Scarecrow and Mrs. King
Lost and Found

(A boat harbor in Washington. People are lowering crates and shouting orders. Men walk by a normal-looking box. But through a knothole in the side, an eye opens and looks around. Two workers walk over, pick up the box, and set it a roller. The eye blinks. The men look at each other, nod, and start pushing the crate down the street, running. The boss watches them.)
Boss: Hey, you guys!
(The men keep running until the reach a van. They throw open the doors and haul the crate into the back. The boss and his men run after them. Not waiting to close the doors, one man sits in the back with one hand on the crate while the other pulls away and speeds off, tires squealing.)

(IFF, Billy's office. Billy, in his desk chair, is informing Amanda about the crate incident. Amanda is sitting across from him. Francine is standing beside her, arms folded.)
Billy: So our people in Moscow have had Angelo packed in a crate and our people picked him up when he arrived here.
Amanda: Oh.
Francine: He's trying to be very strong about all this, but after everything he's been through, he must be very near the breaking point.
Amanda: Hm.
Billy: He doesn't want a lot of government types hovering around pressuring him.
Francine: And since you are nothing like a government type, (Amanda raises her eyebrows) we thought that this might be a good chance for you to put your particular skills to work.
Amanda: You mean the things that I'm learning in my training class this year.
Francine: Not exactly. Angelo will be given a complete new identity. We'll be relocating him in one of the nearby suburbs and he'll need to open a checking account, know where all the best discount marts are, (Amanda nods as if to say, "I should have known.") join the Y, get a library card.
Amanda (disappointed): Oh, you mean those particular skills.
Billy: Angelo's an Italian researcher in extra sensory perception. One of the foremost in the world.
(Amanda nods seriously.)
Francine: The Russians are very interested in ESP and they made him an incredible research offer. However, after he arrived in Moscow, he found that the Russians wanted to put his work to military use.
(Amanda raises her eyebrows.)
Billy: That's why he escaped. We need to talk to Angelo about the secret military projects he was exposed to. Once he calms down.
(Billy half-smiles.)
Francine: You can meet the rest of the relocation team down in the duty room downstairs.
Amanda: Ah, yes. (She stands and picks up her purse. Billy stands also.) Uh, sir, I want to tell you that I'm very grateful to you for asking me to help you with this, um, this assignment. I have one slight hesitation and that is, well . . . I feel very funny working without Lee.
Billy: Well, Mrs. King, Lee understands that we can't consider personal feelings when we make assignments. Anyway, Lee's finishing an assignment in Sri Lanka right now.
Amanda: Oh.
(Just then, the door opens and it is -- surprise! -- Lee.)
Lee: He finished his assignment in Sri Lanka.
(Billy looks partly surprised and partly uncomfortable.)
Billy: Oh. Lee, hi.
Amanda: Hello.
(Lee closes the door and walks up to Billy.)
Lee: What's going on around here? Since when does Amanda work solo?
Francine: She's not working solo, she's working with --
Lee: And why didn't someone tell me about this Angelo Spinelli thing?
Billy: Well, Lee, you were out of the country and besides, relocation isn't really the kind of thing we bother you with.
Amanda: Much more my cup of tea.
(Lee doesn't buy it.)
Lee: And?
Billy: And, all things considered, I thought you probably wouldn't want to become part of the case involving Angelo Spinelli.
(He stares at Lee pointedly. Lee just stares back.)
Lee: I want to talk to you.
(He angrily stalks out of the office.)
Billy: Now, Lee, hold on for a minute, there's something you should know first. (He follows Lee and tries to keep up with Lee's fast, angry pace.) Lee, there are circumstances which you just --
(Lee finally stops. He looks at Billy.)
Lee: Billy. (He opens the door to the debriefing room and sees Angelo, mussed up and unshaven, sitting at the table.) Angelo.
(Angelo stands up.)
Angelo: Hello, Lee.
(Lee reaches over and shakes hands with Angelo across the table.)
Lee: Look, I'm sorry I didn't come to see you sooner, I just got into town.
Angelo: Me too.
Lee: Ah.
Angelo: If you can avoid crossing the Atlantic in a crate, do so.
Lee: Yeah, I will keep that in mind.
Angelo: You're dressing better.
Lee: Yeah, well, remember the last time you saw me, I was posing as a student attending one of your seminars.
Angelo: When Eva finally told me who you really were, I wondered how many other spies I was lecturing to.
(He sits.)
Lee: Well, every government wanted to hear your theories on the tactical use of ESP. By the way, where is she?
Angelo: What do you mean?
Lee: Eva. Didn't she come with you?
Angelo: Oh, Lee, surely you knew.
Lee: Knew what?
Angelo: Eva is dead. (Lee stares at him in shock.) I'm sorry, I assumed they had t-told you.
Lee: What happened?
Angelo: Well, when I realized what the Russians had in mind for my work, naturally I -- I refused cooperation. I spent, uh, fourteen months in the Lubyanka prison.
Lee: Yeah. Yeah, I . . . I knew they had taken you there.
(He slowly takes a seat across from Angelo.)
Angelo: Eva's visits gave me the courage to continue resisting. That is, I suppose, why. . . . She was arrested during one of her visits. Day after day, they took her into a little room.
(A pause. Lee pounds his fist on the table.)
Lee: Angelo, I --
Angelo: They still never got what they wanted, since I just sort of, um . . . lost my mind. (Lee shakes his head in disbelief and shock.) I was taken to a hospital and it was from there that your people helped me to escape.
(Lee leans back in his chair stiffly.)
Lee: No. (Angelo lowers his gaze.) No, I don't -- I don't want to believe this.
Angelo: Of course you don't. I mean, you were, after all, as . . . as much in love with my wife as I was.
(Lee lowers his gaze.)

(A downtown street. A blue van drives along the road. Amanda is riding with Lee and Angelo. Amanda is giving them a tour.)
Amanda: And that was the local supermarket and the bowling alley, and next to it, the auto supply. (They near a tall sign that reads, "Char-Broiled Burgers, Tom's Famous Pastrami, Special Burritos, Fried Chicken.") Don't worry about it, we'll go through all this again, so don't try to remember anything right now.
Lee: Why don't we stop off for something to eat? I don't think the house is stocked yet.
(Lee pulls the van over and parks by the sign.)
Amanda: Okay. Now, Angelo, here in the States, you'll find yourself eating in places like this from time to time.

(Next shot, Amanda and Angelo are sitting at a table in front of a sign with a cartoon cow and burger painted and Amanda is still babbling about the burgers.)
Amanda: And it's always good to know that at Mighty Meaty Hamburgers, there is no filler, it's all one hundred percent beef.
Angelo: Uh, excuse me, what, uh, what is, uh . . . filler?
(Amanda pauses.)
Amanda: I'm not sure what filler is. I'm not sure I want to know what filler is. But it doesn't matter, because Mighty Meaty doesn't have it. And believe me, that's better for you. (Angelo just stares. Amanda hands him some papers.) Now, I have here some credit card applications that the Agency has filled out for you and all you have to do is just sign them.
(She hands him a pen. He reads the applications.)
Angelo: Richard Kelly. (He chuckles.) Odd name for an Italian. Does, uh, Richard Kelly have a job?
Amanda: Yes. (She reads the information in front of her.) He works in a plumbing supply store.
Angelo: Plumbing supplies? Well, isn't there something else I could do?
(Amanda looks up at him seriously.)
Amanda: Angelo, if you really don't like it, you can move again after a year or so.
(Angelo sighs.)
Angelo: And the year after that, another move? And again the year after. (He shakes his head, then shrugs.) Maybe I'll like plumbing supplies.
Amanda: I think I'll just check and see how our order's coming.
(She gathers up her things. Angelo smiles at her and signs his false name on the applications. Amanda stands up. Lee, over by the order counter, smiles, amused. The girl at the counter puts a tray full of food in front of him.)
Lee: Uh, excuse me, miss, my Colossus of Rhodes burger seems to be missing. (Amanda walks up to him and leans on the other side of the counter.) You okay?
Amanda: Well, yeah, it's going to be hard for him, he misses his wife a lot.
(Lee looks away.)
Lee: Yeah, I know.
Amanda: Gee, you know, it's funny, in all the conversations we had, you never mentioned Eva.
Lee: Amanda, do you have any idea how many things I have never mentioned to you?
Amanda: A couple million.
Lee: No.
Amanda: Close, though.
Lee: Yeah.
Amanda: Yeah. I just thought that maybe, you know, in one conversation or another, you would mention her. I mean . . . she did almost marry you.
Lee: Or I almost married her. There's probably a subtle difference.
Amanda: She turned you down?
Lee: We never really got that far. I wanted to talk to her about it, she came running into the café all excited, and she told me she was marrying Angelo. (Amanda looks down. Lee continues.) She'd been his research assistant. That's how I met her. And anyway, I told her I was happy for her and --
Amanda: And you never told her how you really felt?
Lee: She'd already made her decision.
(Amanda suddenly straightens up.)
Amanda: I'm sorry, it's -- it's really none of my business.
Lee: Oh, no, no, no, we -- it probably wouldn't have worked out for both of us anyway.
(Amanda smiles sympathetically. Lee sighs deeply.)

(A motel room in Washington. Zuchov is by the TV, depositing a coin. Then he turns on the TV and walks over to one of the twin beds. Danilov is in the other one. An old film appears on the TV. In it, dinosaurs tear each other apart. The door opens and Magovich walks in. The men quickly stand up. She stares coldly at them and nods to the TV set.)
Magovich: Turn off that trash. (Zuchov walks over and turns it off. He walks back over to his spot at attention.) I have been in communication with our superiors in the Washington control center. Their sources tell them that Angelo Spinelli has arrived.
Zuchov: Will the agents attempt to relocate him?
Magovich: Of course. When our people learn where, we will move in. Spinelli is to be returned immediately to Moscow.

(That night, a suburban house. Amanda and Lee are both trying to talk to a confused Angelo. Lee is pacing and Amanda is sitting across from Angelo.)
Amanda: Now, there's an awful lot here to remember, but I --
Lee: As we promised, none of the phones in the house are tapped, but we would appreciate you keeping a log of any calls made by a person you can not immediately identify. (Amanda mumbles more information to Angelo. Lee continues talking.) I'll be sleeping here for a few days and I will electronically sweep each room twice a day against the possibility of electronic bugging.
Amanda: Now, this is a list of numbers that you might need --
Lee: Now, we will change the guard periodically and review the passwords they must give you to gain entrance to the house.
Amanda: There's a church on Oldenberry Road, it's Catholic, you're Catholic, aren't you? (Angelo nods.) Yeah.
Lee: We'll also change the passwords twice a week. Now, the outside walls have been fireproofed and we'll be doing some structural work to keep you as safe as possible against a bomb attack.
Amanda: And I understand the lawn needs mulching?
(Angelo and Lee both stare at her.)

(IFF. Billy and Francine, both frustrated are exiting from his office, carrying files. They walk through the room.)
Billy: I don't understand. I'm sorry, but I just don't understand.
Francine: Well, we checked it out thoroughly. Everything seems to be in order. Papers, dates, no holes anywhere!
Billy: Well, just what is Angelo going to say about this? I mean, it just doesn't make sense!
Francine: Well, I told you, it seems to have happened! Now, it fits with what we know about KGB tactics.
(They stop outside the door to the debriefing room. Billy points.)
Billy: In here?
(Francine nods. She takes a breath, then opens the door and leads Billy in. Billy stares.)
Francine: Billy, I would like you to meet Mrs. Eva Spinelli.
(Across the room, Eva, beautiful as ever, nods hello and smiles.)

(Amanda's house, next morning. Amanda is in her kitchen, leaning on the counter. Dotty walks in, carrying an old grass skirt.)
Dotty: Well, Amanda, I knew it would happen.
Amanda: What?
Dotty: My hula skirt rotted.
Amanda: I'm sorry, Mother.
Dotty: I have nothing now to show for my one and only trip to Hawaii. I wish your father had not dropped the camera out of the war canoe.
(Dotty sets the skirt on the counter. Amanda leans in to her mother.)
Amanda: Mother, when Daddy told you that he loved you, was it difficult for him?
(Dotty laughs.)
Dotty: Oh, dear, yes. I will never forget it. It was New Year's Eve and we were at a party and your father had just a little bit too much champagne. (Amanda smiles.) And he whispered, "Darling, I love you," and then he whispered the same thing to everybody else in the room. (Amanda laughs.) I guess I'm the only one who believed him.
Amanda: Why it is it so difficult for men to open up sometimes.
Dotty: Well, women are no better, Amanda. Sometimes it's very painful to admit your true feelings, even to yourself. I'd like to think that I raised you so that you're not that inhibited.
Amanda: Uh, yes, well, yeah.
Dotty: Amanda, is there someone in your life that you're afraid to admit your true feelings for?
(Amanda stares, then quickly shakes her head and smiles.)
Amanda: No! No, there isn't.
Dotty: Well, just remember one thing, darling. (She tucks her hula skirt under her arm.) Life is short. (She starts walking away. Amanda nods, then Dotty turns back around.) If I were you, I would tell Dean exactly how I feel.
(She smiles and walks away. Amanda raises her eyebrows and straightens up. She sighs.)
Amanda: Dean.

(Angelo's house. Lee is sitting at the porch table and watching Angelo work in the garden.)
Lee: Angelo, what made you decide to get involved with the Russians anyhow?
Angelo: Well, you misunderstand. I have always prided myself on being apolitical and devoted only to science. When the Soviets made their proposition, I wavered. But Eva made me see what a tremendous opportunity it was. At least on paper.
Lee: How much did Eva tell you about me?
Angelo: Oh, she told me that she had been seeing you at the same time she was seeing me, told me who you were, what you did for a living. I asked her not to tell me any more.
Lee: You did?
(Angelo stops and looks at Lee.)
Angelo: I'm not stupid, Lee. It doesn't take ESP to see that a man in your profession will confess such things only to a woman he thought he would be seeing a good deal of.
Lee: Yeah. (He lowers his head. The doorbell rings. Lee reaches for his gun and stands up.) I'll get it. (Angelo watches him go. Lee stands by the closed door and yells.) Yeah?
Jenkins: Code 34, Scarecrow, I've got someone here with me.
Lee: Okay.
(He opens the door and then stops and stares in shock and pain. Beside Jenkins, the agent guarding the house, Eva raises her head and looks at him. Their eyes lock. Eva smiles.)
Eva: May I come in?
(Still in shock, Lee nods.)
Lee: Yeah, sure. (He steps aside. Eva walks right past him. Lee follows her. In the hallway, Eva stops. Lee stops right behind her. She turns and faces him.) How did this -- how did you. . . . (Eva leans into him and they embrace. Lee pulls away.) Your, uh, husband's out there.
(Eva looks over her shoulder and sees Angelo working in the garden. Eva smiles at Lee, then walks over to the door. Lee stands still and watches her. She opens the door and silently shuts it. She creeps up behind Angelo and taps him on the shoulder. Angelo turns and, when he sees her face, grabs her and they hug. Poor Lee watches the scene through the window. Angelo laughs and they kiss and hug some more.)

(Outside, Amanda pulls up and steps out of her car with a bag of groceries. She passes the agents' van outside and reads it. The side says, "Maid of Iron dry cleaners since 1953." She rolls her eyes and shakes her head and keeps on walking to the front door.)

(Inside, Lee walks over to the Jenkins, still standing in the open doorway.)
Lee: Look what happened? Do you know?
(Jenkins shakes his head and hands Lee a manila envelope.)
Jenkins: There's a full report in here as well as all her documents.
(Lee shakes his head and opens the envelope.)
Lee: It's incredible.
Jenkins: Look, I'll be posted out here in the dry cleaning truck if you need me. We got word today that the KGB is aware that Angelo's in this country.
Lee: Is there any movement yet?
(Jenkins shakes his head and shrugs.)
Jenkins: As far as we can tell, they do not have a fix on this location yet.
Lee: Good.
(Amanda runs up to them and looks at Jenkins.)
Amanda: Oh, well, I'm so glad you're here, just a minute.
(She trots away.)
Jenkins: She knows about me?
Lee: I didn't think so. Look, just stay close, let's try to keep it low-profile, maybe park around the side.
Jenkins: All right.
(Amanda rushes up again with her arms loaded with white sheets and clothing.)
Amanda: Now, uh, I've sorted these things, I need medium starch on the shirts and this sweater really has to be blocked.

(That night, Angelo's house. In the kitchen, Eva lifts a kettle from the stove and carries it into the dining room, where Angelo, Lee, and Amanda are waiting. Eva sits at one end of the square table.)
Eva: Amanda, you are so organized. The cupboards are full, the dishes are put away, there are even lists and instructions on the door of the refrigerator
Amanda: Well, I knew you would need to know certain things about the place, you know -- (Eva reaches across the table and pours Amanda some tea) thank you -- emergency numbers, and, um, things like that. Did you see the ad for Liberty Larry's on the refrigerator? (She traces a circle in the air with her finger.) Now, they're having a special car sale this week. Angelo: I have never trusted cars. In Milan, Eva and I would walk everywhere.
(He and Eva smile fondly at each other. Lee silently and painfully watches this display of affection.)
Amanda: Well, just in case you need one, Liberty Larry's, don't forget. And you'll be very glad that we established your credit.
(Angelo smiles and turns to Eva.)
Angelo: See? (He holds Eva's hand comfortingly.) I've been in excellent hands.
(Lee shifts his weight, glances at Amanda, then looks down. Amanda changes the subject.)
Amanda: I think it's terrible that the KGB would arrest you. And then tell Angelo that they had shot you.
Eva: It was a disgusting tactic, even for them. A guard at the Lubyanka was so outraged at what they had done, that he assisted me in my escape.
(She smiles at Angelo, then looks over at Lee, who looks away.)
Amanda: Uh, well, uh, why don't I just clean these dishes and why don't you take your coffee and, like, make a fire and get reacquainted.
(She stands up and starts gathering the dishes.)
Lee: Yeah, I'll help Amanda.
Amanda: Oh. All right.
(Eva and Angelo pick up their coffee mugs and carry them into the nest room.)

(Zuchov's and Danilov's hotel room. They are on the beds, cocking their guns. Magovich is sitting at a table where the TV used to be. She is reading a map.)
Magovich: Our location has been verified. We can take Spinelli tonight. Be prepared to move out shortly.
Zuchov: There will be a guard in the house as well as outside?
Magovich: Very likely. (She picks up her own gun.) Our orders are to terminate anyone who offers us resistance.

(Angelo's house. Amanda and Lee are still working in the kitchen. Well, actually, Amanda is done. Lee is still mopping furiously, obviously stalling before he faces Eva and Angelo again.)
Amanda: Don't you think this kitchen could pass inspection yet?
Lee: Do I detect a lack of enthusiasm for my work program? Huh?
(Amanda sighs and looks at her watch.)
Amanda: My enthusiasm begins to fizzle around ten-thirty.
(Lee walks over to the refrigerator.)
Lee: Hey, come on, I think we can find ourselves some mean dust bunnies behind this baby. (He starts to attempt to pull the fridge away from the wall.) Come on.
(He barely budges the fridge, although he is straining with all his might.)
Amanda: Lee? (Lee stops and looks at her.) I've got to get home. Philip and Jamie are having company spend the night, I have to be there to pretend like I'm not.
(Lee walks over to her.)
Lee: Then, uh, let's play cards.
Amanda: Cards.
Lee: Yeah.
Amanda: You and I play cards?
Lee: Yeah.
Amanda: Why should we play cards? We've never played cards before.
Lee: Well, we can start!
(Amanda suddenly gets the picture.)
Amanda: Ohh.
Lee: What?
Amanda: You don't want to be here, alone, with them.
(She points to the living room.)
Lee: Who? Oh, Angelo and, uh, Eva?
Amanda: Mm.
Lee: Oh, I never really thought about it. Why would that bother me?
Amanda: Right. When something's over, it's over. Shouldn't bother you at all. Because it is over. Isn't it?
Lee: You know, I'll bet those things are ready to come out of the dryer.
(He walks away, leaving Amanda just standing there.)
Amanda: Did you notice how you just ended the conversation?
(Lee returns to face her.)
Lee: What do you think?
Amanda: What do I think about what?
Lee: Do they look happy together?
Amanda: Do they look happy together?
Lee: Yeah.
Amanda: Oh, I don't know. (She looks at Eva and Angelo on the couch, talking.) They're a very attractive couple.
Lee: They are?
Amanda: Yes, they are. He's very intense and dark and handsome --
Lee: You call that handsome?
(Amanda speaks flatly, sick of this conversation.)
Amanda: She's interesting-looking.
Lee: She's a little more than interesting-looking.
Amanda: All right, maybe she's a little more than interesting-looking. But there's something about her that bothers me.
Lee: What do you mean?
Amanda: Well, I don't really know. It's probably something that only another woman would pick up on. (She speaks slowly, choosing her words carefully.) Um . . . I'm not sure that she loves him?
Lee: What?
Amanda: Something about the way she looks at him. There's just no magic.
Lee: Magic?
Amanda: Yeah, magic.
(Lee smiles as he looks away to the side.)
Lee: Oh, yeah?
Amanda: Why are you smiling?
(Lee quickly makes his face serious again and looks at Amanda.)
Lee: What smile? There's no smile.
Amanda: It is over, isn't it?
Lee: You know, that stuff has got to be, got to be ready.
(He pats her on the arm and quickly leaves the room. Amanda stares straight ahead.)
Amanda: He did it again.

(Later that night, Lee has finally stopped cleaning and Amanda is gone. Lee is sleeping under a blanket on the couch. He hears a noise and cautiously pulls off the blanket. He picks up his gun off the coffee table and silently makes his way down the hallway. He hears faint voices and stops outside a door. He bursts in and relaxes when he sees it is only Eva on the phone. She looks at Lee, then finishes her conversation in Italian. She hangs up and looks at Lee, who checks his watch.)
Lee: It's three in the morning, you're calling a doctor? Are you okay?
Eva: Oh, I am fine. It is not three in the morning in Milan.
Lee: Oh. (Eva steps up to him and makes a motion as if to pass.) Sure.
(Lee steps aside. He and Eva walk down the hall while Eva tells of the phone call.)
Eva: It is Angelo. He was in therapy for a long time before I met him. Now I can see, a terrible depression is coming on and I have phoned his old doctor to be sure --
Lee: Hold it, hold it. You didn't tell him where you were, did you?
(Eva chuckles.)
Eva: No, Lee, of course not.
Lee: Oh.
(Eva starts playing with her robe.)
Eva: But I -- I am to watch over Angelo and to call again in a couple of days. (She takes a few steps, then sees Lee's jacket draped over a chair.) May I?
Lee: Yeah.
(Eva picks up the jacket and puts it on. Then she walks back over to him.)
Eva: Have you a cigarette?
Lee: No. Don't you remember, I'm the only student in Italy that didn't smoke?
(Eva laughs.)
Eva: Oh, yes, I remember. I should have known right then that there was something . . . dangerous about you. (Her eyes lock with Lee's. Her smile fades.) I have thought of you so often in the last two years.
Lee: Oh?
Eva: Not without guilt. Angelo was in prison most of that time.
Lee: Eva --
(Eva turns away and walks over to the fireplace.)
Eva: No, no. The truth is, Lee, I have made a mistake. I admire Angelo, I respect Angelo, and in that sense, I do love him, but if I am to stay with him, it would only be out of --
Lee: If you were to stay with him?
(Eva turns and faces him again.)
Eva: Well, I would never leave him until I saw him safe and happy. (Lee nods.) I may never leave him. (She walks closer.) But I want you to know, in case it is never to be said, that I have loved you for all of those two years since I last saw you.
(A long pause while they stare at each other. Then Lee tears his gaze away.)
Lee: Billy's right. I shouldn't be involved with this, I just shouldn't.
Eva: Is that all you have to say?
Lee: I'll have myself taken off the case tomorrow.
Eva: Lee, please. We may never see each other again. Did you ever love me? If you had told me then, things might be so different now. (Lee looks at her.) How do you feel?
(Lee grabs her and they kiss long and hard.)

(Several hours pass. Outside, Jenkins is dead, slumped over in his dry cleaning truck. Magovich, Zuchov, and Danilov creep through the bushes to the house. They stop by a window and nod to each other. Zuchov goes one way and Danilov heads off in the other with Magovich.)

(Inside, Lee and Eva have finished. Eva is on one end of the couch, still wearing Lee's jacket, and huddled in the blanket. Lee is sitting coolly on the other end.)
Lee: Well, it looks like it's going to be light soon.
Eva: I had better go back to bed. Where I belong.
(They hear a crash. Lee jumps up and picks up his gun. Zuchov bursts through the front door. Lee aims his gun at him, but Danilov and Magovich enter the room behind him, pointing guns.)
Magovich: Good morning. (Lee slowly lowers his gun. Magovich talks to Danilov.) Find Spinelli.
(Eva jumps up.)
Eva: No --
Magovich: Quiet. (Danilov walks away to "find Spinelli." Magovich walks over to Lee and holds out her hand, keeping her gun on him the whole time.) Your gun, if you please. (Lee hands over his gun.) Now sit down, the both of you. (Lee backs up and sits on the couch next to Eva, who also sits.) I expect this to proceed in an orderly fashion.
(Danilov appears in the doorway.)
Danilov: Sergeant, he's gone.
(Lee and Eva exchange shocked glances.)
Magovich: Where is he?
Lee: I don't know.
(Zuchov whacks him on the back of the head.)

(That morning. Amanda's station wagon pulls up at Angelo's house. Amanda gets out, carrying a bouquet of flowers and a cake. She starts to walk to the door, but hears a call.)
Mrs. Dunlap: Hello! Hello?
(Amanda stops and turns. Mrs. Dunlap runs up to her, also carrying a gift.)
Amanda: Oh, hello.
Mrs. Dunlap: Are you the new neighbor who just moved in?
Amanda: Oh, no, you mean the Kellys. No, no, I'm just, uh, a second cousin.
(She and Mrs. Dunlap resume walking to the house.)
Mrs. Dunlap: Oh, Kelly.
Amanda: Yes.
Mrs. Dunlap: Oh, how nice. Irish neighbors.
Amanda: Well, actually, they're Italian.
(Mrs. Dunlap stops.)
Mrs. Dunlap: I don't see how that's possible. Oh, but I had an uncle Maurice once, and he was mostly Cherokee.
(Amanda laughs.)
Amanda: Oh, well.
(Mrs. Dunlap holds up her gift.)
Mrs. Dunlap: Oh, I made them some jams and preserves.
Amanda: Oh, how nice of you, Mrs. . . .
Mrs. Dunlap: Dunlap.
Amanda: Mrs. Dunlap. Well, come on, let's -- let's see if they're up.
Mrs. Dunlap: Oh, thank you.
(They walk up to the door. Amanda knocks, but no answer. She starts searching through her stuff.)
Amanda: I've got a key here.
Mrs. Dunlap: Oh, my Frank would just go crazy when I couldn't find keys in a purse. (Amanda hands Mrs. Dunlap her little bag to hold.) Once, he took all my purses and buried them.
(Amanda laughs.)
Amanda: Oh.
Mrs. Dunlap: Well, I fired off a letter to Dear Abby about that, I can assure you.
(Amanda finds her key and takes the bag.)
Amanda: I bet you did. All right.
Mrs. Dunlap: Are you sure it's not too early, we won't be interrupting anything?
Amanda: No, no, no, they're very early risers, in fact, they're really rather shy and I think it would be good if you come on in and maybe you could encourage them to get out and mingle, you know, meet people and. . . . (She inserts her key into the lock and turns it. Then she opens the door.) There we are. (She leads Mrs. Dunlap in.) Come right on in, right on in here -- (She stops. In the totaled room, Lee and Eva are staring back at them. Lee is getting into his shoulder holster and Eva is in her nightgown. She tightens Lee's jacket around her.) Well, maybe another time would be better. (She takes the present from Mrs. Dunlap's hands and practically kicks her out.) Thank you so much, thank you, uh, it was very nice to meet you and, uh, good-bye now. Good-bye!
(She closes the door and looks at Lee and Eva. Lee smiles and waves. Amanda sighs.)

(Outside, Mrs. Dunlap shrugs and walks away to her own house.)

(Inside, Amanda is neatening up the overturned furniture. Lee is on the phone.)
Lee: Yeah, they left when they heard Amanda coming, Billy. They must have thought she had the artillery with her. Billy, uh . . . Jenkins is dead. (In the background, Amanda holds up a broken lamp.) Yeah. . . . Well, I told you. No, I told you. Eva was talking to Angelo's doctor. . . . Yeah. Yeah, I thought it was kind of strange, too. . . . No. No, Eva was not with Angelo all night. (Amanda suddenly looks up.) She was . . . well, we were . . . we were talking. (Amanda deliberately goes back to straightening.) All right? . . . Okay. Bye.
(He hangs up and looks at Amanda. She stops what she is doing and shrugs at him sympathetically. Then she walks into the kitchen, where Eva is washing dishes. Amanda leans on the counter.)
Amanda: I was really sorry to hear about Angelo.
Eva: Thank you, Mandy. I have to believe that we will get him back.
Amanda: Yeah. Uh, look, why don't you let me take over for you and you can get a little more rest.
Eva: I would like to help, Mandy, and I'm sure that Lee will not mind if I borrow his sweater a little while longer --
Amanda: No, no, I just insist.
(Eva smiles and starts to leave, but sees Amanda's cake on the table and stops.)
Eva: Mandy. (Amanda turns.) Did you make this?
Amanda: Oh, it's just a little poppyseed cake I made for breakfast.
Eva: Well, I hope you can get Lee to try some. I was never able to get him to have more than coffee for breakfast. (Amanda's smile fades and she nods.) By the way, do they call you Mandy?
Amanda: No.
(Eva forces a smile. Lee walks in.)
Lee: Well, how's everyone doing in here? (Amanda smiles and turns back to the dishes. Eva gazes at Lee. Lee spots the cake.) Oh, look at this. Mmm.
(Amanda turns.)
Amanda: Oh, would you, uh, like some?
Lee: Uh, I hardly do anything for breakfast but coffee. (Amanda nods sadly. Eva smiles smugly at her, then leaves. Lee eyes the cake some more.) But, um, oh, yeah, well, if I did eat breakfast, uh, (he takes a piece and eats it) I would eat this. Mmm, it's good. Mm-hmm-mm.
(He walks over and stands beside Amanda.)
Amanda: Thank you.
Lee: Mmm.
Amanda: So, is there any news about Angelo?
(Lee tries to avoid saying this next part.)
Lee: No, I was hoping you would, uh, have some ideas. You two seemed to have hit it off pretty well.
Amanda: Sure. But, um, not as well as you and Eva.
Lee: Mm. Amanda?
Amanda: Hm?
Lee: How do you know when an affair is really over?
Amanda: I don't know, I guess you just know.
Lee: Yeah. I was always kinda bad at these things anyway.
Amanda: Aw, everybody's always kinda bad at these things.
Lee: No, I really am bad.
Amanda: No, you're not so bad.
Lee: I'm telling you, I'm bad.
Amanda: No, you're not.
Lee: I am!
Amanda: You're not!
Lee: Amanda, I'm bad!
Amanda: All right, you're bad! You're bad!
Lee: Well, all right. Drop the subject.
Amanda: I dropped it, it's dropped.
Lee: All right, let's get some work done here, come on. (He sits down at the kitchen table. Amanda sits opposite him.) All right, now tell me.
Amanda: Yeah?
Lee: Have you noticed anything unusual since Angelo arrived?
(Amanda thinks for a moment.)
Amanda: Well, there's the lipstick.
Lee: Angelo wears lipstick?
Amanda: No, Eva.
Lee: I was talking about Ang--
Amanda: Do you think they'd let her take her lipstick with her to prison?
Lee: Of course not.
Amanda: Because, you see, a tube of lipstick takes about four months to use. Now, Eva's is almost gone. But she's only been out a few days.
Lee: Okay, okay, so they let her have her makeup --
Amanda: Then, of course, there are the bath oil beads.
Lee: Running low on those, is she?
Amanda: Yes. (Lee rolls his eyes.) And then, of course, there's the gun.
(Lee suddenly looks up.)
Lee: What gun?
Amanda: The gun that I found in the bedroom while I was straightening up.
Lee: Maybe it's Angelo's.
Amanda: Don't think so, it was in Eva's drawer. It was right next to the bath oil beads. (Lee sighs and glares at her.) I'm sorry, I wish I hadn't found it.
(Eva's voice rings in from the doorway.)
Eva: I wish you had not found it either. (She walks over behind Lee.) But then, I also wish you had not been going through my things.
Amanda: I wasn't going through your things, I was only straightening the room and I'm only concerned because guns are so dangerous.
Eva: So is the KGB. Restraint is not their strong suit, you know? (Lee and Amanda turn away from her.) If we are to get Angelo back, we must do this together. And we must trust each other, yes?
(Amanda and Lee turn to look at her.)

(Later, Lee and Eva are driving down the street in Lee's Porsche, looking for Angelo.)
Lee: How about Carmine's Pizza? Maybe he's homesick for Italian food.
Eva: Angelo does not eat pizza. After fourteen months of stale cabbage soup, his stomach is . . . touchy.
Lee: Eva, how did the two of you survive that hell?
Eva: Angelo survived by forcing his mind to see beyond his prison. I survived by remembering the same woman that you remember. And that spring when we met.
Lee: Oh, I stopped thinking about those days and what might have been. There's no point to it.
(Eva sits silently for a moment, then laughs.)
Eva: Have you changed so, Lee. What happened to the man who I waltzed with on the banks of the canals in Venice, in the rain?
(Lee chuckles.)
Lee: Dancing's not so good along the Potomac. There's too many tourists.
(Eva giggles. Lee looks in the sideview mirror and sees a dark car following close behind. His smile disappears.)
Eva: Something's wrong?
Lee: No, nothing.
(He watches the car in the mirror and speeds up.)

(In Angelo's house, Amanda is on the phone with her mother.)
Amanda: I may miss dinner, Mother. Um, it looks like the Suttons' cat is about ready to have her kittens and it looks like it could be a breech.
Dotty: Oh. Well, good luck. Oh, did the Suttons like your cake?
Amanda: Oh, it was a big hit.
Dotty: Ah. Well, your poppyseed cake is your Sistine Chapel, Amanda, no one can top it.
Amanda: Yes, Mother. All right, I'll see you later. I have to go now.
Dotty: What?
Amanda: Bye-bye. (She quickly hangs up, having found something, and walks over to the fridge. She fingers the Liberty Larry's ad, part of which is missing.) Liberty Larry.

(Lee's car pulls up at a gas station.)
Lee: I want to call Amanda in case Angelo came back to the house.
Eva: No, wait. I will call Amanda. If Angelo has come back, he will need to hear my voice.
(She gets out.)
Lee: All right, I'll get some gas.

(At Angelo's house, Amanda steps out from the front door and walks to her car parked by the curb.)

(Inside, the telephone rings. Obviously, no one answers. The answering machine plays Amanda's voice.)
Amanda: This is Amanda. I'm not here right now. (In the phone booth at the gas station, Eva listens. Amanda says this next part slowly and deliberately, emphasizing the word "car.") I have a friend who needs a car. He's taken the ad I found in the paper. Okay, bye.
(The machine beeps. Eva slowly hangs up.)

(Meanwhile, Amanda's car zooms down the road and passes Danilov. He smiles and starts his car. He zooms after her.)

(At the gas station, Lee is washing his car. Eva comes out and joins him.)
Lee: Anything happening with Amanda?
Eva: Lots. She's making meatloaf for our dinner, she is waxing the kitchen floor, and she will be there if we need her.
Lee: Good.
(He goes back to work. Eva eyes the ladies' room.)
Eva: I will be right back, yes?
Lee: Yeah.
(Eva disappears into the bathroom. Lee listens to her go, then smiles.)

(Liberty Larry's. Larry is talking with Angelo. They step out of his office and meander around the lot.)
Larry: Hey, look, my friend, look, they don't call me Liberty Larry for nothing. Look, walk with me, walk with me. I know what you're going to say. I mean, sure, sure, you got your people who are going to say "buy new," but why, huh? Isn't it safer to go with a proven commodity? Here, look at this. (He motions to a 1960 Cadillac that is apparently pretty cheap.) This is -- this baby here's been through the worst, she's a vet.
(Angelo tries out the all-American word "cash" for the first time.)
Angelo: Uh, I don't have this much cash on me.
Larry: How's your credit?
Angelo: Oh, my -- my credit is excellent.
Larry: Oh, that's good.

(At the gas station, Eva steps out of the bathroom. Adjusting her purse, she walks over to Lee's car and gets in. Lee is waiting for her inside the car.)
Eva: I'm ready. Where should we look now?
Lee: We'll recheck some of the places we've been, then start on the residential areas.
(Eva nods, then looks around nervously as Lee drives away. Immediately after he does, Zuchov pulls up with Magovich in his car. Magovich gets out and briskly stalks into the ladies room. She grabs something, then returns with a note. She gets into the car.)
Zuchov: Where did she say to go now?
Magovich: Quite perplexing. We are to go to Liberty Larry's used car lot. Spinelli and the American woman will be there.
(She motions for him to go and he does.)

(Amanda pulls up at Liberty Larry's. She parks, then gets out, not noticing Danilov behind her, watching her every move. After she leaves her car, she runs over to Larry and Angelo, whose mouth is open.)
Amanda: Oh, you're all right.
Larry: The Mrs.?
Angelo: Uh, no. Amanda, go away, I --- I -- I just want to get out of town.
Larry: Why do you want to get out of town?
(Angelo turns angrily to Larry.)
Angelo: This is a private matter, now please, draw up the agreements, my name is Richard Kelly.
Larry: With pleasure.
(He smiles gratefully and trots away. Angelo starts to say something else to Amanda, but she beats him to it.)
Amanda: Why did you run away? You know we'll tighten security. Everyone's been so worried about you, Eva and Lee are out looking all --
Angelo: I don't want to see Eva. I just want to leave.
Amanda: Wait a minute, I don't understand. Eva is your wife, she loves you.
(Angelo forces a sad chuckle and shakes his head.)
Angelo: No. No, she doesn't. You'd think a man with ESP could have seen that, but I was so much in love with her, I couldn't see the truth.
Amanda: Angelo, I don't know what you're talking about.
(Angelo takes a deep breath and faces her.)
Angelo: Last night, Eva slipped out of bed and went to the other room. I heard her speaking on the telephone. I picked up the extension. My time in Moscow has left me suspicious.
Amanda: And what did you hear?
Angelo: Eva. Speaking to her associates. Telling them where I was. Amanda, my wife is an agent for the KGB.
(Amanda's mouth drops. For once, she is at a loss for words.)

(Washington streets. Lee's Porsche speeds along. Lee checks the sideview mirror. Nobody is behind him. He sighs with relief.)
Lee: They're gone.
Eva: Who's gone?
Lee: There's been a car following us ever since we started searching for Angelo. They've been keeping their distance, but I'm sure they were following us. (Eva twists around in her seat.) No, no, no, we lost them at the gas station.
Eva: Why did you not tell me before?
Lee: I didn't want to alarm you. Though I'm a little alarmed now that the car's not there.
Eva: What do you mean?
Lee: If they were following us, it must have been because they wanted to get to Angelo, right? They stopped following us. Maybe they've got their own idea of where to find him.
(He slows and pulls over.)
Eva: What are you doing?
Lee: I'm going to phone Amanda, see if he's shown up.
(Eva smiles, pleased.)
Eva: I will call her.
(Lee looks at her.)
Lee: No, I will call her.
(Eva's smile fades. She breathes nervously and looks around.)

(Liberty Larry's. Amanda is trying to talk some sense into Angelo.)
Amanda: The best thing for you to do is to stay here and let us help you. I mean, how far do you think you're going to get in this piece of junk? (She slaps Angelo's new Caddy.) It's going to fall apart any minute!
Angelo: Amanda, it won't fall apart! It's a marvelous deal, the gentleman told me.
Amanda: Liberty Larry told you?
Angelo: Yes.
Amanda: Oh, Liberty Larry told you, well, that's great. You know why there's a junkyard here? (Angelo shrugs.) The ones he can't sell, he just wrecks! (Her eyes widen. She can see Zuchov, Danilov, and Magovich get out of their car. Amanda grabs Angelo's hand.) Oh, no. (She pulls Angelo behind the car and ducks behind it.) Get down!
(The three Russians, guns pointed, starting wandering, their eyes searching through the cars to find them. Amanda pulls Angelo and they creep along.)
Magovich: This way. (Amanda watches them as they move. When they reach the rear of the Caddy, Amanda lightly leans her hand on the fender, which clatters loudly to the ground. Amanda ducks back next to Angelo. The KGB agents stop.) What is that?
(They look around and continue on more quietly this time. They stop by Larry's office. Pointing with her gun, Magovich directs them in different directions. While none of them are looking, Amanda and Angelo run to another spot.)
Amanda: Come on!
(Unfortunately, Magovich and Zuchov spot them.)
Magovich: There they are!
(They fire at Amanda and Angelo, but the bullets ricochet off of cars. Amanda and Angelo run.)

(Meanwhile, Lee's car pulls up in front of Amanda's.)
Lee: That's the car I saw, and there's Amanda's. She was telling us about this place with that crazy message.
(He stops, opens his door, and gets out. Eva just sits there.) Come on.

(Amanda and Angelo are hiding behind totaled cars in the junkyard. Magovich and Zuchov are on the other side of a wall of smashed cars. They peer through the broken windows to find their targets.)

(At the same time, Eva is trying to stop Lee.)
Eva: Lee, this is insane. You cannot fight the KGB. Let us go back and get some help.
Lee: Eva, Amanda and Angelo are in here somewhere, so come on.
(He pushes past her and walks in, but Eva calls out.)
Eva: Stop! (Lee turns and is shocked to see Eva pointing a gun at him. Eva shakes her head.) I'm sorry, Lee.
(Lee sighs and turns to her.)
Lee: Look, if I don't get to them, the KGB will.
(Eva nods.)
Eva: I know.
(Lee finally understands. He nods.)
Lee: That was all part of the plan, wasn't it?
(Eva nods again.)
Eva: We expected you to take us to Angelo, yes. (Lee sighs.) You are the best there is, Lee . . . at everything.
Lee: I don't choose my lovers particularly well.
(Eva avoids this. She nods to the side.)
Eva: Bring me the gun.

(In the junkyard, Amanda and Angelo are still lucky enough to be hidden. When they reach a car that is still mostly in one piece, they open the squeaking door and climb into the backseat, ducking down low. Magovich and Zuchov relentlessly search.)

(Eva is still commanding Lee by the entrance. Lee is slowly walking closer, holding his gun out for her to take.)
Eva: Slow. No tricks, Lee.
(She takes his gun and whips it away. Lee watches it go, sighs, then turns to her.)
Lee: I don't think you could kill someone that loved you.
(Eva shakes her head.)
Eva: I was never as romantic as you. (Lee decides to test her. He turns and takes a few steps forward.) Not another step, Lee.
(Lee stops, but does not turn around.)
Lee: Can you forget Venice, Eva? Just like that?
(Eva's hand tightens around the trigger. Lee deliberately takes one step forward. Eva fires. Click. Lee's spine stiffens, as if he was expecting to get shot. When he realizes he wasn't, he relaxes. Eva frantically tries to fire again, but the gun is unloaded. Hurt and furious, Lee turns and glares at Eva. He steps closer. Eva throws up her hands in despair.)
Eva: You knew it wasn't loaded!
(Lee speaks through gritted teeth.)
Lee: No, I didn't.
(He grabs her, wrestles with her, and yanks her along inside.)
Eva: No!

(In their hiding place, Amanda and Angelo feel the car shudder. They look up. Larry's junkyard crane has attached itself to the car. Amanda and Angelo are lifted up into the air. They madly bang on the windows.)
Amanda: Whoa! Hey!
Angelo: Stop!
(The worker running the crane does not hear. He continues pulling levers.)

(Lee pulls Eva into the car lot and leads her over to a car.)
Eva: Let me go!
Lee: All right, this is only for a few minutes.
(He lifts her up and stuffs her into the trunk.)
Eva: What are you doing?
Lee: I hope you're not claustrophobic.
Eva: Ow! Lee, please --
(Lee cuts her off by slamming the trunk down closes. He makes sure it's secure, then looks around in search for Amanda, Angelo, and the KGB. He sees the car high above in the air and hears Amanda's and Angelo's frantic cries.)
Amanda: Hello?!
Angelo: Stop!

(From Larry's office, we hear a thud. Danilov steps out, looking at something on the floor and holding his gun. Lee runs behind a car, thinking of a way to help.)

(The crane worker starts to set the car down, but Magovich appears beside him, pointing a gun at his head.)
Magovich: Don't touch anything. Keep working.
(The man silently obeys.)
Angelo: Stop!!
Amanda: Hello? (Lee watches. Danilov starts walking toward them to help his friends.) Hello?
(The worker keeps working, keeping a scared eye on Magovich and the gun. Magovich watches the car get dropped into the crushing pit. Danilov runs forward, but Lee spots him. Lee jumps up, leaps over the cars and tackles Danilov. They wrestle on the ground. Danilov throws Lee against a car. Lee quickly recovers, then dodges a punch, throws two of his own in Danilov's stomach, and karate kicks him into piles of tires. Danilov stands still. Lee frantically tries to think of what to do next. Zuchov begins to press the controls for the crushing pit. The cement top starts to fall slowly onto Amanda and Angelo. Lee reaches into his pocket, grabs Eva's empty gun, tries firing, and sighs, but then sees the big blocks and how near to the car they are. He runs to the crane, where Magovich is sitting and working the levers. The actual worker is unconscious. Lee bluffs and points the gun at her.)
Lee: All right, shut it off.
(Magovich just stares at him. Lee looks from the crushing machine back to her.)
Magovich: I do not control the crushing device.
(Lee glances at the machine, then motions for Magovich to come out.)
Lee: All right, come on out of there. Come on. Give me your gun. No tricks. (Magovich obeys. Almost. Coyly, she tosses her gun away. Lee watches it, then looks back at her. He grabs her wrist and pulls her.) Come on. (Meanwhile, the car starts to get crushed. Amanda and Angelo get down as low as they can. Lee points his gun at Magovich's head.) All right, turn it off!
(Zuchov turns around with his arms up, but does not turn it off. The front windows of the car shatter.)
Amanda: Help!
(Lee looks at it, panicking. Then he runs to Zuchov and wrestles with him. Left unattended, Magovich leans over and picks up a piece of metal. Lee throws Zuchov to the ground. Magovich raises the piece. Lee turns off the machine, then whips around, pointing his gun at the two KGB agents. Magovich stops in mid-swing.)
Lee: All right, hold it!
(The back windows shatter, then the device grinds to a halt. Amanda and Angelo let out their breaths in unison and laugh with relief. Lee looks over to make sure the machine has stopped, panting.)

(Later, Lee's backup has arrived. Lee checks on Larry, holding an ice pack to his forehead. Angelo is leaning against a car.)
Lee: Thank you.
Larry: Yeah, that's okay.
(Lee walks slowly through the end of the chaos, supervising. An agent is leading Magovich into a cruiser, another agent is talking with Eva. When Lee walks past them, the agent takes Eva by the arm and walks her over to a police car. Lee watches with hurt in his eyes.)
Lee: Dick? (The agent stops and turns. Lee walks up to them.) Let me have a minute, huh?
(Dick walks away. Eva stands by the car, avoiding Lee's eyes. Lee just looks at her. Finally, she looks up.)
Eva: I suppose everything has been said.
(Lee nods.)
Lee: Looks like.
(Eva looks away, then back.)
Eva: I want you to know that this had nothing to do with you. (Lee just stares blankly at her. She shrugs.) Politics.
(Lee forces a chuckle. He speaks with a trace of sarcasm.)
Lee: Well, that makes me feel a lot better. (Eva looks away.) You were -- you were with them even then, weren't you? (Eva solemnly nods, not looking his way.) And marrying him was just an assignment.
(Finally, Eva looks him in the eye.)
Eva: Yes.
Lee: And you were never . . . in love with me?
(Eva does not answer. Instead, she looks at the ground. Lee turns and walks away.)
Eva: Lee? (Lee turns.) Of course I was in love with you.
(Lee just stares, like he doesn't quite believe her. She looks away and slowly climbs into the police cruiser. Lee watches her. Then Dick returns and gets in beside her. Amanda runs up to Lee.)
Amanda: Hi.
Lee: Hi. Come on. (He puts his arm around her and walks with her.) You were the one who took the bullets from her gun, right?
Amanda: Well, yes, you know how I feel about loaded guns in the house, they're very dangerous.
Lee: Mm-hmm. (They stop walking.) I want to thank you.
Amanda: You're welcome.
Lee: You know, Amanda, I'm really glad we had that talk last night. (Amanda shrugs.) It helped.
Amanda: Good. I'm glad.
Lee: I've been thinking a lot about what you said.
Amanda: Oh?
Lee: Yeah, remember when you said that, uh, when it's really over, I'll know when it's over?
(Amanda nods.)
Amanda: Yeah.
Lee: Guess what.
(Amanda leans in, smiling as if she knows what she answer is.)
Amanda: What?
(Lee smiles at her silently for a few moments, then practically jumps for joy and shouts like a little boy going to the circus, his fists raised.)
Lee: It's over!