Scarecrow and Mrs. King

(In the Intelligence office of IFF, Lee is standing at a desk with a phone receiver at his ear. He reaches down and dials a number, then in a few seconds he speaks into the phone. He looks distressed.)
Lee: Yeah, Lee Stetson, are you sure you're not holding any messages for me? . . . I know I just asked. I'm asking again. (He listens to the response and sighs.) Okay. Okay, thank you.
(He hangs up and begins pacing. Just as he paces past Billy's door, it opens and Billy steps out with a folder in his hand. He places the folder on a table and looks at Lee.)
Billy: Are you still here?
(Lee stops walking and faces him.)
Lee: Yeah, I am still here. I don't know what happened to Francine. (He looks at his watch.) She knew what time we're leaving and she's forty-five minutes late. Forty-five minutes, Billy!
Billy: Lee, will you relax? Now you know Francine. She probably forgot what to pack.
Lee: Oh, come on. This is business.
(Billy lowers his head, admitting that Lee is right.)
Billy: I know it's business. But you're going to be with the beautiful people and she'll probably want to look beautiful. (Just then, they look up and see Francine walking down the hall to the office. She is holding an ice pack to her face and looks miserable.) But she doesn't.
(Francine walks over to them.)
Francine: Hey. Sorry I'm late.
Lee: What happened to you?
(She tilts her head back so he can see the bump on her mouth.)
Francine: Tooth. Ow.
Lee: Oh, great. Great. You have a toothache?
Francine: All night long. Oh, I hope it's not a root canal. Have you ever had a root canal?
Lee: No, and you can't, either.
Francine: What?
Lee: How can you have a root canal at a time like this?
Francine (sarcastically): Oh, I don't know, I just thought it might be more fun than a weekend in the country.
Lee: I'm sorry. (Francine closes her eyes and sighs.) Hey, I'm sorry, okay? (He turns to Billy.) Well, what do we do know? I can't go alone.
Billy: Check the computer.
(He walks away. Lee and Francine follow. When they get to the computer room, Lee goes over to a computer and hits some keys on the keyboard. A list of names appear on the screen. Lee points at it, disgusted.)
Lee: Not available. Just great. What about the Inter-Agency Pool?
Billy: Those names are from the Inter-Agency Pool.
Lee: Are you telling me there aren't any female agents available?
Billy: I'm not telling you anything, the computer is.
Francine: Look, I'm going to have to do it, okay? We can't afford --
(Lee takes her arm and looks at her reassuringly.)
Lee: You can't spend the weekend walking around Cumberland wearing an ice pack. Why don't you go home and get some rest, huh?
Francine: I'm sorry.
Lee: No, it's okay, it's okay, it's just a lousy time. Go on. (She leaves the room. Lee watches her go, then turns back to the computer. Billy is deep in thought.) You know, Billy, I don't need a special agent for this. I just need somebody with the right security clearance.
(Suddenly, a light bulb goes off. Billy and Lee look up and exhange glances.)

(Over at Amanda's house, Amanda is in the kitchen packing up Jamie's and Phillip's backpacks to take camping. She calls to her mother upstairs.)
Amanda: Toothbrushes! Mother, we forgot their toothbrushes.
(Dotty comes downstairs and enters the kitchen, followed closely by the boys. All three are putting on their jackets.)
Dotty: No, we didn't. I have them in my other bag. We have everything that we could possibly need, plus a lot of non-essentials.
(Amanda laughs.)
Amanda: All right, well, it just seems like we always forget seomething. Vitamins!
Dotty: I have them.
Both: In your bag.
Dotty: Right.
Phillip: Mom, we're supposed to be waiting outside, getting ready for when the bus gets here.
Jamie: If we're not there, they'll leave without us!
(Amanda tousles his hair and puts her arm around him.)
Amanda: Sweetheart, they're not going to leave without you and I wish you wouldn't be in such a hurry to leave. I miss you already.
Dotty: I wish you were going with us.
Amanda: Oh, so do I, but I've got too much work to do.
Dotty: I hope this company you're working for realizes you're missing a beautiful weekend in the country. You might mention it.
Amanda: Yes, Mother, I will.
Dotty: All right.
(Amanda looks at Jamie and Phillip.)
Amanda: Are you going to be all right? (She looks back up at Dotty.) What if something happens? Who will they call?
(A loud horn sounds from outside. Dotty sighs.)
Dotty: Oh, Amanda.
Jamie: Mom, it's the bus!
(As they collect all the bags, Jamie and Phillip run out of the room to the door. Dotty and Amanda follow more slowly, still talking.)
Dotty: Nothing is going to happen! There are a dozen parents with us, twice that many counselors, and I am going to be there!
(In the front hall, Phillip and Jamie stop to pick up their sleeping bags. Dotty and Amanda catch up.)
Amanda: I know, Mother, I know. Okay, now listen. I want you to obey all the safety rules. All right? You promise?
Phillip and Jamie: Yes.
(The horn sounds again.)
Amanda: I want you to go to sleep when it's lights-out and I want you to eat all of your meals.
Jamie: You told us that.
Amanda: Yeah, I know. Sweetheart, Jamie, I even want you to eat all your vegetables.
(She taps her cheeks. Phillip and Jamie lean in and kiss her.)
Phillip: I love you, Mama!
Amanda: I love you, now you have a good time. Be careful and have fun.
Phillip and Jamie: Okay!
(They're gone. Amanda straightens up and faces her mother.)
Dotty: Amanda, stop worrying, we're only going to Anacostia. It's only a few hours drive, dear.
Amanda: I know, Mother, I'm just being silly.
(She gives her mother a big hug. Dotty laughs.)
Dotty: Oh, God. You're exactly the same way I was when I used to send you camping. All right, now get your typing done.
Amanda: I will. (Dotty turns to go. Amanda shouts to the boys outside.) Look, take a lot of pictures -- (She realizes that they're not listening and lowers her voice to talk to Dotty.) Take a lot of pictures.
Dotty: I will. Goodbye, goodbye.
Amanda: Bye-bye! (She is alone in the house. Closing the door after Dotty, she sighs and puts her hand to her face. Then she shakes her head and walks into the kitchen. She takes a rag from the counter and starts to clean it off. At the back door, Lee walks up and quietly knocks. Amanda stops cleaning, puts the bowl down that was in her hands, and walks to the back door. Through the window, Lee waves. Amanda opens the back door and steps outside.) Hello.
Lee: Hi.
Amanda: What are you doing here? Nobody saw you come in, did they?
Lee: No, of course they didn't.
Amanda: No, of course not. I'm sorry. I don't know why I asked that.
Lee: Look, Amanda --
Amanda: Oh, please, Lee, you're not here for the typing, are you? Mr. Melrose told me that I have until Monday morning and I'm going to need that long because I'm only about half an hour into the first tape --
Lee: Forget the typing, Amanda, okay?
Amanda: Oh, no, no, no, no, I won't forget it. Oh, no, no. I know how important it is. I mean, if it weren't important, I would be with my mother and the boys on their way to Camp Anacostia right now. You know, this is the first year that I've missed.
(Lee smiles.)
Lee: Yeah, I saw your mother and the boys get on a bus. Is that where they're going? Camp Anacostia?
Amanda: Yep. For the weekend. We go every year. First year I've missed.
Lee: I got that. How long will it take you to pack?
(Amanda half-heartedly smiles.)
Amanda: I'm not going. I promised Mr. Melrose that I would do these tapes --
Lee: This was Billy's idea, Amanda. Believe me, it was his idea. You're spending the weekend with me.
(Amanda freezes.)
Amanda: I'm spending the weekend with you?
(Lee chuckles.)
Lee: Not that kind of weekend.
(Amanda laughs.)
Amanda: Oh, no, of course not, it wouldn't be that kind of weekend.
Lee: This is strictly business.
Amanda: Business, strictly business, of course it's strictly -- strictly what kind of business?
Lee: Agency business.
Amanda: Agency business, what else? It's got to be --
(Lee demonstrates with his hands.)
Lee: Francine's jaw is way out to here and there was no one else available.
(Amanda's smile vanishes and she nods.)
Amanda: Oh.
(Lee takes her arm and leads her back inside. He closes the door behind them.)
Lee: So, look, I don't have time to explain, we have to be there no later than five o'clock, so pack, okay?
(Amanda starts, then turns around.)
Amanda: Don't you think you should at least ought to tell me. . . .
(Lee sighs.)
Lee: It's a matter of national security, Amanda.
(Amanda nods.)
Amanda: National security.
Lee: Mm-hmm.
Amanda: You know, I'm not complaining or anything, but you know, with you people it's always need-to-know or national security --
Lee: Well, that's what the Agency deals with, Amanda. Matters of national security. So pack, come on!
Amanda: I'm packing.
(She runs upstairs. Lee calls to her.)
Lee: It's a resort, but we'll dress for dinner.
(Amanda runs back down and faces him.)
Amanda: We'll dress for dinner.
Lee: That's right. You have ten minutes.
Amanda: Ten minutes.
Lee: Go, go! Come on!
Amanda: Dressy resort.
Lee: Yeah.
(Amanda goes back up, muttering to herself.)
Amanda: I don't know if I have anything for a dressy resort.
(Lee looks at his watch and sighs.)

(On a big field, two men are walking and discussing something. One of the men is Borchev. He speaks with a strong Russian accent. The other is Jay Armin, a white-haired, dignified, wealthy American.)
Borchev: You are comfortable owning the Cumberland, Mr. Armin, but with a new leader, we can expect changes.
Armin: Surely not in your case, Anatol, you have served long and well.
Borchev: Your American joke. What have I achieved recently?
Armin: I understand that. You need an act of accomplishment, a statement of your values.
(Borchev stops walking and looks Armin in the eye. Armin is not intimidated.)
Borchev: That, or accept reassignment. My country has a post open now in Afghanistan.
Armin: Oh, my. Hardly a place for a man of your tastes.
Borchev: But if you can help me get this one man, my problem will be solved.
(Armin puts his hand on Borchev's shoulder.)
Armin: Always happy to help a friend.
Borchev: Even happier to receive my information on the weak purchases. It has made you a millionaire many times over.
Armin: Yes, of course. But you would have no use for a pauper, would you? (Borchev just stares coldly. Armin removes his hand.) I'll be at the Cumberland when he arrives. You rest easy at the embassy. I'll handle everything.
(He smiles and turns to leave, but Borchev stops him.)
Borchev: When I was younger, I was working as a field operator and I have seen many missions like this one fail because of a single unforeseen event or the action of a single person. Be careful. (He turns and walks away. Armin watches him open the door of a waiting car and get in. Before the car drives away, Borchev rolls down the window and leans out of it.) Watch for that single detail, that unexpected individual.
(Armin smiles and salutes. Borchev sits back in his seat, snaps his fingers, and the driver startrs the car. Armin goes to a second nearby car, a white stretch limo and climbs in.)

(On a country road, Lee and Amanda are heading for the resort. Lee has a fancy black car. Amanda, in the passenger's seat, is babbling, as usual.)
Amanda: I'm afraid I packed all the wrong things.
Lee: You look fine.
Amanda: Oh, yeah, I look fine for Camp Anacostia, I look fine for Arlington, but I do not look fine for the Cumberland.
Lee: How do you know that if you've never been there? Besides, I told you we were dressing for dinner.
Amanda: Well, sure, we dress for dinner at Camp Anacostia. Sweatsuits and down jackets.
(Lee laughs.)
Lee: Come on, Amanda.
Amanda: Look, Lee, I don't know who I'm supposed to be and I don't know why I'm going there and . . . well, you have to admit, it's a little confusing.
Lee: Is that it?
Amanda: Unsettling and confusing, I just wanted to clear that up.
Lee: Yeah, you . . . you clarified everything. Now, would you like a little clarification from me?
Amanda: Oh, that would be very nice.
Lee: Okay. We are going to the Cumberland because one of the guests who will be checking in is slated for a surprise trip behind the Iron Curtain.
Amanda: A kidnapping? Are you telling me that someone's going to be kidnapped?
Lee: Well, not if we can -- Not if I can help it. We don't have that much information, just bits and pieces of wire taps and surveillance tapes. We've been watching Armin for --
Amanda: Jay Armin? The owner of the Cumberland?
Lee: You got it. We've had him under surveillance for a couple of years now. He's a little too connected to the Eastern Bloc. He's too powerful and too smart to touch without hard evidence.
Amanda: So that's what we're supposed to do this weekend. Get hard evidence.
Lee: That's what I'm supposed to get.
Amanda: What am I supposed to do?
Lee: Just act natural.
Amanda: Oh, come on! I don't know how to act natural at the Cumberland! I know how to act natural at the PTA and the carpool, but --
Lee: Just be yourself, Amanda.
(Amanda grins.)
Amanda: Just be myself.
Lee: Only not too much. (Amanda glares at him. Just then, the car pulls up to the Cumberland. It is a fancy, rich resort. Men in suits open the car doors for Lee and Amanda. When Lee gets out, he turns to the valet.) Lee Stetson. Bags are in the trunk.
(The valet goes to get them. Lee walks around the car to Amanda. She hisses at him.)
Amanda: Lee!
Lee: What?
Amanda: Should you be using your real name?
Lee: Why not?
Amanda: I thought in a case like this, you should probably be using a cover.
Lee: Oh, I am, I am.
Amanda: Oh.
Lee: This Lee Stetson is the nephew of a Supreme Court justice.
Amanda: Good. What's my cover?
(Lee puts on a big grin. He glances around nervously.)
Lee: Yeah. I didn't mention that, did I?
(Amanda shakes her head.)
Amanda: No.
(Lee's smile fades and he takes something out of her pocket.)
Lee: This weekend, you're Mrs. Lee Stetson.
(Amanda smiles, startled, and looks down at her hand. The object from Lee's pocket is a ring and he is slipping it onto her finger. Amanda stares at his for a few seconds, then looks up at Lee. Caught off-guard, she tries to smile and fixes her collar.)

(Later, they have arrived in their room. The bellhop opens the door for them and they all walk inside, followed by the bellhop with their bags. Amanda and Lee, playing their cover, gaze around the room.)
Amanda: Thank you. Oh, this is very pretty.
Lee: Oh, yes, very nice, very nice.
Amanda: Lovely.
(They walk over to the big window in the wall. Lee pulls aside the curtain and looks at Amanda.)
Lee: Oh, look at this. Darling, look at this terrific view.
Amanda: Oh, that's really beautiful, isn't it, sweetheart?
Lee: Yes. (He turns to the bellhop and takes a wad of bills from his pocket.) Well, everything seems to be just fine. Thank you. There you go.
(He counts out a certain amount and holds it out for the bellhop to take.)
Bellhop: Thank you, sir.
Lee: Thank you.
(As Lee puts the money back into his pocket, the bellhop turns to leave the room. Amanda ducks out of the way.)
Bellhop: Pardon me.
Amanda: That's all right. (She watches the bellhop leave. Lee takes a device from his pocket and opens it up. Amanda turns to him.) Okay, don't you think we should talk about --
Lee: Dinner?
(The device is a bug detector. They exchange glances. Amanda clues in.)
Amanda: Oh.
(Lee walks around the room holding the machine out in front of him. He talks loudly for any microphone that could be hidden.)
Lee: If you don't mind, darling, I'd like to go down just a little early. I worked up quite an appetite on that drive, you know.
Amanda: Mm.
Lee: Oh, did you know they have a Cordon Bleu chef here?
Amanda: Well, no, I didn't know that.
Lee: Mm-hmm. And a championship tennis court.
Amanda: Really?
Lee: Maybe we could put in a couple sets before we dress, all right?
Amanda: Oh, gee, I didn't bring my racket.
Lee: Oh, that's okay. The Cumberland is the kind of place where you can just do what you feel like. (He chuckles. Amanda opens the door to another room and peers inside. Not finding what she's looking for, she goes into another room.) Yes, if you don't want to play tennis, or golf, or swim -- (He stops and shuts the device. He places it back into his pocket.) The room's not bugged. (He looks up and sees Amanda going from room to room.) What are you looking for?
(Amanda appears from the room with a closet hanger in her hand.)
Amanda: My room.
Lee: Well, this is your room.
Amanda: Then where is your room?
(Lee sighs and rolls his eyes.)
Lee: It's also my room. It's our room.
Amanda: Oh, no.
Lee: Amanda, I'm going to take a look around while you're dressing for dinner.
(Amanda looks at her watch.)
Amanda: Oh, no, wait, it's too early for dinner. It's only five-fifteen.
(Lee sighs, exasperated.)
Lee: We have to be down in the lobby before six o'clock.
Amanda: Oh. Well, don't you think that we should discuss the accommodations? I mean, do you know what I'm talking about? There aren't enough . . . accommodations.
Lee: Later, okay?
(He goes over to the door and opens it.)
Amanda: How much later?
(Lee sighs again and cuts her off with his hand. He glares at her and lowers his voice.)
Lee: Later.
(Shaking his head, he goes out into the hallway and closes the door behind him, leaving Amanda standing there.)
Amanda: Later means never.
(She nods to herself.)

(Outside of the resort, there is a beautiful pool and by the pool, there is a  beautiful lady, Valerie Tucker. She is resting on a lounge chair while a very muscly waiter passes by and hands her a drink. He stands behind her.)
Valerie: Thank you. (Lee walks past her and catches her eye.) Hi.
(He stops walking and smiles.)
Lee: Good afternoon.
Valerie: I bet you're a new arrival.
Lee: Just checked in for the weekend. Lee Stetson.
Valerie: Valerie Tucker.
Waiter: Mrs. Tuck Tucker.
Lee: Tuck Tucker?
Valerie: Sounds like a stutter, doesn't it? But Tuck guards his first name more fiercely than anything in his old think tank.
Lee: Of course, I've heard of Dr. Tucker. Perhaps you and your husband would join us for dinner one night.
Valerie: "Us"?
Lee: My wife and I.
Valerie: Oh. Sure. If he shows up. But you know how unreliable geniuses can be.
Lee: Yeah. Well, I'll get in touch with you later.
Valerie: Do that.
(Lee grins charmingly.)
Lee: Okay.
(He walks away. Valerie talks to the waiter.)
Valerie: Be here at six o'clock and don't make any mistakes.
Waiter: You got it, baby.
Valerie: Don't be so obvious. Just say "Thank you, Mrs. Tucker" and leave.
Waiter: Thank you, Mrs. Tucker.
(He walks away. Valerie smiles serenely.)

(Later, Lee and Amanda are making their way downstairs for dinner. Lee is dressed in a snappy tux and Amanda has a pretty pant suit. Lee has her arm in his.)
Lee: I don't know why you said you packed all the wrong things. What's wrong with what you've got on?
Amanda: Well, there's nothing wrong with it. I guess it's just that I feel a little bit silly being all dressed up when it's still light outside. Don't you feel a little silly?
Lee: Oh, what -- (Suddenly, when they reach the bottom of the staircase, an old woman named Mrs. Craddock bumps into them.) Oh, excuse me!
Amanda: I'm sorry.
Mrs. Craddock: You haven't seen my husband, have you? (Lee and Amanda exchange glances.) Oh, no, of course you haven't. I don't know you and you've never seen me before in your lives.
(Lee and Amanda chuckle and shake their heads.)
Lee: No.
(Mrs. Craddock leans in and squints.)
Mrs. Craddock: I can't see a thing without my glasses. I broke them the first day we were here.
Amanda: Oh, well, I'm very sorry to hear that, Mrs. . . .
Mrs. Craddock: Craddock.
(Amanda reaches her arm out and shakes the old woman's hand.)
Amanda: Hello, I'm Amanda --
Lee: Stetson.
Amanda: -- Stetson.
(Lee shakes her hand.)
Lee: Yes, and I'm Lee Stetson.
Mrs. Craddock: Hello. Your first trip to the Cumberland? (Lee and Amanda look at each other.) I'm a regular and I don't believe I've seen you before. Of course, I can't be sure.
(Amanda chuckles.)
Amanda: Well, yes, it is our first trip.
Mrs. Craddock: We celebrate everything here. Birthdays, Christmas. This time it's our thirtieth anniversary.
(Lee looks at his watch, getting anxious.)
Amanda: Oh, how wonderful!
Mrs. Craddock: Can you believe that? Thirty years. How long have you been married?
Amanda: Not very --
Lee: Oh, about s--
(Mrs. Craddock looks from one to the other, confused. Amanda giggles nervously. She shrugs.)
Amanda: Just a short time.
(Mrs. Craddock smiles broadly.)
Mrs. Craddock: Newlyweds. Oh, isn't that wonderful? (Getting into the part, Amanda slips her arm around Lee's waist. Lee follows suit.) Well, you don't want to waste your time talking to an old woman. (She starts up the stairs, but stops partway up. Still with the look on your face you get when you see a litter of newborn puppies, she turns around and gazes at them one more time.) Newlyweds.
(As she disappears, Amanda calls to her.)
Amanda: It was nice to meet you, Mrs. -- (The woman is gone. Amanda looks down and mumbles the rest of her sentence.) Craddock.
(Lee rolls his eyes and they continue walking to the lobby, Lee's arm still wrapped around her waist.)
Lee: Great. Newlyweds. When that woman talks, it'll be all over the hotel. Why didn't you pick a number? Two years, three years --
Amanda: Why didn't you pick a number, two years, three years?
Lee: Because it is not a question for a man to answer.
Amanda: A man can answer the question as well as a woman.
(As they enter the lobby, Lee silences her.)
Lee: Shh!
Amanda: Don't shush me.
Lee: It's six o'clock.
(Lee leads her to a quiet table for two and they sit facing each other. Lee glances around the room. Amanda takes his hand in hers.)
Amanda: Sweetheart?
Lee: Hmm?
(Amanda lowers her voice, but keeps smiling sweetly. Lee does the same.)
Amanda: What happens at six o'clock?
Lee: Whoever's being kidnapped is checking in.
Amanda: Oh. You mean we don't know who it is?
Lee: The surveillance tapes didn't give us any of the vital stats. Six o'clock at the Cumberland, that's all we know. That, and the fact that Jay Armin's engineering the whole thing.
Amanda: Oh.
(She smiles. Lee kisses her hand and looks around. At the front desk, the first couple has arrived. They are elderly. Lee watches the man hard as they check in and receive their room key.)
Desk Clerk: Hi, folks, welcome to the Cumberland.
Lee: Okay, here we go.
Desk Clerk: Room 412.
(The man turns so that Lee and Amanda can see his face.)
Lee: I recognize him. (That couple walks away to find their room.) I've got to get a look at them.
(Another  elderly couple walks up right after them and signs in. When Amanda sees yet another couple standing behind them, she gasps.)
Desk Clerk: Room 322. Enjoy your stay!
(The last couple approaches the desk. They are young and handsome. The man signs their names as Lee and Amanda watch.)
Lee: Okay, it's one of three. (Amanda nods. They exchange glances.) Amanda, go along with this. We've got to get a look at those names.
Amanda: Right.
(They smile adoringly at each other. Lee slowly lets go of her hand and stands up. Amanda's smile fades and she groans under her breath. Lee walks up to the desk with a big smile. He speaks to the clerk.)
Lee: I'm sorry. This is very embarrassing, but it seems that both the wife and I left our keys in the room. I wonder if you could --
(The clerk turns to his computer.)
Desk Clerk: That's no problem, sir. (Suddenly Lee clutches at his chest and gasps as if he has a heart problem. He leans on the desk for support. The clerk looks up.) Mr. Stetson, are you all right, sir? Is there anything I can do?
(Over at the table, Amanda looks up, worried. Lee points to her.)
Lee: My wife . . . my wife . . . over there . . . my wife. . . .
Desk Clerk: Don't worry, sir, I'll get her. (The clerk rushes out of sight to Amanda's table, where she is digging through her purse.) Mr. Stetson, your husband is --
Amanda: Yes, I know. (She stands up. Meanwhile, Lee picks up the guest cards left on the front desk from the last three people who signed in. He leafs through them to memorie the names. Quickly, he places them back down and goes back to his act. Amanda rushes to his side with the desk clerk following. She puts her purse on the desk and reaches for something inside.) Here you are.
Lee: Oh, darling, honey.
Amanda: You need your pills and I have them right here. (She pretends to take a small pill from her purse and she takes Lee's chin in her hand. She mimes putting the pill in his mouth.) Under your tongue, there you go.
Lee: Hold me.
(Amanda wraps her arms around him and tries to hold him up. The clerk holds up the phone receiver.)
Desk Clerk: I'll get the house physician for you.
Amanda: No, no, no, that will be all right. It will be all right.
(A tall, balding man appears through the doorway. He watches the scene as Lee gradually calms down and breathes normally. He smiles, relieved.)
Lee: Oh, I'm --
Amanda: Are you all right?
Lee: Oh, yeah.
Amanda: Are you ready to go?
(Lee looks at the worred clerk.)
Lee: Don't worry, it's happened before. Thank you. Thank you very much.
Amanda: Yes, thank you very much.
Desk Clerk: Of course.
(Lee puts his arm around Amanda and they walk upstairs, she supporting him. The tall man, with a cold look on his face, approaches the desk.)

(Later that night, Lee has miraculously recovered. He is standing at a pay phone, talking with Billy while random people pass behind.)
Lee: Okay, Billy. Okay. Bye. (He hangs up and looks at the notes he took. Thinking the problem over, he returns to the dining room. Every table has candles lit and a vase of flowers in the middle with a white tablecloth draped over. Waiters walk back and forth with their arms full of steaming silver trays. Amanda and Lee are enjoying their own plates.) Mm. They weren't exaggerating about the food in this place. I'd heard that it was good. It's great.
(Amanda picks at her food.)
Amanda: Mm.
Lee: What's the matter? Aren't you hungry?
Amanda: Oh, it's just that there were no prices on the menu that sort of fit my appetite. (Lee chuckles.) It's very good. (She looks up and sees a familiar face walk by.) Hello, Mrs. Craddock. Hello.
(Mrs. Craddock stops and squints at them.)
Mrs. Craddock: Oh, Mrs. Stetson. Mr. Stetson. The newlyweds. Oh, isn't that sweet?
(She smiles and walks away. Lee sighs.)
Lee: Sweet.
(Lee takes her hand and begins kissing it. Amanda looks away, nervous.)
Amanda: Lee?
(She sees Mr. and Mrs. Craddock sitting down nearby. Mrs. Craddock points them out to her husband and waves.)
Lee: Hm?
Amanda: Is that absolutely necessary?
(Lee pauses from her hand for a second.)
Lee: Of course it is. It's our cover.
Amanda: Right. Part of our cover.
(Lee gives her hand one last kiss and lets it drop. Out of the corner of his eye, he watches one of the new guests being seated at a table.)
Lee: There's one of them now.
Amanda: One of who?
Lee: One of the six o'clock check-ins. Lane Rookes. According to Billy, he's a pro golfer with a lot of bad habits.
Amanda: What would the Eastern Bloc want with a pro golfer?
(Lee shrugs.)
Lee: Nothing. I've already scratched him.
Amanda: Wow. (She returns to her food.) Who were some of the other possible victims?
(Lee motions with his head to a table over by the wall.)
Lee: There's Harvey Valentine, over there. He's a British shipping magnate, with connections with every deep water port in the world. (He glances over his shoulder to a crowded table.) David Bosca. Nobel-oriented, genetic engineering. (Lee takes a sip of champagne from his glass, then continues.) Dr. Tucker was my prime candidate, but he didn't show.
Amanda: Who's Dr. Tucker?
(Lee takes another drink and puts his glass down.)
Lee: He's a major brain at a California think tank. Nobody knows what they're working on, but a lot of people would love to find out.
Amanda: Lee, this might sound like a silly question, but how do you know that he didn't show up if you're not sure that he was supposed to be here?
Lee: Well, I talked to his wife this afternoon. She was working on her suntan, or lifeguard, it was a tossup.
Amanda: Oh. Well, you know, we can't really watch all of them.
Lee: No, we can't watch them all. (He looks to the side and sees Armin at Bosca's table, shaking hands and greeting his guests.) I just wonder what Jay Armin's doing with him. (He turns back to Amanda and smiles.) Look, we're going to stick with David Bosca.
(Amanda nods and they both turn their heads to watch Bosca and Armin.)

(Later that evening, after dinner, Lee is leading Amanda back to their room. They turn the corner, their arms swinging at their sides. Suddenly, Lee grabs Amanda and they smile at each other. As they pass another couple in the hall, they smile brightly.)
Amanda: Hello.
(They reach their door. Amanda frees herself from Lee's arms. He complies and searches for the key in his jacket pocket. Amanda looks around the hall until Lee finds the key and opens the door. He backs up and motions with his arm to go in. Amanda walks in the room and Lee follows, closing the door behind them.)
Lee: Well, I thought we carried that off pretty well.
(He walks past her into the bedroom.)
Amanda: Oh, yes. Very well.
(At the bed, Lee begins removing his jacket.)
Lee: And I also think you were very convincing.
Amanda: Oh, we were very convincing. We convinced Mrs. Craddock and she's been married thirty years.
(Lee chuckles and tosses his jacket on the chair.)
Lee: Yeah.
Amanda: Well, I guess you plan to, um. . . .
(She motions to the bed.)
Lee: Yeah, do you mind? It's been a long day.
Amanda: Oh, no, no, I don't mind. I know you must be tired.
Lee: Oh, tired.
(He unties his tie.)
Amanda: But you probably do want to keep an eye on Mr. Bosca's room or if you'd like, I could keep an eye on it.
(Lee holds up his hand.)
Lee: No, no. No. I'll keep an eye on it. They're not going to make a move on him. There's still so much activity around here. I just want to grab a couple hours of sleep.
Amanda: Yeah, well, you have to get your rest to do your job well.
(A long moment passes as they look at each other. Lee sighs finally and walks over to her.)
Lee: Amanda. (He takes her hand.) You know, you're not being compromised --
(Amanda slaps his hand with her purse and he lets go.)
Amanda: I know that. It's a matter of national security.
Lee: Yeah. (He shakes his head and walks back to the bed.) Look, I . . . you see, there -- there weren't any suites available. This was the only room that I could get, okay? I mean, if Francine had come along like we'd agreed, then. . . .
Amanda: Yes?
Lee: It's surveillance. It's not an assignation.
Amanda: I know that.
Lee: Good.
Amanda: It's no problem.
Lee: Good! Fine. No problem.
(He bends over and fluffs the sheets and pillows on the bed.)
Amanda: You know, I could call the housekeeper and have them send up a rollaway bed.
(Lee straightens up.)
Lee: A what?
(Amanda repeats her sentence with a little less confidence.)
Amanda: I could call the housekeeper and have them send -- I do it all the time with Phillip and Jamie when we travel together and you know, it's a little extra expense, but it's not that much.
(Lee smiles and steps closer to her.)
Lee: Amanda.
Amanda: Hm?
Lee: A rollaway bed on our honeymoon?
Amanda: It wouldn't look right, would it?
(Lee shakes his head.)
Lee: No. No, it would not look right. (He sighs.) Look, I will take the couch.
Amanda: You won't fit on the couch.
(Lee sighs again and glares at her.)
Lee: I said I will take the couch.
Amanda: You won't fit.
(Lee walks over to the couch.)
Lee: I'll fit. Just watch.
(He flops on the couch, his head resting on one arm and his feet up on the other.)
Amanda: It's not going to work, Lee.
(Lee wiggles around to get comfortable.)
Lee: It's going to work.
Amanda: It's not going to work. (As Amanda watches, Lee assumes one position after another which requires the contorting of one's body.) Look, you're welcome to the bed. Why don't you just take the bed and I'll just sit in the chair and . . . read.
(Lee puts his hands to his face.)
Lee: Oh! (He stands up and goes over to get his jacket.) Forget it, just forget it, huh? (He puts his jacket on.) If you need me, I will be in the closet across from Mr. Bosca's room.
(He walks past Amanda to the door.)
Amanda: Good night!
(Lee glares at her.)
Lee: Yeah.
(He leaves the room and the door closes behind him. Amanda looks from the door to the bed and shrugs.)

(The next morning, Amanda is curled up on the double bed. She opens her eyes and looks around. Running water is coming from the bathroom. She stands up and walks across the room. She goes over to the bathroom. Lee is busy showering. Still tired, she rubs her eyes and goes back into the bedroom. Smiling, she walks to the window. After picking Lee's jacket up off the sofa and shaking it out, she opens the curtain and looks around outside. A few people are down on the tennis court. Amanda watches. One of the people is a blond woman. Two of the men grab the third. As it becomes clear that he is being kidnapped, Amanda's jaw drops.)
Amanda: Lee! (With the water running in the shower, Lee does not hear her. As the men drag the victim out of sight, her cries get louder.) Lee! (Still no use. Amanda runs to the bathroom and knocks frantically on the door.) Lee, would you get out of the shower? Get out of the shower! (Lee opens the glass shower door and sticks his head out.) Lee, get out! Lee, there's a man being kidnapped! Lee! (Lee grins and closes the door again. Giving up on him, Amanda tries to force the bathroom door open herself. Finally, it opens. Turning her face away and keeping her eyes closed tight, she shouts into the bathroom.) Lee, get out of the shower! There's a man being kidnapped! (Quickly, she closes the door. Lee stops washing and looks up. Amanda runs back to the window.) Hurry!
(She parts the curtains and looks out in time to see the man being forced into a car and the car driving away. At last, Lee gets out of the bathroom wearing a robe and drying his hair with a towel. He tosses the towel aside.)
Lee: Amanda?
Amanda: Never mind.
Lee: What?
Amanda: Too late.
Lee: Too late what?
(Amanda turns from the window and throws her arms up.)
Amanda: You're too late. They're gone.
(Lee grabs the curtain and looks outside. Of course, nobody is there. He straightens up.)
Lee: Who's gone?
Amanda: Look. There was a man walking toward a lady who was playing tennis. Now, he waved at her, two men jumped out, one of them had a gun, they forced him into a limousine, I tried to get you out of the shower, but you took too long.
(She turns away. Lee just stares at her.)
Lee: No. I don't believe it. I don't believe it. I sat and watched Bosca's room all night.
(Lee sits on the bed, angry.)
Amanda: Lee, it wasn't Mr. Bosca.
Lee: It wasn't?
Amanda: No!
Lee: Then who was it? Valentine?
Amanda: I don't know! I never saw him before in my life!
(Lee realizes he's stumped. He rests his head in his hands and shakes it.)

(The white limo that the man was forced into is driving down a pretty road. In the backseat, the kidnapped man is sitting beside the tall, balding man from before. The first man glances at him, but the man keeps staring straight ahead. The limo slows down when it reaches a squad of police cars in the road. The
driver, Tony, pulls to a stop and calls to the backseat.)
Tony: Road block. What now?
Man: That's up to Armin. Turn around.
(Tony puts the limo in gear and they head back to the Cumberland. The tall man glances at his prisoner, facing front with a somber look.)

(Back at the Cumberland, Lee is fully clothed and he and Amanda are out back by the tennis court where Amanda saw the earlier drama take place. Amanda is pointing spots out to him and whispering.)
Amanda: See, she was standing right about there when the two men came and took the other man away.
Lee: All right. Give me her description again.
Amanda: She was very tall, very pretty, very blond, very sort of everything.
Lee: Oh, Amanda, that's a terrible description.
Amanda: I'm sorry.
Lee: She was right here, huh?
Amanda: Yeah. Right about there.
(Across the court, Valerie Tucker catches sight of Lee and Amanda. She detaches herself from two friends and makes her way to the happy couple.)
Valerie: Hi!
(Amanda's eyes open wide. Lee whispers to her.)
Lee: And now look who it is. (louder) Valerie! Valerie Tucker, this is my wife Amanda.
Amanda: Hello.
(Valerie nods hello.)
Lee: Maybe we could get a foursome in later, huh? Unless your husband's too tired from the drive.
Valerie: Tuck's not here yet. Besides, I'm strictly a singles player.
Lee: Well, maybe some dinner later, the four of us. That is, if he arrives.
(Valerie bends down to pick up her coat. When she is not looking, Lee glances at Amanda. She nods. They both smile when Valerie straightens up.)
Valerie: Well, one thing you learn about geniuses: don't make plans. Besides, I'm going to have a sauna and a massage and I'm not making any plans after that. (Lee nods. Valerie grins.) Unless something . . . special comes up.
(She walks back to her friends and all three leave. Lee watches her go.)
Amanda: That's her, I'm certain of it.
Lee: Okay. All right. Follow her, and try not to be --
Amanda: Conspicuous.
Lee: Yes. I'll search for Tucker.
Amanda: Are you sure you don't want to follow her?
Lee: Sweetheart, we're newlyweds.
Amanda: I know.
(They turn and go in opposite directions.)

(In Jay Armin's office, he is talking with the tall man from the limo.)
Armin: What kind of a road block?
Man: Oh, you know, police cars and lights, like the one they set up to test for drunks.
Armin: Nobody saw you?
Man: No way, Mr. Armin. We came right back and tossed the old guy in the pump room. I got Tony watching him now.
Armin: Very good. Keep Tucker where he is for the time being.
Man: I'll tell Tony we did the right thing, okay?
Armin: Yes, of course. (He pats the man on the shoulder.) You did exactly the right thing.
(The man smiles and leaves. Armin sits down at his desk. After the door closes, Armin picks up a pen and begins tapping his desk, preoccupised.)

(In the massage parlor, Valerie is already there getting a massage from an increasingly annoyed woman. Another lady walks through, handing the masseuse a slip of paper. The woman acknowledges her and places the paper into her pocket, then gets back to Valerie.)
Valerie: Careful! I'm not strudel dough.
Masseuse: Sorry.
(She exchanged glances with the masseuse working on another woman at the next table. Irritated, Valerie gets up, holding her towel in place.)
Valerie: That's enough. If there's even the slightest bruise, I'll notify the management.
(She stalks out. Her masseuse glares after her, then walks to the other one and wipes her hands.)
Masseuse: I hope they're all out of peroxide in Hairdressing.
Other Masseuse: Sometimes hostility comes out before you know it.
(The first woman sighs.)
Masseuse: It's the way she talked to Marie on the phone. (Imitating her haughty voice:) "I want my dress by five. If I miss my flight, it's your job." Hm!
(She throws down the cloth and walks away. Just then, the second masseuse stops and looks at her customer.)
Other Masseuse: Thank you, Mrs. Stetson.
(Amanda sits up and hops off the table.)
Amanda: Thank you.
Other Masseuse: I think you're due in Hairdressing now.
Amanda: Yes, I think you're right. (The woman helps her into a robe.) Thank you very much.
Other Masseuse: You're welcome.
(Amanda leaves.)

(On the same country road, a shiny black car approaches the road block. A police officer is waving cars through one at a time. A white car passes, then the black car reaches the cop. The officer leans into the window. The driver is Lee.)
Lee: Officer.
Officer: Your license, sir.
Lee: Yes, sir.
(Lee digs around in his pocket, then pulls out his wallet. He hands it to the officer and the officer reads his license.)
Officer: Step out of the car. (Lee does as he is told.) Step over to that patrol car over there.
(Lee walks over to the cruiser and Billy gets out. Keeping with his cover, Billy speaks gruffly.)
Billy: Okay, you know the routine.
(He leads Lee a couple feet away. They lower their voices.)
Lee: They got Tucker.
Billy: Did you see them?
Lee: No, Amanda did. It was too late to do anything about it.
Billy: Oh, Lee.
Lee: Amanda saw his wife decoy him into a limo, they pulled him in and drove away.
Billy: Did you talk to the wife?
Lee: She's pretty friendly. She acts like nothing's wrong. She's quite good at being vague.
Billy: Well, whoever's got Tucker saw the road block and doubled back. They're still up there at Cumberland.
Lee: Yeah, but who knows for how long?
(Following their covers, Lee breathes into a plastic bag and hands it back to Billy, who puts a note in his pad.)
Billy: Okay.
(Billy hands him the clipboard in his hands. Lee looks at the paper on it and sees a sentence highlighted in blue. He gives back the clipboard.)
Lee: So, Tucker was in Senate hearings on think tank federal grants. They have to know every project we've got in the oven, everything in pre-planning.
Billy: Everything in the defense department. Close your eyes and touch your nose. (Lee sighs and tilts his head back. Closing his eyes, he taps one finger to his nose, then the other. He faces Billy.) It would take an army to search the Cumberland if we could get a warrant. Find him, Lee. I don't know how long I can keep these safety sobriety checkpoints in operation.
(He heads back to his patrol car and Lee walks over to his car. He opens the door, climbs in, and drives away back to the Cumberland. Billy waves as he passes.)

(In the lobby of the Cumberland, Amanda is on the phone with the front desk, trying to get information. She speaks quietly.)
Amanda: Yes, Mrs. Tucker's room, please.
(In Valerie's spotless suite, the phone rings. After a few rings, Amanda hangs up and walks up the stairs.)

(In his office, still at his desk, Armin is also on the phone.)
Armin: Listen, Anatol, there's been a kind of a slip-up with our entrance. . . . Well, these road blocks are for sobriety tests. . . . Well -- . . . Look, Anatol, if they're still there within a few hours, I'll make delivery in another way. We'll go over the road block. . . . I think you're overreacting just a little, Anatol.

(In an office room somewhere else, Borchev is with two associates, on the phone with Armin. He is angry.)
Borchev: I am quite certain I am not overreacting. . . . In this case I would say what you are doing is important, very important to my well-being. Particularly my geographical location and my personal comfort!
Armin: Well, you can assure your associates that the whole matter will be resolved in a few hours. . . . Good-bye, Anatol.
(They both hang up. Borchev looks from one man to the other. Armin sits and places his chin his hand, thinking.)

(In the hall of the Cumberland, Amanda turns the corner with a very expensive blue dress in her arms. She sees the maid and walk over to her.)
Amanda: Oh, good. Excuse me. I'm Mrs. Tucker's assistant. She sent me up with her dress but she forgot to give me the key.
Maid: Oh, no.
Amanda: I wondered if you could use your pass key and let me in.
Maid: No problem.
Amanda: Thank you very much. (They walk to a door in the hallway and Amanda waits while the maid uses her key. The door swings open.)  She wants it up here by five o'clock. Thank you very much. (Amanda walks into the room.) I got it. Thank you very much. (The maid closes the door. Amanda calls to her.) I'll just put this in the closet. (She gazes around the room, then walks to the wall closet. Opening one door, she sees a few empty hangers. Suspicious, she opens the other door and is met with the same sight. She hangs the dress up inside and quickly closes the closet door. Amanda turns to go, but the tall balding man is standing at the doorway. She jumps, startled.) Oh! Hello, I was just bringing Mrs. Tucker's dress up, but it seems she's already checked out. (The man just stares at her. Amanda's smile fades.) You don't believe that.
(He keeps staring. She shakes her head and gazes back serenely.)

(Later, in the pump room, the tall man has brought down Amanda and tied her hands behind her back. Dr. Tucker is also there, sitting on a bench and tied in a similar fashion. Tony is standing nearby. The tall man tosses something to him.)
Man: Take down her room. And watch for that guy Stetson.
(Tony grins. They both turn and walk away. The tall man slams the door shut behind them. Amanda winces at the noise. She glances at the closed door, then faces Tucker, gazing wistfully at her. She shrugs and sits beside him.)
Amanda: I'm sorry things turned out so badly, sir. It was actually a very good plan. We knew that someone was going to be kidnapped, but we didn't know it was you. Until I saw it happen, but then it was too late and --
Tucker: Please don't explain, my dear. Whatever happens, I suppose I'll never see Valerie again.
Amanda: Well, you're taking it very well. She's your wife and I know you must love her very much.
Tucker: Do you think she might have been blackmailed into doing what she did to me?
Amanda: No, sir, I really don't think so.
Tucker: They must have offered her something that dazzled her, distorted her sense of loyalty.
(Amanda changes the subject. She stands up and wiggles her hands around behind her.)
Amanda: You know, I used to be pretty good with knots, but I don't think they covered this one in the book. If you could just get up, sir, maybe we could help each other.
Tucker: Yes, yes.
(He stands up and they turn back to back, frantically working at each other's knots.)
Amanda: Oh, please, watch your hands sir.
Tucker: Oh, I'm sorry.
Amanda: If you could hold that -- not that -- that, okay. (She pulls one hand free.) I'm out.
Tucker: Good.
(Amanda turns around and begins untying his rope.)
Amanda: Now I'll get you out. There you are. You're out, too. (He pulls his hands free and they both gaze around.) Now we want to keep them out, so . . . (She runs over to the door and bends down. Picking up a heavy piece from the floor, she grunts as she tries to put it in place leaning against the door while Tucker watches.) . . . I'm going to -- uh! -- keep them out.
(She gets the piece in place and straightens up.)
Tucker: Actually, the door opens out. But it was an imaginative thought.
(Amanda looks from the door to him and nods, sheepish.)
Amanda: Yes, sir. (She thinks again.) I think I have another idea, sir.
(She runs over to a bunch of switches on the wall and pulls them all.)
Tucker: Wonderful! What do they control?
Amanda: I don't have any idea, sir, but whatever they control, it's bound to get us a little attention and it will get somebody down here. Ah ha!
(She goes over to the main water control. Tucker follows.)
Tucker: Unfortunately, the man behind all this owns the hotel and we're liable to signal somebody we don't wish to see.
Amanda: Yes, sir, but it's either that or wait for them to come back.
(They both turn the wheels on the pipes all the way over.)
Tucker: Good thinking. We're fighting back, I may get away in time to save Valerie!

(Outside the Cumberland, the gardener is watering his flowers and the water suddenly stops flowing from the hose. He looks into it, shakes it, and pulls it. Nothing happens.)

(Still in the pump room, they are both working at the pipes.)
Amanda: Turn those knobs!

(In the hotel, a maid is at a sink attempting to wash her hands. She jiggles the faucet, but nothing comes out.)

(Outside, Lee's black car is pulling up at the Cumberland. He parks, gets out, and walks toward the entrance, but he is stopped by Mrs. Craddock.)
Mrs. Craddock: I wouldn't go in there if I were you.
Lee: Why not?
(Mrs. Craddock squints, then smiles.)
Mrs. Craddock: Oh, Mr. Stetson. Where's your lovely wife?
Lee: Well, I was just going to go in and --
Mrs. Craddock: She's probably down by the pool. Unless they've done something unthinkable there, too.
Lee: Look, I am not following you, Mrs. Craddock, and I am in a bit of a hurry, so please --
Mrs. Craddock: One doesn't expect this sort of thing from a resort with the reputation of the Cumberland.
Lee: Yes.
Mrs. Craddock: It was absolutely sweltering in my room and I came down to the lounge and it's freezing in there. Not to mention that, they seemed to have turned all the water off.
(Lee looks up. A helicopter is going by. Lee looks at Mrs. Craddock.)
Lee: They're not going through the road block, they're going over it!
(He runs off in the direction of the helicopter. Mrs. Craddock watches, confused. Lee runs over to the back of the Cumberland by the pool and weaves his way through the people, always keeping his eye at the copter. He runs right through a couple bushes.)

(On an empty dirt road, the helicopter lowers and lands. A white limo is waiting nearby. Tony and the tall man step out of the limo with Tucker and Amanda and make their way to the helicopter. Their hands are retied in front of them. Tucker gets pushed in next to the pilot and Amanda beside Armin in the back. Armin calls to the tall man.)
Armin: Get back to the Cumberland, I'll take it from here!
(Lee appears through the trees and sees Tony and the tall man rush back to the limo. Lee reaches for his gun, but as the helicopter lifts off, there is no time. He runs and takes a flying leap, grabbing on to the runner on the side. The helicopter lifts him up, kicking and flailing, but holding on tight. Before they get into the limo, the men stare, amazed. In the helicopter, the pilot looks down.)
Armin: Shake him loose.
(The men get into their car.)
Man: Drive. Follow them.
(The helicopter spins and tilts back and forth, but Lee holds on. Amanda's eyes widen as she watches from inside.)
Armin: Come on, come on, shake him. (The helicopter spins violently like a cat killing a mouse, but Lee doesn't fall.) Lose him! (Lee squints his eyes shut and holds on tight. The helicopter flies just above trees and bushes, dragging Lee through them, but it doesn't work.) Shake him, shake him! (The pilot spins around and around, then flies above a lake. Lee skims the water and it sprays all out, then he breaks through a fence. Armin takes out a gun and cocks it. He cracks open the helicopter door and points his gun down, but before he can shoot, Amanda pushes him. Lee swings his legs around so that he is lying on the runner. Armin pushes Amanda back and Lee gives the helicopter door a kick. It closes on Armin's hand and the gun falls to the ground.) Ow, what -- ?
(Tucker looks down at Lee, who manages to get his feet on the runner again and stand up. He frees his hand and opens up the door. The pilot looks at the gun being pointed at him.)
Lee: All right, take this chopper down! Okay, Armin, it's all over. (The pilot complies and lands the helicopter on a street somewhere. Lee backs up.) All right, shut it off!
(Just then, the white limo arrives and Lee points his gun at them instead. The men stay where they are. Police cars drive up, their sirens going. They surround the scene.)
Man: We're nailed, buddy.
Tony: Yep, right.
Man: Now what?
(The Agency men jump out of the patrol cars and arrest the two men. Amanda and Tucker jump out of the helicopter and Amanda rushes to Lee, her hands still tied.)
Amanda: Hello. (Lee begins work on her rope. Billy runs to the helicopter.) Uh, Mr. Melrose, sir, you'll probably want to pick up Mrs. Tucker, too, she helped arrange the kidnaping.
Billy: I'll send a car back to the hotel.
Amanda: Oh, no, sir, she'll be at the airport. Five o'clock flight.
Billy: Thank you, Amanda.
Amanda: Yes, sir.
(Billy turns to go, but turns back when Lee calls.)
Lee: Hey, Billy? How'd you move so fast? I didn't have time to call you.
Billy: Well, I looked up and there's this guy hanging from a helicopter. It had to be you.
(The rope is finally off Amanda's wrists. They both chuckle and Billy walks away. Lee takes her hand and rubs her wrist.)
Lee: Well, we got our man, huh? You know, I like the sound of that.
Amanda: What?
Lee: We got Armin -- our man.
(Amanda nods.)
Amanda: Oh.
Lee: Oh.
Amanda: Yeah.
Lee: It was pretty bad.
Amanda: That's pretty terrible.
Lee: Yeah.
(He puts his arm around her and they walk off.)

(Later at Amanda's house, Amanda has just gotten home. She stumbles in with all her bags and sighs. Outside, she hears loud, excited voices and she runs to the closet, stuffs her stuff inside, and closes it just in time. The front door swings open and Jamie and Phillip run in and tackle their mother. She gives them both hugs and kisses.)
Phillip: Hi!
Amanda: Hi!
Jamie: Hi!
Amanda: Hi! (Dotty walks in, exhausted.) Hi, Mother.
Dotty: Hi, dear.
Phillip: You should have been there! There was a snake at least six feet long!
Jamie: And with a rattle! I thought I was a goner!
Amanda: Well, sweetheart, I'm glad you weren't. Now did you have a wonderful time?
Phillip: Yeah, it was the best trip ever!
Jamie: The best!
Dotty: Except for your mother not being there.
Phillip: Well, yeah, except for that.
Amanda: No, you didn't miss me.
Phillip: We missed you.
Amanda: Oh, you didn't miss me.
Phillip: Yeah, we did!
Amanda: No, you didn't.
Phillip; Yeah, we did.
Amanda: Yeah, you did?
Phillip and Jamie: Yeah!
Amanda: You swear?
Phillip and Jamie: Yeah!
Amanda: Oh, good. (They hug and kiss again.) Okay, run upstairs, wash your hands, wash your faces, put your gear up! (They disappear up the stairs. Amanda straightens up and kisses her mother.) How about you, Mother?
Dotty: Exhausted. But I planned on that. The food was better than last year.
Amanda: Oh, that's good.
Dotty: And we sure did miss you. Did you get all your typing done?
Amanda: No.
Dotty: Oh, you see? Work, work, work. Darling, you've got to take some time for yourself. You need something exciting.
Amanda: I know, I need some excitement. I want to hear all about the trip, so I'll make some sandwiches --
Dotty: Oh, that sounds marvelous. It's the first time in two days that I haven't skewered something to a stick and hung it over a campfire. I'll be down in five minutes.
Amanda: Okay.
(Dotty drags herself upstairs with all her things.)
Dotty: Come on, boys, let's get that stuff put away.
Amanda: Hurry up, now!
(She claps her hands together and goes into the kitchen. She opens the refrigerator, then hears four quiet knocks on the back door. Slowly, she closes the door and peers behind her. The back door opens and Lee steps in.)
Lee: Amanda? Coast clear?
(Amanda runs over to him, whispering.)
Amanda: No, the coast isn't clear! Mother and the boys are upstairs!
Lee: Ah.
Amanda: I thought you left.
Lee: Well, I did. But I came back.
(Amanda nods nervously.)
Amanda: Oh.
Lee: Yeah. (After a long, silent moment, Lee produces a small item from behind his back and holds it between them.) You forgot your toothbrush.
(They both laugh.)