And, this is a friend of mine, Lee Stetson.
(They shake hands.)
Hearns: How are you? Good to see you, sir. I have to tell you, it's nice to hear American voices, and by the way, thanks for rescuing me from the Countess.
Lee: It's always a pleasure to help a fellow American in trouble.
Hearns: Well, I appreciate it.
Amanda: Oh! Uh, well, you're the goodwill ambassador to Europe now, aren't you, sir?
Hearns: That's right.
Amanda: Well, that must be wonderful.
Hearns: Well, as the song says, it's nice work if you can get it. (Amanda chuckles.) But unfortunately, one of the drawbacks is that there's so much to do, so little time to do it. As a matter of fact, I have to prepare a speech for tomorrow night. So if you'll excuse me, I'll say goodnight to the baron.
Amanda: Certainly.
Lee: If you don't mind my asking, just how is your schedule for tomorrow?
Hearns: Well, in the morning I'm making a speech at the glockenspiel, after the puppets' dance.
Amanda: Oh, my boys just love the puppets' dance.
Hearns: So do I. I guess I'm still a kid at heart. (Amanda and Lee chuckle.) Well, again, many thanks. Nice to see you.
(He holds out his hand. Amanda shakes it.)
Amanda: Oh, very nice to meet you, sir, Mr. Hearns.
(Lee takes his hand next.)
Hearns: Mr. Stetson.
Lee: Good luck.
Hearns: Thank you, sir.
(Hearns walks away.)
Amanda: Oh, he's a nice man, isn't he?
Lee: Yes, yes he is. Now, look, Amanda, I want you to stay here and mingle with the crowd. I'm going to take a look around.
Amanda: Mingle?
Lee: Yes, mingle.
Amanda: All right, I'll mingle. (Lee smiles and walks away. Amanda looks around. She raises her glass to someone.) Hello.

(Just outside the party, Lee enters the hallway and shuts the door behind him. He glances around, then quietly climbs the stairs. He is greeted at the top by Inga and her gun.)
Inga: Lost your way?
(Behind him at the bottom of the stairs, Ortiz emerges and watches from his angle.)
Lee: No, no, I was looking for the little boys' room.
(Ortiz motions with his pistol.)
Ortiz: It's down here.
(As Lee turns to look, Inga raises her gun and brings it down on his head, sending him flying into the wall. He tumbles down the stairs and lands in a heap at the bottom.)
Inga: Ortiz, get the King woman.
(She steps down a little bit, a cold, cruel look on her face.)

(The next morning at the estate. Lee and Amanda are tied up to chairs, back to back. Ortiz is guarding them, playing his penny whistle. Lee groans.)
Amanda: Does your head still hurt?
Lee: Hurt is not quite the word I'd use.
Amanda: How about throb?
Lee: Yeah, good word.
(He glances over at Ortiz, relentlessly playing the same tune.)
Amanda: What am I going to tell Mother? She must be worried sick. I didn't come home all last night.
Lee: Yeah, I know that.
Amanda: I didn't even call.
Lee: Tell her you were tied up.
Amanda: That's not funny.
Lee: But it's true.
(Suddenly the door opens and in stalks Eiger.)
Eiger: Ortiz, silence the flute. (Ortiz instantly stands and puts the flute away. Lee and Amanda look up at Eiger.)İI'm so sorry, my dear, for the inconvenient way you had to spend the night.
Amanda: Then maybe you'd consider letting us go. (She looks up at him, hopeful. He just stares back. She sighs and drops her head.) But I doubt it.
(Inga walks up briskly behind Eiger. He turns to her.)
Inga: We've located Haddy. He was seen in Bogenhausen.
(Amanda and Lee look up. Ortiz motions to them.)
Ortiz: What about them? I don't know if we should leave them unguarded.
Inga: Let me kill them.
Eiger: Inga, you're truly amazing. Did it ever occur to you that we might get some valuable information from them first? I assure you, when the time has come to kill them, you may have the pleasure. (to Ortiz:) Make sure their binds are tight, Ortiz, and lock the door from the outside. They won't be going anywhere in the short time we're gone.
(He leaves, with Inga close behind. Ortiz walks around the chairs, examines the ropes, and then jogs after Eiger and Inga, making sure to close and lock the door behind him. When he's gone, Lee frantically looks around for something to use.)
Lee: All right.
Amanda: Lee, I'm scared.
Lee: I know, I know. (He catches sight of the antique vase that Eiger had shown off to them.) We're going to get out of here. Do you see that vase?
Amanda: Ming dynasty, probably very expensive.
Lee: Yeah, well, not anymore. You think you can wiggle over there with me?
Amanda: Yes.
Lee: Okay. Go! (They both start wiggling and jerking, inching over to the vase.) Yeah. That's it. Come on. Keep going. Keep going. Closer.
Amanda: Jamie and I did the three-legged race in potato sack bags.
Lee: Come on, closer.
Amanda: Almost like this.
Lee: Come on, a little more. A little more! Closer, that's it. (They stop inches away from the vase.) All right, now, look at me. Press your head against the pedestal, come on. (They both place their heads against the base.) All right. Now squeeze hard. Squeeze against me. All right? Now pull. (Amanda does so, moaning about the pain in her head.) Pull towards us! (The stand tilts and the vase slowly slides off.)İHold it! (They stop and the vase falls to the floor, shattering. Lee watches it, then gazes forward.) All right, now brace yourself. We're going to tip over. Try to soften the blow with your shoulder.
Amanda: Soften the blow with my shoulder?
Lee: Here we go! (They fall. Amanda shouts. When they land, Lee tries to prop himself up.) Are you okay?
Amanda: I think so. I heard something rip.
(Lee is scanning the floor around him.)
Lee: Let's see if I can get a sharp piece here.
Amanda: I'm glad I wore the pants instead of the gown. (Lee manages to grab onto a sharp piece of porcelain. He twists his arm around and begins sawing at the rope.) Is this going to take long?
(Lee stops and looks at her.)
Lee: I'm trying as fast as I can.
Amanda: Oh.
(He resumes cutting the rope.)
Lee: There, I think I can get it. There, it's going. (The rope frays and finally comes apart.) There.
(He frees one hand and uses it to untie the other.)
Amanda: I suppose I'm next.
Lee: Yeah.

(A little later, a taxi pulls up outside Emmerams Mueller, which is a little outdoor German cafe. The door opens and Lee and Amanda climb out. Lee leans in the window and says some German to the driver. Then he turns to Amanda.)
Lee: You, too.
Amanda: What?
Lee: Wait here. I'm going to go get Haddy. (Amanda nods and watches him go. Just then, a black car arrives and parks. Ortiz and Inga get out. They casually walk, looking around. Back at the cab, the driver looks over at Amanda. She shrugs and they both go back to watching Lee. Lee stops and gazes around at all the tables, searching. He spots Haddy at one in the background. He walks over.) Haddy, come on.
(Haddy stands up. Lee takes his arm and begins walking him to the cab.)
Haddy: Lee?
Lee: They know you're in Bogenhausen, we've got to move fast.
(Haddy has heard enough. He walks faster than Lee. Unfortunately, Ortiz and Inga spot them. They whip out their guns. People scream and dive out of the way as shots are fired. Lee drops to the ground, yanking Haddy with him. Amanda ducks behind the cab. The driver gets in and shuts the door. Ortiz and Inga just stand there, steadily shooting bullets. Lee and Haddy poke their heads up from behind a table. They see everybody running away, screaming. The cab driver also speeds away as Amanda pleads with him, jumping out of the way before he drives over her toe. Lee and Haddy use the distractions to stand and run away. Amanda hides behind a dumpster. Ortiz and Inga lower their guns and split up. Inga hides behind a pile of barrels, waiting for Lee and Haddy to turn the corner. Ortiz chases right after them. Amanda, trying to watch Lee, loses her footing. The dumpster starts to roll. She shouts and jumps off. Inga looks up at the dumpster that is headed straight for her. It crashes through the barrels and slams against the wall. At that moment, the police arrive, lights and sirens going. Amanda goes to the second dumpster and grabs onto that one, more careful this time. Lee hears the sirens and pauses.)
Lee: Haddy, hold it!
(Haddy does. They turn and look as Ortiz appears from around the corner. He looks around. Lee seizes the opportunity to pull Haddy down behind a rock. Around the front, Billy steps out of a cruiser and looks around. Back to Lee and Haddy, Ortiz, holding out his gun, creeps closer. They try not to make a sound. Lee shifts his weight. Just before Ortiz is about to find them, Billy runs out from the other direction, followed by two policemen. Ortiz runs. The men hold out guns.)
Billy: Halt!
(Of course, Ortiz doesn't. Lee stands up, glances back at Billy, and then runs after Ortiz. He chases him back to the front of the cafe, where Ortiz jumps on a police motorcycle and speeds off. In the back, Haddy has stood up and he watches Billy and the men race past him. They get to the front in time to see Lee mount his own hog and ride off after Ortiz. The police scatter. A couple of them retrieve an unconscious Inga from between the dumpster and the wall.. Meanwhile, Lee and Ortiz are speeding on a dirt road. Lee turns a precarious corner and then follows Ortiz off the road and up a skinny trail into the woods. They go bumping down some stairs, Ortiz wobbling a little bit. Lee is right on his tail. Ortiz soars over a bump and lands a clearing, still zooming. Lee follows suit, getting even more air and never losing sight. Ortiz glances over his shoulder and sees Lee gaining on him. The chase continues into a field, the gap between them widening and then shortening again, until Lee is neck and neck with him. He leaps off his bike and tackles him, pulling him to the ground. He stands up, pulls Ortiz to his feet, gives him a couple good punches and sends him down again. Just he is lifting him to his feet to do it again, a siren screams. A police car screeches to a halt beside the field. The officers rush out to Lee to apprehend Ortiz.)
Lee: I'm an American agent. Hold him for me. I'll be back.
(He leaves Ortiz with the men and rushes back to his bike, which is lying on its side nearby. He mounts it and rides back to Billy and Amanda.)

(At the cafe, officers are still cleaning up when Lee comes zooming into view. He stops, gets off, and marches over to Billy. They both walk over to where Amanda is standing nearby with Francine and Haddy.)
Lee: Everybody okay?
Billy: Yeah. What happened to Ortiz?
Lee: Don't worry, he's in good hands.
Billy: All right, listen up, everybody. Jason Steiron left Munich last night. Now, Matthew Hearns leaves before nightfall. Now, that means the assassination victim has got to be Randolph Benton, the aid to the president.
Haddy: That's exactly what the baron wants you to think. It's the obvious choice, but it's not right. I'm convinced that Matthew Hearns is the target. The goodwill ambassador?
Lee: His Royal Neatness is the backup assassin, then.
Haddy: Sure. The baron, above all, has a sick sense of humor. Nothing would please him more than to kill a goodwill ambassador. Please, trust me on this.
Lee: Matthew Hearns is at the glockenspiel right now. He's supposed to make a speech right after the puppet dance.
Francine: Yeah, but then he leaves Munich.
Haddy: Yeah, yeah, I know the timing's not right. But I know that Matthew Hearns is the target.
Billy: Can you tell us anything else before you get on the army transport plane?
Haddy: I was forced to go underground ó
(All of a sudden, Amanda speaks up.)
Amanda: It's not the kind of night that falls when it gets dark! It's the kind of knight that wears armor!
(They all stop and stare at her. Lee understands.)
Lee: The glockenspiel!
Amanda: Yes!
Lee: That's it! That's it, the jousting knights! He's going to be assassinated when the Bavarian knight knocks over the red and white!
Amanda: Mother and the boys are there and the chimes are so loud you could never hear a gunshot.
Lee: Okay. (He turns to leave. She follows him. He stops her.) No, no, no!
Amanda: Lee! (She takes a breath and looks at him, speaking slowly and deliberately.) Mother and the boys are there.
(Francine drops her arms, stunned. Billy stares.)
Lee: Oh, all right, all right. Come on.
(He runs off to his motorcycle, dragging Amanda behind him. He climbs on and she gets on behind. With her clutching his waist, they speed off to prevent the coming assassination. Amanda shouts when Lee pops a wheelie.)
Amanda: Gosh, put it down!
Lee: Just hang on!

(At the glockenspiel, a crowd is assembled on the street, watching the puppets dance. Hearns is standing at the podium, shaking hands with people, preparing to give his speech. Eiger is standing nearby, glaring at Hearns. As Lee and Amanda approach, the end of the puppet dance gets closer and closer. People honk at the speeding motorcycle. Hearns checks his watch. Eiger pulls off the tip of his cane, revealing a gun. Lee rides into the center of the crowd. They climb off the bike just as the knights in the clock ride toward each other. Lee scans the crowd. Amanda spots Eiger in a corner of the glockenspiel above Hearns. She points.)
Amanda: Lee!
(Lee sees him too. He runs off. Eiger concentrates on the knights. As one starts to fall, he raises his cane and aims at Hearns. Just as he is about to fire, Lee climbs up to the balcony where Eiger is standing and grabs the gun. He shouts to the innocent bystanders on the balcony.)
Lee: Get out of the way! (At this point, Hearns and the other gentlemen turn around to see what's going on. They watch as Lee throws the gun to the floor and punches Eiger a few times in the stomach and face, then delivers a nice high kick to the chin. Eiger goes down. Lee lifts him up by the lapels of his jacket.) Nothing to worry about, old boy. (He carefully removes something from his jacket.) Just a piece of lint. (German police officers show up and they grab Eiger from Lee.) Take him. (He walks off. As the knights disappear from view, he saunters up behind Amanda.) Well, did you spot your mother and the boys?
(Amanda points.)
Amanda: They're right over there.
(She watches Dotty gather up the boys and leave, the excitement over. Lee turns to where she is pointing.)
Lee: Where? (All he can see is a empty spot in the crowd. While he is turned, Amanda ducks away and runs after them. Confused, Lee turns back to find her gone. He stares for a second, then turns around and grins.) Hey, I'm supposed to do that.

(Later that day, Amanda is back in normal clothes and walking with her family around Munich, Dotty carrying enormous shopping bags. They walk into an outdoor restaurant.)
Amanda: Mother, there really is a good reason why I didn't come home last night.
(Dotty calls to Phillip, who is running ahead. She leads them all to a table.)
Dotty: Come here, honey. (to Amanda:) I'm sure there is, dear.
Amanda: Well, there really is.
Dotty: Yes, honey, you're a big girl, you don't owe me any explanation.
Amanda: Thank you, Mother.
Dotty: You could have called.
Amanda: I should have.
Dotty: Yeah, but you didn't.
Amanda: I was tied up.
(They sit at the table. Dotty sighs and turns to Amanda.)
Dotty: Amanda, look. If you don't have your memories, you don't have anything.
(She folds up her newspaper.)
Amanda: Mother, it's not what you're thinking.
(Dotty folds her arms and looks her in the eye.)
Dotty: You're too young to know what I'm thinking. (She looks up and tries to signal a passing waiter.) Could I get something?
(Amanda sighs and looks away. Something catches her attention. She turns back to Dotty and holds up her camera.)
Amanda: Mother, I'm just going to grab a couple of pictures of that statue over there, I'll be right back. Would you order some mineral water for me?
Dotty: I sure will. All right, what do you want, boys?
(Amanda stands up and walks away, strolling past the tables. She turns a corner and walks past one man sitting by himself at a table. The man stands up and walks with her. It's Lee.)
Lee: I just thought you'd like to know that Haddy got off all right.
Amanda: Oh, that's good.
Lee: He's back in the States right now with his little boy.
Amanda: Great.
Lee: Yeah, and some of the information that he's giving us is turning out to be pretty valuable.
Amanda: What about the baron?
Lee: Ah, yes, the baron. Our good friend and lint-picker. Turns out he was a major financier for terrorist activities all over the world. I hope he and his friend enjoy prison food. They're going to be eating a lot of it.
(Amanda laughs.)
Amanda: Could I ask you one question?
Lee: Yeah.
Amanda: How did you rig it so that I would pick the right coffee can off the right shelf at the right time?
Lee: Uh, you didn't.
Amanda: I didn't?
Lee: No, we did.
Amanda: How?
Lee: Well, you remember the boxboy dropping the can and it rolled under the counter? (Amanda nods.) Well, he switched it with the contest can. You see, we know what brand of coffee you buy, so we had a substitute can ready.
Amanda: You mean the boxboy is an agent?
Lee: And the cashier.
Amanda: Gosh. That used to be a simple neighborhood grocery store. Well. . . . Look, would you do me a favor? Would you not put any more winning contest tickets in my coffee cans?
Lee: You got a deal.
Amanda: Thanks very much.
(She turns to leave, but stops when Lee speaks.)
Lee: But I'd keep my eye open for the breakfast cereal boxes.
(Amanda glares at him. He bursts out laughing.)