Scarecrow and Mrs. King

(Apartment building in Washington. In a meeting room, a TV is playing back images of explosions, gunshots, and military stealth jets flying overhead. You hear a voice talking. Camera pans left to reveal a display of various machine guns and a man standing beside it. Camera pans some more. A group of men of different nationalities are sitting around, listening to the man talk.)
Ballon: So, the increasing violence on your streets, possible collapse of governments, regimes, uppermost in your mind, understably. You're obviously interested in, uh, effective countermeasures. That's why you're here. And that's why I'm here. That's exactly the service I provide. More bang per buck. (He walks to the middle of the room.) Now, the weapon we're offering today, gentlemen, is still classified weapons, very, very exciting weapon. It's called Viper. Mr. Watkins, would you turn off the monitor, please? (He begins walking back. Another man jumps up and walks past him to turn off the TV.) Major, if you would? (Major Sprague, wearing dark sunglasses, picks up an advanced machine gun, and walks around the room, showing it off.) Gentlemen, may I present to you the newest addition to our catalog . . . our Viper. (Sprague takes it back. The men all whisper. Ballon walks to the center.) Now, we're offering a full range of new and effective ordinance. Handguns, rifles, the super-secret M603 machine gun, grenades, uh, Napalm mortars. What more can I say? And they're all currently available from Ballon and Associates. (He walks back to his spot.) Mr. Watkins will be happy to assist you.
(Watkins gets up and takes a pamphlet out of his jacket. He walks around to the men.)
Watkins: You'll notice in our sales brochure, gentlemen, that our prices are quoted in dollars, pounds, Deutch marks, pissaros (?), francs, dinars, pesos. It's all right here.
(He holds up the booklet.)
Ballon: Gentlemen, please, please, feel free to inspect them closer.
(The men all get up and walk over to the display of guns. One German man, General Benito stands and walks to Ballon.)
Benito: Very impressive, as usual, Mr. Ballon. But do we have any new information on the, uh, Savior?
Ballon: The Savior. No, no, General, not much, except that it's still the most advanced weapon in the world and it's still unavailable.
Benito: Impossible to obtain?
Ballon: Oh, yeah, it's impossible.
Benito: I have always found that anything is possible. With the proper incentive, that is.
(Ballon chuckles nervously.)
Ballon: The proper incentive. Well, try me, General.
(Totally serious, the man nods.)

(IFF. Amanda's station wagon is out front. She gets out and walks up the path, past the sign saying "International FilmFed"*, through the gate, and up to the door. She rings the bell and taps out a beat with the knocker.)

(Inside, Mrs. Marsten, at her desk, looks up at the monitor sitting in the corner of her desk. She watches Amanda wait outside, then opens a drawer and buzzes her in. Amanda comes in all cheery, holding a tinfoil-wrapped tray. She closes the door behind her.)
Amanda: Good morning, Mrs. Marsten. Beautiful day, isn't it?
(She starts to walk to the closet, but Mrs. Marsten stops her.)
Mrs. Marsten: Mrs. King.
(Amanda stops. her smile fades.)
Amanda: Oh. It's the code word thing.
Mrs. Marsten: Yes.
Amanda: Um, Rosemary? (Mrs. Marsten shakes her head no.) Not Rosemary. Sounds like Rosemary. (Mrs. Marsten nods.) Mrs. Marsten, could you give me a little hint? (Mrs. Marsten shakes her head.) No, of course you couldn't. Um. . . . Rosebud! Rosebud. (Mrs. Marsten nods and hands Amanda her visitor's badge.) Rosebud, of course.
Mrs. Marsten: Have a nice day, Mrs. King.
Amanda: Yes, Mrs. Marsten. (She takes the badge and walks over to the closet. Mrs. Marsten watches her, smiling and shaking her head. Amanda opens the door to the closet and steps in. She turns around.) And you have a nice day, too, Mrs. Marsten.
(The elevator doors swish shut and the closet door swings closed.)

(Downstairs, Amanda walks down the hall to the office. The guard holds the door for her. She nods to him, then stops abruptly when she sees Fred Fielder, a fellow agent, arranging his stuff on Lee's desk. She stands there with her mouth open. Fielder walks away to get some more things. Behind Amanda, Billy comes through the doors. He walks around her.)
Billy: Good morning, Amanda.
(He shakes Amanda out of her trance.)
Amanda: Uh, good morning, sir. (She runs after him and stops him next to Francine's desk.) Sir, uh, sir, there's somebody doing something to Lee's desk.
(Billy turns to look casually.)
Billy: Huh. Looks like Fred's got a plant on his new desk.
Francine: Ah, it's a philodendron, too.
Amanda: His desk?
Billy: Right, Fred. It's his new desk. Lee left.
Amanda: Lee left?
Francine: Left. For good.
Amanda: No, no, wait a minute, I don't understand that. Lee Stetson is the best agent there is, he would never leave, he would never --
Billy: He took -- Lee took another job, Amanda.
Amanda: Another job?
(Francine stands up and faces Billy.)
Francine: Look, Billy, I'll get back to you on the Chinagate project, okay? And, Amanda, I guess we won't be seeing too much of you anymore. Take care, okay?
(She shakes hands with the stunned Amanda and walks away. Amanda stammers, in shock.)
Amanda: Yeah. Um, uh, sir?
Billy: I'm sorry, Amanda, I'm really under the gun today.
(He walks away, but Amanda runs after him again.)
Amanda: Oh, sir, I'm -- I'm sorry, but I just really have to ask you if what Francine said is true, is . . . Lee gone?
Billy: He's really gone, and we haven't made any long-range plans. I have your phone number, Amanda, I'll call you if something comes up.
Amanda (weakly): Yes, sir. (Billy walks away, but Amanda runs after him once again.) Oh, sir? Uh, um, (she holds up her platter) I made this for all of you, for you, and Francine and . . . Lee. (Billy smiles gently.) Uh, it's apple pie, it won second prize at the scout jamboree.
(Billy takes it.)
Billy: That's very thoughtful.
Amanda: Thank you. Uh, we'll be talking --
(Billy walks into his office and closes the door, shutting her off. She turns around and starts to say something to Francine, but Francine walks away before she can. Amanda sadly walks to the door, but rethinks and goes to Lee's old desk. She goes through the folders and peeks, but stops when Fielder comes back with more things. Amanda straightens and tries to look nonchalant.)
Fielder: Amanda King, right?
Amanda: Mm-hmm.
(Fielder puts his stuff down and looks at her.)
Fielder: Fred Fielder. Taking over for Stetson. (Amanda looks down, then back up, biting her lower lip.) Ah-hah. I see. They didn't tell you, did they?
(Amanda nods.)
Amanda: They said he left.
(Fielder looks away.)
Fielder: Well, that's kinder than saying "sold out," I suppose.
Amanda: Sold out?
Fielder: Went over, sold out, defected, pick one.
Amanda: Oh, no, I won't pick one. No. Lee Stetson is a wonderful agent. He's honest and patriotic.
Fielder: Oh? Patriotic? That's why he dumped the Agency to work for a sleaze-o like Ed Ballon.
Amanda: Who's Ed Ballon?
Fielder: One of our senior field agents. Till Billy bounced him. He was using Agency contacts to sell classified arms to the Cubans, rockets to Khaddafi, whoever. Now he's got Stetson peddling his arms for him.
Amanda: No. No, I'm sorry, I don't believe that, no, sir, not for a minute, I just don't believe that.
Fielder: You kidding? He couldn't wait. He blew off the Agency as soon as Ballon got to him. Showed him the good life. Big money, expense account, tailor-made suits, things like that. Stetson bought the whole line.
Amanda: Oh, no. No. Lee might have left, but he's certainly not selling rockets.
Fielder: Ask him.
Amanda: I will.
Fielder: I wouldn't look for him at his old apartment, though. You can find your patriot roughing it at the Watergate West.
Amanda: You're going to be very embarrassed when you find out the real truth, Mr. Meadows.
Fielder: Fielder.
Amanda: Whatever. And I'm very sorry there won't be enough apple pie to go around.
(She smiles curtly and turns on her heel and walks away out into the hall. Francine comes by and stares after Amanda. She turns to Fielder.)
Francine: Nice going, Fred. Did a real hatchet job on her, didn't you?
Fielder: Sometimes the truth hurts, Francine.
Francine: Yes. Doesn't it, though?
(Fielder turns away.)

(Lee's new apartment at Watergate West. Lee is talking to his personal tailor.)
Lee: Uh, not quite so much break, George. Yeah, that's great. (Someone knocks on the door. Lee looks up. The tailor stands.) Come in! (Amanda walks in to hear his next sentence.) Try to have those shirts by next week, okay? (The tailor nods and begins brushing his suit. Lee watches as Amanda slowly approaches.) Hi.
Amanda: Hello.
(The tailor begins to remove Lee's jacket.)
Lee: I, uh, guess you've been to the office?
Amanda: Yes, I've been to the office, I talked to Mr. Melrose and Francine and . . . Fred Fielder and, uh. . . . Well, I thought I should talk to you.
Lee: Yeah, well, Amanda, I'm kind of tied up right now.
Amanda: Yes, I can see --
Tailor: No problem, Mr. Stetson, we can finish tomorrow if you like.
Lee: Okay. Um, Amanda, could you turn around?
Amanda: Oh. Sure, yes.
Lee: Thank you.
(She turns around and continues talking as Lee kicks off his shoes and removes his pants.)
Amanda: Lee, I don't think you realize the really awful things that people are saying about you.
Lee: Yeah. If you're including Fred Fielder under "people," I can guess. (The tailor holds up Lee's bathrobe.) Yeah, all right.
(He puts on the bathrobe.)
Amanda: Turn around yet?
Lee: Okay. (Amanda turns and sees Lee paying the tailor from a big wad of money. Her eyes widen.) Same time tomorrow, huh, George? There you go. (George takes the money.) Thank you. (George leaves. Lee gestures around the room.) Well, how do you like it?
Amanda: It's very nice. You gave that man a fifty dollar bill.
Lee: He's a nice man.
Amanda: So are you. And I -- I don't believe the awful things that I've heard, but I want to hear from you --
(The phone rings. Lee interrupts.)
Lee: Excuse me. (He picks up the phone and puts it to his ear.) Hello? Oh, hello, Colonel Morales, yes. (Amanda looks around.) Uh, which, uh, rocket launcher was that? The S-1 or the S-2? . . . Right, right, well, you see, there's going to be a, uh, kind of a small problem there. The factory's running about six weeks behind on its orders. (Another knock on the door.) Excuse me, Colonel. Amanda, could you get the door? (Amanda, stunned, walks over and opens the door. Major Sprague, with his sunglasses, walks in. Amanda backs up. Lee turns back to the phone.) Yeah, I'm back. . . . No, no, no, no, sir. Believe me, you are number one on the list. You can depend on it. . . . All right. I'll get back to you. Good-bye.
(He hangs up and Amanda walks up to him.)
Amanda: There's a man here to see you and I think I'd better be going, because I keep telling myself and telling myself that what I'm seeing isn't what I'm seeing and I think I'd better leave before I don't listen to myself anymore, and I. . . . You understand. (Lee nods solemnly.) Bye.
(She walks away. Lee shakes his head and sighs.)

(Later, Amanda's kitchen. Dotty is peeling a carrot at the sink, talking to a sulky, depressed Amanda at the counter, eating cereal. I'm missing the very beginning of Dotty's line, so if anybody has it, PLEASE send it to me.)
Dotty: -- that you walk out of the house this morning with a wonderful apple pie in your hand, spring in your step, and then you arrived here this afternoon, dragging in with your chin on the linoleum. And I'm just concerned.
(She puts the carrot down, takes a knife, and begins slicing it.)
Amanda: Thank you.
Dotty: Oh, good heavens, Amanda, you don't have to thank me. I mean, when you hurt, I hurt. (She turns to her depressed daughter.) I'll tell you what. Why don't we go to a movie? I'll call Miss Simms and she can come over and sit with Jamie and Phillip and we'll see something with a . . . (she giggles) well, with an R rating for a change.
(Amanda chuckles, but then stops.)
Amanda: Mother. (Dotty sighs and shakes her head.) One of my friends quit his job today.
(Dotty goes and gets a big bowl, then continues slicing.)
Dotty: Well, I hope he had another job. Let me tell you something, you should never quit your job unless you have another job lined up.
Amanda: He had another job lined up, all right.
Dotty: Well, that's good. I mean, when your father quit Mr. McGivver, I'm going to tell you something. We had macaroni for eight straight weeks! (She puts all the slices into the bowl, turns to look at Amanda, then turns back. She softens her tone.) Well, of course you were too young to remember.
(She carries the bowl over to the counter beside Amanda.)
Amanda: I think he made a terrible mistake.
Dotty: No, let me tell you something. When he quit Mr. McGivver, he got a much better job. I actually feel that it would have been --
Amanda (simultaneously): Mother, no, I don't mean Daddy, I'm talking -- No, I'm not talking -- I'm talking about my friend. (Dotty finally stops and looks at her.) I think my friend made a terrible mistake, he's really good at his job and -- and he really loved it and maybe he needed a change, but I don't think this was the right kind of change, that's all.
Dotty: He's an adult, this friend of yours?
Amanda: Yes, Mother.
Dotty: Well, then you have to trust him. He knows what he's doing. Amanda, I should have had this pot roast done twenty minutes ago. (She walks over to the refrigerator.) A best friend is a friend that doesn't meddle. That's what they say. (She opens the fridge and takes out a roast. She sets it out on the counter and starts chopping onions over it.) Of course, I was never very good at not meddling myself. I always felt, well, an obligation, you know, an obligation to help.
Amanda: Obligation?
Dotty: Well, if the friend is important and you really care about your friendship.
Amanda: I do.
Dotty: This new job that he has. Do you feel that it is, uh, beneath his talents?
Amanda: Oh, yeah, you bet I do.
Dotty: Then, Amanda, he probably doesn't realize. (She puts the lid on the bowl.) He has options.
Amanda: Options?
(Dotty picks up the bowl and brings it over to the oven.)
Dotty: Options, Amanda, options!
(Amanda stands.)
Amanda: Options. He has options. (She runs up to her mother and kisses her on the cheek.) Thank you, Mother.
(She runs out of the room. Dotty, not noticing she left, keeps talking.)
Dotty: That's right. Options. Let me tell you. The classifieds are full of o-- (She turns and sees she is speaking to an empty room. Sighing, she wipes her hands on a dishrag.) Why does she do that?

(Lee's apartment. Amanda is trying to convince Lee that he has -- you guessed it! -- options. She is reading to him from the classifieds. Lee will have no part of it.)
Lee: I am not interested in options, and definitely not import/export, okay?
Amanda: Okay, all right, look, no import/export, but we've also got investment banking.
Lee: Oh, Amanda.
Amanda: Now you'd be wonderful at that. Travel, expense account --
Lee: Amanda!
Amanda: Okay. Forget it. Now how about, uh . . . marketing! Marketing would be -- Or, um . . . insurance! (Lee shakes his head and rolls his eyes.) Oh, Lee, there is absolutely the best ad for insur-- (She stops and looks at what he is writing on the paper before him.) Machine guns. Lee, that says machine guns.
(Lee picks up the notebook and holds it away from her eyes.)
Lee: Hey, hey, hey, hey. It is not polite to read other people's -- (Suddenly he realizes something.) That's upside down, you read that upside down. When'd you learn to do that?
Amanda: I've been practicing.
(Lee sighs and drops the book down.)
Lee: Forget it. Uh, no -- Forget it! (He walks away angrily. Amanda follows right behind.) Now, I do not want to peddle insurance.
Amanda: No, I will not forget it. (Lee groans.) I mean, I think it's a heck of a lot better than selling rockets to unsavory people, I mean if you . . . (her voice trails off) ask my opinion.
Lee: Well, that's exactly what I do not need right now. (Amanda sighs.) So go on home, run a couple loads through the spin-dry and -- Well, I'm expecting someone.
Amanda: No, I won't do that. Because we're friends.
Lee: We're business associates. (Amanda stares at him.) Former business associates. (A knock on the door.) Now, look, Amanda, I want you out of here. When he comes in, you go out. You got that?
(Amanda speaks barely above a whisper.)
Amanda: Yes.
(Another knock.)
Lee: All right.
(He goes to answer the door. Amanda paces. When Lee opens the door, Ballon is on the other side. He shakes Lee's hand.)
Ballon: Lee, how are you?
Lee: Edson, come on in.
Ballon: Thank you.
(He walks in, followed closely by Sprague.)
Lee: Uh, Mrs. King was just leaving.
(He picks up Amanda's coat and purse and hand them to her.)
Ballon: Mrs. King. Amanda King? Well, it's a pleasure to meet you finally.
(He shakes her hand. She stares at him, confused.)
Amanda: Do we, uh, have -- do we -- ?
Ballon: No, but I certainly know of you. You and Lee have worked together?
Lee: Amanda, this is Edson Ballon.
Amanda: How do you know about me?
Ballon: Oh, uh . . . one hears things, you know.
Lee: Uh, Mrs. King, thanks for coming by and, uh, say good-bye to Mr. Ballon, we'll be talking to you.
Amanda: Good-bye, Mr. Ballon.
Ballon: Bye.
(Lee takes Amanda arm and "leads" her to the door while she babbles.)
Amanda: There are plenty of marvelous opportunities --
Lee: Sure, sure.
Amanda: -- and you have options, you always have options.
Lee: Yes, right, right. (They reach the door. Lee opens it.) I will do, thank you! Thank you. (Amanda finally leaves. Lee sighs and walks over to Ballon.) I'm sorry about that.
Ballon: Don't be. I was very, very glad to meet her.
Lee: Ha, well, she's a civilian, use her on the milkruns. You know, easy stuff.
Ballon: Yeah. Well, she seems very loyal to you, very -- seems very dedicated to you.
Lee: Yeah.
Ballon: Uh, Major, why don't you wait for me in the car? Mr. Stetson's a friend.
(Sprague leaves. Lee mutters to Ballon as soon as Sprague is out of earshot.)
Lee: Does he wear his shades to bed, too?
(Ballon chuckles. They walk over and sit in the living room.)
Ballon: Well, it's an interesting story about the major. He, uh, caught a phosphorous grenade in the face. Cuba. The Bay of Pigs thing. Lost his voice in Rhodesia. One of the Wappis (?) over there dropped a wire noose around his throat and tried to strangle him. Didn't take. (They laugh.) Anyway, Lee, I think you and I are going to understand each other real well. And I think you're going to be very, very successful in securing Savior for us.
Lee: Savior? You don't really --
Ballon: Oh, yes. I do.
Lee: We haven't even given that to the NATO countries yet, it's under wraps at Landover. The weapons-testing lab.
Ballon: That's right. And that's why this is perfect for you. You set up their security system down there, you know all their personnel.
Lee: Huh. Landover. And Savior.
Ballon: And your cut of this is a million-six. That's a pretty fair first mission.
(He chuckles. Lee weighs the situation.)
Lee: Look, if . . . if we can break it loose, there's no way we're going to get it out of the country.
Ballon: Lee, that's my end of it. Your end is just to get it out of the gate.
Lee (sarcastically): Oh, that's all.
Ballon: That's all.

(Amanda's house. Amanda is cleaning and dusting books. She takes a rag, sprays cleaner fluid on it, and wipes off a book, blowing off the dust. The doorbell rings. She finishes wiping the book, then walks over to the door. She opens it and Ballon is on the other side. Amanda holds the door open while he steps in.)
Ballon: Mrs. King. I apologize for not calling first, but I have some very good news for you.
Amanda: Good news, uh, Mr. um. . . .
Ballon: Ballon. Just call me Edson.
Amanda: Uh, yes, Mr. Ballon, I'm sorry, I'm very busy, I'm cleaning, and my mother and my two little boys will be home any moment and if you're here when they get here, I'd have a lot of explaining to do that I'd really rather not do.
Ballon: But they won't be back, Mrs. King, they're at baseball practice. (Amanda looks at him strangely.) Listen, Mrs. King, I know that you don't necessarily approve of me. But I also know that you're a fair person. And I hope that you'll do me the favor of listening. Especially since I -- I really do have some very good news for you. Can I come in?
Amanda: For a moment.
Ballon: Thank you very much.
Amanda: Mm.
(Ballon walks toward the kitchen. Amanda shuts the door and follows.)
Ballon: I appreciate it, Mrs. King. (He stops between the living room and kitchen.) Now tell me something. Have you ever heard of the Arms Control Export Agreement?
Amanda: Arms Control Export -- no.
Ballon: Mrs. King, a beautiful home you have here. Really, it's quite, quite lovely, I think it's, uh, it's very warm. Anyway, back to the, uh, Arms Control Export Agreement, Mrs. King, if I may -- (he spots the pile of books on the couch and picks some up.) Oh, ho, ho, look at this! Scott Fitzgerald, Jack Kerouac, Jack London. Boy, you've got some of my favorite books here. Ah, yes, the agreement. (He sets the books down and walks a few steps away from Amanda.) Well, what it does is it limits us from providing arms to certain countries, even those countries who believe in democracy, as we do, you and I. So that forces us to cook up little strategies to help these people. Are you with me so far?
Amanda: I guess so.
Ballon: Good. Now, Mrs. King, this is how it works. You see, certain members of the Agency are given the responsibility of getting certain material to some of these friendly people.
Amanda: Excuse me, but if they're friendly --
Ballon: Wait, wait, hold on. Just let me finish, all right? (Amanda shuts her mouth and nods.) Thank you. We have to put some of our personal considerations and some of our friendships behind us temporarily. Do you understand what I'm saying, Mrs. King?
Amanda (wide-eyed): I hope so.
Ballon: Why do we do this? Because Blue Leader expects it of us.
Amanda: Blue Leader. You know Blue Leader?
Ballon: Mrs. King, I work for him. So does Lee. Lee hasn't left the Agency. He just has to make it appear as if he has, that's all. (Amanda laughs, relieved.) That's good news, right?
Amanda: Well, that's not good news, that's great news.
Ballon: Please, Amanda, sit down. Sit down. (Amanda sits, staring at him strangely. Ballon sits across from her.) Blue Leader, myself, Lee, and now you are the only people who know about this. (Amanda nods.) This is a matter of extreme secrecy, Mrs. King. Even Billy hasn't been told.
Amanda: Mr. Melrose doesn't know?
Ballon: Nope. We all know what a terrific contribution you have made to the success of Scarecrow.
Amanda: You do? Did Lee say that?
Ballon: He sees it a little differently.
Amanda: Oh, I know, I know. He thinks he doesn't need me.
Ballon: This is not some ordinary operation, Mrs. King. We're talking national defense here. Now, personalities cannot be allowed to get in the way. We need you. Your country needs you. Now, I'm here to find out if we can count on you.
Amanda: Of course. For my country and. . . .
(Ballon stands up.)
Ballon: Anyway, I'll be in touch.
(Amanda stands, too.)
Amanda: Uh, yes, sir.
Ballon: But remember. One thing: Not a word to anybody.
Amanda: Not a word to anybody.
Ballon: Good-bye, Mrs. King.
(He leaves. Amanda watches him go.)
Amanda: I'm on the team.

(Downtown Washington. Billy comes out from inside a restaurant and walks over to his car. He gets in, pulls out, and drives off down the street. Blue Leader's black limousine follows Billy. Inside his car, Billy is listening to the radio.)
Announcer: I hope you enjoyed that side, we played --
Blue Leader: Lancer, this is Blue Leader.
Billy: Go ahead, Blue Leader.
Blue Leader: How are we doing on the Ballon business?
Billy: We've bugged every room in Scarecrow's new apartment, he and Ballon are in regular contact. From what we've been able to pick up, there's a major arms deal going down in a couple of days.
Blue Leader: This one better not go through. Ballon's slipped by us before, it can't happen again, understood?
Billy: Understood, sir.
Blue Leader: Ballon's Agency training has served him well. He knows how to anticipate us.
Billy: We'll nail him, sir.
Blue Leader: Well, picking up Scarecrow and the buyers isn't enough. It's absolutely essential to catch Edson Ballon with the actual goods and some item of classified hardware in his possession. Now, that's what we have to neutralize. Scarecrow's got himself into a dangerous game. Ballon's last associate was identified with a few teeth and a belt buckle.
Billy (murmuring): A few teeth and a belt buckle.
(Blue Leader signs off.)
Announcer: Just call Crazy Larry and I'd be glad to ignore you.

(Ballon's apartment. He and Lee are watching the recording of gunshots and explosions.)
Ballon: Now, this is a little show-and-tell I use for the clients. It's a -- it's a terrific sales tool. This is called the Cluster bomb. You see?
Lee: Yeah. Very impressive.
Ballon: It's also passé. Listen, Lee, I stay in business because I offer my clients the newest and the latest. And that's the Savior. I'm not going to settle for anything less than that. Neither will General Benito.
(Lee sighs and walks across the room. Ballon follows. Sprague is standing stiffly nearby.)
Lee: Yeah, well, this is a tough one, Edson.
Ballon: Well, that's why you're aboard.
Lee: I've been working on my contacts over at Landover. Savior is Colonel Harvey's baby. Now, we have a pretty good relationship and I've been laying down a little groundwork with him.
Ballon: Good. Because along with everything else, we've got a time problem.
(Lee sits on the desk.)
Lee: I know that. I know that. But you're not talking about a conventional weapon here, Edson. If it was anything but Savior, I could have delivered yesterday.
Ballon: So could half a dozen other guys. This is the one I need you on, Lee. I want to tell you something. We've got a good team here. (He paces over to the window behind Sprague.) I think, uh . . . I think I managed to make it just a little bit better today.
Lee: Oh? How so?
Ballon: We got a new recruit. . . . Your friend, Mrs. King.
(Lee stands up.)
Lee: Amanda?
(Ballon turns his head and smiles slightly.)
Ballon: I knew you'd like that. (He slowly walks back over to Lee.) Because I -- I know that, uh, you two have worked together very well.
Lee: Now, look, that was . . . we just worked together on a few things, strictly minor league stuff. She is a civilian.
Ballon: Well, don't be such an elitist. Civilians have uses.
Lee: Well, not in a deal like this, it's strictly a solo operation and you know it.
Ballon: Not anymore, it isn't. Amanda King is in on this, Lee. All the way. She can win big with us. Or she could lose big. But that's up to you.
(Lee closes his mouth and nods, seeing no way out.)

(A horse-racing track. Lee's Porsche drives up and pulls in, where Billy is waiting for him. Billy pours some coffee from a thermos. Lee gets out of his car and walks around to Billy.)
Lee: Hey.
Billy: Anybody tagging you?
(He hands Lee the coffee.)
Lee: Billy, how long have I been doing this, huh? We've got to pull the plug, anyway.
Billy: You're kidding me. What for?
Lee: Ballon's put Amanda into the deal.
Billy: Amanda? Our Amanda?
Lee: Your Amanda. Check.
Billy: To do what? What's her job?
Lee: He wouldn't say. But I got a pretty good idea. See, he doesn't trust me all the way yet.
Billy: Uh-huh.
Lee: I think he figures if he can keep a string on Amanda, I'll have to stay in line. I won't dare double-cross him.
Billy: Well, you could tell her to back off.
Lee: Are you serious? I can't talk to her, Billy. Remember, you've got my apartment bugged, Ballon's got it bugged. Besides, he's got the major practically planted in my back pocket.
Billy: I've got to get to Blue Leader. This is terrible.
Lee: Well, tell him it's too dangerous.
(Suddenly, Blue Leader's voice comes from Billy's car.)
Blue Leader: That's not acceptable, Scarecrow. (Lee and Billy stare at each other, then go and open Billy's car door to hear better. They lean on the car, listening.) This mission has been too carefully planned to cancel now.
Lee: Uh, sir, um . . . Amanda King is a civilian. A civilian with two children, a mother, and a mortgage.
(Now we see the dark limo parked up on top of the hill.)
Blue Leader: Quite correct. And so, she must be protected. Not told, protected. Understand? (Lee looks up at Billy darkly, as if he is responsible, then he looks down.) Scarecrow, the message you left at the drop indicates that Ballon's target was Savior.
Lee: Right.
Blue Leader: Now, you've been to Landover before. You know some of the technical staff, correct?
Lee: Some of them, yes, sir.
Blue Leader: Fine. Play it exactly as you would if you were requisitioning any other piece of ordinance. Everything is arranged. The important thing to remember is we don't have a thing on Ballon unless we can place him with the bomb. It has to be virtually in his hands, in his possession! Is that understood?
Billy and Lee: Yes, sir.
Blue Leader: Blue Leader clear.
(The limo starts up and drives away. Lee and Billy watch it go. As it disappears down the road, Lee sighs and shuts the door to Billy's car.)
Lee: Well, I guess it's still on.
Billy: Looks like it. Anything else I should know before we get underway?
Lee: Yeah, one thing. (He holds up his coffeemug.) I hate sugar.
(He pours out the coffee onto the dirt and plops the cup back into Billy's hands. Smiling, he goes back to his car.)

(Amanda's house, later. Amanda walks into the kitchen, her arms full of groceries, followed, in order, by Jamie, Phillip, and Dotty last. Everyone has at least one bag of groceries. Jamie walks in complaining.)
Jamie: But I got all the heavy stuff. I've got the milk and the bleach and the --
Phillip: Knock it off! I didn't whine when I got your potatoes and your oranges, did I?
(While they argue, Amanda takes the bags from them and Dotty puts her stuff on the counter.)
Jamie: I'm not whining.
Phillip: You are too!
Dotty: Boys, stop bickering, I will carry them in, you just take the small ones.
Amanda: Mother, please! If the boxboy can lift it, Phillip can manage.
Jamie: See, Phillip?
Amanda: And Jamie can go upstairs and do his homework.
Jamie: Never mind. (Jamie starts to go, but Phillip grabs his arm and takes him out of the room.)
Phillip: I got him.
Amanda: Get out, go on.
(Dotty hands Amanda a package of meat and a bottle of juice to put in the fridge.)
Dotty: Amanda, you will have time to eat and change and be at school by seven, won't you?
(Amanda turns and stares at Dotty, who answers while handing refrigerator-bound food to Amanda.)
Amanda: School?
Dotty: Play, honey. Phillip's play?
Amanda: Oh.
Dotty: He's going to be Jack and the Beanstalk. Amanda, your mind seems to be so scattered lately, is there something on your mind?
(Amanda closes the refrigerator and answers hurriedly, as if she's in a rush.)
Amanda: No, Mother. Nothing's on my mind, I'll be back in plenty of time.
(She starts to go, but stops when Dotty starts to say something, then gives up.)
Dotty: Oh. All right, don't ask. (Amanda picks up Dotty's bag. Phillip and Jamie run past.) I tell myself don't ask, it's Amanda's business, I tell myself.
(Amanda puts the bag down next to the sink.)
Amanda: Thank you, Mother.
Dotty: Unless you'd like to tell me.
Amanda: Mother.
Dotty: Fine. Fine. It's all right. I, um, I would be back at five-thirty, though.
(Amanda nods.)
Amanda: I'm sorry to leave you with all this stuff.
(Dotty turns and faces her daughter.)
Dotty: That's all right. You just -- you just go along.
(Amanda smiles and shakes her head. Then she walks to the door and in one smooth motion, picks up her coat and purse and walks out the door, closing it behind her.)

(Landover. Inside, Lee, Sprague, and Ralph, a Landover worker, are walking along the hall toward Savior.)
Lee: Ralph Holliger is kind of a new entry. I'm surprised you two haven't met.
Ralph: I don't know, it's, uh, it's possible. What outfit were you in, Major?
(Sprague ignores him and walks right by.)
Lee: Uh, the major has kind of a throat injury. Combat, you know.
Ralph: Oh, gee, that's too bad, I'm sorry. (They look down at a carefully protected bomb.) Uh, well, there she is, Lee. Savior.
Lee: Yeah. How do we get her loaded?
Ralph: Loaded for what?
Lee: For the show-and-tell for the NATO people. The major and I are errand boys.
Ralph: They told me the NATO thing was next week. Somebody on Dierdoff's stand was arranging for the move.
Lee: What can I tell you, Ralph, it's this week and us.
Ralph: You sure you don't mean Choirboy or one of the others?
Lee: Nope. Savior, definitely.
Ralph: I wish they'd tell me when they -- when they change up on me.
Lee: Well, that's life, Colonel. So, how about lending me a couple of techs to help us load this onto the pickup truck, huh?
Ralph: Pickup truck? You're going to take Savior out of here in a pickup truck?
Lee: You'd like me to have a forty-truck convoy so everybody within eighty miles of here would know it was coming out?
Ralph: Well, it would have to be crated.
Lee: So, crate it.
(Ralph sighs.)
Ralph: Okay. (He points to a couple of workers.) You men, go to Supply, get some material, and put a crate around this thing, huh? (to Lee:) You're going to have to sign for this, Stetson.
Lee: All right, all right.
Ralph: In my office. (to Sprague:) Oh, uh, Major? (Sprague looks up.) Don't touch, okay? Under that nosecap is a very sensitive arming button. You trigger that and, uh, it wouldn't take too much to air-mail you guys and your pickup truck to Mars. Remember that.
(Sprague nods. Lee and Ralph walk out into the hall. As soon as the door closes after him, Lee motions to Sprague and looks at Ralph.)
Lee: Hey, why the dog-and-pony show?
Ralph: We have to make him think it's the real goods, right? If we tip him there's no detonator in there, somebody's liable to hand you your head. And we wouldn't want that, would we?
(They walk off down the hall. In the room, Sprague, left all alone, turns and walks up to the false bomb. He looks at it, then takes a pen out of his pocket and taps the metal. It echoes hollowly. He bends down and taps in another spot. Same thing. He tries again, then goes to the nose and taps on the red cap. Still hollow. He screws it off and looks inside. Absolutely nothing. He even runs his gloved finger around the inner edge. He sighs and screws the cap back on, then stands. He looks around for the real Savior and stops at a door marked "Absolutely No Admittance Except Grade Five Technicians." Sprague glances around, then walks inside. He spies Savior and walks over to it, closing the door behind him. He taps and listens to the satisfying, non- hollow clink. Then he taps on the nosecap and hears the same thing. He tucks the pen back into his pocket and carefully, slowly, screws off the cap. Inside we see a detonating device shaped like a pin. He screws that out. Camera moves to focus on a red Warning label on the side that reads "Warning: Detonator Pin Must Be In Place At All Times To Prevent Arming.")

(Later, Ballon is waiting by his car on a Washington street. He looks at his watch and paces nervously. A truck starts coming from down the road. Ballon turns and watches as Lee and Sprague pull up beside Ballon's car. Lee is laughing. He walks around to Ballon and they shake hands happily.)
Ballon: You made it.
Lee: Yeah.
Ballon: Good man, good man.
Lee: Sure, sure. Now it's your baby, Edson.
Ballon: No, listen. This is part of the plan, now, I want you to take it. I want you to deliver it to Dulles Airport, gate number two. Now, the major and I will be along real shortly.
(Sprague starts walking over to Ballon's car.)
Lee: All right.
Ballon: Got it?
Lee: Yeah.
Ballon: We'll see you there. Now, listen, drive carefully, buddy.
Lee: Yeah, believe it.
(He pats Lee's waist and gets into his car. Lee walks around to the truck and gets in. He starts up the engine, does a sharp turn, and drives off down the road. Savior, the real one, is in the back under a sheet. Ballon goes off in the other direction. Lee follows orders and drives in the direction Ballon told him to. As he drives by, we see Billy on a cliff following Lee with a pair of binoculars. In the truck, Lee holds up a walkie-talkie and talks into it.)
Lee: Scarecrow to Lancer.
(Billy responds through his radio.)
Billy: This is Lancer, Scarecrow. What have you got?
Lee: I've got your merchandise and the destination. It's going down at Dulles.
Billy: You're covered, that's a router. (He shuts off the transmitter and speaks to the man beside him.) It's going down at Dulles.
(The man speaks through his own radio while Billy resumes watching.)
Man: Scramble, scramble. It's Dulles.

(Lee drives down the road, the lethal weapon in the back of his trick. When he enters a tunnel, the horse platform-hauling car in front of him stops and Lee gets stuck behind it. He raises his walkie-talkie.)
Lee: Lancer, we might have a problem here. (Billy does not hear, since his transmitter is off. He just keeps watching.) Lancer, come in, are you reading?
(Still no answer. Lee just gives up. He turns off his device. Before he can pull out backwards, another truck comes in behind him and seals him in. The horn honks. Lee looks around, totally confused. A tow truck comes in from the other side, in the other lane. Men jump out and point guns at Lee. He sighs. Another man leaps into the back of the pickup and throws the sheet off of the crate. Lee twists in his seat to watch what is happening behind him. The man motions and a crane lowers the hook. The man catches it and attaches it to the crate. Slowly, the crane lifts up Savior, jostling it and shaking it. The man guides the crate over and runs along with it as the tow truck drives up a few feet. Then another truck drives up beside Lee, Major Sprague pointing a gun at Lee. Lee sighs and raises his hands.)

(Up on the cliff, Billy speaks to the man beside him.)
Billy: Something's gone wrong in that tunnel, will you check it out?
Man: Right.
(He dashes away. Billy keeps watching.)

(In the tunnel, the tow truck stops and starts to lift up the crate even higher.)

(Behind Billy, the man's car speeds off, heading for the tunnel.)

(In the tunnel, Lee is still held unmotionless by Sprague. The workers guide the crate holding Savior over to the trailer in front of Lee. They set it down with a thud. The detonator pin slips out, the device clicks and it beeps. The alarm warning flashes, but of course nobody notices. They raise the sides of the trailer. Lee sighs, but keeps an eye on Sprague. The tow truck worker signals to Sprague and they drive off. Lee lets his arms drop as he watches the truck. When it is out of the way, he opens the door to his pickup and gets out. The car that now holds Savior moves out and down the street. We now see it is Amanda's station wagon. Lee, leaving his truck, runs after it. He catches it and throws himself up onto the wooden side and from that pulls himself to the top. In the car, Amanda casually looks at her watch. From the top of the platform, Lee takes a flying leap for the roof of the station wagon. Amanda glances up, startled, when she hears the loud noise. Lee crawls over to the windshield and pops his head into view. Amanda gasps.)
Lee: Amanda, don't hit the brakes! Don't hit the --
(She screeches to a stop. Lee, shouting, goes flying off the hood of the car and lands in the dirt. Amanda gets out and runs over to help him up.)
Amanda: Are you all right?
Lee: Yeah.
Amanda: Oh, come here.
(She pulls him up and drags him over to the car and sits him on the hood.)
Lee: Amanda, what did I tell you, huh? What did I tell you? I told you not to stop so fast.
Amanda: You frightened me. Were you the thud that I heard?
Lee: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Now, look. I got to talk to you.
Amanda: Okay, look, I tell you what, why don't we talk in the car and then we'll be able to stay right on schedule.
Lee: No, no, just forget the schedule, huh? And you forget everything that Ballon ever told you. I don't know what he said to get you into this, but he is not working for the Agency. I am!
Amanda: You are, but he isn't.
Lee: That's right.
Amanda: Then why am I hauling this trailer around?
Lee: Well, let me ask you this: Who is the least obvious person in the whole world to be hauling a secret weapon, huh? (Amanda smiles weakly and looks away.) A suburban mother in a station wagon hauling a trailer, right? (Amanda nods. Lee stands.) Now, where are you supposed to be meeting him?
Amanda: He lied to me and I believed him. I am really foolish.
Lee: Hold it, hold it. You believed in me. Huh? You did what you did because you trusted me. (Amanda, instead of responding, sweeps her hand down his jacket, dusting it.) Now, I don't know anybody who would go that far out on a limb for a friend. Amanda, you are not foolish, you're very far from it.
(Amanda smiles.)
Amanda: Friend? (Lee nods. Amanda sniffles.) We're friends?
(Lee shrugs.)
Lee: Well, I, uh . . . exaggerated a little. (Amanda grins.) Now, where are you supposed to be hauling this bomb?
Amanda: Bomb?
Lee: Oh.
Amanda: What bomb?
Lee: No, no, no, hold on, hold on, it's not a real bomb.
Amanda: Wait a minute.
Lee: I mean, it looks like a real bomb. Y -- no, it's not a -- I mean, he thinks it is a real bomb, but it isn't, all right? It's just -- it's just to trap him with, see, we have to catch him redhanded with classified material to put him away.
Amanda: He's a bad person, he's really unsavory.
Lee: Right, right, he is unsavory. So where are you going to meet him, huh?
(Amanda points off down the road.)
Amanda: Uh, I'm supposed to go, uh, down this road, I go two or three miles, I turn right, I go seven-tenths of a mile and then I stop at the helicopter.
Lee: Helicopter?
Amanda: Uh-huh.
Lee: Helicopter?
Amanda: Helicopter.
(Lee sighs, then walks over to the door.)
Lee: All right, I'm going to have to borrow your car to make this delivery.
(He opens the door, but Amanda runs over and grabs his arm before he can get in.)
Amanda: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, that won't work!
Lee: What?
(She closes the door. Lee straightens up.)
Amanda: He'll see that it's you and not me driving, he'll get in the helicopter and he'll fly away, it'll mess everything up.
Lee: You're right. You're right, you're right. It'll blow it. (He shouts in frustration.) I thought I had it.
Amanda: Not if I keep driving.
Lee: No! No way! You don't know what's waiting for you down at the end of that road. Now, it is too dangerous.
(He opens the door again, but Amanda grabs it.)
Amanda: Lee.
Lee: Amanda, I am telling you --
Amanda: I feel responsible. I got you into this, and I'm going to get you out of it. And besides that, he doesn't even know that you've talked to me.
Lee: Do you know what will be waiting down there, huh? Ballon and a bunch of guys with guns, now I'm not going to let --
Amanda: I don't have a gun! What kind of a threat am I? Besides that, it's not a real bomb!
(Lee sighs.)
Lee: All right. We won't have any backup. It'll be just the two of us.
Amanda: I have you. You'll figure something out.
(Lee holds up a small camera.)
Lee: Do you know how to use one of these?
(Amanda stares at it.)
Amanda: Don't you have something a little simpler?
Lee: It's simple. Believe me, it is so simple, you just get in the car and drive, I will explain.
(Lee walks around to the other door of the car. He throws his arms up and looks upward. They both get into the car, Amanda in the driver's seat. She moves her purse before Lee sits on it.)
Amanda: My purse.
Lee: Make sure it's out of the way.
(She starts the engine. The bomb is still flashing the letters "AMD." Amanda drives off down the road.)

(At the delivery spot, a helicopter and a car are waiting. Ballon, Sprague, General Benito, and other men are standing around, waiting. Ballon checks his watch. Benito is pacing.)
Ballon: There's no need to worry, General. She's still within her time. (A car horn honks. Ballon turns to look.) In fact, here she is.
(Amanda's car comes bumping down the road. She stops nearby. Two men walk up and start to take down the wooden sides of the trailer. Amanda climbs out of her car and nods to Ballon.)
Amanda: Hello, sir. I'm not late, am I?
Ballon: Nope, Mrs. King, you're exactly on time.
Amanda: Good.
(Benito wraps his coat around him and walks around to the back of the trailer. Ballon follows. Benito nods.)
Benito: Yes. Yes. Into the helicopter, quickly.
(They walk away to discuss something. Amanda leans over and looks in through the back window. Lee is lying in the backseat with his gun ready.)
Lee: Not yet.
(Amanda quickly straightens up.)
Amanda: Okay, okay, okay.
(Ballon and Benito reappear by Sprague and the other man.)
Ballon: Uh, maybe . . . maybe after we complete our arrangement. . . .
Benito: Your fee?
Ballon: Exactly.
Benito: Certainly. Fafayed!(?) The suitcases, pronto.
(The other man runs over to the car. Amanda leans over and peeks in her window, then straightens. Benito's helper drops two heavy suitcases at Ballon's feet. Sprague opens them up and start going through the packets of money that fill both suitcases to the brim. Amanda's eyes widen. After ruffling through some bills, Sprague looks up at Ballon and nods. Ballon looks over at Benito.)
Ballon: Well, Benito, I don't think there's anything else to discuss. Until next time.
(Suddenly, Lee rises from the backseat, pointing his gun.)
Lee: Not exactly, Ballon. (He opens the door and gets out.) Now, let's just lock it off right here, folks.
Ballon: Don't be stupid, Stetson. We've got automatic weapons. You have no backup.
Lee: You remember the Wrangler operation? The one-man bust, with a full Agency backup. (While he speaks, Amanda takes the camera out of her pocket.) You don't really think I'd be dumb enough to walk in here with a homemaker from Arlington, do you?
Amanda: He would never do that.
Lee: We've got tanks --
Amanda: Plenty of tanks, big tanks.
Lee: -- and air support.
Amanda: Plenty of air support.
(She raises the camera to her eye and clicks away.)
Ballon: Give it up, Lee. Your support is all at Dulles and we know it. Major, get that camera.
(Sprague starts to move in, but Lee raises the gun and Sprague stops.)
Lee: Major, uh-uh, Major. I wouldn't do that. Come on, Amanda. (He grabs Amanda's wrist and pulls her along to the back of the trailer while she still tries to take pictures. He points the gun at Savior.) Now, if I go, everybody's going to go.
Ballon: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, hey! Lee, take it easy, man. Just take it easy, man. Hold it. (Lee notices the beeping coming from the bomb. He stares at it.) Lee! Easy.
(Lee sees the letters flashing.)
Lee: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, it's triggered! Something's activated the timer! (He tucks his gun back into his holster and motions to Ballon and company.) Go on, stay back, go on!
(Ballon laughs.)
Ballon: Hey, come on, that's an old gag, Lee. You think I'm going to fall for that?
Lee: Listen to it!
(Ballon stops. He listens. He runs.)
Ballon: Out! Out! Get out! Keep going!
Benito: What about the helicopter?
(With everyone shouting, everyone except for Lee and Amanda run away. Amanda's smile fades as she listens. Lee slowly bends down and fingers the cap of the bomb. Amanda watches Ballon's men run and get caught by Agency cars and police cruisers driving up out of nowhere. Amanda laughs, quieter at first, then louder.)
Amanda: Wonderful! That was wonderful! (The bad guys keep running, past Billy's men, completely ignoring them.) That was wonderful! I knew you would think of something --
Lee: Amanda, stay back! I told you to stay back, now go on!
Amanda: What are you talking about?
Lee: I'm serious. It's gonna blow.
Amanda: Say what?
Lee: I said it's gonna blow!
(Amanda's smile disappears. Lee slowly eases off the cap. He stares at the device missing a pin. His eyes get wide.)
Amanda: Do you need a pin?
Lee: Yes, I need a pin!
Amanda: I got a pin in my purse.
(She runs over to her car and gets in.)
Lee: Well, hurry up, will you?
Amanda: Yeah. I'm hurrying.
(She dumps out the contents of her purse. Lee stares at the bomb, panting.)
Lee: I need to calm down. (On top of the hill, the men are all running and shouting now, even the good agents.) All right, now, Lee, calm down. (He slowly pushes the mechanism in.) Easy. (It's all the way in, but he needs that pin. The beeping gets faster and shriller.) Amanda, hurry up! (Amanda taps her purse.) Come on, a pin, any kind of a pin!
(Amanda drops her purse and stands up.)
Amanda: I can't find the pin.
(She starts going through her pockets.)
Lee: Oh, come on! Come on, come on! (The beeping gets even faster.) Easy. Amanda, hurry up, will you!
Amanda: I'm hurrying! (She reaches into her coat pocket and runs over to Lee.) I got a pin, I got a pin. (She takes out a "Go Bombers!" button.) There's a pin on the back of this badge.
Lee: What? A badge?
(She kneels down beside him.)
Amanda: Let me see.
(Lee shakes his head.)
Lee: Oh, no, no, no, that won't work.
Amanda: It'll work.
(Lee sighs and takes it from her hands.)
Lee: It had better.
(He slowly works the pin in. Amanda squints her eyes shut.)
Amanda: Ooh.
(The beeping is so rapid, the bomb shakes. Lee gets the pin in all the way and twists it. The letters stop flashing and the bomb gives off one more beep. Lee relaxes his hands. Nothing happens. He takes his hands away. Still nothing. He grins in relief.)
Lee: There!
(They both laugh uneasily. Amanda slaps his hand as if to say, "See, I told you." Lee catches his breath and runs his hand through his hair. They look at each other.)
Amanda: Well, that wasn't so hard.
Lee: Yeah.
(They turn around. Lee leans against the crate. Amanda sighs.)
Amanda: I wonder why everybody ran away like that.
Lee: I don't know. Something we said, you think?
(Amanda's expression quickly changes from a look of relief to a look of "I just came impossibly close to certain death. She turns to look at Lee, whimpering and squeaking. Lee laughs and pats her on the arm. Amanda looks away. Lee shakes his head, laughing.)

(IFF. Amanda, Lee, Billy, and Francine are in Billy's office, looking at Amanda's pictures.)
Amanda: You mean I took these pictures with that little bitty camera?
Lee: That's right, you took them.
Billy: Well, that's the picture that's going to put Edson Ballon and the major in the federal pokey for a long, long time.
(Francine chuckles.)
Amanda: Well, I just can't believe it. You know, the pictures that I usually take, when I walk into the photo store, the lady just looks at me and points at me and laughs.
(The others all laugh.)
Billy: Well, she's going to be proud of you now, Amanda. Oh, listen, Lee, um, I'm sorry about the sort of undignified retreat the fellows pulled out in that field.
Francine: No, a little healthy cowardice.
(Lee chuckles.)
Billy: You'd have to understand who's involved in this in order to appreciate it. You see, we finally got a fix on your location when we picked up a report on state police radio about some clown on top of a lady's station wagon on McKinsington Road.
(Lee looks at Amanda, who stifles a smile.)
Lee: Clown?
Billy: Well, that's their description, not mine. Anyway, since the station wagon did come out of that tunnel. . . .
(He shrugs. Francine finishes for him.)
Francine: You put two and two together.
Billy: And phoned Fred.
Lee: Fred.
Amanda: Fred Fielder.
Billy: The Fred we all know and love.
(They look out the window at Fielder sourly tossing his things back into a box.)
Francine: Maybe you'll get lucky, Lee, and he'll leave the philodendron.
(Lee looks up at her with mock enthusiasm.)
Lee: Ooh.
(Francine chuckles.)
Billy: Anyway, Fred got the call, found the field, and scooped up Ballon and the others. Unfortunately, someone mentioned that the bomb was live and Fred just . . . just. . . .
Francine: I think the word you're looking for, Billy, is "panicked."
(Billy nods. Amanda shakes her head.)
Amanda: Poor Fred.
(Lee looks at her, smiling.)
Billy: Yeah. Poor Fred. What about you, Amanda? When did you actually find out about the bomb?
Amanda: Oh. (She laughs nervously. Lee straightens and looks at her out of the corner of his eye.) Just before it didn't go off.
(She laughs weakly.)

*"International FilmFed" was later changed to "International Federal Film," with no explanation whatsoever.