Scarecrow and Mrs. King
Service Above and Beyond

(James Delano's mansion. Harry Singer is working late, typing something onto a computer screen. He puts out his cigarette. Then he hears a slap and a shout from behind a closed door. He looks up, then back down and continues hitting keys, but a little less sure of himself. He hears another shout and stands up. He removes his glasses and walks over to the door, listening.)

(Behind the door, there is an office. A bruised, beat-up IFF agent, Saigil, is sitting in a chair. Men are standing around him. Delano is watching in his desk chair. One of the men yanks Saigil by the hair. Hollander walks around and speaks to him.)
Hollander: All right. Let's go over it one more time. (Saigil looks at the floor.) Why is a gardener using a radio transmitter in his truck?
Saigil: I already told you, I work by radio dispatch.
(Hollander steps over to the desk behind him and places his hand on a radio.)
Hollander: An Armstrong S-40 high frequency transmitter is pretty sophisticated equipment for a gardener, don't you think?
Saigil: I wouldn't know.
(Hollander leans forward.)
Hollander: But you would know, however, that the S-40 is used by American intelligence agencies.
Saigil: Look. I'm a gardener!
Hollander: Uh-uh. You're a liar.
(He suddenly slaps Saigil across the face. Saigil shouts in pain.)

(Outside the door, Harry gets up again and walks over to the door. This time he knocks.)

(Delano looks up. Hollander stands up. Delano walks over to the door and opens it. He steps out and keeps the door mostly closed.)
Delano: I thought you'd gone. What is it, Harry?
Harry: I was, uh, just finishing up. Is something wrong?
(Delano shakes his head and smiles.)
Delano: No. No, nothing. I'll see you tomorrow.
(Harry smiles, relieved.)
Harry: Good night, Mr. Delano.
(He turns and leaves.)

(Inside the office, Delano walks back in. Hollander is filling up a syringe with something. Delano puts his hands on his hips.)
Delano: What are you doing?
Hollander: I'm going to help your gardener remember who his employers are.
Delano: Is that really necessary?
(Hollander finishes filling the syringe and removes the bottle. He looks at Delano, stone-faced.)
Hollander: I'm afraid it's quite necessary, Mr. Delano.
(He readies the syringe, pushing the cylinder up.)
Delano: What is it?
Hollander: Oh, it's an alkaloid substance called muscarine. It will kill him quite uncomfortably anywhere within forty-five minutes to an hour and a half, depending on his metabolism. (He walks over Saigil. One of the helpers lifts Saigil's arm and pulls up his sleeve. Saigil does not resist. Hollander looks at him.) Unless, of course, you would care to reconsider.
(Saigil shakes his head and looks away. Hollander puts the syringe into the Saigil's skin. Delano looks on.)

(Outside the office, Harry is just leaving when he hears Saigil groan. He stops for a second, then leaves.)

(Inside, Hollander removes the syringe. Gasping,Saigil looks at him. The men let go of him.)
Hollander: You begin to perspire profusely, your pupils dilate. There's a giddiness and a slowing of the heartbeat. Am I right? (Not wanting to answer, Saigil just stares at him. Hollander holds up a small container of pills.) Of course, we will have the antidote, and if you can talk, a simple injection will alleviate all discomfort.
(Saigil just looks down.)

(Amanda's house. It is after a baseball game. Jamie and Phillip are sitting at the kitchen counter glumly, picking at their dinner. Dotty walks over and wipes a tear off Phillip's face. She sighs and walks over to the sink, where the boys had placed their baseball mitts. Dotty picks them up and walks across the room. Amanda walks in, limping and holding her leg.)
Amanda: Ooh.
(She walks over to the counter, next to Phillip.)
Dotty: Is there something wrong with your ankle? You're walking funny.
Amanda: Oh, you know, I was demonstrating the hook slide, and I think I hooked the wrong way. Little League can be hazardous to your health. (Dotty chuckles. Amanda leans on the counter and looks at her boys.) Hey. Come on, guys, lighten up.
Dotty: I think defeat has levelled their appetites.
Amanda: Oh, now, come on. Everybody has to be beaten every now and then.
(Jamie looks up at her.)
Jamie: Mom, we didn't get "beaten". We got liquidated.
Phillip: Totally. And they even had two girls on their team.
Dotty: Well, that explains it.
(She laughs. Amanda looks over at her as if to say, "You're not helping." Dotty shuts up and looks away. Amanda looks back at the boys.)
Amanda: Well, look, since you're not going to eat your dinner anyway, why don't you just -- (the boys jumps up and leave the kitchen. Amanda straightens up.) -- be excused.
(Dotty starts taking their plates.)
Dotty: They'll get over it. What was the score?
Amanda: Twenty-one to none.
(She folds her arms and looks at her mother.)
Dotty: Hmm. May take a while.
Amanda: Hmm.
(Dotty takes the dishes over to the sink.)
Dotty: Are you seeing Dean tonight?
Amanda: No, he's out of town.
(She shifts around to face Dotty. Excited, Dotty runs over to her.)
Dotty: Oh! Well, why don't we get a baby-sitter and go see that new movie where Richard Gere takes off his clothes?
Amanda: Mother!
(Dotty laughs.)
Dotty: I was just kidding. Actually, I prefer, um, Cary Grant. With his clothes on.
(She takes the rest of the dishes.)
Amanda: Yeah. Uh, well, no, you know what, I think I'm going to just wash my hair and soak my foot and get into bed early. Good night.
(She kisses Dotty on the cheek.)
Dotty: Good night. That's sensible.
(Amanda starts to walk away. The phone rings. Amanda, who is right next to it, looks at her mother.)
Amanda: Got it. (She picks it up.) Hello.

(On the other end is, of course, Lee. He is in his apartment, buttoning the cuffs on a shirt.)
Lee: Hi. What are you doing tonight?
(Amanda lowers her voice.)
Amanda: Tonight? Well, I can't, I have plans tonight.
Lee: Oh, no problem. You should be able to break them by nine o'clock.
Amanda: What do mean "break them"?
Lee: This is a priority situation. Meet me by the mall. I'll explain then.
Amanda: Oh. Oh! (Dotty looks at her strangely.) Oh! All right. Uh, reflecting pool, nine o'clock . . . Well, yes, of course I have a nice dress! (Dotty raises her eyebrows.) Sure. (She turns and sees Dotty watching her. Amanda chuckles.) See ya! Okay, good night.
(She hangs up.)
Dotty: What was that all about?
Amanda: That was an old friend of mine, Chuck? Uh, he's having a party, um, it's a get-together of all the alumni in the district and he invited me.
Dotty: Oh. Isn't it rather short notice?
(Amanda thinks for a moment.)
Amanda: Well, yeah, you know, that's Chuck. He's, uh, he's a funny guy.
(She walks away. Dotty chuckles uncertainly and turns back to the sink.)

(Somewhere in Washington by the mall. Lee, in a nice tux, is leaning casually on his Porsche. He checks his watch. Amanda steps up, wearing a low-cut black dress and carrying her coat. She looks around nervously for Lee, then spots him and jogs closer. Lee straightens up and looks at her.)
Amanda: Sorry I'm late. Do I look all right?
Lee: Huh?
Amanda: I said "Do I look all right?"
Lee: Yeah, fine, just fine.
Amanda: Thank you. It would have been a lot easier to dress if I'd known where we were going. (Lee sighs and shakes his head. Amanda waits for a reply, then prompts him.) Well. Where are we going?
Lee: We are going to a reception for the Quickie Chickie Snack Shack backer.
Amanda: Oh, my boys love Quickie Chickie Snack Shack. (She says "Quickie Chickie Snack Shack" very fast, which is difficult. Try it. While she talks, Lee holds up his wrist and tries to look at the time in the dark.) You know, they have the best French fries and they have the only cole slaw that doesn't. . . . (She calms down and peers at Lee curiously.) Why are we going to this?
Lee: Because I'm going to be slipped some information.
Amanda: Ohh. What's my assignment?
Lee: To have a good time.
Amanda: Well, why didn't you just go alone?
Lee: On a Friday night at a party? (Amanda looks down. Lee's smile fades also.) Do you know how depressing that is?

(The reception. A large brightly colored Quickie Chickie Snack Shack banner is hanging on the wall. The room is filled with people chatting and dancing. A person in a chickie costume is walking around serving drinks. Lee and Amanda are just standing awkwardly by a table. Amanda leans over to Lee.)
Amanda: Are we allowed to dance while you look for your contact? I do a pretty mean cha-cha.
(Lee speaks softer.)
Lee: Look, I'm going to have to leave the room for a few minutes.
(Amanda looks confused.)
Amanda: What am I supposed to do?
Lee: Well, keep having a good time.
(He walks away. Amanda straightens up. A man walks over to her with a drink in his hand.)
Man: Bonsoir, cherie.
(Amanda nods uncertainly.)
Amanda: Hello.
(She looks away. The man casually looks her up and down. Suddenly, there is a drumroll. Everyone looks up. Delano makes his way through the people and steps onto the stage. Everybody applauds.)
Delano: Thank you! Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome. I have some very exciting news I'd like to share with you. I know that we've had some setbacks of late, but tonight, I'm here to tell you that things are looking up for Quickie Chickie Chicken Shack. (Everybody claps again. Delano looks around and is destracted by Amanda standing there, smiling at him. Delano's grin gets broader and he turns back to the microphone.) I am proud to announce that we have just concluded an agreement with the German Democratic Republic and soon, Quickie Chickie will flap its wings on both sides of the Berlin Wall.
(Everyone claps and cheers. Delano looks back at Amanda.)

(In the restroom, Lee and Harry are washing their hands. Lee cautiously glances around, then talks softly to Harry.)
Lee: It's your dime, Mr. Singer.
Harry: First I need your insurance that I can get some protection. I called you because I'm scared.
Lee: That'll depend on your information.
Harry: I work for James Delano. I'm in a very delicate situation here.
Lee: I can appreciate that.
(Harry looks down for a moment. Lee patiently waits for him to gather his courage. Finally Harry looks up.)
Harry: There's something more than just the chicken deal going on between Delano and the East Germans.
Lee: Can you be more specific?
Harry: I think Delano may have been involved in a murder last night.
(Lee nods slowly.)

(Out in the main ballroom, everyone has gone back to dancing and laughing. Delano sees Amanda standing all by herself, smiling. Delano clears his throat and speaks to the woman next to him.)
Delano: Uh, would you excuse me? (The lady nods and Delano makes his way through the crowd over to Amanda. He smiles charmingly at her.) Excuse me. I wondered why such a lovely lady was standing here looking so . . . abandoned.
(Amanda smiles.)
Amanda: Well, I'm only temporarily abandoned. With someone.
Delano: If I were that someone, I wouldn't leave you alone for a moment.
(Amanda tries to think of something to say.)
Amanda: Well. . . .
Delano: I'm James Delano.
(He holds his hand out. Amanda takes it and shakes it.)
Amanda: It's nice to meet you.
Delano: And you?
(Amanda's smile fades.)
Amanda: Me?
Delano: What's your name?
(Amanda smiles again.)
Amanda: Oh, I'm, uh . . . um . . . Victoria Greenwich.
(Delano nods.)
Delano: Well, it's nice to meet you.
(Amanda smiles and nods again.)

(Bathroom. Lee and Harry have given up subtle. They are now facing each other. Lee is drying his hands.)
Lee: Is Delano in financial trouble?
Harry: He's borrowed to the Hilt. The banks are threatening to call in his loans. Quickie Chickie is losing a fortune in the states. He's counting on the East German deal to bail him out.
Lee: What's Hollander's involvement?
Harry: He set up the deal with the East Germans. He's been living at Delano's house for over a month.
(Lee thinks for a moment.)
Lee: All right, we're interested. I'll get in touch.
(He turns to leave, but Harry grabs his arm. Lee looks at him.)
Harry: If anybody finds out that I spoke to you. . . .
(Lee smiles and reassures him.)
Lee: Trust us, Mr. Singer. We know a thing or two about keeping a secret.
(He leaves. Harry just stares ahead.)

(In the ballroom, Lee enters and walks a few steps, then stops. His face falls. He sees Amanda dancing with Delano and smiling shyly. Lee stares at them.)

(Later in Lee's car on the way back. Lee is driving and Amanda is next to him in the passenger seat.)
Lee: What name did you give him?
Amanda: Victoria Greenwich.
Lee: What?
Amanda: Victoria Greenwich. She's the heroine of a novel that I'm reading. She's an English noblewoman and she lives in a castle and her husband is awaiting execution . . .

(IFF. Billy's office. Lee is sitting in the chair in front of Billy's desk with a cup of coffee in his hand. He his laughing out loud. Billy is walking around him, totally serious.)
Lee: Wait till you hear this. She's some English noblewoman whose husband is locked in a tower --
(Billy interrupts him.)
Billy: Ha. I'm impressed.
(Lee looks up at him incredulously.)
Lee: You are?
(Billy walks over to his desk.)
Billy: Amanda's thinking on her feet. The woman has instincts. Did she give him a phone number?
(Lee sighs.)
Lee: She made one up.
Billy: Did you arrange for it to ring at her house, just in case?
Lee: Yeah, but, Billy, I don't think that we should --
Billy: What about Singer? Is his information reliable?
Lee: I don't know. He's pretty shaky. He heard a struggle in the study, so he hid. He thinks he saw them carry our man's body outside.
(Lee and Billy both lower their heads.)
Billy: I was sorry to hear about Saigil.
Lee: He was a good man.
(They stay silent for a few moments. Lee takes a sip of coffee. Billy stands up and changes the subject.)
Billy: All right. We know the East Germans are shopping for hard intelligence on Pershing missile sites in Europe. Their man is, uh, (he glances at some papers on his desk) Hollander.
Lee: Yeah.
Billy: What else?
Lee: Hollander picks James Delano as the perfect intermediary. He needs cash badly, he has heavyweight Washington contacts, some of whom may have access to Pershing missile intelligence.
Billy: What's the quid pro quo?
Lee (teasing): Latin, Billy. I'm impressed.
Billy: At one o'clock in the morning, you should be. (Lee chuckles.) I need to know who Delano's giving the East Germans.
Lee: Well, if we could get inside that house and make a sweep, we might find out.
(Billy smiles broadly.)
Billy: Which brings us to Amanda.
Lee: Yeah . . . Billy, she couldn't sweep the kitchen floor.
Billy: You did say that Delano was quite attracted to her. He took the number she gave him.
Lee: Yes.
(He walks around his desk, thinking out loud.)
Billy: So, he calls her up, invites her out, which gives us a little time to get in there with a team and check things out. Now, we'll put a mike on Amanda, we'll know where he is all the time. She'll be in no danger.
(He stops and smiles proudly at Lee.)
Lee: Billy . . . James Delano is a man with money, contacts, women on every continent. Beautiful, exotic, mysterious women. You really think he's going to be fascinated by a wholesome mom with a mortgage and a station wagon?
Billy: Who knows? Maybe he finds Amanda exotic and mysterious. (Lee peers at him out of the corner of his eye.) Think about it.
(Lee stares at him, then sighs and closes his eyes.)
Lee: Amanda. Exotic . . . mysterious. . . .

(In her kitchen, the exotic, mysterious Amanda has soapy hands plunged into a sinkful of dishes. She laboriously scrubs them. Dotty walks in.)
Dotty: Well, good morning.
Amanda: Good morning.
Dotty: How was the party?
(Amanda gazes up out of the window and smiles.)
Amanda: Oh, it was . . . just wonderful.
Dotty: How's Chuck?
(Amanda looks at her.)
Amanda: Who?
(Dotty walks around and looks at her.)
Dotty: Chuck. Unpredictable Chuck?
Amanda: Chuck?
Dotty: Chuck.
Amanda: Chuck!
Dotty: Chuck.
Amanda: Oh, oh, just fine.
Dotty: Ah. (The phone rings. Amanda goes back to scrubbing while Dotty answers.) Hello. Who? Victoria Greenwich? (Amanda looks up.) Ha, ha, ha, I'm sorry --
(Amanda rushes over without rinsing her hands and takes the phone. She whispers.)
Amanda: Mother, Mother, it's for me. (She takes the receiver and puts it to her ear. She tries to sound normal with her mother watching her suspiciously.) Hello? Uh, yes, this is she. . . . Well, hello, Mr. Delano, it's, uh, it's nice to talk to you too.

(IFF, Billy's office. Billy is behind his desk and Amanda is seated before him, describing the telephone call. Lee is behind her on the couch, leaning forward.)
Billy: What did he say?
Amanda: Well, he told me how much he enjoyed meeting me last night, and --
Lee: What did you say?
(Amanda looks around at him, then back at Billy.)
Amanda: Well, it was hard to talk, my mother was in the room, but I told her that Victoria Greenwich was the name of a character in a play that I tried out for --
Billy: No, what did you say to him?
Amanda: I told him I didn't know.
Lee: You didn't know what?
Amanda: Whether or not I could go to dinner with him tonight.
Lee: He invited you to dinner?
Billy: Doesn't surprise me. (Lee sighs. Billy looks back at Amanda. Lee chuckles and shakes his head. Billy pushes away from the desk and stands up.) All right. Let's get moving. (Amanda and Lee quickly stand up also. Lee steps up beside Amanda.) We'll make a sweep and a scenario.
Amanda: Uh, er, yes, sir, now I understand what a sweep is, but I don't know what a scenario is.
(Lee and Billy smile.)
Lee: The life story of Victoria Greenwich.
Amanda: Uh, Mr. Melrose, Victoria Greenwich is the heroine of a romantic novel that I'm reading. (Amanda shrugs, trying to make her point.) She doesn't --
Lee: Not when we get done with her.
(Amanda's smile fades. Suddenly, she realizes what he means.)

(Somewhere in Washington. Cars are driving by on a street. Finally we see a large mansion and Lee and Amanda gazing up at it.)
Amanda: It's gorgeous.
Lee: This is where Victoria Greenwich lives.
(Amanda nods approvingly.)
Amanda: Well, she has the prettiest house on the whole block.
Lee: Yeah, that's not all she has. Come on.
(He takes her arm and leads her across the street toward the mansion.)

(Inside, Lee is just shutting the door behind them while Amanda is looking over her new "home." A beautiful crystal chandelier hangs from the ceiling. Wooden spiral stairs lead upstairs.)
Amanda: This is terrific! Would you look at the chandelier? That is beautiful! And the moldings, I think this is all original moldings. It's French Provincial, isn't it? It's my favorite. I love it.
(The door to a larger room opens and a man in a butler suit and a woman in a maid outfit walks through. Amanda stops talking when she sees them. Lee points to them with the clipboard in his hand.)
Lee: Here's your help. (Amanda's jaw drops.) Frederic, your butler, and Mary, your maid.
Frederic: A pleasure, Miss Greenwich.
(He bows low. Amanda nods.)
Amanda: Hello, it's nice to meet you, too. Yes.
(Lee motions up the stairs.)
Lee: Let me show you the upstairs.
(Amanda nods and they go. The help follows her with their eyes. Halfway up the stairs, Amanda turns and whispers to Lee.)
Amanda: Do they know?
(Lee looks at them, that back at Amanda.)
Lee: They're agents.
Amanda: Ohh. (She nods and waves exaggeratedly, like spies on TV. Mary and Frederic exchange laughing glances. Amanda and Lee continue up the stairs.)

(The bedroom. Again, Lee is closing the door while Amanda is checking things out. She stands in the middle of the room with one hand on her chin and the other on her hip.)
Amanda: So the Agency set all this up, huh?
Lee: Yeah, it's fairly routine. It's called writing a scenario or gameplaying.
Amanda: Mm-hmm?
(Lee sets his clipboard on a chair. Amanda walks over and tests the bed.)
Lee: The scenario boys compile all the data we have on James Delano, particularly his taste in women, Victoria Greenwich becomes a composite of all the women he's been involved with, and believe me, there have been quite a few. . . . (Amanda, who has been checking through his whole speech, opens the closet door and starts to walk in. She stops and looks at Lee. She laughs, unamused.) It's all done with computers.
(Amanda walks into the closet and gasps. Lee reaches into his pocket for a stack of note cards.)
Amanda: Well, who picked these out?
(She walks over and ruffles through the many beautiful dresses hanging in the closet.)
Lee: The computer did. It's Delano's favorite colors and designer.
(Amanda takes out a silky blue dress and examines it.)
Amanda: Hmm. (She puts the dress back and faces Lee, her arms crossed.) Did the computer also decide on the house?
Lee: Mm-hmm. Delano's favorite architect and decor.
Amanda: Quite some computer.
(Lee looks at one of the cards.)
Lee: Yeah. The computer also suggests that you wear your hair up.
(Amanda, annoyed now, puts her hands on her hips. She holds up a sleeve of the blue dress.)
Amanda: Well, why don't you let the computer put the dress on and go out with him tonight, too?
(She walks out of the closet. Lee laughs, unamused. He turns and follows her into the bedroom. Amanda heads staight for the vanity in the corner of the room and starts opening boxes, not really listening to Lee.)
Lee: All the information you're going to need is right here in this dossier. Now, you have a lot of homework to do.
Amanda: Mm-hmm.
Lee: I'll just hit the highlights.
(Lee walks away. Amanda opens a box and looks in at the beautiful jewelry.)
Amanda: Ooh.
(She starts trying on the jewelry.)
Lee: All right. Victoria Greenwich was born of American parents in the diplomatic service in Milan. She was educated in a Swiss boarding school and at Mount Holyoke, she -- Are you listening to me?
Amanda (not hearing a word he said): Mm-hmm.
Lee: She met Peter Greenwich, a British viscount, and later married him. Lord Greenwich's private plane went down in Afghanistan where he was on an archaeological dig. He left her a substantial fortune. . . .

(A restaurant where Amanda and Delano are enjoying a romantic dinner. Amanda has her hair up and she is wearing a feathery, fluffy dress. She is telling Delano "her" life story.)
Amanda: I divide my time between the house in Portofino and the chalet in Gstaad. Peter's plane went down in Afghanistan, you know.
(Delano nods sympathetically.)

(Outside in a van, Lee and another agent are listening to Amanda's voice through a transmitter. They are enjoying their own simple dinner. The other agent is bored, while Lee is listening intently.)
Amanda: Since then, it's been more and more difficult to spend time in the house in Portofino and the memories, you know.
(You hear loud static. The other agent, the one wearing the headphones, cringes.)
Agent: We're picking up some dress rustle. Did you explain to her how to pin the brooch?
(Lee sighs.)
Lee: Three times.

(In the restaurant, Amanda is still going on. Delano is patiently listening.)
Amanda: So, I've been traveling. Drifting, really. Just trying not to mope.
Delano: Yes, of course. It must be very difficult for you.
Amanda: It was difficult at first, I -- I'd see Peter's face in the boathouse in Greece, or the --

(Van. Lee is about to take a big bite of an Italian sub, but stops and sighs.)
Amanda: -- townhouse in Rome, or in Paris at the consulate where my father works.
Lee: The boathouse is in Spain, the townhouse is in London, the consulate is in Milan.

(In the restaurant, Delano and Amanda clink their wine glasses.)
Delano: To whomever was responsible for bringing you last night.
Amanda: Well, it wasn't really anyone who, you know. . . .

(In the van, Lee looks at the other agent, exasperated.)

(In the restaurant, Delano and Amanda are still gazing adoringly at each other.)
Delano: Never mind. I don't want to know. I'm just glad you were there. Why haven't we met before?

(Van. Lee is definitely getting jealous now.)
Lee: Can you believe him? I had a better line in high school.
(They listen to Amanda's voice.)
Amanda: Well, you know how it is.
Lee (mockingly): No. Tell us.

(Restaurant. Amanda is going on and on.)
Amanda: You travel a lot, you meet all sorts of people, but you never really meet the ones you want to meet, you know? Do you believe in reincarnation?

(In the van, Lee rolls his eyes.)
Amanda: Maybe we met in another lifetime.

(Restaurant. Amanda is enjoying this now.)
Amanda: You see, sometimes I think that maybe I really lived once before during the War of the Roses. And I was a countess who lived in a huge, beautiful castle with acres of land.

(In the van, Lee is totally confused. The other agent is laughing to himself.)
Lee: What is she talking about?

Amanda: And my husband, the count, was imprisoned in the tower of London and then one night, it was a dark, stormy night, his enemies came and they took me away. So when they brought me to the gallows, I just looked at the executioner and smiled serenely because I knew I wasn't going to die.
Delano: I'm so glad you didn't. Victoria Greenwich, where have you been all my life?
Amanda: Which life?
(They both laugh. Delano points to the brooch on her dress, which of course holds the microphone.)
Delano: That's a lovely brooch. May I see it?
Amanda: No -- oh.
(He reaches for it, she tries to block his hand, but she knocks it off. It falls with a bang.)

(Van. Through the transmitter, the bang sounds a lot like a gunshot. Lee looks up, suddenly alert.)
Lee: What was that?
Agent: She dropped it.

(Restaurant. They are both sitting there uneasily. Neither of them wants to lean over and get it.)
Amanda: Uh . . .
Delano: How clumsy of me.
Amanda: No, it was my . . . Uh, if you'll excuse me, I'll just. . . .
Delano: Yes, of course.
(Amanda gets her purse, stands up out of the curved seat, and walks over toward the restroom. She whispers into the brooch.)
Amanda: To the ladies' room, fast!
(She turns the corner into the bathroom.)

(Van. Lee grabs up his coat and hops off his perch, leaving the other agent adjusting the dials on the transmitter.)

(Bathroom. Amanda is fiddling with the back of the brooch. When she sees Lee come in, she tosses the brooch to him and crosses her arms in front of her chest.)
Amanda: Well, you could at least give me equipment that works.
Lee: Who told you to drop it?
Amanda: I didn't drop it, he tried to look at it and it fell on the table.
Lee: If you'd spend more time paying attention to what you're supposed to be doing!
(Amanda looks up at him.)
Amanda: What is it I'm supposed to be doing? (Lee sighs.) I'm running out of things to say out there.
Lee: It didn't sound like that to me. Look, all you have to do is keep him mildly distracted while we sweep his house. (Amanda straightens up and sighs.) And by the way, you're not falling for that guy's line, are you? I mean, talk about obvious!
Amanda: What line? Look, you may think Jim's no good, but I think he's charming and I think he's sincere.
Lee: Jim?
Amanda: Yeah!
Lee: Do you have any idea how many women "Jim" has been sincere with?
Amanda: I don't believe it.
Lee: Dozens!
Amanda: No, you!
Lee: What about me?
Amanda: You're sounding like a jealous person!
Lee: I am not j--
Amanda: You have no right to act like a jealous person!
Lee: What are you --
(She grabs the brooch from Lee's hand, takes out the microphone and thrusts it into his hand.)
Amanda: Here. Look. You just take this little thing, get it out of my life! (She turns to the mirror and touches up her hair.) Go back in your truck and do whatever you're doing and don't eavesdrop on me!
(She reattaches the brooch without the microphone and angrily limps out the door.)
Lee: Now, wait a minute. Just -- (She leaves. He looks at the microphone in his hand and then closes his hand around it into a fist.) Amanda! . . . (He turns to see a strange woman staring at him with her mouth open, terrified. Quickly, Lee makes up a reason for him being in the ladies' room.) This isn't the kitchen! I've been duped! I demand to see the chef! Excuse me, please.
(He squeezes past the woman, who is still confused.)

(Later, a limousine pulls up outside Victoria Greenwich's house. In the backseat, Amanda and Delano look at each other, smiling.)
Delano: Is this where the lovely lady about town invites her escort in for a nightcap?
Amanda: Well, I'd love to, but I have to get up awfully early in the morning, I have a million things to do.
Delano: Will I see you Saturday night, then?
Amanda: I don't know.
Delano: I'll be very disappointed if you can't come. (Amanda gazes at him. Delano pulls a business card out of his pocket and hands it to her.) Here's my card. (Amanda reads it.) Eight o'clock. (Amanda looks up at him. Delano leans forward and kisses her.) Until then.
(Amanda smiles.)
Amanda: Good night. (He nods. The driver helps her out.) Thank you. (Delano starts to get out. Amanda stops him.) No, no, I can see myself up.
Delano: Good night.
Amanda: I had a lovely time, thank you.
(She starts climbing up the steps. Halfway up, she stops and turns around for one last look at Delano. He blows her a kiss. Amanda walks up the rest of the stairs and stops outside the door to get her key. When the door opens safely, the limo slowly drives away. Amanda walks inside and closes the door behind her.)

(Inside, Frederic and Mary are there to greet her.)
Amanda: Hello.
Frederic: Has madam had a pleasant evening?
Amanda: Yes, thank you very much.
(Mary walks up with the jewelry box.)
Mary: I'll just catch the jewelry.
(Frederic takes the box and Amanda's purse and Mary starts taking off the necklace.)
Amanda: Oh, no, that's all right, you don't have to wait on me. I know that you're not really --
Mary: Who's waiting on you? This stuff's worth a hundred fifty thousand smackers, it goes right back into storage. (Amanda understands and starts helping to take off the jewelry.) Earrings.
Amanda: Oh, I see. Earrings. Yes. Sure. I know. I see. Here you go.
(She pulls off the earrings while Mary stands there, nodding her approval. Lee appears in a doorway with a drink in his hand and watches.)
Mary: Bracelets. Bracelets. Okay, and brooch.
Amanda: Oh, the brooch.
(She starts to unclasp the brooch.)
Mary: Mm-hmm.
Amanda: I -- I didn't forget the brooch.
(Mary laughs politely. Amanda drops the brooch into the box. Frederic passes it over to Mary, who closes it. Frederic holds out a clipboard with a piece of paper.)
Frederic: Just sign the receipt, would you?
Amanda: Yes, sure. (She scribbles her name down with the pen that Frederic hands her. When she finishes dotting the "I", Mary and Frederic walk away.) Thank you!
(Finally Lee speaks up. He talks gently, as if apologizing for that evening.)
Lee: It's way after midnight, Cinderella. (Amanda looks up, startled. Lee chuckles and walks over to her. Amanda picks up her purse from the banister, where Frederic left it.)
Amanda: What are you doing here?
Lee: Someone ripped off her microphone in the ladies' room, that left me with a lot of time to kill.
Amanda: Listen. I have to go home. I should change clothes.
(She starts going upstairs, but stops when Lee speaks. He looks down at his glass.)
Lee: Aren't you going to tell me about your evening?
Amanda: Well, there's nothing to tell. I did what your computer wanted me to do, and now it's time for me to slip into a phone booth and turn back into Amanda King.
Lee: Amanda, we went to a lot of trouble to set this thing up. We scrambled the TV signal, we had Singer tell his servants our people were there to fix the reception.
Amanda: Um . . . what did they find out?
Lee: Unfortunately not much. We went through Hollander's things, we found a few Deutsche marks, a passport, a return airline ticket to Munich with a connecting flight to Berlin --
Amanda: Wait a minute. Who's Hollander?
Lee: He's working with Delano. The ticket's for Sunday. They'll be making their move between now and then. Now, what were you saying about your evening?
(The telephone rings. Amanda and Lee ignore it.)
Amanda: Oh. I wasn't going to say anything at all about it.
Lee: Hmm.
(Lee looks disappointed. Mary walks up and steps between the two spies. She hands Lee the phone.)
Mary: It's Mr. Singer telephoning for you at the Agency, Scarecrow. They're patching it through this phone.
Lee: Thank you. (He looks at Amanda and hands her his glass.) Would you hold this, please?
Amanda: Yeah, sure.
(Mary walks away. Lee picks up the receiver.)
Lee: Yes, Harry.
(At Delano's house, Harry is sorting through some papers.)
Harry: There's nothing much in the safe, Mr. Stetson, just overdue bank notes.
Lee: All right. I want you to think carefully now. Is there anything significant or out of the ordinary with Delano's plans between Sunday and now?
(At the mansion, Harry is thinking when he hears someone knocking. Hurriedly, he pushes the hold button on the telephone and hangs up the receiver.)

(In Victoria's house, Lee taps some buttons to see if Harry is still there.)
Lee: Har-- Harry? (He looks at Amanda and shrugs.) Must be on hold.
(Amanda nods.)

(Delano's house. Harry picks up the papers and stuffs them back into the safe in the wall. Then he closes the door and covers it back up with a framed painting. Meanwhile, the knocking is continuing. Harry adjusts his tie, then leans over his desk and acts like he's been working. He looks up briefly.)
Harry: Come in.
(The door opens and Hollander steps into the room.)
Hollander: Has Mr. Delano come back yet, Harry? (Harry, lighting a cigarette, smiles and shakes his head.) All right, I'll wait for him in the living room, eh? (He turns to leave. Focus on the telephone ominously blinking its light. Hollander turns and looks at it curiously.) Oh, by the way, the opera tickets were wonderful. Thank you very much. (Harry nervously acknowledges the thank you.) The seats were wonderful, but the performance was a little indifferent, hm? Thank you.
(Finally he leaves. Harry calls after him.)
Harry: Any time. (He smiles. When he hears the door shut, the smile drops and he picks up the phone again.) That was Hollander. He's back. Uh, the only thing that I can think of is the party.
(In Victoria's mansion, Lee is still talking with Amanda watching.)
Lee: What party?
Harry: He's having a big party for the East German ambassador here Saturday night. A lot of really top government and military officials. Black-tie.
Lee: Can you get ahold of the guest list?
Harry: I -- I think so.
Lee: All right, you get it. Meet me at seven o'clock tomorrow morning in front of the War Memorial at Rock Creek Park.
(Harry hangs up. In another room, Hollander silently hangs up the extension he had been listening on. He looks straight ahead evilly.)

(Rock Creek Park, next morning. Harry is pacing back and forth in front of the War Memorial. He nervously checks his watch. Lee, hiding cautiously behind a bush, peeks out. He looks side side. All he sees is an ice cream truck with cheerful music playing. Satisfied, Lee makes himself known.)
Lee: Harry? (Harry whirls around, then relaxes. Lee steps all the way out. The two men walk slowly to meet in the middle of the street. All is going well. Then, suddenly, screeching tires get their attention. The ice cream truck speeds up, heading straight for Harry. A man leans out and gets a machine gun ready. Lee reaches for his own gun.) Harry, get out of here!
(Harry turns and hotfoots it out of there. The truck instead heads for Lee. Lee holds up his pistol, then when he sees the machine gun, he runs. The man fires. Lee rolls over the hood of his Porsche, the bullets close behind, making a trail of small holes in the windshield. Lee goes flying off the other side of the car. The truck veers around, straight for Harry. Terrified, Harry runs. The truck follows him. Harry heads for the grass, but the truck easily drives right over the curb. Harry keeps running, but finds himself against a brick wall. Harry flattens himself against the wall, but the truck keeps coming right at him.)

(IFF. Lee and Billy are walking down the hall, discussing the events in the park.)
Billy: I wish you'd gotten that list.
Lee: I'm sorry, Billy. By the time I got to Harry, he was dead and the list was gone.
Billy: But he did say a lot of dignitaries were coming.
Lee: Yeah, the cream of Washington society.
Billy: Except that one of these distinguished people is a traitor.
Lee: Mm.
Billy: The setup's not bad.
Lee: Well, If you're an important person and you've got something hot to pass and you're being watched, the best place to do it's in a room full of other important people, right?
(Lee and Billy stop outside the doors to main office.)
Billy: We've got to get you in there somehow.
Lee: Security's tight as a drum. They know Harry was talking to us. (Billy starts to open the door, then stops and turns around, facing Lee, with a smile on his face like he just got a brilliant idea.) Uh-oh. I know that look.
Billy: All she has to do is open the door for you.
Lee: Billy, she can't even keep a wire on right.
Billy: She doesn't need a wire! Didn't you tell me that Delano was quite taken with her? Well, surely she can use her charm to get herself invited.
(Billy opens the door and walks in, leaving Lee standing out in the hall. Billy stops long enough to give Lee a meaningful look.)
Lee: Charm?
(He looks around, then sighs.)

(Delano's mansion. Hollander is sitting in a chair perfectly calm, eating. Delano is having a manicure across the room. The manicurist, Frank, jerks. Delano speaks angrily.)
Delano: Be careful, please.
Frank: Sorry, Mr. Delano.
(Frank continues, more cautiously.)
Hollander: Isn't it a little bit early to be so short-tempered, James? Here. Have your poached egg.
(Frank jerks again. Delano pulls his hand away.)
Delano: Leave me, Frank.
(Delano starts biting his fingernails. Without a word, Frank gathers his things together, closes his bag, takes his chair, and leaves the room. Hollander looks up at Delano reproachfully.)
Hollander: Don't go nibbling your nails. Why undo Frank's fine work, hm?
(Delano takes his hand out of his mouth, but glares right at Hollander.)
Delano: You didn't have to kill Singer.
Hollander: The man betrayed you, Mr. Delano.
(Delano sits up straighter and leans forward a little.)
Delano: The man was in my employ. I reserve the right to dismiss my employees as I see fit. And that rarely includes homicide.
Hollander: He should have kept his mouth shut. He was planning to give the guest list for the party to some American agents.
(Delano leans back.)
Delano: We'll call it off. We'll call the whole deal off.
Hollander: It's a little too late for that.
(Delano stands up out of his chair and looks angrily at Delano.)
Delano: Who do you think you are? I don't take orders from you.
Hollander: Mr. Delano, may I remind you that you and your company were headed for financial disaster? You need us.
Delano: It's not worth Harry's life!
(Hollander briefly glances up at Delano, then back at his breakfast.)
Hollander: How about yours?
Delano: Are you threatening me?
(Hollander looks up at Delano, then suddenly bursts out laughing. Delano does not crack a smile.)
Hollander: No, of course not. (He walks around the room and picks up the telephone. Delano keeps looking straight ahead.) Here. Feel free to go to the police, here! Call them, go ahead! Tell them about Harry and your American agent, tell them about how you arranged the exclusive selling rights of that plastic chicken of yours in East Germany! (Delano looks at the floor.) Tell them all, go ahead! Spill your guts! (He angrily plops the phone back down on the bed and starts walking to the door. He stops and turns.) Soak your cuticles, James. It really does help.
(He walks out of the room. Sadly, Delano closes his bathrobe, since there is nothing else to do.)

(Park. Lee is pacing back and forth in a remote spot with no grass. He checks his watch. Pretty soon, Amanda comes running up, as usual, still buttoning her cuff.)
Amanda: I'm sorry I'm late, I had to take the boys --
Lee: Little League game?
(Amanda looks somewhat disappointed that Lee was wrong. She adjusts her purse strap.)
Amanda: No. PTA. We're organizing a cake sale.
Lee: Ah. Look, about last night, I lost my head, I --
(Amanda speaks at the same time.)
Amanda: Oh, I'm sorry, I really --
(They both look at each other and laugh nervously. Then, Lee gets serious.)
Lee: Amanda, trust me. James Delano is no one to get involved with.
Amanda: Oh, I'm not getting involved with James Delano. It's just that I've never known anyone like him before. (Lee nods.) And I've never been anyone like Victoria Greenwich before, you know? It's just -- well, it's kind of like a fantasy you have when you're a kid, you understand.
Lee: Yeah. Well, you know what happens to some of those fantasies, don't you? You grow up and you find out how lousy things really are.
Amanda: I used to have fantasies about secret agents. (Lee sighs. Amanda giggles, then tries to stop and clears her throat. She gets back to business.) What do you want me to do?
Lee: We want you to continue your relationship with James Delano.
(Amanda is all set to give up Delano, so, expecting that instuction, she nods.)
Amanda: Yeah, all right, well -- what?
Lee: Well, we're convinced that he's about to be passed some sensitive information.
Amanda: I have a feeling this is the part where the fantasy gets lousy?
Lee: Look, it shouldn't be dangerous if you do exactly what you're told. (Amanda sighs deeply, then nods.) Now first, we want you to get yourself invited to a party that he's giving Saturday night.
Amanda: Is that all?
Lee: It may not be that easy. He may not call you again, though he did seem quite taken with you. (He looks away from her and paces back and forth, thinking out loud.) Now, if he doesn't call in a day or two, you'll have to call him. Say something about Saturday, ask him if he has any plans, (Amanda tries to hide a smile) sort of put him in a position where he has to invite you because you'll find out about the party. So then we'll work out a scenario and -- (he finally stops walking and looks at Amanda reproachfully.) Amanda, this is a very delicate situation.
(Amanda shrugs.)
Amanda: No problem. He invited me last night.
Lee: What?
Amanda: Now, what do you want me to do?

(Saturday night. Lee, as a chauffeur, is driving Amanda in a limousine to Delano's mansion. Amanda has her hair down and she is wearing one of Victoria's dresses and the silver jewelry. She is in the backseat. Lee is giving her last-minute instructions.)
Lee: Circulate, stay out of trouble, try not to call unnecessary attention to yourself.
Amanda: No cha-cha, huh?
(Lee chuckles.)
Lee: No cha-cha. Now, after the party's in full swing, go to the study, flick the lights three times, open the French doors, then go back to the party.
Amanda: That's all?
Lee: That's all.
(Amanda nods, then exhales. She glances at her hands, then looks up at Lee uncertainly.)
Amanda: What's going to happen to him?
Lee: I don't know. Amanda, in this kind of work, you have to keep your feelings separate from your job.
Amanda: Yes, I'm learning that.
(She and Lee share a special smile.)
Lee: Remember what I said about fantasies?
(Amanda smiles and looks downward.)

(At the mansion, Lee's limo pulls up. He adjusts his driver cap, which he obviously just put on, and then opens the door and gets out. He opens Amanda's door and helps her out. Then he places her fur shawl on her shoulder.)
Amanda: Thank you.
(She starts to limp away, but stops and turns when Lee whispers.)
Lee: Hey. You look fabulous.
(Amanda smiles shyly and looks at the ground. Then, she walks away. Limping. she walks over to the entrance of the mansion.)

(Inside, an aide opens the door. Amanda is on the other side. She steps up.)
Amanda: Thank you. (She walks in. The aide shuts the door behind her. Amanda walks up to another man checking names.) Hello.
Man: Your name, madam?
Amanda: Miss Greenwich.
(A maid walks up and removes the shawl.)
Maid: Your coat, madam.
(She removes the shawl. The man walks away.)
Man: Thank you, madam.
(Across the room, Delano is surrounded by chatting people. He looks up and spots Amanda. He speaks to the person next to him.)
Delano: Uh, would you excuse me?
(He trots down the stairs to meet Amanda, who is holding her arm outstretched. Delano takes it in his hand.)
Amanda: Hello.
Delano: I'm so glad you could come.
(Amanda laughs girlishly.)
Amanda: Thank you.
(Delano gestures to the main ballroom with dancing people and food. He starts to lead Amanda in.)
Delano: Would you like some champagne?
Amanda: A lovely home.
Delano: Thank you.
(The couple walks into the room. Hollander steps up and, after looking from side to side, focuses in on Amanda.)

(Outside, Lee is waiting by the limo. He checks his watch, then glances over at the study window.)

(Inside the ballroom, Delano is introducing Hollander to Amanda. Hollander takes her hand.)
Hollander: Enchanté.
(He kisses her hand. He straightens and Amanda puts her arm back around Delano.)
Amanda: Well, thank you, it's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Hollander.
Hollander: Tell me, Miss Greenwich, where are you from?
Amanda: Oh, uh, here and there, I travel quite a bit.
Hollander: Do you know Europe?
Delano: Miss Greenwich has a house in Rome and a ski chalet in Gstaad.
Hollander: Nice place, Gstaad. Unfortunate the skiing was very disappointing this year, was it not?
(Amanda looks from one man to the other. Both are watching her for an answer and smiling.)
Amanda: Uh, yes, very.
Delano: If you'll excuse us, I'd like to show Miss Greenwich the view from the terrace.
Hollander: Of course.
(Delano leads her away. Hollander's smile fades. He looks solemnly across the room at a man serving food. The man nods slowly.)

(On the terrace, Amanda and Delano are looking at the view. Or rather, Amanda is looking at the view. Delano is looking at her.)
Amanda: It's really beautiful.
(Delano suavely slips his arm around Amanda's waist. Startled, Amanda looks at him.)
Delano: So are you.
(He lifts her up so that she is standing straight up, facing him. He pulls her closer and they enjoy a long, romantic kiss. In the corner, a curtain slides over. Hollander's face is on the other side of the window. He is watching them with a cruel smile.)

(Later that evening, all the guests are sitting in chairs in the ballroom, watching an opera singer perform with piano accompaniment. Amanda glances around nervously, then reaches over and taps Delano's arm. Surprised, he looks at her. She silently whispers something to him. He nods and watches her take her purse, get up from her seat and leave the room. She passes the nodding man. He stops her.)
Man: Excuse me, ma'am. May I help you?
Amanda: Yes, could you, uh, could you tell me where the powder room is? (Without a word, the man points off in the direction of an elegantly carved wooden door.) Oh, thank you.
(She walks into the room and closes the door. Satisfied, the man turns back to the singer. In a few seconds, the bathroom door opens again and Amanda pops her head out. Soon, the rest of her body follows. She quietly shuts the door and walks around the corner. In the hallway, Amanda stops and inspects the row of doors. Then she walks straight ahead.)

(Outside, Lee watches the study doors, waiting for Amanda's signal.)

(Inside, Amanda is entering the study. She closes the door behind her. You can still hear the singer.)

(In the ballroom, Delano in entranced by the music, but shakes himself out of it and looks over his shoulder at Hollander, who looks back and nods. Reluctantly, Delano stands up and walks out of the room, with Hollander and another man close behind.)

(In the study, Amanda opens another door and walks into a smaller room. First she casually peeks in, in case someone is there, but seeing that there isn't, she resumes her James Bond mode and quietly shuts the door. She walks over to check the window. An unfinished chess game is set up in the middle of the room.)

(Outisde, Lee is still waiting. He looks around nervously.)

(Inside, Amanda looks around for the light switch. Seeing it, she walks over to it. It happens to be right next to the door.)

(In the hallway outside the study, Commoran, holding a box, is waiting tensely for somebody. He hears footsteps and jumps. Delano, Hollander, and the other man come around the corner. Hollander greets him. Delano opens the doors to the bigger study.)

(In the smaller study, Amanda hears them and quickly flattens herself up against the wall next to the door. She brushes a crystal sconce and it jingles. She silences it by holding it still with her hand. She can hear the men on the other side.)
Hollander: Mr. Commoran, come in, please.
(The men set up in the other room. Hollander walks over to the door leading into the room where Amanda is hiding. He slightly opens it, bumping it against Amanda's shoulder. Delano calls and stops him.)
Delano: Hollander. This will be fine in here. Let's just get this thing over with.
(Hollander closes the door. Amanda relaxes and sighs with relief. In the big room, one man gets a slide projector out of a box and sets it up on the table. Hollander talks with Commoran.)
Hollander: I believe the figure agreed upon, Mr. Commoran, is two hundred thousand dollars.
Commoran: That's right.
Hollander: Well, we're certainly very anxious to see what we are purchasing.
(In the smaller study, Amanda is anxious, too. She peers through the crack in the doors to watch. Commoran is placing slides into the projecter. Hollander and Delano are standing on either side of him.)
Commoran: Yes, uh, yes, and get the lights please.
(The man next to the lights reaches over and flicks the switch. The room gets dark. Commoran runs the projector. On the screen are black and white air photographs of the land. Large red circles are on each frame. Hollander gazes at it.)
Hollander: Why, it's remarkable. Almost as good as being there. Mr. Commoran, continue.
Commoran: You're looking at Pershing missiles. Approximately two dozen. (The picture on the screen changes to a farm land with three red circles.) I've circled the white mounds which there on the ground look like haystacks. (In the smaller room, Amanda is listening. Her eyes widen.) The other circles are around farmhouses, which look quite innocent on the ground. All of these structures house missiles. The orientation of which is south, southwest. These other photographs are pages from a secret study which demonstrate the vulnerability of the system.
Hollander: I think we've seen enough. Lights, please. (The other man turns the lights back on. Commoran begins gathering up his slides. Hollander looks over Commoran's head and speaks to Delano.) The money, Mr. Delano.
(Delano glares at him, but walks acros the room to the door to the small study. He walks in, hiding Amanda with the open door. Amanda peers out to see what he does. What he does is walk over to his desk. He picks up a briefcase and sighs, looking ahead. Amanda pulls her head back behind the door. Delano, not having seen her, takes the briefcase and returns to the bigger room, closing the door behind him. When he does, Amanda relaxes from her scrunched-up position.)

(In the bigger room, Delano has set the briefcase in front of Commoran. Delano opens it. Inside are two hundred thousand dollars in neat piles of bills. Commoran starts to go through them.)
Hollander: It's all there, Mr. Commoran. Though I shouldn't count it now if I were you. (Commoran nods and closes the briefcase. Hollander looks up at Delano.) Shall we join the party?
(Delano looks at him, then leads the men out of the room. Hollander, the last one, turns off the lights.)

(In the small study, Amanda listens for a few seconds, then steps over to the light switches. She tries one of them out, then goes to the next one. When she flicks the switch up, the light goes on. Smiling, she turns to the window and begins flicking the lights three times. Outisde, Lee sees the signal. Inside, in the bigger study, Hollander is just leaving when he sees the light flashing under the door. He stops. In the small study, Amanda has finished with the light switch and she is walking over to the French doors. She pushes the curtain aside and unlocks the door. She opens it, checking it, then shuts it again. Satisfied, she adjusts her purse and quickly walks to the door, fixing her hair as she does so. When she opens the door, Hollander is standing there, smiling at her. Amanda is surprised.)
Amanda: Oh!
Hollander: Good evening. Is there something wrong with the lights, Miss Greenwich?
Amanda: Well, not that I know of. If you'll excuse me, I think I'll just --
(Hollander reaches into his jacket and whips out a gun. Amanda does a double take at it. Her smile fades.)
Hollander: Will you come with me? Please?
(He motions with the gun and backs out. Amanda follows.)

(In the ballroom, the lady is still singing. No one has noticed a thing. Delano walks back in and takes his seat. The woman finishes a song and everybody applauds.)

(In the study, Lee has finally gotten there. Cautiously, he opens the French doors and steps in, silently closing the doors behind him. While he is doing this, a man leaps at him in the dark. As soon as Lee looks up, he is tackled and punched in the stomach. The man then punches him in the back and sends him sprawling into a chair. The chair rolls away and Lee is left facedown on the floor. As Lee is getting up, the man jumps on him piggy-back style. Lee manages to get to his knees and elbows the attacker sharply in the stomach. Lee takes the arm around his neck and flings it away. The man is thrown off-balance. Lee uses that to his advantage and grabs the man's head. He lets go of it in a way to make it bang against the wall. Then he stands up. Before he can take another shot, the man recovers and butts Lee in the gut with his head. They both go flying off a desk, knocking everything over.)

(In the ballroom, Hollander is leading Amanda upstairs with the gun. The audience is oblivious to this. Amanda stops at the top of the stairs and, pretending to watch the singer, subtly slips off her purse and hangs it on the banister. Hollander takes her.)
Hollander: Please, this way.

(In the study, the fight is still going on. Lee, sitting in a chair, gets punched and tips over backwards, carrying the chair with him. But he does a backward roll and lands on his knees. He scrambles to his feet in time to kick the attacker under the chin. He does another karate-type kick in the same place and the man falls into a glass cabinet. The man throws a punch. Lee easily dodges it and punches the man in the small of the back. The man groans, then Lee aims one for the stomach. The man doubles over in pain. Lee grabs him by the neck, whirls him around and delivers one last punch to the jaw. The man goes flying, obliterating the chess game and landing with his limp head and arms resting in a chair. Lee stands over him and shakes his own sore hand up and down.)
Lee: Checkmate.
(Panting, he runs from the room.)

(Upstairs, Hollander has led Amanda into a bedroom. He points the gun at her chest and faces her.)
Hollander: Now, Miss Greenwich, who are you working for?
Amanda: I really don't know what you're talking about.
Hollander: My dear, who do you think we are, children? (Amanda gulps.) Your story, of course, was preposterous.
Amanda: What story?
Hollander: Gstaad. If you really were there this winter, you will know that skiing was the best it's been for twenty years. Now, what is your real name?
(Amanda is terrified, but tries to keep her cover. Her voice squeaks.)
Amanda: Victoria Greenwich.
(Hollander immediately slaps her hard across the face. She holds her cheek and sits down on the bed.)
Hollander: I do dislike hitting women.
(Amanda looks up at him, still holding her cheek, terrified.)

(Ballroom. The singer is in the middle of another song. Lee enters in the back of the room, unnoticed by the guests. He tiptoes across the room. Then he tries to decide where to go, but when he sees Amanda's purse that she had left on the banister as a clue, he instantly runs up the stairs two at a time.)

(In the bedroom, Amanda is still on the bed, watching Hollander fill a syringe with the same fluid used to kill Saigil in the first scene. He squirts some out the top.)
Hollander: Perhaps this will make you remember who you are?
Amanda: Would you believe me if I told you that I was just a suburban lady with two small boys, a station wagon, and a Little League team on a bad losing streak? (Hollander smiles and shakes his head.) In that case, I think I'll scream.
Hollander: Nobody will hear you because of the music, oh, it's lovely, isn't it? (Amanda takes a breath and screams just as the singer hits a long, high note. Nobody hears. But Lee, who is upstairs looking for her, hears it and then hears it fade. He rushes to the sound. In the bedroom, Amanda is unconscious on the bed. Hollander has just finished injecting the poison. Lee bursts into the room. Hollander drops Amanda's arm. Lee runs right at him and tries to wrestle the gun away. Hollander grabs Lee by the throat and they turn around multiple times like that. Lee has gritted teeth, and Hollander is desperately trying to point the gun at Lee's face. But Lee pushes the gun away far enough to give him time to let go of Hollander with one hand and punch the hand by his throat away. Then he punches Hollander in the stomach and Hollander goes flying into the dresser and lets the gun fall. In one quick movement, Lee picks up the gun and points it at Hollander, who breathes heavily. Keeping his eye on Hollander, Lee backs over to the bed and lifts up Amanda's arm. He looks at the needle mark, then picks up the syringe and walks back to Hollander. They can here that downstairs, the singer has completed a song and the audience is applauding loudly. Ignoring it, Lee sniffs the syringe, holding the gun steady at Hollander. Panting, he speaks through gritted teeth.)
Lee: All right, what's -- what's in the injection? You tell me what's in the injection or I'll blow your brains all over this room.
Hollander: Be my guest. You know I won't talk. We're both in the same business.
(Lee drops the syringe. Shaking, he raises the gun to Hollander's face. He cocks it. Then, suddenly, instead of shooting, he whacks Hollander with his palm. Hollander bangs against the dresser and falls unconsciously facefirst to the carpet. Lee steps aside, making room for the fall. Then he walks over to Amanda, throws the gun on the bed, and kneels beside her.)

(Downstairs, everyone is happily enjoying the music.)

(Upstairs, the bedroom door opens and Lee, carrying Amanda in his arms, steps out and makes his way down the stairs. Everyone he passes, a few laughing couples and a maid, stop and stare. When he walks to the ballroom, everyone starts whispering and staring. Ignoring them, Lee keeps walking until he gets to the doorway of the ballroom. The music abruptly stops. Everyone turns around in their seats and gasps. Lee's eyes search the audience for Delano, who stands up and watches with wide eyes. Angrily, Lee shifts the weight in his arms and walks through the aisle to Delano. Lee speaks fairly civilly. He is sweating and his hair is disheveled.)
Lee: All right, what did he give her? You tell me, because you know she doesn't deserve this.
Delano: I'm sorry. I'm really very sorry.
(By now, Lee's voice is raw and he is somehow shouting quietly.)
Lee: Don't you apologize! If anything happens to her, I'll swear to you'll do your time in a wheelchair, now you talk to me, fast!
(Silence for a few minutes while Lee pants, catching his breath.)
Delano: It was muscarine. Ten cc's.
(He lowers his eyes. Lee takes Amanda and walks away.)

(Later, they are in an ambulance speeding down the street with screaming sirens. In the ambulance, Amanda is lying on the gurney, still unconscious. Lee is sitting by her side, his eyes transfixed on her. There is an attendant fiddling with plastic tubes and medicine bags. He looks up at Lee.)
Attendant: She's stabilized, Mr. Stetson. She'll be all right.
(Lee nods. The attendant leaves. Lee looks down at Amanda's motionless face on the pillow. He reaches over her and puts his hand on the windowsill. He eases himself off his chair and kneels down beside Amanda, leaning over her. He starts to talk as if she were conscious.)
Lee: I, uh . . . I guess this one got a little rough. I'm sorry. (He lovingly brushes the hair away from her face. He speaks with a catch in his voice.) You might even make a . . . decent agent someday.
(Amanda opens her eyes and smiles. She is still in a daze.)
Amanda: Thank you.
(Lee's smile fades and he sits up, dismayed.)
Lee: You're awake?
Amanda: Oh, porter, please wake me when we get to Portofino. (Lee sighs, looking somewhat relieved.) Thank you.
(Lee smiles fondly and shakes his head.)

(The next night Amanda's house, Amanda is perfectly fine again. She is coming out from the kitchen door with a dish towel in her hands. She closes the door behind her and walks over to where Lee is waiting by her window.)
Amanda: Hi.
Lee: Hi.
Amanda: You're getting awful good at knocking on my kitchen window.
Lee: Yeah. Uh, am I interrupting anything?
Amanda: Supper dishes.
Lee: Oh.
Amanda: Victoria Greenwich may not do dishes, but Amanda King has a sinkful.
(She slings the towel over one shoulder and the two laugh. They lean against the window.)
Lee: You're going to miss her, aren't you?
Amanda: Ah, well, sure. A little bit.
Lee: Huh.
(He smiles. They sit there quietly for a few seconds until Amanda looks at him again.)
Amanda: So. What are you doing in my garden at seven-thiry at night?
Lee: Uh, just checking. I wanted to see if you were all right.
Amanda: I'm -- I'm fine, yeah. (Lee nods and looks away.) Listen, you know, uh, there's something been bothering me all day long and I just -- Now I know that they give you, um, sedatives and things in that ambulance, um, I just wondered if, uh . . . did you say something nice to me?
Lee: Like what?
Amanda: I was dreaming. Sedatives, it does things to your mind.
Lee: Yeah.
Amanda: I better go back inside and help Jamie with his fractions.
Lee: Yeah.
Amanda: Yeah.
Lee: Right.
Amanda: Okay.
Lee: Uh, I'll just let myself out.
(He straightens up.)
Amanda: Oh, all right. Bye.
Lee: See you around.
Amanda: Hmm. Okay. (He starts to go and she starts to go back inside, but she turns back to him.) Oh, Lee?
(Lee stops by the trellis and turns.)
Lee: Yeah?
Amanda: How'd you get me out of there?
Lee: I carried you.
(Not knowing what to say, Amanda just laughs. They exchange looks. Then Lee turns and leaves. Amanda rolls her eyes, still chuckling.)
Amanda: Carried me.