Scarecrow and Mrs. King
Saved by the Bells

(Some office building in Washington. A man, Rostov, is walking up the stairs and along the hall. He passes another man, dressed in a janitor uniform and mopping the floor, steadily watching him. Rostov walks up a few more steps. At the top, Rostov holds up an ID badge in front of two security guards. They nod and let him by. Rostov turns the corner and disappears from sight. The janitor turns his head away from the guards. It is Lee. He whispers into a microphone hidden in the mop handle.)
Lee: He's inside.
(A lady, standing on the lower stairs, whispers instructions into another microphone she has in her file folders.)

(In the room that Rostov disappeared into, he is setting his briefcase on top of a file cabinet. He opens it carefully and takes out some kind of mechanism. He places it aside, then pushes some buttons on a panel on the cabinet. It beeps and Rostov opens the drawer and pulls it out. Inside are some boxes. He runs his finger over them, looking for the one he wants.)

(Meanwhile, Lee and the lady are still watching for him. The lady whispers something. Lee answers.)
Lee: I don't know.

(In the office, Rostov slides a floppy disc into a computer disc drive. A picture appears on the screen. Rostov types in some coordinates. A new picture of plans comes on. Rostov picks up a small camera lying next to him and begins snapping photos of the computer. He types in something new and takes a shot of the new picture.)

(In the hall, Lee watches as a man, a woman, and a nun come out from where Rostov went. Lee whispers into the mop.)
Lee: Some people are coming out.
Lady: Rostov?
(Lee watches them for a few more seconds.)
Lee: No, not yet. Not unless he's going undercover as a coed or a nun. (Suddenly, the woman trips and drops the load of papers she is carrying. The nun kneels down and helps her. Lee realizes the truth.) A nun!
(He drops the mop and runs to the nun. The nun looks up at him. Now we see that the nun is Rostov.)
Lady: Hello? Hel--
(She runs up the stairs, where Lee tackles Rostov and both men go sprawling to the floor. We now see Amanda watching. She gasps. Rostov pushes Lee against the wall and punches him in the stomach and the jaw. The lady who was talking with Lee holds up a gun, then raises it, completely surprised to see Lee wrestling with a nun. When Rostov goes to punch him in the jaw again, Lee backs up and Rostov's hand smashes into the wall. Lee punches Rostov in the jaw. While Rostov is recovering, Lee grabs his collar and holds him against the wall. He bangs Rostov's head and then raises his fist as if to punch Rostov's lights out, but Rostov sinks down to the ground in surrender, his mouth wide open and his hand hanging limply. Someone shouts.)
Man: It's a man!
(The lady with the gun widens her eyes. Lee rubs his own injured hand and looks down at Rostov, panting.)
Lee: Rostov, I've waited a long time for this.
(Rostov looks up at him, then down at his lap. Lee shakes his own hand up and down.)

(IFF. Everyone is partying at the capture of Rostov. Billy pours Lee a glass of champagne.)
Lee: That'll be all. Ah, thank you.
(While pouring himself a glass, Billy looks up and announces something to the room. Francine quickly sidles up to them.)
Billy: It's a sad day in Moscow, but it's a happy one here!
Lee: Yeah!
(Everyone else agrees and laughs. Billy pours Francine a glass while some fellow agents congratulate Lee.)
Agent: Lee, well done!
Billy: Nice work.
Francine: A lesser man might have balked at tackling a nun, but not you.
(Everyone laughs loudly.)
Lee: Thank you.
Francine: Oh, anytime. (She takes the champagne bottle from Billy and walks around, filling other people's glasses.) Hey, everybody, drink up. We have just captured the leader of the most successful espionage ring in the country.
Lee: Uh, we?
Francine: Well, yeah, I like to think of us as one big, happy team around here. Sharing in the pain, sharing in the heartache.
Lee: Sharing the credit.
Francine: If I must.
(She smiles coyly and walks away. Lee raises his glass.)
Lee: Here's to Francine, who really busted her pencil point on this one while I busted my --
Billy: Knock it off. (Everyone laughs again.) Lee, let me talk to you for a minute.
Lee: All right.
(The make their way to Billy's office. Billy walks around to his desk.)
Billy: Lee, there's a lot about this Rostov thing I just don't understand.
Lee: And I'll bet it's the kind of thing that Francine could really sink her teeth into.
Billy: Francine?
Lee: Yeah. Haven't you noticed what a fireball she's gotten to be?
Billy: Okay, Stetson, what's up?
Lee: Oh, nothing. I was just thinking that Francine is a tremendous talent and I want to go to Bermuda for two weeks.
Billy: Two weeks! Stetson, do you realize the kind of case load that we carry around here?
Lee: Come on, Billy! I need a little sand, a little sun! I want to meet some women.
Billy: You want to meet -- !
(Lee looks at Billy with his best pathetic expression, totally straight-faced.)
Lee: I am a lonely man.
(Billy looks at Lee out of the corner of his eye. Lee smiles cockily and raises his glass.)

(Somewhere in Washington. One KGB agent is sitting in a car parked alongside the street. Another man angrily gets in beside him, slamming the door in frustration. The first man turns to look at him.)
Delong: How'd it go?
Jameson: Not great. Nicholas is furious about Rostov, he says he's too valuable to the organization to lose, he insists we get him back.
Delong: How are we supposed to do that?
Jameson: Set up a trade. Nicholas thinks the Americans would be willing to trade Rostov if we were holding one of their important agents. (He unfolds the paper in his hand and looks at it.) Nicholas gave me a lead on somebody big. We'll get a fortune for this address. (He shows the paper to Delong.) So why don't we pick up Scarecrow?
(Delong takes the paper and reads it.)

(Amanda's kitchen. Amanda is helping Jamie plan a birthday party. She is sitting at the counter beside Phillip, mixing something, probably a cake. Jamie, excited, goes to the fridge and takes out a jar of jam. He carries it back over to the counter.)
Jamie: I want to invite the Cub Scout den and the Little League team, and all my friends from school.
Amanda: Sweetheart, that's an awful lot of people. It's a birthday party, but we haven't rented a big empty barn for it.
(Dotty, folding towels in the corner, smiles.)
Phillip: What about Mark and Jeff?
Jamie: They're in fifth grade.
Phillip: So am I.
Jamie: You live here. You gotta come.
Phillip: Thanks a lot.
(Amanda glances up, then smiles and shakes her head.)
Jamie: I just want to invite my friends. Mom, what about Pretzel the Clown? You said I could have him at my party.
Amanda: Dean said that he would try to get him as a surprise for you. (Jamie nods, disappointed.) Why don't you take those sandwiches outside and have a picnic?
Boys: All right.
(They gather up their lunches and walk toward the back door.)
Amanda: I don't want you jumping around in here, you'll make my cake fall. Run along. (The boys disappear outside. Amanda calls after them. Dotty puts down the towels and walks over to Amanda.) Now be careful, stay in the backyard!
Dotty: Speaking of Dean, I think I have pinpointed what it is about him you find most resistible.
Amanda: Mother, there's nothing about him that's most resistible.
Dotty: Amanda, I have known you since you were teensy. I know when your fires are fanned!
(Amanda rolls her eyes and goes back to her stirring.)
Amanda: Oh, gosh.
Dotty: Is it because you find him so predictable? I mean, there is a playful side to Dean that you may not know about. (Amanda sighs. Dotty looks around, then leans over and whispers.) I swore I wouldn't tell you this, but do you know what the weather bureau is going to call the next major hurricane? Amanda! At the suggestion of Dean, we are crossing our fingers that it happens on St. Valentine's Day!
(Amanda has a weird look on her face, somewhat touched and somewhat sickened.)
Amanda: Oh. (The telephone rings.) I'll get it. (Still with that look on her face, she picks up the phone. Dotty chuckles and pats her on the back, then walks away.) Hello? . . . What? . . . Oh, uh, no, I'm very busy, I'm baking a cake for Jamie's birthday. . . . No, I don't think a fifth of rum would spice it up. (Dotty looks at her strangely. Amanda turns around and sees her mother staring at her. Amanda clears her throat and turns her back, lowering her voice.) What's that? . . . Well, how ill is Melvin? . . . No, no, I understand. If you want to talk and it's urgent, I can, uh, I can be there in, uh, in (she looks at her watch) just a few minutes. . . . Sure. . . . Uh, no problem. . . . Yeah. Bye-bye.
(She hangs up the phone and sighs, rubbing her hands together. Worried, Dotty picks up the pile of towels and walks over.)
Dotty: What's the problem?
Amanda: Oh, no problem. It's uh, one of my dog-walking clients, sick St. Bernard.
Dotty: Oh. What's the matter?
Amanda: Hangover.
Dotty: Oh.
(Amanda quickly leaves. Dotty starts to also, then does a double take. She sighs and leaves.)

(A street somewhere in Washington. A van drives around the corner. The driver is Delong. Jameson is sitting beside him, peering past him out the window. Jameson points to something outside. Delong pulls the van to a stop. They both stare up at an apartment building. Specifically, Lee's apartment building.)

(Inside Lee's apartment, focus on a tank of brightly colored fish swimming around. Amanda is sitting on the very messy couch, playing with a tennis racket and looking up at Lee bending down beside her, ready to pick up his suitcases.)
Amanda: Now when you told me you had a sick friend, you didn't tell me that your friend was a fish!
Lee: Oh, didn't I?
Amanda: Mm-mm.
(Lee straightens up.)
Lee: Oh, gee, I'm sorry. (He walks around the couch to face Amanda.) So, um, can I count on you to take care of him while I'm away in Bermuda?
Amanda: Bermuda. Yeah. Well, I guess you called me because you know that I'm so sensitive and sympathetic and, you know, in touch with nature.
Lee: You're the only one I know that'll do it.
(He walks into another. Amanda, still facing front, sighs.)
Amanda: He doesn't even bother to lie anymore! Why should he? Everybody knows you can count on good old reliable Amanda!
(Lee walks back into the room, carrying golf clubs and a snorkel and mask.)
Lee: You know, Amanda, feeding my fish is part and parcel of good agenting.
(Amanda doesn't buy it.)
Amanda: Really? How so?
Lee: Well, it demonstrates your loyalty for your partner.
Amanda: Oh. You know, I think if I were to go to Nairobi for a week, you probably wouldn't even notice until your plants needed to be watered.
(She looks over at him. He looks back, totally serious.)
Lee: I really appreciate this.
Amanda: Terrific. (She stands up, picks a gym bag off the floor, and zips it closed.) Well, tell you what. As long as I'm here, I think I'll clean your apartment up a little bit.
(Lee glances around with a look of horror on his face, then regains his cool. He throws up one hand.)
Lee: Uh, no. No, no, you don't need to do that.
Amanda: Oh, that's all right, I insist.
Lee: No! No, you don't have to do that.
Amanda: Oh, no, no I insist.
(They smile at each other. Lee walks over to fish tank and introduces them to Amanda.)
Lee: Men, this is Amanda King. She'll be taking care of you. Now, you do everything she says, huh? (While he talking to the fish, Amanda rolls her eyes and shakes her head. Lee looks over at her. She looks at him with a look that says, "Give me a break." He doesn't notice.) Is there anything else I need to tell you?
(Amanda looks down, then gasps in disgust. Her mouth drops.)
Amanda: Yes. (She bends down and picks up the gross item. It is a food container with mold growing on it. She holds it out in front of her.) Is it legal in this state to grow penicillin?
(Lee stares at it, thinking of an answer, then hits her playfully on the shoulder.)
Lee: Amanda, you're a pal, you know that?
(Amanda lets her arm drop. Lee walks over to get his luggage.)
Amanda: Yeah.
Lee: Well, I guess I will see you in a week, and believe me, I really do appreciate this.
Amanda: Yeah.
(She plays with the tennis racket. Lee heads for the door.)
Lee: Bye.
Amanda: Oh, Lee! Want to play tennis?
(He stops and turns around. She tosses the tennis racket. Lee catches it neatly in the air, dropping the suitcase. He looks at her. She raises her eyebrows. He laughs, tucks the racket under his arm, and lifts up the suitcase.)
Lee: Have fun.
Amanda (sarcastically): Yeah. (Lee leaves and Amanda shakes her head. She takes a deep breath.) A little fresh air in here. Right, fishy? Hmm?
(She walks over to the window.)

(Outside, Delong and Jameson are still watching the apartment. Through binoculars, Delong sees Amanda open the window, lean on the sill, and take a deep breath of fresh air. He passes the binoculars to Jameson.)
Delong: Here, look at this. (Jameson looks through them and sees Amanda leave the window.) It appears that Scarecrow may be a woman!
(Jameson puts down the binoculars.)
Jameson: Wait here while I make the call. I'll signal if it's a go.
(Delong nods. Jameson gets out of the car.)

(In Lee's apartment, Amanda is on her stomach, fishing old clothing out from under the couch. She tries not to sniff it in. The phone rings. Amanda stands up and picks up the receiver.)
Amanda: Hello?
Jameson: Scarecrow?
Amanda: Yes? I mean, uh, no, uh -- (Jameson hangs up. There is a click and a dial tone.) Hello? Hello? (She sighs.) His friends are ruder than he is. (She hangs up, then rubs her hands together, looking around. She leans down and picks up one of two bathrobes in a pile on the couch. Embroidered on the shoulder is the name "Lee." Amanda folds it up and places it aside. She picks up the other and reads it. That one says "She.") Give me a break. (She tosses the robe with the other one and sits on the couch. Bending over, she picks up a gym bag that says "University Athletic Club" on the side. Amanda ruffles through the stuff in it. She takes out an old sock. With a look of disdain, she puts that next to her. Suddenly, the doorknob jiggles. Amanda looks up.) Lee?
(Suddenly, the door bursts open and Delong and Jameson leap inside, pointing guns at her. Amanda stands up, terrified. Slowly, she raises her arms.)

(IFF, Billy's office. Billy is pacing back and forth angrily. Francine, also worried, is trying desperately to comfort them both.)
Billy: How the hell could something like this happen?
Francine: Maybe it's not as bad as it looks, you know, maybe it's a practical joke. You know Lee? Always the class clown?
Billy: I'm not laughing.
(Suddenly, two agents holding a struggling Lee by the arms walk through the door. Lee is mad. Billy and Francine look at him, relieved.)
Lee: Hey, will you take it easy on my jacket? Hey, gee, it's nice to be back!
Billy: Oh, Lee, we're so glad to see you!
Lee: Oh, yeah? Tell Cagney and Lacey to let go, will you?
Billy: Okay, fellas.
(The two men let go and leave. Lee straightens his jacket, annoyed.)
Lee: Thank you. (He faces Billy and Francine.) You know, it is not often you get pulled off a Bermuda-bound 747 while it is sitting on the runway! Usually it is the plane that gets hijacked, not the passenger!
Billy: While, we had to find out if you were all right!
Lee: Feel better now?
Francine: Listen, will you listen to this?
Lee: What?
(Francine walks over to Billy's desk and pushes the play button on a tape player. A Russian voice is heard.)
Voice: We've got the Scarecrow. You have Rostov. We want to trade. Please understand, if you don't make this trade within twenty-four hours, Scarecrow will die.
(Francine presses "stop".)
Billy: That tape arrived thirty minutes ago and the note said that this would prove they really had you. (He picks up a container of fish food on his desk.) Basic diet for Siamese fighting fish.
(Lee takes the container, examines it, then suddenly looks up.)
Lee: Oh, my God.
Billy: What is this, Lee, if they don't have you, who -- who have they got?
Lee: Amanda.
(Francine closes her eyes and sighs.)
Billy: What did you say?
Lee: They've got Amanda!

(A house in Washington. The van that belongs to Delong and Jameson drives into view and parks in the shadow behind the house. A large dog tied up across the street barks and birds chirp. Delong and Jameson get out of the van and haul a massive crate out of the back of the van. "Antiques" is printed on the side.)

(Inside the house's library, Zinoviev, the man whose voice was on the audio tape, gets a drink from the bar at the bookshelf. Another man, Arcady, sits on the sofa, a bit amused.)
Arcady: You are very calm, Zinoviev. (Zinoviev takes his drink and sits in a chair across from Delong.) For a man who has done everything possible to ruin an entire mission.
Zinoviev: Rostov is one of our leading operatives. Respected and feared even by the West. We had to get him out.
Arcady: Twenty American jetfighters will rot on our runways unless we get the necessary spare parts.
Zinoviev: You should have thought of that before you broke relations with the United States. Never bite the hand that sells cheap. At any rate, we can recover Rostov, still smuggle the American parts that you need, and everyone will live happily ever after. (He hears a door slam and stands up.) Ah. The delivery I have been expecting. (Delong and Jameson walk through the doorway into the library, lugging the big crate with them. Zinoviev watches with a smile. Delong and Jameson set down the box.) Mr. Arcady, you know Mr. Jameson, Mr. Delong. (They hear banging and grunting from inside the crate. Jameson and Delong wrench the lid free and lift it up. Inside, Amanda tries to stand up, with tape covering her mouth and her hands tied together. The two henchmen help her up. She grunts. Zinoviev walks over to her and looks at her.) At last we meet. I must say, I have been looking forward to this for a long time. (Amanda tries to speak.) I hope your trip was not pleasant. (Amanda tries to reply.) Oh, excuse me.
(He holds out his hand and, not very gently, rips off the tape. It stays hanging by one end on Amanda's cheek.)
Amanda: Ow! How dare you! Who are you? Where am I? Look. I have a birthday party to get together.
Zinoviev: There is no need to carry on this charade any further. In the name of those who admire your work, Scarecrow, I salute you.
(Amanda's eyes widen.)
Amanda: What did you say?
Zinoviev: I had no idea you were so lovely. (He shrugs.) It's a pity I may have to kill you.
(Amanda looks away, smiling weakly. She gulps.)

(IFF, Billy's office. Lee is standing by the open door. He has just finished listening to a report on their progress. He walks over to Billy, worried. Billy is watching calmly.)
Lee: Ah, they've been through the tape, there's no leads, no nothing! The switchboard says there wasn't time for a trace! I am telling you, Billy, when they find out she's not Scarecrow, it is over, just like that!
(He snaps his fingers.)
Billy: The Intelligence Oversight Committee just met on the trade. Now, Dirk will be here in a minute with the decision.
Lee: Dirk. The guy delivers bad news, that's his job and life, Billy.
(Dirk walks into the room just then, carrying a briefcase.)
Dirk: That's a cruel assessment, Mr. Stetson.
(He walks over to the desk and opens his briefcase.)
Billy: What was the committee's decision?
(Without looking up, Dirk answers emotionlessly.)
Dirk: We are to proceed with the debriefing of Rostov. (He looks up, somewhat sympathetic.) We've decided not to accept the Russian offer.
Lee: What?!
Dirk: We're not making the trade.
Lee: Now you listen --
(He advances toward Dirk, but Billy holds up his hand and stops him.)
Billy: All right. (Lee relaxes. Billy looks at Dirk.) May I ask why?
Dirk: The loss of Rostov will disrupt the Soviet espionage epic for months. For this, we give up a woman of no crucial importance. (Lee lowers his head and strokes his forehead.) These are the committee's words, not mine.
Lee: Yeah, but you will enforce the decision.
Dirk: Yes. Reluctantly. Mrs. King is overeager, that's no reason she should die.
Lee: Except that she will.
Dirk: Rostov is a tremendous value to the west, gentlemen, and of course, the Public Relations benefits will be substantial. Again, I'm quoting. If you'll excuse me, I'm late. For something or other.
(He takes his briefcase and walks out of the room, leaving Lee and Billy standing there. They watch him go, then look at each other. Lee turns away and sighs.)
Billy: Lee, we're, uh, not supposed to take this personally. It's our objectivity which makes us effective.
Lee: Amanda is dying in my place, that's as personal as it gets.
Billy: If it were another agent, would you feel the same way?
(Surprised, Lee turns around.)
Lee: I don't know.
Billy: Is there something between you and Amanda? (Lee chuckles tensely and shakes his head.) Well, why was she at your apartment?
(Lee sighs.)
Lee: She was feeding my fish.
Billy: This one isn't easy. Give it some time.
Lee: I can't live with this one, Billy.
(Billy nods sympathetically and turns to go. He exits, leaving Lee alone. Lee looks forward with a determined look on his face.)

(Zinoviev's library. Amanda, the tape fully off and her hands still bound, is going through her wallet, looking for proof as to who she is. The men are sitting around, enjoying her "performance".)
Amanda: I can prove this so easily, you see, here are all of my cards, here's -- here's my library card, here's my voter's registration card, here's my driver's license, look. Amanda King, with my name and my picture right on it, and, here is a poem that my younger son Jamie wrote. (She unfolds a piece of paper and reads it aloud.) Ahem. "I like my bike, I like my room, I even like my brother. But most of all, in all the world, I really like my mother." (Zinoviev bursts out laughing. Amanda shows him the paper.) See, Jamie. And, uh, (she ruffles through her purse, which is lying on the table.) Oh, here, now this'll do it. This is my check cashing card from the Zippy market. Now, they're very difficult to get.
Zinoviev: The Agency covers are improving. Who would suspect that one of America's biggest agents is a bourgeois, suburban housewife. Quite convincing. Would you care for a drink? We may have a bit of a wake.
(He gets up and walks over to the bar.)
Amanda: Why may we have a bit of a wake?
Zinoviev: I have arranged to trade you for one of our agents, uh, Rostov. Uh, so far, your people have not responded. But they have ten hours.
Amanda: What if they won't make the trade?
(Zinoviev turns around to face her, with a bottle and glass in his hands.)
Zinoviev: Scarecrow, do I have to tell you?
Amanda: Yes.
Zinoviev: Obviously, to maintain my credibility in my community, I may have to terminate you.
Amanda: Oh.
(Amanda smiles weakly and lowers her head. From the back of the room, Jameson speaks up.)
Jameson: Mr. Zinoviev, Mr. Arcady, we've, uh, got to go.
(Zinoviev nods and pulls a book out of the shelf. The bar spins around to reveal more books. Amanda raises her eyebrows, frightened. Delong gets up from his seat next to her and loads a pistol. He sits across from her, where Zinoviev was. Amanda leans over, sliding her cards and purse over to her. She looks up at Delong sadly. He nods. Amanda lowers her head and picks up Jamie's poem. She starts to cry. Shrill bells of an ice cream truck pierce the silence. Amanda twists her head to look toward the window.)

(IFF. Two agents, Jack and somebody else, are leading Rostov down the hall, his hands handcuffed behind him. Lee looks up and spots them. He walks over to them while they are waiting for the elevator. Lee tries to act casual.)
Lee: I guess you guys can take a break. They want to see him down at Recon.
(The agents and Rostov turn around.)
Jack: No one told us.
Lee: Aw, come on, Jack. I can go get a copy of the orders.
(The other agent talks. Lee looks at him.)
Agent: Fine. You take him. We could use the break.
Lee: Thanks.
(The agents leave. Reluctantly, Rostov turns and allows Lee to take his arm. The elevator door opens. Lee turns around to see the two agents walk off. Rostov starts to walk into the elevator, but Lee pulls him off down the hall, rather roughly. Rostov stares up at him. Lee drags Rostov along down the hall. Meanwhile, the two agents stop and turn around. They see Lee take Rostov to another elevator and push the button.)
Jack: Hey, I thought he was going to Recon, why is he taking the outside elevator?
(Jack runs to catch up. The other man reaches for a phone sitting on a desk beside him. He starts dialing a number. The elevator door opens. Lee pulls Rostov inside. The doors slide shut just as Jack gets there. He runs in another direction. The agent on the phone finally gets someone.)
Agent: Yeah, I got a code red, section six.
(A red light flashes on and off in the hall while a siren screams. Men in uniforms carrying machine guns troop down the hall. The intercom announces the message.)

(In the closet/elevator, Lee pays no attention to the commotion. He turns Rostov around, picks up a blindfold sitting on the shelf, and fits it onto Rostov's head. At last, the elevator reaches the lobby. Lee opens the door, grabs a coat off of a hanger, and marches out of the closet and out the door onto the street.)

(Meanwhile, the van that originally held Amanda is driving along the street. Delong is driving, keeping his eyes on the road. Zinoviev is sitting in the passenger seat, looking backwards at Amanda, blindfolded and sitting in the back, murmuring.)
Amanda: Where are you taking me? You said they have ten hours and I don't think it's been ten hours.
Zinoviev: I must say, I almost believe your fright. You are a remarkable combination of delightful innocence and uncompromising professionalism. I wish we could have had more time to talk, Scarecrow.
Amanda: What do you mean you "wish we could have more time"? What are you going to do with me?
(Zinoviev laughs aloud and faces front.)
Zinoviev: What a superb, brilliant performance! Ha ha ha ha ha!
(Amanda lowers her head. Silently, the van drives into the entrance to a golf and tennis court.)

(In the golf range, a go-cart drives up from the distance. The driver is Lee, and Rostov is beside him, still handcuffed. Lee stops the cart and waits for Zinoviev to show. To pass the time, Rostov starts a conversation.)
Rostov: You know, I've been in your country off and on for twenty years, you know what I like best?
(Lee stands up and gets out, keeping his eyes ahead.)
Lee: Hamburgers.
Rostov: Burritos. Extra beans, hold the sauce. (Without responding, Lee goes to the back of the cart and pulls a machine gun out from under the golf clubs. Rostov looks up at him.) You're excellent at what you do.
(Lee walks up to the front of the cart. He sees the second go-cart appear on top of the hill. He speaks over his shoulder to Rostov.)
Lee: There they are. Do you think this is a trap?
Rostov: If they want me back very badly, I think they'll behave.
(Lee acknowledges this by relaxing a tiny bit. He backs up a few steps.)

(On top of the hill, the go-cart Delong is driving comes to a halt. Amanda is still blindfolded and tied, next to him. She looks around.)
Amanda: Where are we?
(Delong reaches behind her and removes the blindfold. Delong gets out and also takes out a machine gun. Amanda squints, adjusting her eyes to the brightness of the sunlight. She sees Lee waiting with Rostov at the bottom of the hill. Her mouth drops open. Delong gets out.)
Delong: Don't say a word. You will stay in the cart and drive slowly to your associate over there. (He motions with his head. Amanda nods.) There will be a gun on you the whole way. If you make one move toward Rostov, I'll kill you.
Amanda: I'll do exactly what you say.
(Delong pats the driver's seat with the gun. Amanda moves over to that side.)

(In Lee's cart, Rostov moves over to the driver's side. Lee continues looking straight ahead, concentrating on Amanda and Delong.)
Rostov: I'll miss your country, it's been very good to me.
(Lee steps aside, then waves his arm and yells.)
Lee: All right, let her go!
(Amanda starts off driving down the hill. Rostov takes one last look at Lee.)
Rostov: Take care.
(Then he goes, too. The two carts continue on straight for each other. Lee smiles. Delong keeps his eye through the eyepiece of the gun. The carts keep going until a third cart stops right between them, cutting them off. They stop. Lee adjusts his gun, then realizes that the driver is just a cheery golfer. He nods at Amanda and Rostov.)
Man: Ah, hello. Hello. (Amanda nods. The man throws up his arms happily.) Is this a fantastic day? I've lost my ball someplace out there, (Rostov looks at Amanda questioningly and Amanda shrugs) and I just can't, uh, I've looked all over for it. (The man notices that Rostov's hands are handcuffed together. He looks at Amanda and sees the ropes holding her.) Oh, uh. . . . (Then he sees Delong pointing a gun straight at them and looks the other way and sees Lee.) Oh, oh my. Um, would you please excuse me, I -- I have to leave.
(He puts his cart into high gear and hightails it out of there. Amanda and Rostov look at each other, then continue on the pathway as if nothing happened. Lee is waiting anxiously for Amanda.)
Lee: Come on, come on.
(Amanda drives up to him and slows down. Lee hops in and Amanda drives off around the corner, Lee looking behind them to make sure that Delong doesn't double-cross them and shoot them. He doesn't. Amanda stops the cart and breathes heavily. Lee looks at her. She looks up at him.)
Amanda: They were going to kill me. (Lee reaches over and starts to untie the knots.) They thought I was you. I told them I wasn't, but they wouldn't listen to me, they stuffed me in a crate.
Lee: I know, I know.
(Amanda starts to cry, making her next line very difficult to decipher.)
Amanda: I don't know how anyone could mistake me for you, you're so much taller.
(She sniffles.)
Lee: Hey. (He finishes the rope, takes her, and leans her against his shoulder, hugging her for comfort.) I'm sorry. (He glances down at her, then back up.) Take it easy. It's all over.
Amanda: I was scared.
Lee: I know, I know, so was I. (He looks over his shoulder in time to see Rostov and Delong disappear over the hill, then he turns back to Amanda.) It's all over.
(She sniffles some more.)

(IFF. Dirk is scolding Billy and Francine about what Lee did with Rostov.)
Dirk: And your men just gave Rostov to him.
Billy: Well, they trust him.
(Dirk looks over at Francine.)
Dirk: Where is he now?
Francine: We don't know.
(Dirk starts walking off down the hall.)
Dirk: You don't know.
(Billy and Francine jog to catch up.)
Billy: Well, now, Dirk, he just couldn't let that woman die in his place.
(Dirk stops and faces Billy.)
Dirk: Couldn't he? From this moment, Lee Stetson is suspended, and you'd better find him. Because the Pentagon is not as used to being directly disobeyed by the Scarecrow as I am. Consequently, the Chiefs of Staff, the President's security advisors, and the State Department will want a complete report. So that they can begin to prepare their charges against Mr. Stetson.
Billy: Charges? What kind of charges?
Dirk (flatly): Oh, I thought you'd heard, William, they're calling it treason.
(Billy shuts his mouth and stares at Dirk, who walks off. Billy and Francine watch him go, then look at each other.)

(Amanda's living room. Amanda, in her bathrobe, is getting party decorations ready. She unfolds a large donkey poster, obviously for playing "Pin the Tail on the Donkey." Dotty calls from somewhere else.)
Dotty: Amanda?
Amanda: Yes, Mother?
Dotty: Somebody's here to see you.
(She walks into the room, followed by Francine in a cowgirl-type outfit.)
Amanda: Oh, really? Who -- (She sees Francine and stands up, alarmed.) Oh, uh, Mother, this is Miss Desmond, she's one of my pet-sitting clients, I take care of her . . . chimpanzee.
Dotty: Oh, really?
Amanda: Mm-hmm.
Dotty: Well, won't you sit down? (Francine takes a seat on the sofa beside Amanda. Dotty sits in a chair across from them.) Oh, I just thought it was awfully enterprising when Amanda told me that she was going to start this service, taking care of people's pets and plants. (Francine pretends to be impressed.) I mean, it's not exactly what I had in mind when she went to college, but, I mean after all, what does one do with a degree in American lit?
(Francine laughs.)
Francine: Oh, that's an excellent point, Mrs. West. You know, before I went to Sarah Lawrence, my mother and I spent many meticulous hours planning my major.
Dotty: Oh. You and your mother are close?
Francine: Oh, like sisters. I have always made it a point to follow her very sound advice.
(Dotty looks at Amanda meaningfully.)
Dotty: That is so refreshing to hear. (Amanda smiles apologetically. Dotty stands up.) Would you like some fresh strudel? Amanda won't touch it.
Amanda: I'm, uh, watching my weight.
Francine: Our cook, Moline, always said, "A strudel is an act of love. To not eat it is to reject a gift."
(Amanda rolls her eyes.)
Dotty: You quote Moline. I could weep. I'll go get the strudel.
(Amanda watches her mother leave, then whispers to Francine.)
Amanda: What are you doing here? You people are never supposed to come here!
Francine: Yeah, Amanda, do you know where Lee is?
Amanda: No, of course not! Why, Francine, is something wrong?
Francine: I can't believe he didn't tell you. (Amanda shakes her head.) Amanda, half of the Agency is looking for Lee. (Amanda shrugs.) They're bringing him up on charges. Treason!
Amanda: Oh, my gosh. Why?
Francine: For trading Rostov for you! (Amanda's jaw drops.) He disobeyed an executive order.
Amanda: You mean they weren't going to make that trade? He did that on his own? (Amanda looks away sadly and shakes her head.) No. I didn't know.
(There is an awkward silence. Then Francine calls to Dotty.)
Francine: Uh, I really have to be going, could I take a raincheck on that strudel?
(Dotty, who is just coming around the corner with a plate full of strudel, stops.)
Dotty: Oh. All right. Be careful with that chimpanzee!
(Francine's smile fades.)
Francine: Yes. (Dotty walks away again. Francine leans back over to Amanda.) Amanda.
Amanda: Yes?
Francine: Lee is in a great deal of trouble. No one can help him. Now as much as I hate to say this, you may be hearing from him before me. (Amanda nods sympathetically.) Tell him to take care of himself. Tell him . . . that I'm still his friend.
(Amanda nods and gingerly reaches her hand out to pat Francine's shoulder.)
Amanda: Don't you worry.
(Francine nods sadly and stands up. She walks out of the door. Amanda watches her leave, then bites her lower lip, thinking.)

(Later, Amanda's station wagon is driving down the street, with Amanda at the wheel. She turns down a corner and drives slowly, looking out the window. She sees a building with "University Athletic Club" printed on the overhang. Amanda parks and honks the horn. From inside, an overdressed man in sunglasses and a hooded jacket, carrying a gym bag, runs over to her, opens the door, and gets in next to her. The man is, of course, Lee.)
Lee: God, it is you. Let's go. (Amanda immediately pulls out and drives. Safe in the car, Lee takes off his glasses.) Boy, when you phoned, I wondered if it wasn't some joker at the Agency trying to smoke me out.
(He unzips his jacket and removes the hood from his head.)
Amanda: I think it's unbelievable that your own people are treating you this way.
Lee: Oh, they've got their jobs to do. (He removes the towel wrapped around his neck and tosses it in the back.) How'd you figure out where I was staying?
(He begins to completely take off the jacket while Amanda is speaking.)
Amanda: Well, you told me that you always work out when you're upset and I saw your bag in the apartment when I was there. (She glances over at him pulling his arms out of the sleeves.) Why are you undressing?
Lee: It's just a precaution, believe me. Are you sure you weren't followed?
Amanda: Oh, no, I was very careful. Lee?
Lee: Hm?
Amanda: Why didn't you tell me the truth about that trade?
Lee: Because it wasn't important.
(He finally gets the jacket off and throws it with his towel.)
Amanda: Oh, it wasn't? Well, I think it's important and the government seems to think it's pretty important.
Lee: Amanda, if you've said everything that you want to say --
Amanda: I haven't said everything that I want to say, would you -- would you listen to me for a minute? I know that you're your own man and that you like to handle things your own way, by yourself, and -- and I really respect that. You're in a lot of trouble here, and I think it's time that you admit that you need somebody else.
Lee: Amanda, what is it that you want?
Amanda: You saved my life. I want to help you.
Lee: There's nothing that you can do. (Amanda nods, disappointed. Lee looks in sideview mirror. A dark car is slowly creeping up on them. Lee twists around in his seat to look behind them. The car is steadily following them. Lee sighs and turns around.) You weren't followed, huh?
(Amanda shakes her head.)
Amanda: No.
Lee: Speed up a little. (Amanda does as he says. Lee watches behind them for a change. The car speeds up also and gains on them.) Come on, step on it! Move it!
(Amanda unwillingly does so.)
Amanda: Who are they?
Lee: Federal agents.
(The two cars speed by on the road. The stoplight ahead of them turns red. Amanda groans.)
Amanda: Ooh.
Lee: Go on through it. Go on through it! (Squinting her eyes shut, Amanda speeds on through it. Car horns honk at her. Lee looks behind them. The dark car is stuck waiting for the light to turn. Lee looks forward and sighs.) Turn. (With screeching tires, the station wagon turns onto a side street, then slows down.) Amanda?
Amanda: Yeah?
Lee: About your offer to help.
(Amanda smiles with tears in her eyes.)
Amanda: Oh.
(She turns onto a small street leading into the woods.)

(At an old, locked warehouse in the woods, Amanda and Lee are leaning over the hood of the car, looking at a complicated map of the area. Lee is using a compass to measure on the map.)
Lee: Based on the amount of time you think it took you to get there --
Amanda: Yeah?
(Lee marks a mark with the compass over a thick blue strip on the map.)
Lee: -- this must be the bridge you felt yourself going over.
Amanda: Right, is that a -- is that a drawbridge? We waited an awful long time before we went over it.
(Lee checks the map.)
Lee: Yeah. Yeah, it is a drawbridge. Good, very good. Now, after the bridge, they maintained the same speed?
Amanda: Um . . . yeah.
Lee: For about how long?
Amanda: Oh, ten minutes? Then we stopped.
Lee: We should find the house right around in there.
(He taps a region of streets on the map. Amanda looks up.)
Amanda: What you mean "find the house"? (She straightens up.) Are we going to look for the house?
(Lee sighs, then picks up the map.)
Lee: Amanda, the only way I can clear my name is to bust Rostov's operation. I have to find the place where you were held.
(He hands her the map. She looks at it, then groans reluctantly. Lee walks away to the front of the car.)

(IFF, Billy's office. Dirk is again scolding Billy and Francine. He throws a folder on the desk in frustration. Billy is sitting in his desk chair and Francine is sitting across the room on the sofa.)
Dirk: They lost him. Two of the top people in your department lost him, William?
Billy: He's one of our best men.
Dirk: If I didn't know any better, William, I'd say your department doesn't exactly have its heart in this assignment.
(Hearing all she can take, Francine stands up and walks over to face him.)
Francine: It just seems to me that this agency has better things to do with its time than chasing after Lee Stetson. This entire manhunt is taking up the proportions of a vendetta! (Billy sighs and massages his temples. Dirk looks at Francine strangely. Francine meekly adds to her outburst, trying to keep her dignity.) Respectfully submitted, Francine Desmond.
(She silently walks back to the sofa and sits.)
Dirk: Listen to me, you two. (He leans over to desk and puts his face up against Billy's.) I expect full cooperation in punishing a very serious procedural violation!
(They have a staring contest for a few moments, then Billy stands up and walks around to the front of his desk, where Dirk is standing.)
Billy: I think you can go back to your department now, Dirk. (He walks over and opens the door.) We'll give you all the help we can.
(Francine stands up to see Dirk out. He begins walking out the door, then turns.)
Dirk: I'm grateful. Because if we were to sense a certain unwillingness in some of your people, Mr. Stetson wouldn't be the only one around here facing charges.
(Leaving them with that pleasant thought, Dirk walks away. Billy shuts the door and looks at Francine. He shrugs and walks to desk. Francine sighs sadly.)

(A street in Washington. Lee is driving Amanda's station wagon with Amanda beside him, looking for Zinoviev's house, or just annoying Lee.)
Amanda: I don't think this is the right area. The houses don't look big enough. The library that I was in had to have been in a very fancy house.
Lee: I think the neighborhoods get a little ritzier a couple of blocks from here.
Amanda: Yeah, well, I think it's back that way.
(She points behind them.)
Lee: We've been back that way!
Amanda: Well, I can only go by my feelings.
Lee: Amanda, we've been going by your feelings all day, for all we know, we've already gone past the house!
Amanda: Listen, I'm sorry, I'm trying, all right? I'm doing the best that I can. I should be at home, helping Jamie arrange his birthday party. (Lee rolls his eyes.) He wants Pretzel the Clown there, Pretzel the Clown has chicken pox. Can you imagine, a man that old and he hasn't had chicken pox?
(Lee grits his teeth.)
Lee: Amanda, would you --
Amanda: Oh, look! I was tied up and in a crate. I have to go by sounds, and, well, by the birds singing and the children playing. (The shrill bells of an ice cream truck ring loudly.) Bells.
Lee: Bells?
(Suddenly Amanda recognizes the bells.)
Amanda: Bells. . . . (An ice cream truck drives past them.) Wait a minute. Pull over, pull over here. (She points to a spot by the street. Lee looks at her strangely, but he parks in the spot. Amanda stops and listens. She hears a big dog barking loudly.) You hear that?
Lee: What?
(Amanda listens some more, then points across the street. A big dog is sitting in a yard, jumping and barking fiercely.)

(Inside the house next to the dog's house, Amanda and Lee are exploring the library, Zinoviev's library, with a short, angry woman chasing after Lee.)
Woman: Who do you think you are, busting in on us like this? We are -- (she walks over to Amanda and looks up at her.) We are decent people. We mind our own business. We were eating pot roast!
(She motions to another room. A mean-looking man is leaning against the doorjamb, watching Amanda closely. He has a napkin tucked in his shirt and his arms are crossed. Amanda ignores the woman.)
Amanda: This is the room! This is the same dark wood, those are the same books.
Woman: What are you talking about? (She looks over at Lee.) What is she talking about? Rosco, throw them out!
Lee: Ma'am, please, now this lady says that she was held captive here. The federal government takes a dim view --
(The woman steps up close to him and looks straight up to his face.)
Woman: I never saw her before in my life.
Amanda: Look. Behind those books, there is a bar. And in this cupboard -- (She walks over, kneels down, and opens the door to a small cupboard. She smiles proudly.) -- is a beautiful porcelain tea service. (Lee laughs nervously and motions for her to look. Her smile fades and she bends over to look in the cupboard. Inside are a few dancing dolls.) Okay, okay, so they moved the tea service. (She stands up and walks over to the bookshelf. She places one hand on a book.) But you can't deny this. When this book is pulled out, the bar will open up. (Lee nods.) Watch.
(She pulls the book out. Nothing happens. Lee sighs and glares at Amanda.)
Lee: This is getting embarrassing.
(Amanda waves her arms, the book still in her hand.)
Amanda: I'm sorry.
(The woman runs over and grabs the book from her. She hugs it to her chest.)
Woman: That happens to be a first edition of "Huckleberry Finn"!
Lee: Uh --
Amanda: Oh, I know I'm right!
(Lee walks over to her.)
Lee: Amanda --
Amanda: Oh, come on, now, maybe it's this book, or this book, or this book.
(With each "this book", she pulls a different book out of the shelf.)
Woman: No, not "Little Women"!
Amanda: Or this book.
(She pulls a book and the shelf spins around, taking Lee with it.)
Lee: Whoa!
(The bar appears, with Zinoviev coming with it. He takes a gun out of his jacket.)
Zinoviev: So, Scarecrow.
(From behind the bar, Lee calls.)
Lee: Amanda! (Amanda gasps and pulls the book out again. The bar spins around, hiding Zinoviev and revealing a confused Lee. He takes her hand.) Let's get out of here!
(They start to walk away, but the woman turns around and calls to her husband.)
Woman: Rosco!
(Rosco whips a gun out of his pocket and cocks it. Amanda and Lee stop and raise their arms. The bar spins around again and Zinoviev joins the party, also pointing a gun at Amanda and Lee. Amanda and Lee turn around to look at him. He speaks to Amanda.)
Zinoviev: Scarecrow, I am astounded that you found your way back here. Your reputation is not exaggerated.
Amanda: Oh, no.
Zinoviev: I cannot allow you to jeopardize my plans.
Lee: Look. She has nothing to do with this.
Zinoviev: Tell the big fella to keep quiet.
Amanda: Quiet, big fella.*
(Lee shuts his mouth.)

(A warehouse in Washington. Workers, including Delong and Jameson, are working, packing airplane parts in brown paper packages. In a small room, Amanda and Lee are sitting at a table while Zinoviev walks around with a gun in his hand.)
Zinoviev: Well, it is almost impossible to believe my good fortune in having you drop into my hands not just once, but twice.
(He takes a seat across from Amanda.)
Amanda: Please, you've just got to believe me. I'm not the Scarecrow.
(Zinoviev bursts out laughing.)
Zinoviev: My dear, if I believed that, what use would you be to me? Do you think I could let you live one more second?
(Lee looks from Zinoviev to Amanda.)
Amanda: You're right, this is your lucky day.
Zinoviev: The question is, what to do with you?
Amanda: Don't you have another agent you could trade me for?
(Lee sighs.)
Zinoviev: Uh, no.
Amanda: Oh.
Zinoviev: Undoubtedly, you have information which I can use but, uh, your reputation precedes you. (Lee smiles smugly.) I could torture you for hours and you'd remain silent.
Amanda: Oh, yes. Torturing me would be silly.
Zinoviev: Oh, well, trying could be very interesting. (Amanda gulps.) No, no, no, no, all things considered, the best thing would be to send you back to Moscow.
Amanda: Won't it be difficult, getting an important spy like me out of the country.
Zinoviev: Oh, that analytical mind of yours never rests, does it? (Lee smiles smugly again.) No, no, no, no, you're correct. I'm going to send you back to Moscow packed in a refrigerator.
(He stands up and walks over to the door. Amanda speaks weakly.)
Amanda: Wait a minute.
Zinoviev: Pleasant trip.
Amanda: The place is surrounded.
Zinoviev: Oh. I shall be very careful.
(He nods, pretending to take her seriously, then smiles and leaves. He shuts the door. Lee looks at Amanda.)
Lee: "The place is surrounded"?
(Amanda lowers her head.)

(Outside the room, in the warehouse, Zinoviev meets up with Arcady, who walks with Zinoviev.)
Zinoviev: Once Burt completes the shipment, Arcady, your government would do well to remember who provided them with all this help.
Arcady: I'm sure if my government would have trouble remembering, yours would be very happy to jog its memory.
(They walk in silence until they meet up with Jameson.)
Jameson: Is it time yet?
Zinoviev: Yes. Prepare the Scarecrow for shipment. (Jameson nods and starts to go, but he stops when Zinoviev speaks.) Jameson. This time, remember the airholes.
(Jameson nods again and walks away, getting his gun ready.)

(In the small room, Lee is pacing back and forth. Amanda is sitting at the table, panicking, and they are both desperately trying to think.)
Amanda: Think of something, think of something!
Lee: I am thinking!
Amanda: Uggh!
Lee: Just relax, will you?
Amanda: Oh, sure, easy for you to say. You're not the one they're going to stuff in a refrigerator and ship off to Moscow.
Lee: No, I'm the one they're going to put up against a wall and shoot!
(He angrily pulls out a chair and sits. Frustrated, he runs his fingers through his hair. Amanda looks at him.)
Amanda: I'm sorry.
Lee: It's okay. (He pats her arm.) It's okay.
(The door opens and Jameson walks in.)
Jameson: Scarecrow.
(Both Lee and Amanda look up and answer at the same time. Amanda answers dully and reluctantly. Lee answers out of habit, as if someone at the Agency were calling his name.)
Lee and Amanda: Yeah?
(They both lower their heads. Jameson walks over and takes Amanda's arm. He starts leading her to the door. Desperate for an opportunity, Lee stands up and stops them by calling.)
Lee: Hold it! (Amanda and Jameson both turn, surprised.) One more step and she is a dead woman.
(Amanda's eyes widen. Jameson looks at Lee strangely.)
Jameson: What?!
Lee: Come on, you don't really think that the Scarecrow would allow herself to be taken alive, do you? The Scarecrow would rather die than talk to you scum. (Amanda looks worried. Lee speaks slowly, thinking spontaneously and giving Amanda a chance to get the picture.) I mean, right now, clenched in her teeth right now, is a cyanide capsule. (Jameson looks at Amanda. She closes her mouth and nods.) Think of the waste, Scarecrow. Don't do it. (Amanda raises her eyebrows. Lee shrugs.) She won't listen to me.
(Amanda glances from him to Jameson. Jameson thinks for a bit, then raises the gun and points it at Lee.)
Jameson: You're bluffing.
Lee: Do you really want to take that chance?
(Jameson drops his guard. At just the right moment, Amanda pretends to bite something. She groans, puts her hand to her mouth, and drops to the floor. Jameson looks at her, worried. She pulls him down. Lee runs over. They hop over Jameson and out the door.)
Jameson: Scarecrow's getting away!
(Lee shuts the door behind him and locks it, leaving Jameson inside. Pointing his gun around, he follows Amanda, who is already running for her life. Lee follows her. In another area, Zinoviev shouts instructions to the workers.)
Zinoviev: Cover all the exits, don't let her out of here! Arcady, you stay here.
(The men split up, each running in a different direction with a gun ready. Amanda and Lee hide behind some crates. Both are breathing heavily.)
Lee: All right. Now, one of us can get through that door, the other one covers.
Amanda: Okay. I'll cover you, you show me how to shoot.
(Lee sighs.)
Lee: I want you to find a phone. You tell Billy where we are. Tell him they're smuggling airplane parts to the Middle East.
Amanda: What about you?
Lee: What about me?
Amanda: Well, there are so many of them.
(Lee sighs and gets his gun ready. He peeks around the wall.)
Lee: All right, go.
(Amanda starts fishing around in her pockets. She sighs. Lee looks at her strangely.)
Amanda: I don't have change!
(Lee sighs and gets back behind the wall.)
Lee: Oh, you --
Amanda: Sorry!
(He gets a handful of coins out of his pocket and drops them into Amanda's cupped hands.)
Lee: Here. (He gets ready, then crouches down and holds his gun up.) All right, go on, go!
(Delong sees him and shouts.)
Delong: There he is!
(Delong shoots at Lee. The bullet punctures the crate. Lee fires back. The bullet ricochets off metal. Amanda uses that chance to sneak out the door and outside. Luckily, she finds a pay phone in the parking lot. Hearing the shots from inside, she picks up the receiver, quickly deposits the change, and dials the number for IFF. A secretary answers.)
Secretary: Five-five-eight-three.
Amanda: Mr. Melrose, please.
Secretary: I'm sorry, he's gone for the day.

(Inside, the shots are getting closer. Lee darts behind the crates.)

(Outside, Amanda is trying to get through to Billy.)
Amanda: I don't have a code name, look, this is urgent.

(Inside, Lee is running, trying to escape, but Zinoviev pops up, pointing a gun at him. Lee turns around, but Delong is there. Lee turns the other way and finds Jameson. Lee sighs and raises his arms in surrender.)

(Outside, Amanda is still trying to talk to Billy.)
Amanda: And I've been in Mr. Melrose's office, it has, um, uh, tweed sofas, and -- Look. I'm working with the Scarecrow!
Secretary: According to my information, Scarecrow is suspended.
Amanda: He's going to be dead if you don't put me through!

(Inside, Jameson is frisking Lee, with Zinoviev and Delong watching.)
Zinoviev: Start moving everything to the docks. We're leaving immediately. (Roughly, Jameson turns Lee around and throws him into a stack of boxes. Lee fixes his jacket.) Your Scarecrow has disarrupted my plans.
Lee: Oh, I'm so sorry.
Zinoviev: I want to know everything she has seen. (Lee just stares at Zinoviev.) Does she know everything we've done? (Lee stays silent. Zinoviev sighs, then whistles. Instantly, Jameson punches Lee hard in the stomach. Lee groans and doubles over.) Does she now? (Lee stands up straight, smiling slyly and keeping quiet.) Why are you so loyal to a woman who left you behind?
(Behind him, Lee can see Amanda observing.)
Lee: She'll be back. Don't you worry.
(Amanda darts behind a gatelike wall. Zinoviev sighs.)
Zinoviev: Take him outside and kill him. Drop the body to the water. (Jameson and Delong take Lee and push him to the door. Zinoviev watches. Above them, Amanda is climbing up a ladder to the top of the gate thing, where there are piles of boxes and tires. She removes the latch on the pile and gets ready. Just when Delong and Jameson are below her, she pushes tire piles over onto them. They fall down and Lee runs behind a crate. Jameson stands up, rubbing his forehead. Delong is dead, under the tires. Zinoviev runs up. He looks down at Delong, then back at Jameson.) Where is he? (Jameson shrugs.) Find him!
(Suddenly, Amanda's voice seems to echo from everywhere in the warehouse.)
Amanda: All right, don't move! Any of you!
(They stop.)
Zinoviev: Scarecrow.
Amanda: Yes, I'm back. And if any of you move, you're history!
(Lee rolls his eyes from behind the boxes.)
Zinoviev: She means it. Scarecrow is merciless.
(The men raise their arms.)
Amanda: Now my assisstant will disarm you. Hold very still. Assisstant!
(Lee grits his teeth and shakes his head. Then he comes out of hiding and picks up a gun left on the floor. He points it at the men.)
Lee: All right, gentlemen. Let's drop 'em.
(Zinoviev drops his arms and stands against the wall. Amanda, who is climbing down the ladder, speaks to Lee.)
Amanda: Don't forget to frisk them.
Lee(angrily): I won't! (He grabs Jameson and turns him around, throwing him facefirst against the wall next to Zinoviev.) Get over here.
Amanda: Well, I guess that about wraps this one up. Our people are on the way. (She swings around on the ladder, popping into view.) Anything else I can do?
(Lee, who has just finished frisking Jameson, turns to her, annoyed.)
Lee: No. You can leave your silver bullet and ride off.
(Amanda rolls her eyes. Zinoviev turns to Amanda and smiles. He gestures as if he were taking his hat off.)
Zinoviev: I tip my hat to you, Scarecrow. Until we meet again. (Amanda makes the same motion, then grabs the ladder again before she falls. Zinoviev steps closer to Lee.) You should learn from her, my boy. She's the best.
(Lee looks over at Amanda. She shrugs. He looks back at Zinoviev.)
Lee: Yeah.
(Amanda smiles.)

(Amanda's house. Jamie's birthday party decorations are up and a big banner says "Happy Birthday, Jamie." The only kids are Phillip and Jamie, who is sadly lying on the couch with his head on Amanda and a blanket covering his body. Phillip is standing over them, bored. Dotty cheerfully carries a bucket of ice cream into the living room.)
Dotty: Hey, who's for ice cream? Listen, I cranked my hands raw making this stuff. I mean, after all, we don't want to invalidate Grandma --
Amanda: I don't think so. (She shakes her head.) Mm-mm. (Dotty nods and walks away. Amanda kisses Jamie's head.) Sweetie, I'm sorry about Pretzel. (The doorbell rings. Amanda looks up at Phillip.) Could you get that, sweetheart? (Amanda nuzzles Jamie.) Come on now, we can have a great time. Look at all these presents, we'll open the presents, we'll have --
Jamie (dully): It's okay, Mom.
(Suddenly, Phillip shouts with joy and runs into the room, followed by a big guy in a clown suit.)
Phillip: Look who's here!
(Jamie sits up, suddenly happy.)
Jamie: Pretzel!
(Pretzel honks a horn.)
Pretzel: Wait a minute, wait a minute. You can't start this party without me.
(He laughs. Amanda looks at him.)
Amanda: Could I have a word with you, please?
(Pretzel's painted smile turns into a frown. Amanda puts down the boxes in her lap and follows Pretzel out into the hall. Jamie starts opening his gifts. Phillip calls to Dotty.)
Phillip: Ice cream!
(Dotty re-enters the room with the ice cream and a scoop.)
Dotty: Okay, let's go!
(In the hall, Amanda and Pretzel are holding a whispered conversation.)
Amanda: I thought you were sick.
Pretzel: Nah, just a little burned out. Boy, you have some connections. This guy calls me up, says he's with the federal government, says he has friends with the IRS, and they're going to haunt at me all the way back to sixty-seven if I don't show up. Boy, you don't mess around, do you, lady?
Amanda: Well, you know, I just. . . .
Pretzel: To tell you the truth, I've never been sick a day in my life. . . . Where's the rest of the party?
Amanda: Had to cancel it.
Pretzel: Why's that?
Amanda: Jamie's got the chicken pox.
(Weakly, Pretzel, looks back into the living room at Jamie and Phillip stuffing their faces with cake and ice cream.)
Jamie: Pretzel, Pretzel!
(Pretzel looks at Amanda, sighs, then puts on his clown voice as he runs into the room. Amanda stays out in the hall.)
Pretzel: Hey, I once had chicken pox, too. (He laughs and honks the horn.) Bawk-bawk-bawk, bawk.
(Amanda laughs and shakes her head.)

* This is a little inside joke. There is news that in reality, the actress who played Amanda King sometimes called actor Bruce Boxleitner "big fella."