Scarecrow and Mrs. King
To Catch A Mongoose

(London, the bank of a canal. There are boats docked and an elderly man fishing. Another man standing at his boat, Willins, is watching as well as a young man raking leaves. Behind the old man, another guy , Keaton, is sweeping he sidewalk. As the two men keep their eyes on the older man, he stands, picks up his tackle box, and walks down the sidewalk. Keaton wheels his cart for a few feet, then stops. He lifts his collar and speaks into a microphone.)
Keaton: Keaton here, station two. What do you make of our fisherman friend there?
(The man raking answers, watching the fisherman climb into a boat.)
Raking Man: He's on the barge. He's heading inside. Shall I intercept?
Keaton: Negative. Hold all positions. DeMarco's inside with a wire on. If the old man's part of the action, we'll soon know. Maintain the plan. As soon as the deal is done, we move in.

(Inside the barge, DeMarco and two other men are sitting insie. They look up as the fisherman climbs down into the room.)
Man1: That's some getup, mate.
(The fisherman just closes the hatch.)
DeMarco: You're late, Mr. . . . ?
Fisherman (gruffly): People who know my name don't tend to live very long.
Man1: Now there's no need for anybody to get jumpy. Let's just do the business. Ned?
(Ned leans forward and opens a suticase on the floor with a couple mysterious black pouches. The fisherman kneels and opens one of the bags, revealing diamonds.)
Fisherman: Excellent. (He tucks the bags into his coat.) And now I have something for you.

(Outside, Keaton and Raking Man are listening carefully.)

(The fisherman opens his tackle box. He pushes aside some of the stuff on top, but instead of money, a gun is lying there. He quickly takes out the gun and shoots the three men. At the sound of gunfire, Keaton's head shoots up.)
Fisherman: Sorry, clumsy of me. (The fisherman takes DeMarco's arm and pulls him to the other two men. Assuming that one of the men is wearing a wire, he keeps talking as he digs small cards out of his pocket and leaves one on DeMarco's chest.) It's all right, boys. I'll check the money, make sure it's all there. (He kneels over DeMarco, rummages through his collar until he find the mic, and speaks directly into it.) Inspector Keaton, you may come in now and collect your rubbish.

(Keaton yells into his collar.)
Keaton: All units move now!
(Three guys instantly drop what they were doing, including Raking Man, Willins, and another man behind Keaton. They all run towards the barge holding the fisherman.)

(Inside, the fisherman runs out the back exit just as Raking Man throws open the hatch. He, Willins, and Keaton all peer into the room. Raking Man and Willins climb down as Keaton straightens. He motions to the other man to go towards the front of the hatch.)
Keaton: Check the front. (The man does so. Keaton walks around the back and yells to someone below.) They went out the front hatch!
(He turns and stares at something floating in the water. It is the fisherman's hat and wig. Downstairs, Raking Man picks up the card the fisherman left. He climbs up theladder.)
Raking Man: Inspector Keaton! (Keaton turns. Raking Man holds up the card.) This was on DeMarco's body.
(Keaton walks over and takes the card. He looks at it. On the front is a drawing of a mongoose and a cobra. Underneath it is written THE MONGOOSE.)
Keaton: My God. It's him!

(New Scotland Yard. In one of the rooms, Lee is sitting at a desk, talking on the phone with Billy.)
Lee: It was the Mongoose, all right, Billy. Complete with his calling card. Here's DeMarco, working with the British on a simple diamond bust and he runs smack into the Mongoose.
Billy: What else?
Lee: Well, after two days, all we have is what we found in his pockets. (He goes through random pieces of evidence on his desk.) A casino chip, a piece of paper with "Conrad Walter Barnhill" written on it.
Billy: We made progress on that name, Scarecrow. The computer gave us someone who can I.D. this Barnhill character.
Lee: That's great! Yeah, that's great. Look, it's clear that DeMarco did some good old agent footwork between the setup meeting and the barge. If he stumbled on the Mongoose's real name and we have someone who can put a face on it, we could nail this guy right here in London.
Billy (somewhat hesitantly): Well, the person that can make that identification is on their way into London in about an hour on flight 171.
(Lee writes that down.)
Lee: Great, who is it? . . . Billy? Who am I meeting?
(Billy hangs up. Lee looks up as if to say, "This is not a good sign.")

(About an hour later on a bus. Amanda is sitting beside Lee, with her one suitcase on her lap. Amanda is ranting as usual and Lee is listening, more or less patiently.)
Amanda: Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I mean, I got to the airport, I went to the baggage claim, I picked up my bags, or at least what I thought were my bags. (She motions to the bag on her lap.) I mean, they looked like my bags, they're brown with a stripe. I went through customs, I got on the bus, I opened my small bag to get my hairbrush out, and look what came out.
(She takes out a bright red, glittery, sparkly, strapless, very small dancer.)
Lee: Whoa. Career girl.
(Amanda stuffs it back into her bag, sighing.)
Amanda: Now look. These things belong to a Miss, um, (she reads the luggage tag) Trixie Burlinger. I've got to get her clothes back to her.
(Lee chuckles.)
Lee: Are you sure you want to return this stuff? I mean, it could be whole new you.
Amanda: Lee, I'm serious. I feel terrible about this.
(Lee sighs)
Lee: Amanda, I know you are sorry. You can just bet Trixie is sorry. I know I'm sorry. So do you think that we might be able to put all this sorrow behind us and get back to work, huh?
Amanda: I'm sorry -- I mean -- (Lee glares at her.) It's just that I've been in the same clothes for twelve hours and --
Lee: Only twelve?
Amanda: -- London is such a beautiful -- What do you mean "only twelve"?
Lee: Nothing, nothing. I can't believe -- You are the one who knows Conrad Walter Barnhill?
Amanda: Yes. Connie Barnhill. We went to high school together. But I don't want to see any old friends in clothes that I've been in for twelve hours!
Lee: Amanda, this business with Barnhill is not going to be some class reunion! He --
Amanda: Lee.
Lee: What?
Amanda: I have nothing to wear.
Lee: Okay. Okay, I will contact TWA, they're very good, and they will help you figure out this whole luggage problem. Then I will take you shopping.
Amanda: Oh, you don't . . . you don't have to do that.
Lee: I insist. I can't believe I'm insisting, but I am.
Amanda: Well, let's just remember that this is an honest mistake. It could happen to anyone!
(Lee glares at her. She smiles sheepishly. He turns away.)

(Later, Amanda and Lee are walking down a street carrying shopping bags.)
Lee: So what does your mother think you're doing in London?
Amanda: Well, I told her that my boss wanted me to look up an old high school friend.
Lee: She bought that?
Amanda: Sure she did. It's the truth, isn't it? I even told her that it was Connie Barnhill. You know, she even remembers him vaguely?
Lee: Well, it is the truth. But all you have to do is point him out to me and you can head home.
Amanda: Yeah, well, you know, Lee --
Lee: Here, let's sit down.
(He leads her to a bench and they sit.)
Amanda: I don't understand how you can actually believe that Connie Barnhill is an international hitman. What did you call him?
Lee: The Mongoose. It's a perfect name for him. He's ruthless, he's very smart, very elusive, a master of disguise.
Amanda: Okay. What has the Mongoose done recently?
Lee: Oh, not too much. Just killed three men and helped himself to five million dollars' worth of stolen diamonds. It's rumored that he intends to start a syndicate of international hitmen headed by himself. The diamonds are to finance his operation.
Amanda: Lee, I would never tell you how to do your job.
Lee: Oh?
Amanda: Okay. But this time I really think I'm right! Now, Conrad Barnhill may not have been blessed with many of the social graces and he may have had that little dandruff problem, but still, he was never a violent person.
Lee: Yeah, well, that's the kid that you remember. Let me tell you about the man that became the Mongoose. Now to date, forty-two murders throughout the world have been attributed to him.
Amanda: And so that's the reason the Agency brought me over here, to identify him, because you don't have a picture of him?
Lee: Yeah, that's about it. We found a copy of your high school yearbook. Instead of a photo, there was a notice that said he was absent.
Amanda: No, he wasn't absent that day.
Lee: No?
Amanda: He locked himself in the chemistry lab by mistake.
(Lee sighs, disappointed at the nonexistent clue.)
Lee: Amanda, he doesn't even have a passport photo on file. He somehow replaced that with one of his calling cards. See, that's his style. He's arrogant. He's always thumbing his nose at us.
(He takes the casino chip out of his pocket and hands it to her. She looks it over.)
Amanda: You think we'll find the Mongoose at this casino?
Lee: It's called the Terrorist Club. That was found on the body of one of our agents.
(Amanda winces.)
Amanda: Ooh.
(Lee takes the chip back.)
Lee: That matches his lifestyle. He's a high roller and he likes excitement.
Amanda: No, no. I just have to tell you that this is not my Connie Barnhill. He can't be the same person.

(That night at the casino. While Amanda racks up winnings at a blackjack table, Lee is gazing around, watching for Conrad. A grayhaired British man is sitting beside Amanda, cheering her on.)
Dealer: House nineteen, twenty, twenty-one win.
Gambler: I knew that queen would be luck for you.
Amanda: Oh, you've been right every time. Thank you so much! Oh!
(Her giggling is stopped abruptly by Lee's glare.)
Dealer: Place your bets, please.
Lee: Are you keeping your eyes open?
Amanda: I've been watching all night, just like you told me to.
Lee: Good. I don't want him slipping by because you're scooping up your winnings.
Amanda: Listen. It was your idea that we should act naturally and play while we're on the stakeout.
Lee: Yes, and try to remember that.
Amanda: I can't help it if I'm winning.
(The dealer deals the cards. The gambler looks over at Amanda's cards.)
Gambler: Look, Amanda, two fives. Now remember what I told you.
Amanda: Right. (She looks at the dealer and puts a stack of chips before him.) Doubledecker. [I'm not familiar with gambling terms, so if anybody knows what this line really is, please let me know.]
(The dealer deals her the cards. The gambler grins.)
Gambler: Queen.
(Amanda shrieks with delight. While the dealer announces her win, Lee whispers to her.)
Lee: It's no use. He's not going to show.
Amanda: Here, look, just take some of my chips, I've got too many anyway. Go ahead.
(She places some chips in front of Lee, but he gives them back.)
Lee: Just keep on playing, huh?
Amanda: Oh, please don't knock them out of their sta--
Lee: Shh! I'm going to call Billy, tell him our trail's gone cold.
(He stands up and walks away.)
Dealer: Place your bets, please.
Gambler: Amanda, this has been delightful. I think you can carry on without me.
(He stands.)
Amanda: Oh, you're not leaving?
Gambler: Oh, I think I'd better. I'm a few pounds to the good and I never like to press my luck. Good night. I'm fortunate to have had such a lovely fellow player. (He takes her hand.) Until we meet again.
(He kisses her hand and walks away.)
Amanda: Night.
Dealer: Madame?
(Amanda looks up.)
Amanda: Yes.
(Before she can do anything, a hand lands on her shouler.)
Conrad: Amanda, don't turn around.
Amanda: Conrad.

(Commercial break. Come back on the same scene.)
Amanda: Conrad, is that really you?
Conrad: Some people know me by another name. Let's move over to the slot machine.
Amanda: Right.
(She stands up quickly.)
Conrad: Without turning around.
Amanda: Sorry. (More slowly, she slings her purse over her shoulder and walks to stand in front of the slot machine. Conrad follows close behind.) Should I play?
Conrad: Yes. (He holds a quarter in front of her. She takes it and drops it into the machine. Throughout the conversation, he keeps glancing around.) How did you know it was me?
Amanda: Oh, you have a distinctive voice. You always have.
Conrad: We have to talk, Amanda.
Amanda: Conrad, are you doing something that's really wrong?
Conrad: We can talk tomorrow morning. Meet me at Trafalgar Square at ten o'clock. (Amanda nods.) Lose your boyfriend with the perfect hair first.
Amanda: He's not my boyfriend.
Conrad: Oh.
(He walks away. Amanda keeps talking, thinking that he is still behind her.)
Amanda: Conrad, you know, it's really awfully difficult for me to believe that you're some kind of an international criminal. I mean, I remember what a nice person you were, and smart, too, and I remember the time you won the science fair with your solar-powered ant farm. You were always just a little bit ahead of your time.
(She stands there smiling.)

(In the phone booth, Lee is talking to Billy.)
Lee: Billy, I can't help it if the Mongoose never showed up! . . . Yes, yes, I'm aware of that. . . . Amanda's fine, she's playing blackjack. Winning, too. (A silhouette approaches the door.) Listen, I call you if anything breaks, okay? . . . You got it. (The figure enters the room, holding a scarf stretched between his hands. He approaches Lee.) Okay. Good bye.
(Just as Lee hangs up the phone, the figure throws the scarf over Lee and tries to choke him. Lee cries out, muffled. The figure pulls tighter and pushes him against the door. As Lee struggles, he reaches for the door handle and tries to pull it open, but his own weight won't allow it. He lets himself drop to the floor, still struggling. Out in the hall, Amanda walks down the stairs.)
Amanda: Lee? (In the booth, the figure removes the scarf and Lee drops, gasping. From the hall, Amanda catches a glimpse of the figure leaving and she runs over. She enters the booth and immediately sets to undoing Lee's tie and collar.) Lee! Oh, Lee. Lee! Oh my gosh. Lee? Lee, are you all right?
(Lee rubs his neck.)
Lee: Amanda.
Amanda: Are you all right?
Lee: I will be once you get off my arm.
Amanda: Sorry.
(She moves aside.)
Lee: Help me up, will you?
Amanda: Yep.
(She helps lift him to a standing position. He uses the door fot support. Coughing, he wobbles over to the wall and leans against it.)
Lee: Amanda.
Amanda: Yes?
Lee: Our man was here.
Amanda: I know. I talked to Conrad.
Lee: Yeah. He just tried to show me his necktie trick. When did he leave you?
Amanda: I don't know. He was behind me. But he told me to meet him tomorrow at Trafalgar Square at ten o'clock and to be alone.
Lee: Not very sociable of him, was it?
Amanda: I turned around and he was gone.
Lee: Yeah, he had a pressing engagement with my throat.
Amanda: I really don't think that Conrad is capable of strangling anyone.
Lee: With a silk scarf.
Amanda: No, that definitely doesn't sound like my Conrad.
Lee: Well, it may not sound like your Conrad, but it definitely sounds like my Mongoose.

(Next morning at The Gondolier. A black car pulls up and Conrad climbs out of the passenger's seat. He walks over to a bench, where ratty-looking grayhaired guy named Alby is waiting. He speaks with a Cockney accent.)
Alby: You're late.
Conrad: Well, you didn't mind waiting.
Alby: Anything for diamonds.
Conrad: The drop points are set?
Alby: In concrete.
Conrad: We agreed on a price. Per pouch.
(Alby stands and looks Conrad in the eye. Conrad stares back coldly.)
Alby: Now you know what an agreeable sort of fellow I am.
Conrad: I'll take that to mean yes.
(He walks back to the car, leaving Alby watching him go.)

(Trafalgar Square. Amanda is waiting nervously. A strumming guitar playing saunters up to her. It is Lee in disguise.)
Lee: You okay?
Amanda: Yes. I've never seen Trafalgar Square before. I would've hoped I could move around a little.
Lee: Move around, he may kill you.
Amanda: Well, there's a lot to see from here, too.
(She folds her hands and waits patiently. Lee ambles away, looking every bit the wandering guitar player. He plops himself down by the fountain, where he can watch Amanda from a safe distance. He pauses from his strumming just long enough to check his watch. Amanda also checks hers. Keaton, dressed in a trench coat and hat, walks over to Lee. Lee stops playing)
Keaton: This is a farce! The bloody Mongoose is making fools of us again!
Lee: Yeah, it's almost noon. Well, we might as well call it all off, huh?
Keaton: I couldn't agree more. (He takes a microphone from his pocket and speaks into it.) Okay boys, it's a wash.
(He leaves, followed by a bunch of undercover agents. Lee walks over to Amanda, who is fiddling with her shoe.)
Lee: What's the matter, your feet hurt?
Amanda: Oh, no, just a little. It's these new shoes. I should have worn my old ones.
Lee: Are you sure Conrad said ten o'clock?
Amanda: Yes. But he's not always the most punctual person.
Lee: Yeah, well, he's almost two hours late now.
(Amanda nods. Suddenly she remembers something.)
Amanda: He used to have an old pocketwatch that his grandfather gave him. do you suppose he still has it?
Lee: Oh, that question is certainly uppermost in my mind right now.
Amanda: Lee, it's very important because that watch ran slow and Connie was always late for everything.
Lee: Amanda, I have known this man to plan a kill when he had less than ten seconds for the hit. Now he's playing with us again.
(Amanda sighs.)
Amanda: Oh.
Lee: All right, look, I'm going to give Billy a call, give him an update. (Amanda goes back to her shoe.) He's going to be absolutely thrilled with this.
Amanda: Well, look, do you mind if I do some shopping?
Lee: No, I don't mind. With your money.
(Amanda holds up her hands.)
Amanda: Oh.
Lee: While you're out, can you pick me up some Goulandu Camembert cheese for me, it's at Harrod's. [I'm not sure if that is the right name for the cheese, so if anyone can correct me, please do.]
Amanda: Oh, not at all.
Lee: All right.
Amanda: With your money. (Lee sighs and whips out a handful of notes. Chuckling and shaking his head, he puts one in her hand.) One more. (He gives her another.) Better give me another. (He glares at her and places one more in her hand. She grins.) See ya later, bum.
(Lee watches her go, then he turns and walks in the opposite direction.)

(As Amanda leaves, she passes by a monument. A man is standing nearby. He follows her. When she walks out of a store carrying a bag of food, she sniffs it. The man catches up to her. It's Conrad.)
Conrad: The stuff stinks.
Amanda: I kn-- Conrad!
(They stop and face each other.)
Conrad: Hi, Amanda.
(She smiles fondly at him.)
Amanda: Oh. Where were you? You said ten o'clock!
(He takes the pocketwatch out.)
Conrad: You remember this?
Amanda: Sure. (She reaches up to fix his shirt.) Same old Conrad.
Conrad: Not quite. I always turn up late. It keeps the opposition offguard. But it's not the watch. I had that fixed.
Amanda: Opposition? Oh, but . . . Connie, I'm not the opposition, remember, I'm Amanda! I'm your friend.
Conrad: Sure. Come on, let's have a drink.
(He takes her arm and leads her somewhere.)

(Lee is walking around outside a bar. He peeks in the window. Inside, Amanda is sitting at a table with Conrad. He is drinking.)
Conrad: I'm telling you, it's thirsty work.
Amanda: So you're telling me you are the Mongoose?
Conrad: Shh! Not so loud. (He glances around, then looks back at her.) So, how did you become an agent?
Amanda: What do you mean "an agent"?
Conrad: Come on, Amanda, I know you came over here to I.D. me.
Amanda: I.D. you?
(Conrad raises an eyebrow.)
Conrad: The Mongoose knows everything.
Amanda: Oh, Connie, even hearing you say it, I can't believe it. I know about the Mongoose. He's supposed to be quick and elusive and you flunked gym two years in a row.
Conrad: Gym isn't important. Besides, I mean, you should talk. You were a cheerleader. You loved watching those idiots on the football team bump into each other, but now you're some kind of hotshot agent.
Amanda: Well, I'm not really a hotshot agent -- (She stops, realizing she just gave herself away.) More like a candy striper agent.
Conrad: Sort of in training.
Amanda: Yeah, and I don't think I'm going to go much higher.
(Conrad looks down and smiles. Just then, Lee enters the bar. He stays a safe distance away, but he keeps his eye on Amanda and Conrad.)
Conrad: You married?
Amanda: No, divorced. Oh, but I do have two little boys, Connie, Phillip, ten, and Jamie, eight.
Conrad: That's nice.
Amanda: Yes. Oh, Connie. If you're the Mongoose, you've done some really terrible things.
(Conrad lowers his gaze.)
Conrad: Well, it wasn't easy, Amanda. But you'd be surprised what a man is capable of once he realizes his full potential. (While Conrad's head is down, Amanda signals to Lee. She points and moves her lips.) You know, they booed Lawrence Olivier off the stage when he was eighteen. Conrad Walter Barnhill isn't eighteen anymore. (Suddenly he looks up. Amanda rests her chin in her hand.) You have kids.
Amanda: Right. Mm-hmm.
Conrad: Right. So you're not just Amanda, the cute girl in the back of the chemistry class anymore, are you? Your life is different. (A little suspicious, Conrad gazes around. Lee acts casual.) You choose to be a mother, and I. . . . (He trails off. Amanaa smiles weakly.) Let's play a game of darts.
Amanda: Darts.
(Conrad takes her hand and pulls her off to the the back. Lee stands up and goes after them. Seeing them disappear, he breaks into a run. He erupts from the back door and runs out into the street. Amanda is leaving in a cab with Conrad. Lee jumps into a cab right behind him and chases after Conrad. The driver runs after him.)
Man: Hey, you bloody fool, stop!
(The cars speed away together for a bit, weaving in and out of traffic. Amanda looks out the back window at Lee. Conrad turns, then hands a note to the driver.)
Conrad: Cabbie, here's twenty pounds. Lose the cab tailing us.
(The driver grins and steps on the gas. The cab executes a number of sharp turns, with Lee right behind the whole way, narrowly missing another car. Lee speeds up and pulls up beside Conrad and Amanda. Just then, their cab turns another corner. Lee looks behind him to see where they went. He continues straight, then turns onto a ddifferent street, tires squealing. Conrad's cab turns a corner where they are met by Lee. The cabs head straight for each other until they swerve and merely bump against the sides. Lee looks into the other cab to see Conrad. He climbs over Amanda, gets out of the car, and pulls her out.)
Amanda: Oh, Conrad, why are you doing this?
Conrad: I'm sorry, Amanda.
(They run away. Lee runs after them.)
Lee: Hold it!
(Conrad stops and turns. Lee approaches them with a gun held out. Conrad points a gun at Amanda.)
Conrad: Drop it or I drop her.
Amanda: He is the Mongoose.
(Lee keeps the gun out, staring at Conrad. Conrad stares back, never taking his gun away from Amanda.)

(Commercial break. Come back on the same scene. Neither Lee nor Conrad moves.)
Conrad: Not a fun situation, is it, Mr. Stetson? You may get me, but I most assuredly will get her.
Lee: What put you on to me?
Conrad: I've known who you were since you first set foot into the casino. What I didn't know was how you were using Amanda. It's funny, you can never trust a cheerleader.
Amanda: Conrad, why are you doing this?
Conrad: You wouldn't listen to me!
Lee: You never listen to me, either.
Amanda: How could I believe that he was the Mongoose?
(Conrad holds his gun vertically.)
Conrad: Does this help?
Amanda: Oh, Conrad, put that away, you were never good with things that were mechanical!
Conrad: Well, I got better over the years. (Lee eyes him carefully. His gaze wanders to Conrad's gun and the empty bullet container. He smiles confidently and slightly relaxes his gun. Slowly, he walks closer to Conrad and Amanda.) Hey, back up, pal. (Lee says nothing and keeps walking. Amanda's eyes widen. Conrad cocks the gun.) One more step and she gets it.
Amanda: He's gonna shoot me, Lee.
(Lee just walks, staring at Conrad the whole time. He is now within a couple feet of them. Nervous, Conrad takes a few steps back, pulling Amanda with him.)
Conrad: I'll shoot her.
Amanda: Lee.
Conrad: Hey! I'll shoot her!
Amanda: Lee?
Conrad: I'm not kidding, pal. One more step and she gets it, right be--
(Lee takes one more step and in one smooth motion, takes the gun from Conrad. Amanda screams and jumps out of the way. Lee holds up the unloaded gun.)
Lee: Not with this, you're not. Get up!
(Conrad throws his hands up, terrified, as Lee roughly pats him down.)
Conrad: It wasn't loaded. I wasn't going to hurt her! I lied, I'm not the Mongoose! (He looks over at Amanda.) Please don't hate me, Amanda.
(Lee stands, points his gun at Conrad, and grabs Conrad's face. He turns it so that Conrad is looking straight ahead. Amanda shakes her head.)
Amanda: I don't hate you, Conrad.
(Lee is now pinching Conrad's face. Conrad looks over at Amanda.)
Conrad: I lied, I wasn't going to --
(Lee again turns Conrad's head, then takes hold of his tie. He looks at Amanda.)
Lee: I think Mr. Barnhill has a few questions to answer. Don't you?
(Conrad turns to Amanda.)
Conrad: I'm sorry, Aman--
(Lee yanks his tie and Conrad looks forward. He gasps.)

(New Scotland Yard. Lee and Keaton are interrogating a very tired and whiny Conrad. They are both leaning in close. Lee shines a bright light on Conrad.)
Lee: Cyprus. July 1976. An explosion in the church.
Conrad (wearily): July of 1976, I was working as a shoe salesman in Maryland.
Keaton: Last year's four-man hit in Sicily.
Conrad: I've never been to Sicily. Please, I told you and told you, I'm not the Mongoose! Look, if I was the Mongoose, I would've killed Amanda, but I didn't.
Lee: Okay, so you're not the Mongoose. But if you don't want to spend twenty years behind bars, pal, you'll tell us what you do know.
(Conrad looks at the two men and swallows.)
Conrad: Okay, I'll talk. But I want Amanda to be here.
(Lee and Keaton exchange glances.)

(Later, Lee is leading Amanda down the hall, filling her in.)
Amanda: So it's called Good Guy, Bad Guy.
Lee: Right. One guy questions the suspect, he's mean and rough, the other guy who plays nice is a buffer to the mean guy.
Amanda: Which side is the good guy on?
Lee: The bad guy's.
Amanda: But he's really good?
Lee: Right.
Amanda: Then who's really bad?
Lee: The bad guy -- um, the suspect. You got it?
Amanda: Sure, but it's too complicated. I think maybe I should just talk to Conrad. He always used to confide in me. (She lowers her voice.) He even told me once that he wears his undershorts inside out so the seams wouldn't scratch him.
Lee: Ah. Well, since underwear is not on the schedule today, could we please try to stick to the proven technique?
Amanda: Right! Good Guy, Bad Guy. Uh, Lee? It makes me feel just awful when I have to scold the boys, so I think I should probably be the good guy and if you don't mind, you should be the bad guy.
Lee: Good idea. Let's go.

(The interrogation room. Lee is leaning in very close to Conrad, resting his hand on Conrad's shoulder. He shines the light in Conrad's eyes.)
Lee: Okay, creep, from the top.
Conrad: Amanda, are you there?
Amanda: Yes, Connie, I'm still here. (She walks around behind him and throws open the curtain, revealing sunlight and thwarting Lee's effort.) There. Is that better?
(Conrad smiles.)
Conrad: Yes, thank you.
(Lee holds up a fist.)
Lee: Well, maybe I ought to soften up your face. It might just make you talk a little easier, you know what I mean?
(Conrad leans back, terrified.)
Amanda: Oh, Lee. (Both men look up. She takes a seat opposite Conrad and leans in.) Connie, would you like for me to get you a cup of coffee or a soft drink or something?
(Lee's fist drops. He just stares at Amanda. Conrad smiles and nods.)
Conrad: Thank you.
(Lee grits his teeth and glares at Amanda.)
Lee: Or how about a pillow? Or an in-flight movie? (He grabs Conrad's jacket and yanks him up to a standing position. He shakes him around.) Now do you think some information might just drop out if I bounce you off the walls a little bit, huh, Bub?
Amanda: Lee! (Lee stops and looks at her.) Put him down. You might hurt him.
(Lee gives him one more shake and then tosses him back into the chair. Conrad looks from Amanda to Lee.)
Lee: Stay put. (He straightens his back and looks at Amanda. His voice lowers to a very calm, casual tone.) Amanda?
Amanda: Yes?
Lee: Could I talk to you for a moment?
(Amanda smiles brightly.)
Amanda: Certainly. I'll be right back, Connie.
(He nods and watches Lee pull Amanda through the door and close it behind them.)

(Outside the room, Lee lets go of Amanda and she turns to face him.)
Amanda: Okay, what's the matter? That's as good a good guy as I can be!
Lee: Mother Theresa was never that good!
Amanda: Ooh.
(Lee looks away. His voice softens.)
Lee: I'm sorry. It's my fault, maybe I didn't explain it right or something.
Amanda: Look. You said the good guy acted like a buffer. Okay, so I buffered!
Lee: Yeah, every two seconds! Now Amanda, the technique works better if you let the bad guy play his part, then the good guy takes over!
Amanda: But by that time, Connie will be scared to death!
Lee: That's the whole point! Get him scared enough to talk! I mean, it's an interrogation, remember?
Amanda: Conrad does not respond well to fear. (Lee sighs.) I think we both should be the good guy.
Lee: Oh, come on, there's no such thing as Good Guy, Good Guy.
Amanda: Okay. Then just let me do it alone.
(Lee looks at her for a couple seconds.)
Lee: All right. All right, he is all yours. I will be listening from the next room. I can not stand a brutal interrogation.
(He turns and walks away. Amanda turns to go back into the room. Outside the window, we see a car parked across the street. The window is cracked and there is a man inside watching them.)

(Inside the building, Lee and Keaton sit on a desk with a tape player between them. They are listening to Amanda's interrogation. She and Conrad are laughing.)
Conrad: Those were the good years.
Amanda: Oh, yeah, they were. Oh, Connie, how did you get involved in all this Mongoose stuff?
(He sighs.)
Conrad: I wanted to be somebody.

(Inside the interrogation, Amandad and Conrad are sitting across from each other at the table. Sunlight is streaming in from the window and the bright lamp is aimed at the table.)
Amanda: Oh, but you are somebody! You're Conrad Walter Barnhill.
Conrad: I really wanted to be somebody else. About eight months ago, I came to Europe, you know, to start over. Lead a fast and exciting life. And I met this guy. He said he was a rich industrialist. I got a job as his assistant. All I did was run errands, but the pay was really good. There was travel, and fancy cars. I was important. For the first time in my life, I was really important! (His smile fades and he looks down.) Then I found out that these little errands involved illegal transactions. I told him what I knew and I learned he was the Mongoose.
Amanda: Oh, but, Connie, why didn't you just quit?
(Lee is staring at the tape player, not believing what he is hearing.)
Conrad: He said he'd kill me! He told me in great detail how he'd terminated other helpers that he'd had.
Amanda: You should have gone to the police.
Conrad: I wanted to, but he always seemed to know where I was and what I was doing. He's got eyes and ears everywhere! The Mongoose is the most frightening man I've ever met in my life! I'm really scared, Amanda. Really scared. You've got to help me!
Amanda: Now, Connie, no -- don't be afraid. Because Mr. Stetson and I will get you out of this mess.
(Keaton looks up at Lee curiously. Lee sighs and mutters under his breath.)
Lee: Thanks a lot.
Conrad: I can't even be much help. I mean, I know what the Mongoose looks like, but I don't know his real name, I don't know where he lives. I'm sorry you got dragged into this.
Amanda: Don't you worry about me! I'm kind of worried about you.
(Conrad glances up, then quickly looks away.)
Conrad: At the casino, I . . . I acted really cold and mean to you because the Mongoose told me I had to impersonate him, but what I really wanted to do was throw my arms around you and give you a big hug hello.
Keaton: Singing like a jaybird. She's good, you know.
Lee: She has her own style.
Conrad: Amanda? There's something I've always wanted to tell you.
Amanda: Yeah?
(Lee and Keaton both lean in a little bit.)
Conrad: I know this is not the best time or place or anything like that, but I really feel I have to say it.
(Amanda's smile fades.)
Amanda: S-say what, Connie?
(Conrad stays silent for a moment. Lee and Keaton lean even closer. Amanda does, too.)
Conrad: I love you, Amanda. (Amanda's jaw drops and she straightens. She stares at him. Lee and Keaton both sit up, shocked.) I've always loved you.
Amanda: Oh, Connie.
Conrad: I never had the courage to say it before and I -- I know you can't love me or anything like that, but I wanted you to know how I felt.
(Keaton stares at Lee. Lee chuckles half-heartedly.)
Lee: Uh, sometimes interrogation takes some bizarre twists.
Amanda: Connie, I want you to know that you've always been very special to me. And you are now.
(She strokes his face. He looks down and giggles self-consciously.)
Conrad: I feel silly right now.
Amanda: No, don't you feel silly. (She bends over and kisses him on the cheek.) You just be Connie Barnhill, because I really like him.
(Just then the door opens and Lee walks in. Amanda and Conrad both look up.)
Lee: Mr. Barnhill, you know have two choices. You can go free, in which case the Mongoose will most probably kill you, or you can help us to identify the Mongoose, in which case we will protect you.
(Conrad looks over at Amanda.)
Amanda: Are you being the bad guy again?
Lee: Yes. And you are going home to your children.

(Later, Lee is walking with Amanda down the street of London.)
Lee: Now I'll have your luggage sent home . . . when it's found.
Amanda: Good.
Lee: And we can still take you to the airport in a limo.
Amanda: Oh, no, thank you very much, but I really do want a ride on the doubledecker bus.
(Lee chuckles.)
Lee: All right.
(They stop.)
Amanda: Unless, of course, you're worried about me.
Lee: What's to worry about?
Amanda: Nothing. (Lee nods.) Well, I hope you can use the information that Conrad gave me to catch the Mongoose.
Lee: Well, we're sure going to try. Listen, uh . . . Amanda, uh . . . you were right about Conrad. You did get him to talk. So, uh. . . .
(Amanda grins.)
Amanda: You're welcome.
(Just then, the bus pulls up and Lee is saved.)
Lee: Uh, you're going to miss your bus.
(Amanda holds out her hand and Lee takes it.)
Amanda: Well, goodbye, take care of yourself, and please take good care of Conrad.
Lee: All he has to do is point out the Mongoose.
(Amanda nods. She lets go and climbs onto the bus. She stops at the door and turns.)
Amanda: Oh, just remember. Conrad has a way of getting himself into trouble.
Lee: Like someone else I know.
(Amanda smiles, then ducks inside as the door closes. She waves through the windows. When the bus drives away, Lee sighs and leaves.)

(A few minutes later, Amanda is riding on top of the bus when a passenger climbs on. He is the man from the casino. He takes the seat in front of Amanda and she smiles broadly.)
Amanda: Oh, hello! How nice to see you again.
Gambler: Yes, yes, how fortuitous. I have a small matter that needs attending. I wonder if you could help me.
Amanda: Oh, I'd love to, but I'm sorry, I'm on my way to the airport.
Gambler: You have a small detour plan.
Amanda: No, I don't.
Gambler: Perhaps we should be properly introduced.
(He reaches for a business card, then hands it to Amanda. She smiles.)
Amanda: Oh, thank you.
(She looks at the card. It is one of the Mongoose's. She looks up at him, stunned and afraid.)
Mongoose: You are now working for me.
(Amanda looks back solemnly.)

(Covered Garden. Lee walks over to the railing, followed by Conrad. He speaks into a radio.)
Lee: Outside perimeter secure?
(Keaton responds through the radio.)
Keaton: As a bug in a rug, old man.
Lee: Roger.
Conrad: Are you sure about this?
Lee: Look, Conrad. The Mongoose had you memorize a five-stop walking tour of London, right?
Conrad: Right.
Lee: Now he has to exchange those diamonds for cash. Now based on what I know of him, he'd never make just one drop. He'd keep on the move and make several.
Conrad: But you're just covering Covered Garden.
Lee: Even Scotland Yard doesn't have enough men to blanket each drop. I've got lookouts on all four of them, but this is where we're going to throw the net over him.
Conrad: I hope he comes.
Lee: You just keep your eyes open and point him out to me. (Conrad nods.) He'll come, I promise you. I know he'll come.
(Lee walks away, leaving Conrad watching the garden. Lee looks around.)

(A London street. The Mongoose is walking with Amanda, pulling her along.)
Mongoose: That's three police officers I've spotted so far. Stetson's no fool. A worthy adversary. I figured out what that idiot Conrad could tell him. I guess I'll be skipping Covered Garden today, we'll start somewhere else.
Amanda: Where are we going?
Mongoose: The Tower of London.
(He pulls her arm, hurting her.)
Amanda: Oh. Well, you know -- ow! -- someone could spot me along the way. Lee will definitely have other men placed along the tour. (She stresses the word "tour" as he hurts her again.)
Mongoose: Not this many. Besides, if there are others, that's good. It adds a little risk to the game.
Amanda: Oh, gee. But you kill people.
Mongoose: Part of the fun. And you, my little dear, will do exactly as told. At each drop, you will exchange a pouch of diamonds for one million dollars.
Amanda: What are you going to do with me when it's over? (He just stares at her as they continue walking. He pulls her arm and she cries out again.) Oh!

(One of the drop points. Willins walks over deliberately and seats himself on a bench, looking around. Behind him, the Mongoose walks in the other direction. Pretty soon Amanda approaches a hot dog vender. The vender is Alby. She looks at him from the corner of her eye and he looks up at her. She walks up to him.)
Amanda: Hello.
Alby: What can I do for you, love?
Amanda: I think I have something you want.
(He looks her up and down and grins.)
Alby: No doubt about it.
Amanda: And I think you have something I want.
Alby: This is getting better all the time.
Amanda: I mean the diamonds.
(Alby instantly lowers his voice.)
Alby: I thought the Mongoose had the diamonds.
Amanda: He gave them to me. (She glances around.) Do you have the money?
Alby: Yeah, yeah, I've got that, but, um, if you've got the diamonds, why don't you show me how they sparkle?
(Amanda reaches into her purse and pulls out a black pouch. She opens it and he peers inside. She looks around and closes the pouch.)
Amanda: Now if you have the money, why don't you show me how it shines?
(Alby nods and leans over. He takes a briefcase out from under the stand and places it in front of Amanda.)
Alby: Paper money, sweetheart, it doesn't shine.
(He glances around quickly, then cracks it open. At the sight of all that money, Amanda jumps and snaps the case shut.)
Amanda: Oh! Fine. How do I know that there is exactly a million dollars in there?
Alby: Don't you trust me?
Amanda: Honesty is not exactly your strong suit, sir. And the Mongoose will be very angry with both of us if I don't bring back exactly one million dollars.
Alby: Well, uh . . . how do I know the Mongoose is around?
Amanda: He's here. He will kill us.
(Alby just looks at her. She nods. He turns away, leans over again, and produces another wad of bills. When he turns back around, Amanda opens the briefcase and he puts the money inside.)
Alby: Now it's a million dollars. Everybody's happy.
(Amanda places the pouch in his hand and he furtively tucks it into his pocket.)
Amanda: Bye now.
(She takes the briefcase and leaves. In the background, a dark figure is standing beside a tree, watching.)

(Covered Garden. Lee is getting frustrated. He turns away from the garden and walks with Conrad in the other direction.)
Lee: He's got to come. I know the man. He's not going to turn away from that kind of money.
Conrad: So where is he?
(They lean on the railing and look out over London.)
Lee: I don't know. Maybe he spotted us. You're the one he's afraid of, you're the only one who can recognize him.
Conrad: Yeah, just me. And Amanda.
(Lee jerks his head around.)
Lee: Amanda?
Conrad: She was sitting next to him the other night in the casino.
(Lee turns.)
Lee: Well, why didn't you tell me that?
Conrad: I didn't think it was important. She doesn't know she was sitting next to the Mongoose, Amanda doesn't know what he looks like.
Lee: Yeah, well, the Mongoose certainly knows what Amanda looks like!
Conrad: Well, Amanda's safe! She's on her way home on a plane!
(Lee turns around and fiddles with the dials on his radio. Curious, Conrad walks around to face Lee and stares at him.)
Lee: Scarecrow delta zero zero zero. Patch into Washington, D.C.
(He waits for a few seconds, glaring at Conrad, until Billy's voice comes through the radio.)
Billy: What's wrong, Scarecrow?
Lee: Billy, do me a favor. Check the airline's computers. See if Amanda made her flight back to the States.
Billy: You've got it.
Conrad: You don't really think that the Mongoose has Amanda, do you?
Lee: Since we have you, he needs someone else to be his dropman for the diamonds. Maybe it would seem a great deal to use one of our own people.
Billy: Negative, Scarecrow, she never got on the plane. Now what's happening?
(Conrad looks up, scared. Lee meets his gaze.)
Lee: I'll check with you later, Billy. (He signs off.) He's got her.
(Lee turns his head angrily and looks off to the side.)
Conrad: Lee? Amanda's in trouble. Now we've got to think! (Lee just stares out in front of him.) Now what would I do if I were the Mongoose?
(Lee gets an idea and slowly turns his head.)
Lee: Start the pickup somewhere else. . . . Start at the opposite end of the tour! That means Willins, Tower of London, right? (He raises the radio to his mouth. Conrad just stares, his mouth open.) Willins, report in, over. (Nothing. They wait.) Willins, come in.

(At the Tower, Willins is still sitting on the bench, but his dead is tilted back over the back of the bench and his hand is hanging limp above the ground. On the ground is a small device, through which Lee's voice comes.)
Lee: Willins? Report in, over. Willins, come in, this is Scarecrow.

(Back at the garden, Lee gives up. He lowers the radio and looks at it.)
Conrad: Maybe his walkie-talkie's on the blink!
Lee: Yeah, courtesy of the Mongoose.
(He pushes past Conrad and walks back to the garden rail. Conrad runs to keep up.)
Conrad: He's got Amanda! Where are they?
(Lee raises the radio again.)
Lee: Keaton, get your men to the other three drops. I'm taking St. Catherine's Dock. Right now!
Keaton: Roger, Scarecrow.
Lee: Come on!
(He and Conrad both run as fast as they can past vendors and tourists to save the woman they care about.)

(St. Catherine's Dock. There are lots of boats floating in the water. On the pier, Amanda and the Mongoose are standing at the car, looking out a boat called Discovery. On the boat, a man is waiting.)
Mongoose: His name is Roxin. (He hands Amanda another bag of diamonds. She takes it and puts it in her purse.) Remember, I'll be close by.
(Amanda nods, then looks up at him.)
Amanda: I have two little boys. I just thought you should know that.
Mongoose: Do your job with Mr. Roxin properly and you may live to see them again.
(Amanda nods, then turns and walks toward the Discovery. The Mongoose watches her go. Just then, with tires squealing, Lee pulls into the parking lot. He and Conrad climb out of the car. Conrad looks around.)
Conrad: Hey, I thought you had a lookout here.
Lee: Yeah. I'm afraid whatever happened to Willins happened to our man. Come on, this way.
Conrad: Right.
(They break into a run and burst around the corner onto the pier. Looking around, Lee spots Amanda on the Discovery.)
Lee: There! (Lee holds out the walkie-talkie.) All right, now you get a hold of Keaton, you tell him to get over here as fast as he can!
Conrad: Right! (He takes the radio and as he tries to get a signal, Lee runs off.) Hello, Keaton, this is Conrad, come in!
(Lee catches up to a walking tourist.)
Lee: Sir, excuse me, can I talk to you for a minute?
(While Lee bugs the innocent tourist, the Mongoose is pacing nearby, waiting for Amanda. Conrad, giving up on the radio, looks around and spots him. He walks down the pier to get a better look.)

(As Amanda is coming off the boat, Lee, dressed in the tourist's dark blue jacket and hat, briskly walks up to her. She passes him, then completes a 180 degree turn. She gasps. Lee grabs her arm and pulls her behind something. He throws down the hat.)
Amanda: How did you know I was here?
Lee: Look, it's a long story. Where is he?
Amanda: The last time I saw him, he was by his car.
(At that moment, the Mongoose jumps out of nowhere with a gun pointed at Lee. Lee whips out his gun as well, but he's not quick enough.)
Mongoose: I moved. Throw your gun into the water, Mr. Stetson. (Lee looks over at Amanda, then back at the Mongoose. Reluctantly, he tosses his gun overboard. The Mongoose motions to the briefcase in Amanda's hand.) And I will take that.
Amanda: Oh, yes.
(She walks forward very slowly and places the briefcase at his feet, then backs up to rejoin Lee. Never interrupting his gaze, he bends down to pick it up. Lee and Amanda watch. Just as the Mongoose is knelt down, Conrad leaps from out of nowhere and tackles the Mongoose. Lee takes the opportunity to push Amanda out of the way.)
Lee: Go on!
(The Mongoose reaches behind him with his gun and shoots Conrad's leg. He throws Conrad off of himself and into the rigging. Then he stands up and aims his gun directly at Lee, who throws his hands up and karate kicks the Mongoose's hand. The Mongoose is thrown off balance and lands on top of Conrad. He then throws Conrad at Lee, who dodges, and makes his escape. Lee runs after him.)
Conrad: Lee, watch it! Dagger, right sleeve!
Lee: Charming.
(He races off. Amanda kneels by Conrad and helps him to a sitting position.)
Amanda: Oh, Conrad! Oh, that was a very brave thing to do.
(He looks at her.)
Conrad: Yeah, that was the first really brave thing I ever did in my life. Really stupid, too.
Amanda: Oh. (She places her hand on his wound. He cries in pain.) Oh, I'm sorry.

(Farther away on the boat, the Mongoose climbs over the bow of the boat and tries to balance his way across to the next boat on the rigging. Lee is close behind. When the Mongoose drops onto the deck of a small black boat, Lee is just climbing down onto the ropes. The Mongoose runs through crowds of tourists.)
Mongoose: Stand back. Stand back!
(He pushes a man out of his way. The man falls into a woman sitting on the rail, who almost falls into the water. Lee jumps onto the boat and follows the Mongoose's trail.)
Lee: Out of my way!
(The Mongoose reaches for a pipe and slides down onto another deck. Lee runs to the pole, but instead of going down, he jumps up onto the rail to see the Mongoose. After seeing where the Mongoose is headed, he reaches for the rope and unwinds it from the pole. As the Mongoose is busy climbing back up the rigging, Lee cuts their distance by half by swinging on the ropes and landing right behind the Mongoose. Not running anymore, the Mongoose picks up a pole and wields it. Lee tries to reach over for his own pole, but the Mongoose swings it and strikes Lee on the shoulder. He jumps back and grabs his wound. The Mongoose dances, very mongoose-like, and Lee tries to defend himself with his hands. The Mongoose strikes Lee's leg twice, then tries for his head, but Lee ducks. Lee jumps for the Mongoose, but the Mongoose whacks him in the side. Lee doubles over and the Mongoose brings the stick down over his back. The stick breaks in half. Lee leans over the railing. The Mongoose lifts up his legs and throws him over the edge, then grabs the rigging and climbs down hand-over-hand. Then Lee's head pops up from the side of the boat. He is holding on to the edge and by using the rail, he pulls himself back up. He runs over to where the Mongoose climbed down. Using the same Tarzan trick, he again catches up. The Mongoose runs down the stairs and out onto the pier. Lee follows him into the parking lot. The Mongoose runs to his car and opens the door. When he sees that there isn't enough time to get in, he continues running. Lee jumps onto the hood of another car and leaps onto the Mongoose. He brings him to the pavement and pins him. The Mongoose throws him off and tries to escape, but Lee jumps right back up and throws the Mongoose into the side of a car. The Mongoose falls, but Lee pulls him up and slams him into it again. The Mongoose throws him off again. He tries to throw a punch, but Lee catches it. The Mongoose holds his left arm out straight and a small knife drops into his palm. He swipes at Lee. Lee releases his hold and jumps back. The Mongoose grins. He swipes again, forcing Lee over the railing and onto the grass. Lee makes a move for the knife, but the Mongoose jabs and Lee dodges. When the Mongoose jabs again, Lee catches his wrist and cracks it over his knee. The knife falls to the floor. The men roll down the hill and land in a heap on the ground. Lee jumps up, pulls the Mongoose to a standing position, and delivers a blow to the stomach. During all this, a small motorboat holding three officers is approaching them. The Mongoose delivers a punch to Lee, but Lee ducks and punches the Mongoose across the jaw. Lee spins and elbows him sharply in the stomach. While the Mongoose is doubled over, Lee grabs his arm and flips him over his shouldder. The Mongoose flies over the rail and lands with a splash in the water. Lee stands over the rail and looks down. The officers' boat slows down and they climb over to look at the Mongoose.)
Lee: He's all yours, boys! (He catches his breath.) Get this shark out of my sight.
(As he watches, the officers pull the Mongoose aboard their boat.)
Officer: Come on. Come on. That's it. All right.

(Amanda and Conrad walk down the pier, Amanda acting as Conrad's crutch. Conrad is limping on his wounded leg.)
Amanda: Does it hurt much, Connie?
Conrad: No, it's okay.
Amanda: Good.
Conrad: What hurts is we have to say goodbye again.
Amanda: Ooh, yeah, that . . . won't be forever.
Conrad: You won't forget what I said at Scotland Yard? It's true, you know. It'll always be true.
Amanda: Thank you, Conrad.
Conrad: Ow! Ow!
Amanda: Be careful!
Conrad: I got it.

(In the parking lot, Keaton drives up. He gets out, along with two other agents, including the two from the first scene who were not killed. Lee walks up to them.)
Lee: You're late.
Keaton: My apologies, old man.
Lee: Yeah? Well, you'll find our friend in the tent.
(The agents walk off. Amanda and Conrad hobble up to Lee.)
Amanda: Be careful, Conrad.
(Conrad pats Lee on the back and grins at him.)
Lee: Conrad, when are you going to learn (he holds up his left fist) which is your right hand (he holds up his right fist) and which is your l-- (He stops when he sees his right fist. He lowers his hand and looks at Conrad.) When, huh?
Conrad: I'm sorry, did I screw up again?
Amanda: No, it's -- you --
(Conrad smiles at her, then looks up at Lee, then looks down.)
Lee: Well, it . . . Don't worry about it. The important thing is that the Mongoose has got cuffs on both hands right now.
Conrad: Lee, Amanda, I gotta thank you guys right now. I mean, you bailed me out of a whole lot of trouble.
Lee and Amanda: Oh, what are friends f--
(They both stop in midsentence and stare at each other. They giggle uneasily. Conrad looks from one to the other as if he were watching a tennis match. Amanda holds out her hand. Lee takes it and they shake.)

(Lee and Amanda are standing on the sidewalk, gazing at Buckingham Palace.)
Amanda: I can't believe it! I am actually here at Buckingham Palace! A royal residence.
(Lee chuckles. Conrad walks over to them with his cane and a newspaper in his hand.)
Conrad: Amanda! Lee!
Amanda: Hi, Connie!
Lee: Conrad!
Conrad: Did you see the morning papers?
Amanda: No! (He hands her the paper and she reads the front page. She grins.) "Mongoose Caught; American Citizen Aids in Arrest of International Killer." (Conrad blushes.) Aww, Connie. You're going to be the hit at the next class reunion.
Conrad: Yeah, well, fame and success can only come to a few of us. Hey, listen, I gotta run, I got a radio interview in a couple of minutes. You know, the British love their heroes. Lee? Hey, let's work together again sometime, what do you say?
(He holds out his hand and Lee shakes it.)
Lee: Yeah, Conrad, it was real --
Conrad: Hey, don't mention it, pal. Amanda? (She looks up. He smiles sweetly.) Bye bye, I'll . . . I'll see you back in the States.
(Amanda grins and nods.)
Amanda: Yeah, Connie. (She reaches out her hand and smooths his tie.) Fix your tie, Conrad. (He blushes. Lee looks on, somewhat jealously.) Bye.
(Conrad looks down, then suddenly back up.)
Conrad: Hey, listen, I gotta go!
(He quickly hobbles away. Lee chuckles as they watch him leave.)
Amanda: Bless his heart, he's about to bust.
Lee: Yeah. (His smile vanishes.) Uh, look, Amanda. You have all afternoon before your flight.
(Amanda looks at her watch and nods.)
Amanda: Mm.
Lee: What are you going to do?
(Amanda smiles.)
Amanda: Well, this may sound silly, but I've always promised myself that if I ever got to England, I would have a formal, proper afternoon British tea.
Lee: Well, that's a good idea. There are some very famous, very posh places, you know.
Amanda: Oh, well, no, I think you have to know someone to get into those places.
Lee: Well, I, uh . . . I think I could help out there. I do have a little influence, you know, even here.
Amanda: Oh, Lee! Would you really do that?
(Lee steps closer and takes her arms.)
Lee: Anywhere you want, just name the place and I'll take you there.
(Amanda grins and looks at the palace. She raises her arm and points.)
Amanda: I'd like to have tea there, at the palace. Where I belong.
(Lee's jaw drops and he stares at her, scared. She turns and looks at him, then bursts out laughing. Lee, very relieved, laughs with her.)
Lee: Oh, you. . . .