Scarecrow and Mrs. King
Magic Bus

(Road. Sarge, "the weasel-faced man," hidden in a bush, looks through binoculars at the road. A little further away, Gordon Standish is crouched behind another bush with a walkie-talkie in his hand. Men are gathered around him. The road is empty.)
Gordon: See anything yet?
Sarge: Uh, negative.
(Gordon puts his walkie-talkie down and talks to the man next to him.)
Gordon: This ought to be quite a haul.
(Another man with his face covered glances up at a fourth man holding a machine gun, his eyes squinted. Sarge gets ready. A truck drives past him. The man watches it, then picks up his walkie-talkie.)
Sarge: He's on the way.
Gordon: Right. (The men around him start to get their weapons ready. Gordon tucks his walkie-talkie away in a bag, then takes out a wool hat with eye and mouth holes cut out. He slips it on over his face. All the other men follow suit. The driver, wearing a government uniform, drives along the road, unsuspecting.) Get him. (All the men suddenly jump in front of the truck. The driver slams on his brakes. The men all run back to the bushes when the truck stops, except for Gordon. He marches to the door and points his machine gun at the driver. The driver puts his hands up.) Get out. (The driver slowly and nervously opens the door and steps out. The door squeaks. The driver faces Gordon. Gordon still holds his gun.) All the water or you're a dead man.
(The driver looks at him, with a look that says "what?!".)

(Chemical plant. Inside, a workman pushes open the heavy door. A little cart drives in. One of the plant workers is driving. Billy is next to him in the front passenger seat, Congressman Fremont is sitting behind him with his bodyguard, Holt, beside him, and Lee and Francine are at the back, facing backwards. Lee has his legs crossed, looking as cool as ever. The cart continues moving.)
Billy: Well, Congressman Fremont, the extensive guard we've placed around the plant must make you feel secure.
Holt: The congressman never feels secure. He is, after all, on the Arms Appropriations Committee.
Billy: Then you must feel satisfied that the committee supported development of this new weapon.
Holt: The congressman never feels satisfied. His job is awesome. But his spirit is tireless.
Billy: Well, they needn't worry anymore. Lee Stetson has proved his driving skills at Lemans and Monaco. He'll take care of the TWU.
(Francine turns in her seat.)
Francine: What does TWU stand for?
Holt: Total Weaponry Unit. It took five years to develop, nine million dollars to produce --
Fremont: And two hundred and thirty-five man-hours to push it through congress. (The cart stops. Everyone climbs out, except for the driver.) Now, the TWU stands ready to take its place beside the Polaris sub, the B-52, and the Titan. Gentlemen, lady, I give you . . . the Vigilant!
(Billy raises his eyebrows at this introduction, but turns to look anyway. Lee and Francine both look up, too. A fanfare plays. Lights flash on. The trumpet fades to a disappointing end. Parked there is a simple recreation vehicle.)
Lee: What?
(He turns to look at Francine. She is looking at it the same way. Holt walks past Fremont up to the camper.)
Holt: Awesome, isn't it? (Fremont nods. Lee's mouth closes. Holt looks over his shoulder as he walks to the Vigilant.) It's so computerized, a baby could drive it.
(Fremont walks up to join him. Lee, Francine and Billy are left staring at it. Billy looks at the floor.)
Fremont: What Teflon did for pots, the Vigilant will do for battle.
Lee: Ooh. Oh, just what I like. A war you can throw at a minute's notice with no messy cleanup.
(He walks up to the RV and pats Billy on the shoulder as he passes him. Francine steps up to Billy and glances at him, then they walk up together.)
Fremont: Let's go inside. (He proudly holds the door open and steps aside. Lee walks up to him. Francine follows, then Billy. Lee lets Francine go in first, then steps in himself. Billy walks in after Lee, then Fremont, and finally Holt. In the camper, computers and control panels are taking up the walls. When they walk in, they look around. Lee looks over his shoulder at Billy.) Now wait till you see her in action. (He squeezes by Lee and Billy.) Excuse me.
(Fremont flips the switch to a television. It turns on. On the screen, a woman is standing in front of the Vigilant, parked on grass. The woman talks cheerfully and pleasantly, like a salesman on a car commercial.)
Woman: Hi, there. Welcome to a whole new world in weapons. (She turns and looks at the vehicle.) Yes, this is the fully computerized Vigilant. (A view of the Vigilant driving normally down a normal street.) Total Weaponry Unit. (A man sitting in the Vigilant, viewing something on the monitor.) Is that a bazooka ahead? (On the monitor, the man watches an explosion.) No problem. (Lee looks at Francine, then at Billy. Billy smiles subtly at him, knowing what he is thinking.) This thick-skinned beauty is a fortress on tires. (A view of machine guns on top of the Vigilant firing in a circle.) She can fire over a thousand rounds per minute and launch multi-targeted missiles. (They see the missiles on screen. Lee looks at the screen. A picture of the missile shooting up into the air is on. Then an explosion. Then an angry crowd.) Mob control? You bet. (A tank shoots teargas over the crowd. The crowd falls silent. Fremont looks at Holt, pleased.) Global communications, tactical planning? Sure. So, for combat you can count on, look to this plain-looking little van that you move unobtrusively from one hot spot to the next. (The woman sits in the Vigilant on the screen and looks around her.) Yes, the Vigilant. Gives brand new meaning to the word "assault."
(The monitor clicks off. Lee looks at a little ceramic bust of a man among all the technology.)
Fremont: You have just seen the weapon of the future. And it's ours.
(Lee picks up the bust and looks at it. He holds it up to everybody.)
Lee: John Paul Jones?
Fremont: We're related. I wanted the Vigilant to have a mascot.
(He turns and walks to the door. Everyone follows. Lee keeps talking.)
Lee: Well, this is all . . . all very nice, but what exactly do you want me to do with it?
(Fremont opens the door and steps down. Everyone follows.)
Fremont: Drive it three thousand miles cross-country to Arizona. Within three days, the Vigilant will officially be unveiled for the military, congressional top brass, as well as the press.
(The five people divide themselves into two groups: Fremont and Holt facing Billy, Lee, and Francine.)
Lee: Well, couldn't you just ship the thing? It would save on the wear and tear.
Billy: We need the tightest security possible. We'll send the mock-up by air, and no one will ever know that you're driving the real one across country.
(Lee rolls his eyes.)
Fremont: I want you to roll onto the proving ground in Arizona and without stopping, demolish a town.
Lee: What?
Fremont: Oh, not a real town. We built one.
Lee: It just seems to me that in three thousand miles, the opportunities for sabotage are enormous.
Billy: That's precisely why you'll rendezvous with an undercover escort.
Fremont: And your time and place of departure will be kept secret.
Billy: The mock-up will. Hopefully, anybody watching will follow it.
Lee: Yeah, but where will the real bus be?
Billy: In a place so innocent and ordinary that no one would ever expect to find a classified military weapon.
(He turns and smiles knowingly at Lee. Lee glares at him.)

(Amanda's house. Amanda is scrubbing pants at the sink One pair is over her shoulder. Jamie is taking a container of milk out of the refrigerator. Phillip is on the couch, talking on the telephone, with his feet hanging over the arm.)
Amanda: Phillip, are you almost through? Dean's going to call, and I want to thank him for letting you boys play football in your good jeans.
(Phillip sits up and speaks into the phone.)
Phillip: Okay, I'll talk to you later. Bye. (He hangs up.) Okay, I'm off, Mama!
(He brings the phone back over to Amanda. She turns around and hands him both pairs of pants and a box of stain treatment. Phillip puts the phone down and takes them.)
Amanda: Thank you, sweetheart. Look, take these, go put them in the washer, put about a cup and a half of this stuff --
(The phone rings. Phillip immediately tossesthe pile back into Amanda's arms and answers the phone.)
Phillip: Hello?
Amanda: Jamie, put the ice cream back.
Phillip: Yes, she is. Is this Dean? (He turns to Amanda, puzzled.) He says "not in a thousand years."
(Amanda takes the phone and drops the jeans and box into Phillip's arms.)
Amanda: Here. Pants. Yeah, sure. Go. Scoot. (She pats him as he runs off. Amanda turns to the counter.) Hello, is this who I think it is?
(At the Agency, Lee is leaning in a desk chair on the phone.)
Lee: Well, who do you think it is?
Amanda: Look, you cannot call here. Real people live here and they won't understand you.
Lee: Look, we need a little favor.
Amanda: Favor?
Lee: This was Billy's idea.
(Amanda puts her hand on her hip and pretends that she is not interested.)
Amanda: Well, what kind of favor?
Lee: Well, actually, it's not for Billy so much as it is for the country.
(Amanda starts relenting, then whirls around, startled, as Dotty walks into the kitchen with her usual bad timing.)
Dotty: Oh, lord, I hate pruning.
Amanda, dear, Herb, from Herb's Cars is here with that RV that you're buying.
Amanda: Oh. What?!
(Dotty walks out. Lee winces. He talks rapidly, not giving her a chance to protest.)
Lee: Uh-oh, they beat me to it. I have been trying to call you. (Amanda closes her mouth.) It's -- it's sort of a secret vehicle. We'll be leaving very early with it, so don't worry, there will be a couple of guards out on the street all night. We really appreciate you doing this. Thanks.
(He hangs up.)
Amanda: Oh, no.
(She hangs up, then walks outside, putting her hair up as she walks. When she gets outside, she stops. The Vigilant is parked in her driveway. A man is waxing it. He gestures to it. Amanda sighs and makes a sort of "what now?" gesture.)

(Country club. People are golfing. Inside, Gordon is sitting at his desk, talking the telephone. Holt's voice is on the other end.)
Gordon: Why are you phoning me here?
Holt: The plans have changed. They won't be leaving from the plant.
Gordon: We can handle it. Go on.

(King house. Amanda is in her robe, staggering out of the kitchen with food in her arms. She packs the food into a picnic basket sitting open on the table. The radio is on.)
Announcer: It's 5:30 am in Washington. . . .
Amanda: I've got to make lunch for this guy. I don't know why I bother. He'll never appreciate it.

(Across the street, a van that says "Di-Dee Diaper Service" is parked. Inside are the Agency guards. They are playing cards. One of them takes a sip of coffee and looks at a monitor. He sees the Vigilant sitting in Amanda's driveway silently. The man turns back to the card game. Outside the van, a man on a bicycle rides by. He throws a newspaper in a yard. A dog barks. The man tosses another paper. It lands neatly on the Diaper van next to an intake vent. Pink knockout gas emits from the can rolled up in the newspaper. The gas gets sucked into the vent. It fills up the van. The two men jump up from the table. One of them reaches for the telephone. The other runs for the door. But before they can get away or call for help, they slump to the floor, unconscious.)

(Back to Amanda. She packs a bag of grapes in the basket. She hears the RV motor running. Curious, she goes over to the window and peeks through the blinds. The RV is backing out of the driveway. Amanda stares, wide-eyed. The man driving the van is Sarge. He stops it and drives past the Diaper van and away. Amanda steps away from the window and briskly walks to the kitchen telephone. She picks up the receiver, then stops for a minute. Then, remembering the number, she dials it. The phone rings.)
Secretary: Five-five-eight-three.
Amanda: Uh, hello, hello. Um, I need to talk to someone there.

(IFF. Billy's office. Billy is sitting at his desk. Fremont is standing next to him, dead serious. Francine is leaning on the door, Holt is next to her, and Lee is sitting in a chair on the other side of Billy's desk. They are all listening to a tape player. Gordon's voice is on the tape.)
Gordon: And so, Congressman Fremont, what we do is for a noble cause. We are patient people, reasonable people, but we will not let our brothers rot in jail, persecuted for doing their patriotic duty. You have seventy-two hours. Awake America! (Holt walks over and sits on the sofa.) You are a sleeping giant, and soon Goliath will fall! We will return the Vigilant, when you return Gary and Gertrude: the Stewed Tomato II.
Lee (to Fremont): The Stewed Tomato II?
Fremont: That's all he said, then he hung up.
Lee: Who are these people?
(Francine speaks up. Lee turns around.)
Francine: It's a group calling themselves the Survivors. (She gets up and walks over to Lee.) They insist that America has become too soft, and that we aren't prepared for disaster strike. They put out a newsletter called (checks folder) America Alert. Urging their followers to become fit, learn how to live off the land --
Lee: Suck cactus. Yeah, I've heard of these guys.
(Francine continues walking around the room and stops behind Billy's chair.)
Francine: We never considered them violent until a barge loaded with surplus canned goods, bound for South America, was stopped and threatened with sinking by Gary Garver and his wife Gertrude. Gary's a dentist.
Billy: Gum man.
Francine: Gary said that the Stewed Tomato shouldn't be given to the foreigners, but should be stored for the day of disaster. You see, the Survivors are hoarding vast amounts of food and supplies so that they'll make it when the rest of the country's in chaos.
Fremont: Lately, there's been a series of robberies involving trucks carrying food, uh . . . bottled water, portable toilets.
Lee: Sounds like a real healthy bunch, huh?
(Holt gets up and crosses over to Fremont.)
Holt: Well, if the end is coming, Mr. Stetson, these Survivors may be the healthiest of us all. (Behind him, at the window, Amanda is gesturing like crazy and talking silently. She points at her watch. Lee stares at her. Holt turns to see what Lee is looking at. Amanda suddenly puts her hands to her sides, embarrassed. Holt lifts up one of the blinds. Amanda just stands there, looking at the clock.)
What is with that woman?
(Billy sighs.)
Francine: The million dollar question.
(Amanda keeps gesturing to Lee. Lee mouths, "What?" while Billy talks.)
Billy: She's the one who first reported the Vigilant as missing. Must have something urgent to add.
(Holt smiles politely through the window. Billy opens the door. Before he is fully done, Amanda pushes it the rest of the way open and immediately starts babbling.)
Amanda: Hello, sir. Oh, I'm sorry to interrupt, but I was wondering if I could go. You see, my younger son Jamie, you know, the little one (shows how little with hand), he's out in the car with a bunch of fish, and the last bunch died, and well, you know, it's very hot out there. (Francine sighs. Lee grimaces, then stands up.) And I'd like to get them home, because if this bunch dies, too, well . . . gee, I just don't know how I could face him.
(Amanda looks around. Lee is standing facing the wall. He shakes his head, exasperated.)

(It is nighttime. The Vigilant is parked in an enclosed, isolated spot among trees. A guard is posted outside with a gun. Inside, Sarge and Gordon are talking. Gordon is programming the controls while Sarge just stands there.)
Sarge: What if the government won't make a deal? They might think it's bad form.
Gordon: Then we have to raise the stakes. These people have to understand we're a force to be reckoned with.
Sarge: How are you going to do that?
(Gordon pauses, then walks over to the front of the bus where Sarge is.)
Gordon: Well, we interrupted the Vigilant's final road test. Maybe we should run a test of our own. See how big a hole we can blow in this . . . big, soft country.
(Dramatically, he flips a last switch. Outside, the top of the Vigilant is slowly opening. Gordon and Sarge open the door. The guard moves aside. The three men step back and watch the missiles raise from the camper. Pleased, Gordon turns and ominously looks at Sarge.)

(King house. In the kitchen, Dotty is at the sink, and Amanda is on her knees with her head in a cupboard. She is rummaging through it and pulling things out. Dotty looks at her, then turns back to the window.)
Dotty: Amanda, I'd like to ask you something, something that a mother should know.
(Amanda answers with her head still in the cupboard.)
Amanda: Shoot.
Dotty: Are you having an affair? (Surprised, Amanda whacks her head on the top of the cupboard. She pulls herself out, rubbing her head.)
Amanda: Ooh. What?!
(Dotty quickly turns and holds up her hand.)
Dotty: Other than the one with Dean.
(Amanda stops rubbing her head and sighs.)
Amanda: Mother.
Dotty: You are just so preoccupied lately. I mean, you vanish this morning with scarcely a word, you're gone so much at such late hours --
Amanda: Mother!
Dotty: When was the last time you saw Johnny Carson?
Amanda: Mother, I don't know.
Dotty: Amanda, look. This is your house, you can do exactly as you please. I am just concerned about your future. Dean is in love with you. He loves Jamie, he loves Phillip. He has a good job with the weather bureau.
Amanda: I know all that, Mother, believe me. And Dean is the only man in my life, okay? I promise.
(At just the right moment, as always, Lee pops up outside behind Dotty. Dotty does not notice. Lee mouths, "Amanda!" and gestures for her to come.)
Dotty: Well. I am awfully glad to hear that. (Amanda's eyes get wide. She has noticed Lee. As soon as Dotty turns to the counter, Amanda motions for Lee to get down.) You know, I understand temptation. (Lee ducks down. Since Dotty is not watching Amanda, Amanda takes the chance to go around back to Lee. Dotty keeps talking.) I mean, when I lived in Topeka, there was a vacuum salesman with the longest eyelashes. . . . (She turns. Amanda has disappeared. The cupboard door is still open.) Amanda. Amanda!
(Behind her, outside, Amanda steps into view. She puts her hands on her hips and glares down at the bushes. Inside, Dotty shakes her head and turns back to the sink. Amanda quickly gets down. Crouched in the bushes by the window is Lee. Amanda is facing him. She whispers fiercely.)
Amanda: When I told you not to call, I didn't mean you could come sit in my bushes!
(Lee talks softly.)
Lee: We've got a job.
(Amanda's voice rises from a whisper.)
Amanda: You can't just come here and tell me we've got a job! I was promised training and I want that training. (Lee sighs and nods.) Suppose something should happen. I have to know what to do! Listen. I'm afraid you'll just have to call Mr. Melrose.
Lee: This was Mr. Melrose's idea.
(Amanda's voice gets softer. She sounds surprised.)
Amanda: It was?
(Lee nods.)
Lee: Uh-huh.
Amanda: Well, then I'll just have to call Mr. Melrose. (She stands up, then suddenly remembers about her mother. Dotty peers suspiciously at her through the window. Amanda smiles nervously.) No aphids here. Definitely.
Dotty: Ah-ha. Well, that's good.
(She looks back down at the sink. Amanda crouches back down to talk with Lee again.)
Lee: This is a very simple case. All you have to do is look. You can look, can't you?
Amanda: Of course I can look. What am I looking for?
Lee: The man who drove away the Vigilant. You were the only one who saw them.
Amanda: The weasel-faced man! Are we gonna smoke him out?
Lee: Actually, we're playing golf.
Amanda: I don't play golf.
(Dotty suddenly pulls open the blinds.)
Dotty: Amanda.
(Amanda quickly stands up and steps over the bushes to the window. Lee ducks back in the bushes.)
Amanda: Yes, Mother.
Dotty: While you're out there --
Amanda: Yes, Mother?
Dotty: Why don't you just water my geraniums?
(She passes a watering can through the open window. Amanda takes it.)
Amanda: Sure, Mother. Happy to . . . water them. (She waters the flowers, keeping an eye on her mother. When Dotty looks away, Amanda quickly pops back down. She picks up the conversation where they left off.) What?
Lee: Now, we're going to the golf course to check out a man named Gordon Standish.
Amanda: Is he the weasel-faced man's partner?
Lee: He's an investment counselor. He's also a member of the Virginia Bar, on the board of the Cedar Side Country Club, and a tenor in his church choir.
Amanda: He sounds really interesting --
Lee: Will you let me finish? He may also be a crackpot terrorist.
Amanda: Oh.
Lee (mimicking her): Oh. Ever hear of America Alert?
Amanda: No.
Lee: Well, it's a newsletter put out by the Survivors, the group that stole the Vigilant. I broke into the printing office that puts out the thing and went through their billing files. Who do you think I saw?
Amanda: The weasel-faced man!
(Lee growls through gritted teeth.)
Lee: I'll get to him.
Amanda: Okay.
Lee (He looks back up to make sure Dotty can't hear): A lot of the checks that paid for the newsletter were issued by a corporation owned by -- ta-dah! (slaps notepad) -- Gordon Standish.
(Dotty looks up.)
Dotty: Amanda.
(Amanda grabs the watering can and jumps up.)
Amanda: Yes, Mother.
Dotty: Don't forget those buds by the fence.
(Indicates fence with her hand. Amanda looks, then turns back and smiles.)
Amanda: Oh, no, Mother.
(Amanda walks over to the fence and starts watering. Dotty watches her, to make sure she does it. Amanda looks at her, then smiles and waves. Dotty waves back, then concentrates back on her washing. Instantly, Amanda gets down.)
Lee: Now, I've arranged to meet Standish and his wife at their country club. I'm posing as a reporter for "Success Magazine."
Amanda: While you pose as a reporter and I look for the weasel-faced man. . . . What am I supposed to be, your secretary or something?
(Lee chuckles and shakes his head.)
Lee: No way, I wouldn't think of it.
(Amanda is not fooled for a minute.)
Amanda: What, then?
Lee: My caddie. (Amanda looks away, like "wouldn't you know?". Lee smiles.) I'm just joking.

(Donahue Dam. Sarge, "the weasel-faced man", is looking at it through binoculars. Next to him, Gordon Standish is standing in front of a Jeep. Sarge lowers the binoculars, but still gazes at the dam.)
Sarge: You think the Vigilant's got enough fire power to blow all that away?
(Gordon casts a sideways glance at Sarge, then keeps his eye on the dam, as if it will run away. While he talks and stares, he opens the door to the Jeep and climbs in. Sarge walks around behind him and gets in the other side.)
Gordon: According to our information, it's a piece of cake.

(IFF. Billy's office. Everyone minus Lee is listening to another audio recording. It is again Gordon's voice. This time, Francine is leaning on the window, Billy is on the door, and Fremont and Holt are on opposite sides of the desk. Nobody is actually behind the desk.)
Gordon: We'll say this one last time. Release the Stewed Tomato II. You have only thirty-six hours to act. (Holt paces slowly around next to Fremont.) If you don't, many innocence will be sacrificed and the weapon of their doom will be the Vigilant itself. We have already selected a target.
(Fremont turns the player off. Then he looks sadly up at Billy and Francine.)
Fremont: The call came in after we announced our refusal to negotiate. (hopefully:) You think they're bluffing?
Billy (apologetically): No.
Francine (more definite): No.
(Fremont looks over at Holt. Holt shakes his head, then sinks down into a chair.)
Holt (softly): No.
(Fremont looks up, then sadly looks down.)

(Country club. A golf ball flies up over a hill and rolls past the cup. Coming up the hill are Lee as "Brad", Gordon, his wife Emma, and Amanda lagging behind. All four people are carrying golf clubs. Emma is carrying a clipboard with their score sheet on it. Amanda is dragging her club. The four people walk to their go-carts.)
Lee: Ha.
Gordon: Very nice, Brad, very nice.
Lee: Well, thank you.
Emma: Yes, indeed. Let's see now. Brad is on the green, Gordon's on the green, I'm on the green . . . oh! That's right, Amanda's back in the swamp.
Amanda: Oh. Well, you know, I think I'll just get another ball and . . . couldn't I just play it from here?
Emma: Amanda, that's cheating. Do you want to cheat?
Amanda: Very much.
(They chuckle. Lee and Gordon have reached the carts. They replace their golf clubs with the ones they need and walk to the cup. Emma and Amanda do the same thing.)
Lee: Mr. Standish. We were starting to discuss how the wealthy can't afford to be shy about their political convictions.
(Gordon stops at his ball and aims. Lee goes on to the flag, tossing his golf club in the air and catching it. He lifts the flag out of the cup.)
Gordon: Yes, well, it seems to me, Brad, that . . . anyone with any influence at all has become politicized these days. You know, actors, rock stars, stand-up comics.
Lee: Hmm. (Emma walks out behind them. Gordon kneels down, arranging his ball.) Emma: That Shecky Martino, the one that does all those jokes about the commode? He's a particular thorn in Gordon's side.
(Lee nods, think about that. Gordon stands up.)
Gordon: Give money to Paraguay, give cheese to Bolivia. Give tractors to Guam. Well, I think I know just a little bit more about the international situation than Shecky Martino.
(Amanda laughs from the cart. She speaks up, still laughing.)
Amanda: You know, that thing he does with the rubber chicken is pretty funny, though.
(Gordon looks away. Lee glares at Amanda, who shuts her mouth.)
Gordon (to Lee): You ever play poker, Brad?
(Lee looks up.)
Lee: Yeah.
(Gordon swings and hits the ball as he talks.)
Gordon: Well, then you know if a man keeps giving away his chips, pretty soon he's got nothing to ante with.
(He looks to see where his ball goes. Obviously it missed the hole, because he sighs and reluctantly walks over to it. Emma briskly walks back to Amanda.)
Emma: Shall we go find that ball of yours, Amanda!
(Amanda holds out her hands and stops Emma. Then she takes Emma's arm and leads her to Gordon.)
Amanda: Y -- uh, no. Uh, you know, I think we'd better stay here because you know what I have to do? I've got to get a cover shot. (Emma smiles. She walks down next to her husband. Gordon looks up, surprised. Lee stands back.) So I thought maybe I thought I would get, um, you and Mr. Standish to sort of stand right there next to his golf ball, and just a minute. (She looks at the camera, then puts the lens cap or something into her bag.) I think this is a new camera, but I think I can, um. . . . (She puts the camera up to her eye, the adjusts the strap and titters nervously. Lee nods.) A little uncomfortable, but, um, but I think I can probably. . . .
(Emma looks up at her husband.)
Emma: Don't forget to smile, Gordon.
(Gordon suddenly grins. Amanda finally gets the camera right and looks through the lens. She adjusts the focus.)
Amanda: Oh, yeah, there, there you are.
Gordon: Assisting a reporter like Brad Brown must be very exciting, Amanda.
(Amanda smiles at him.)
Amanda: Oh, yes, it is.
(She ducks her head right back behind the camera. Lee looks at her sharply, aware that Gordon is asking too many questions.)
Gordon: When did you first become a photo journalist?
(Amanda looks up again, pauses, then answers.)
Amanda: Oh, well, every job seems like the very first one. Here we go.
(She snaps the picture. Gordon and Emma get out of their pose. Amanda stuffs her camera back into her bag, while Emma approaches her. Gordon walks around and aims at his ball again.)
Gordon: Uh, listen, Brad, I want you to know that I'm not alone in my belief that our home soil must always be our first priority. I'm not some sort of eccentric.
(He bends down to fix his ball. Emma crosses behind Lee and walks over to her husband.)
Lee: Oh, of course not. In what ways are you not alone in your beliefs?
Gordon: Oh, many of us believe the same things.
Lee: "Us"?
Gordon: Those in my organization.
Lee: Ah, I see. By organization, do you mean this country club here, or some other organization?
(Gordon lifts his head and looks Lee in the eyes.)
Gordon: The country club, of course, Brad.
(Lee's face falls for a second, then he smiles a big smile. Gordon swings and knocks the ball into the cup. He leans down to pick it up. Emma turns to Amanda.)
Emma: Let's hit that swamp, Amanda.
(Amanda gets out of the cart and stands up.)
Amanda: I don't want to hit the swamp.
Emma: You'll see, you'll feel so much better after.
(Amanda turns, unenthusiastically.)
Amanda: Yeah.
(Emma walks over and stops behind Lee, who is bent over, setting up his ball. Emma taps his shoulder. Lee stands up and Emma leans in to him. She whispers.)
Emma: She's a nice girl, but she's a very bad loser.
(She marches off. Lee looks at Gordon. They both chuckle, then Lee bends over to push the tee into the dirt.)

(Later. The country club parking lot. Amanda and Lee are walking through. Amanda is jerking her bag of golf clubs, and Lee is just carrying his on his shoulder, frustrated. He walks faster than she does.)
Lee: He even went so far as to say he sympathized with the Survivors. Just dangled it out there for me
(Amanda catches up. They slip their bags off their shoulders and laid them in the backseat of Lee's Porsche. Amanda is exhausted.)
Amanda: You know what sunstroke feels like? I think I have sunstroke.
(Lee continues talking to himself, not noticing that she said something.)
Lee: He's such a tough nut to crack. I mean, he's not some madman living up in a tree, he's a respectable business man.
Amanda: Mrs. Standish and I got along pretty well.
Lee: Lord knows how many more like him there are.
Amanda: She says he predicts the collapse of the whole country.
(Amanda takes a compact out of her purse and checks her reflection. Lee flops down in the driver's seat and slams the door.)
Lee: I just couldn't get him to admit that he's a member of the Survivors.
Amanda: Oh, he is.
(Lee looks up, surprised.)
Lee: What?
Amanda: She told me. She invited me to a special retreat they're having next weekend.
(She smiles at Lee. Lee stares at her.)
Lee: She invited you?
Amanda: You want to come? She said they're sort of like the, uh, Rotary Club, they're really harmless, only they, like, eat leaves or something, and she wanted us to meet their friends. (She rummages through her purse like what she said is no big deal. Lee runs his hand through his hair. Amanda removes other things from her purse, then sighs and looks at Lee.) Do you have an aspirin?

(Inside country club. Gordon is sitting at one end of an oval-shaped table with a full wine glass and a bottle of champagne. His legs are stretched out, with his feet resting on another chair. Sarge is sitting at the other end, filing his nails with a particularly sharp-looking nail file. Davis is leaning on the wall next to another man.)
Davis: This is no ordinary Survivor weekend, Gordon. (He walks across the room and stands in front of Gordon.) What do you mean, your wife invited those reporters along?
Gordon: I just thought it might be less obvious than inviting them myself.
(As he talks, Davis crosses in front of him and turns.)
Davis: But now! Now, when we're in the middle of this hijacking mess. (He suddenly turns around.) What if they stumble on the Vigilant? (He walks around the table, more angry now than nervous.) Oh, I suppose you'll tell them it's stolen from the government.
Gordon: Nobody's going to stumble on it. (He puts his glass on the table and looks up.) And they already know it's stolen from the government.
(Davis turns around and stares at him.)
Davis: What did you say?
Gordon: They are the government, you fool. They're agents.
Davis: What?
(Gordon looks toward the desk.)
Gordon: Isn't that right, Marshall?
(The desk chair slowly turns around. Holt is sitting in it. He is also holding a wine glass of champagne. He looks at the men.)
Holt: That's correct, gentlemen.
Gordon: Obviously, the government suspects us already. So we're going to let Stetson observe us, being just plain old, ordinary folks.
Holt: And then, if we need them, Stetson and the King woman will be right where we want them.
(Davis walks over to the desk.)
Davis: Why would we need them?
(Holt pulls himself out of his chair and walks over to the front of the desk.)
Holt: Mr. Davis, even under our current threat of massive destruction, the government may still refuse to negotiate with us. So, we'll . . . raise the stakes. (Davis nods.) A straight-out trade. Gary and Gertrude for their two agents. Unscratched.
Davis: And if they still won't deal?
(Gordon speaks up. Davis turns his head.)
Gordon: It's painfully obvious, Davis. We eliminate the Vigilant, the dam, and the spies.
(Sarge looks up from his nails and smiles evilly. Davis turns and looks at Gordon, terrified.)
Davis: I -- I -- I don't like this, Gordon. There's got to be another way. Gary and Gertrude Garver never condoned killing.
(Gordon sits up and stares meanly at Davis.)
Gordon: The ineffectual days are behind us, Davis. This organization has to take a stand, now! We can't backslide. (A pause while this sinks in. Gordon leans back again.) And the rest of the crew agrees.
(Davis looks over his shoulder. Everyone else looks up at him. Davis turns back to Gordon.)
Davis: I can't let you do this. I don't believe in murder.
(He walks rapidly out of the room. Everyone is left in silence. Sarge fingers his nail file, then looks up at Gordon. Gordon sighs, then slowly nods. Sarge stands up, then very casually walks out after Davis. Gordon pours himself another glass of champagne. He speaks to Holt without looking.)
Gordon: There you have what makes this land so great. (He picks up his glass, then looks at Holt.) Davis doesn't believe in murder. (A gunshot is heard from outside. Holt sharply looks up.) And I do. (The man at the back of the room looks up at Holt. Holt looks at the floor. Gordon looks at his glass.) That's democracy for you.
(He punctuates his speech by taking a quick swig from his glass.)

(IFF lobby. Lee opens the door from the outside. Amanda marches in, angrily.)
Lee: You're not going. End of discussion.
Amanda: It'll look funny if I don't go. I'm the one Mrs. Standish invited. (Lee catches up to her. They stand outside the closet, face-to-face. Amanda has a guest pass in her hand. Lee has his badge in his hand.)
Lee: Amanda, these people are slime.
(He opens the closet door and they both walk in at the same time.)
Amanda: We don't know for sure that they're slime.
(Downstairs, Billy and Francine are watching Lee and Amanda in the elevator in the monitor. On the screen, Lee squeezes past Amanda, pushes a coat aside, and presses the down button.)
Lee: Look. Survivor weekends are no picnic. It's rough out there. Do you want to run around for two days and eat roots and wear nothing but a loincloth?
Amanda: They don't make you wear a loincloth. (Francine looks at Billy. Billy smiles and turns back to the screen. In the elevator, Lee and Amanda are facing each other.) Besides, Mr. Standish thinks we're from the magazine. (As she talks Lee pins on her badge, then she snatches Lee's badge out of his hand and pins it on. Lee waits patiently.) Now don't you think he's going to go out of his way to make us see how innocent everything is? Besides, --
Both (Lee aggravated, Amanda trying to explain why she should go): I saw the weasel-faced man!
Lee: I am so tired of hearing about the weasel-faced man.
Amanda: Are you trying to blow our case?
Lee: It's not our case, it's my case. (The elevator stops. Lee turns to exit. Amanda squints her eyes and grits her teeth. Lee ducks out of the closet. Amanda stands next to him. They argue down the hall.) Look. If you're not going to be reasonable, we'll just let Billy decide, huh?
Amanda: Fine. We'll let Billy decide.
Lee: Ha ha.
(They walk around the corner. Billy is standing there.)
Billy: She's going.
(Lee's face falls. Amanda smiles at Billy.)
Lee: Oh.
(Amanda smiles up at Lee as if to say, "I told you so.")

(King house. Night. Phillip and Jamie trot down the stairs, carrying sleeping bags and backpacks on their backs. They run into the kitchen.)
Amanda: Be careful. (They stop in front of her. She hands them paper bags.) All right, now look, Phillip. If Jamie gets scared, sleeping outside in that tent, you tell Mrs. Litsman to let you come inside, okay?
(She ruffles their hair.)
Jamie: Mom.
Amanda: Hmm?
Jamie: The tent's in the house.
Amanda: Oh, no problem.
(A car horn beeps three times. Amanda looks up.)
Phillip: Gotta go, Mom. Good night.
Amanda: Okay, good night.
(The boys kiss her cheeks. She hugs them to her shoulders.)
All: I love you.
Amanda: Bye.
(The boys scamper away.)
Jamie: Bye-bye!
Amanda: Bye.
(Jamie and Phillip run out the door just as Dotty comes down the stairs. She walks into the kitchen. She is holding a video tape.)
Dotty: Amanda.
Amanda: Mm-hmm?
Dotty: Is the cassette player working? Dr. Bain's coming over. We're going to watch "Born Free".
(Amanda answers with her mouth full. She holds up a pair of sweat pants.)
Amanda: Mm, I think so, Mother. (She folds the pants neatly.) Mother, do you know where that old canteen is?
Dotty: Canteen?
(Amanda turns and smiles at her mother.)
Amanda: For my trip.
(Dotty looks not quite believing.)
Dotty: I see. (Amanda turns away, busily folding her clothes.) What trip?
(Amanda glances at her mother and quickly turn backs away.)
Amanda: Well, since the boys will be at the Litsmans', I thought this would be a . . . a good time for me to go on a kind of a . . . retreat.
Dotty: A retreat?
Amanda: Yeah, you know, you go to a place where they put you on a special diet and they give you your own special exercises and they um . . . teach you how to meditate, you know, well, you know I've always wanted to do that kind of thing.
Dotty: Amanda, when you were a girl, I asked you once if you'd smoked a cigarette that I found in the ashtray.
Amanda: Ha. Mm-hmm.
Dotty: You hadn't, but you resented my suspicions so much that you immediately ran over to Debbie Anne McKeady's house and smoked one.
Amanda: Heh heh. Yeah, well, I got sick as a dog.
Dotty: Yes, well, anyway, I hope that just because I asked you if you were having an affair --
Amanda: Mother. I am not going to rush right out and have an affair.
Dotty: Course not.
Amanda: That would be neurotic.
Dotty: Besides, it's none of my business anyway.
Amanda: No, it isn't.
(Dotty chuckles insincerely. Amanda slings her bag over her shoulder.)
Dotty: Where is this retreat being held?
Amanda (carelessly, not meeting Dotty's eyes): I don't know.
Dotty: Is there a number where I can reach you?
Amanda: No, but I'll check in.
Dotty: You taking the car?
Amanda: No, somebody's going to pick me up.
Dotty: Who?
Amanda: Nobody you know.
Dotty: Oh. Ha ha. (Amanda makes her escape. Dotty watches her go smiling, then as soon as Amanda leaves, she says dryly:) Sounds perfectly innocent to me.

(Survivors retreat. The group is jogging through the woods.)
Leader: Left, right, left, right, let's go! Keep it moving, follow me!
(The group stops to rest by a stream. Amanda plops down. Lee, wearing tiny shorts, stands next to her. He bends over, panting. She looks up at him.)
Amanda: I've never seen your legs before.
(Lee stands up and holds his arms out.)
Lee: So? What do you think?
Amanda: Not bad.
(Lee grins at her, then he shakes his head and sits down next to her on the ground.)
Lee: Thanks. (He looks at Amanda.) Well, you must be in pretty good shape. You don't seem tired.
(He flips his hair back.)
Amanda: I'm not tired. I work out.
Lee: Oh, me too. I see a guy who runs me through the Alps a few times a year, at home, I combine a program of karate, fencing, kickboxing, and I try to check my metabolism as often as I can.
Amanda: Mmm. "Fitness with Dave." Weekday mornings at eight, channel 12.
(She smiles at him. He looks her over with his eyes.)
Lee (unimpressed): Uh-huh.
(The leader speaks up. Lee and Amanda pay attention. The leader is on a big boulder, holding onto a hanging bar.)
Leader: Okay, let's keep it moving! Let's go, you rookies! Follow me!
(He leaps off the boulder, hanging on the bar. He swings over the stream and disappears into the woods. Amanda's jaw drops. She looks over at Lee. He is perfectly calm.)
Amanda: Ohh.
Lee: Shall we?

(A tent near the stream. Gordon is walking beside Sarge. They stop after a little bit and watch the Survivor members swing on the bar.)
Gordon: I assume you told everyone about our "guests" this weekend.
Sarge: I told them they're reporters. They know what to do.
Gordon: You warned them not to mention our more controversial activities?
(Sarge glances at him, then looks back to the stream.)
Sarge: Of course.
Gordon: Fine. (He walks closer to the edge of the stream and watches. A woman is swinging neatly.) They're sure going to learn everything they can learn. The price will be most expensive.
(Another person swings.)

(A Pentagon war room. A horizontal map with different colored flags dotting it is sitting there. Three men are leaning over it. Francine is sitting nearby, holding a folder. She has a microphone in her ear.)
Francine: Red alert, sector six. (One man reaches something like a tiny hockey stick and pushes a red flag over to a spot on the map. Francine closes the folder, stands up, and hands some papers to another man concentrating on the map.) Take these papers up to (?). (The man leaves. Francine adjusts her microphone, then speaks to the third man.) Four and five on the Potomac, Stroud. (The man makes a mark on the map and pushes a flag over. The other man does the same thing. Billy walks in the doorway and over to the map.)
We're not getting very far, Billy. I mean, even if the computer can choose likely targets, it will still be too many to cover effectively.
Billy: Well, keep it going. (Francine leans on the map and looks over her file. Billy walks over to a woman sitting in front of a huge switchboard.) How are you people doing with the phone trace?
Woman: Nothing so far.
Billy: Try again on the next call and recheck the voice print against foreign terrorists as well. Who knows what we got here.
(The woman nods.)
Woman: Okay.
(Billy walks over to a table and picks up a heavy pile of papers. He walks over to Francine, as Fremont and Holt walk in.)
Billy: I don't think these idiots have any idea of the immense fire power they've got on that bus. (He looks at Fremont and Holt, who stand across from him.) They may aim at a totally unoccupied target and take out an entire town.
Holt: Perhaps we should consider negotiating with the Survivors.
(Francine looks up.)
Billy: I think we still have a few cards to play yet.
Fremont: Any word from Stetson?
(Billy looks down.)
Billy: No. He'll call me in the morning and then I'll pull him in. (Francine looks up again.) I'm starting to think that that lead of his won't gain us much. (He turns his head and calls to the woman at the switchboard.) Time till deadline, please!
Woman: Ten hours.
(Billy turns back and glances meaningfully at Fremont. Fremont reluctantly nods and turns his head away.)

(Gordon's tent. He is eating at a picnic table. A man in a military uniform marches out of the woods over to Gordon and stands.)
Man: We just heard from Holt. He says they're not going to budge.
(Gordon puts his fork down and looks straight ahead.)
Gordon: It's time we made our move. Get me Cale.
(The man walks away. Gordon bangs his fork on the table, then slaps his hand with it and puts it down.)

(The woods. Lee and Amanda, dressed in long pants again, are walking side by side. Amanda is smiling and holding leaves.)
Lee: Would you mind telling me why you are so damn determined to stay on this case? I am just -- just curious.
Amanda: Once I start something, I like to finish it, and besides, I felt it was my patriotic duty.
Lee: Oh, patriotic duty. Why can't you just admit you get a kick out of all this? Why can't you just admit that you think this is exciting stuff, huh?
Amanda: Oh.
Lee: I don't understand you.
Amanda: Well, I don't know why you don't, you know ten thousand things about me, you put it through your computer fifteen million times, and you know, I don't understand you. (Turns around to face him and shakes the leaves in his face.) I don't know much about you at all.
Lee: Well, there's nothing to know.
Amanda: Oh, come on. Now, you must have had a really interesting life.
(Lee just stares at her. Amanda keeps looking at him.)
Lee: All right, what is it that you want to know?
(Amanda smiles, pleased. She shrugs.)
Amanda: Well . . . why is your codename Scarecrow?
Lee: That's very personal.
(He walks past her.)
Amanda: Oh, terrific.
(He stops and turns around She turns too so that they are facing each other again.)
Lee: Look, I'm sorry. You just happened to ask the one thing that was very personal, that's all.
Amanda: Okay, all right. Um . . . have you ever been married, you ever have -- ?
(Lee interrupts, still thinking about the case. He paces back and forth.)
Lee: This whole weekend has been so frustrating.
Amanda (under her breath): Just forget it.
Lee: I mean, just get these people talking, you know that they're just crazy enough to have the Vigilant. (He stops pacing. He is on the other side of Amanda again. She sighs, looking at him.) They stop before they say anything that'll stick.
(Amanda looks past him. She gasps and freezes.)
Amanda (weakly): This'll stick.
(Lee looks down at her.)
Lee: Hmm?
(Amanda draws a breath, then tries to speak without moving her mouth.)
Amanda: The weasel-faced man.
(She nods over Lee's shoulder. Lee looks at her out of the corner of his eye, then turns his head to look. Sarge is standing there. He walks toward them. Amanda turns around. Another man is standing there, pointing a gun at them. Sarge comes closer, now holding a gun also. Lee turns and glares at Amanda. She shrugs sheepishly at him. They both hold their hands up.)

(IFF. Billy's office. The same crowd is gathered. This time, Billy is leaning on the window, Francine is sitting on the table, Sarge is sitting on the sofa, and Fremont is on the desk, hanging up the phone. Billy gets up and walks angrily across the room.)
Billy: He said what?
Fremont: They've got Stetson and the King woman. And will trade them for the Stewed Tomato II.
(Billy stops behind Francine, facing the wall. She reaches behind herself and tugs at his sleeve.)
Francine: Billy.
Fremont: We have until seven A.M. Then Lee and Amanda will be executed.
(Billy turns and looks at Fremont, realizing how serious the situation is. Francine looks at Billy, then at Fremont. Billy looks away. Francine gulps, then glances at Billy.)

(Billy's office that night. Gary and Gertrude are sitting in the sofa. Billy walks across the room. Francine is sitting on the desk.)
Gary: This was never the idea. The Survivors weren't organized in order to take lives.
Billy: Tell that to the goons who've been calling us up. They're doing this for you, the Stewed Tomato II. If they don't get you back, they're going to blow something up.
Francine: We don't know how many lives will be lost.
(Billy leans over to Gary to put more pressure on him.)
Billy: They're threatening to kill two of my people.
Francine: And there's very little time left.
(She stares at Gary. Gertrude looks at him also. Gary looks down, then over at his wife. She takes his hand.)
Gertrude: We have to tell them, Gary.
(Gary takes a deep breath, then looks at Francine.)
Gary: We, um . . . we fear an evil hand has taken control of our followers. (Gertrude looks at Billy.) Gordon Standish.
Francine: It is Standish.
(Billy straightens up and walks around to Francine.)
Gary: Gordon can be an electrifying speaker. He's always wanted the group to become more violent. By rallying Survivors around him to (glances at Gertrude) save us, he's . . . hoping to finally have things his way.
Billy: Standish just held a Survivor weekend. Where would something like that take place?
Gertrude: Anywhere. They change all the time.
Gary: There are a couple of possibilities.
Gertrude: He's an egomaniac. You must understand, if he says he's going to kill these people, he'll do it.
(Francine looks up. Billy looks down.)

(An Agency helicopter is flying over fields and trees. You hear the pilot's voice over the radio.)
Bravo Wing: Bravo Wing to Blue Leader: No sign of vehicle in my assigned area. Will repeat sweep once again. Over.

(Men in jeeps are driving along a road.)
Blue Leader: Copy, Bravo Wing. Entering northern perimeter of Whistling State Forest.

(Different road. A black car drives along. Billy and Francine are riding in the backseat, looking anxious. The chauffeur is wearing a suit and dark glasses. Billy speaks into a cellular phone.)
Billy: All units are to continue their sweep patterns until notified.

(The helicopter flies overhead again in the opposite direction.)
Bravo Wing: Yeah, I see more of 'em down there. About five of them. Anyone ever notice these things all look alike?

(Clearing near Donahue dam. The Vigilant turns in and parks, led by Gordon's jeep. A man jumps out of the jeep and runs over to Vigilant. He opens the door and steps back. Amanda gets out. She looks around. Lee follows her and looks at the dam, shocked. Gordon gets out next, then Sarge. They all stand in a row and look at the dam.)
Lee: Donahue Dam? You can't blow up Donahue Dam.
Gordon: Really? Why not? (He turns to Lee and Amanda.) You two are going to have the best seats in the house. The dam goes, you go with it.
Lee: Yeah, and you'll destroy the whole valley.
Gordon: Precisely. (He looks at the man next to him.) Get me Congressman Fremont on the radio.
(The man walks away. Amanda and Lee look at each other.)
Amanda: I'm scared.
(They all gaze at the dam again.)

(Another helicopter is flying above the trees.)
Delta Wing: Delta Wing, returning to original coordinates. I'm going to go down a little closer. I haven't spotted a thing.

(Bravo Wing is flying his helicopter nearby, with four other copters.)
Bravo Wing: Uh, Blue Leader, we may be over the Survivor camp now. 'Pears empty.

(Blue leader drives by in the jeep silently.)

(Billy and Francine are in the car. Billy is on the phone again.)
Billy: Yes, Congressman, I know. . . . I see. I thought the President would agree. Tell Standish no deal.
(Francine turns to look at him. Billy slowly lowers the phone. Francine looks out the window. The car drives past some trees.)

(Bravo Wing turns his helicopter around.)
Bravo Wing
: Uh, Blue Leader, I'm beginning the sweep again. What have we got?
Blue Leader: About fifteen minutes? Stop.

(Donahue dam. In the Vigilant. Gordon and the man are standing there, angry, listing to Fremont over the radio.)
Fremont: We can not, and will not, negotiate with terrorists. However, if no harm comes to any life or property, we would consider reading a list of your grievances --
(Furiously, Gordon snatches a machine gun, holds it over the radio, then strikes the radio with the end of the gun. The radio blows up. Gordon thrusts the gun back at the man, then walks past Holt, at one of the control panels.)
Gordon: Set fire coordinates into the computer.
(Sarge looks at him, then pushes the other man aside and walks to the main computer in front. He flips three switches, each lighting up as he does so. The computer starts beeping shrilly. Holt sits at another panel and types in the coordinates.)

(Outside, Amanda and Lee's wrists are tied together and they are standing in front of the jeep. Their fingers are trying to untie the rope behind them. They whisper.)
Amanda: I think I got it.
Lee: No, no, no, no.
Amanda: No.
Lee: No, pull that one.
Amanda: Okay.
(She pulls.)
Lee: No, not that one.
Amanda: Oh, sorry. Stop moving around. (She tries to concentrate.) Watch your hands, please.
(Lee suddenly looks up. then he looks down at the headlight of the car right next to him. He looks back up at Amanda, still trying to untie the knots.)
Lee: Wait a minute. Amanda, get down behind me to avoid the flying glass.
Amanda: What flying glass?
(Lee pushes her behind him and kicks the headlight. The glass shatters. Amanda cautiously looks over his shoulder and nods approvingly.)
Lee: Come on.
(They inch their way over to the broken glass.)

(In the Vigilant, Holt has the timer set for ten minutes. He presses all the buttons one at a time. They light up. He flips some switches. More lights go on. Then Holt removes a key. Immediately, the timer starts counting down. Holt closes the glass covering, then turns to Gordon, who is watching behind him, along with Sarge and the other man.)
Computer: Launch controls are now sealed and locked.
Holt: It's fully automatic. (He places the key in Gordon's hand.) You're the only one who can stop it.
(Gordon looks down at the key, then smiles at Holt. The look behind at the timer. It is on 9:49 and counting.)

(Outside, Amanda is twisted around, cutting the rope with a piece of glass. She is concentrating very hard. Lee is waiting anxiously for her to cut them.)
Lee: It's starting to give.
Amanda: Yeah.
Lee: Just a little more.
(Amanda turns, trying as hard as she can.)

(In the sky, Bravo Wing is still circling.)
Bravo Wing: Bravo Wing to Blue Leader. Uh, we're not having much luck and we're running out of time.
(On the road, the Agency jeep with Blue Leader inside drives along, stirring up dust on the dirt road.)

(In the Vigilant, the four men are still watching the timer. It says 9:29. Sarge looks at the other man, then at Gordon.)
Man: You want us to take them to the dam now?
Gordon: Yes.
(The man nudges Sarge, then they pass Gordon. Gordon looks straight ahead and looks down at his watch.)

(Outside, the two men step out of the RV and walk around. The stop at corner and stare. Lee has disappeared. There is just Amanda, standing with her wrists behind her, in front of the jeep. While the men look at each other, they slowly walk toward her, Sarge holding his machine gun up. Camera backs up to reveal Lee crouched on the roof of the Vigilant. He straightens up, the jumps and lands behind the men, pushing them down. They land on their faces. While Sarge pulls himself up, Lee punches the other guy. The man lands against the Vigilant. Sarge stands up and swings it. Lee grabs the gun and they wrestle with it. Finally Lee yanks it free, throwing Sarge against the camper, next to his friend. Sarge turns around again, but Lee whacks him across the chest. Sarge spins around and falls against the tire. He shakes his head and groans. Lee quickly points the gun at him. Sarge slowly stands up.)
Lee: All right. Now first let's lose the pistol. (The other man carefully removes his pistol from his holster and tosses it on the ground.) Now, that way, go on.
(He points and gestures with the gun. The men walk in the direction he pointed, keeping their eye on him. As soon as she is out of sight, Amanda runs around to the driver's seat of the jeep and picks up the CB radio.)
Amanda: Hello? Hel -- uh . . . (She fixes the cord.) Hello?
(Meanwhile, Lee walks with the two men around the Vigilant. The door suddenly opens and Lee steps back, holding the machine gun up. Gordon walks out, looks around, and slowly closes the door.)
Lee: Mr. Standish.
Gordon (surprised): Mr. Stetson.
Lee: All right, gentlemen, it's all over now.
Gordon: Not yet it isn't.
(He puts his hand to his mouth, pops something in and swallows.)
Lee: What was that?
Gordon: It was a tiny, little key. We Survivors will eat anything.
(The door opens. Holt leans out and points a pistol at Lee.)
Holt: Stetson!
(Lee kicks the door. It slams closed on Holt. He drops the gun. Gordon and the other two men run for cover. Holt falls out of the door and lies still on the ground. Lee glances at him, then steps over and leans against the Vigilant to load the machine gun. Meanwhile, the three men creep into the bushes. Amanda is still trying to get through on the radio.)
Amanda: Hello! Hello?
(Gordon peeks through the leaves and fires a pistol. Someone else fires, too. Both shots ricochet off the RV. Lee steps out from hiding and shoots with his machine gun. The bullets miss. Lee ducks back behind the Vigilant. Amanda ducks down behind the jeep, still holding the CB. Gordon fires again at Lee. The shot misses. Lee steps out and shoots some more. So do the other men. One man aims for the jeep, where Amanda is. The shots hit the bumper and the radiator.)
Amanda: Anyone who can hear me, please call 555-3434, and say, uh, uh, Scarecrow . . . (Amanda turns to briefly check the fight. The shots continue. Lee is still unhurt. Amanda turns back.) Donahue Dam.
Lee: Amanda, come on, get over here! (He turns and keeps firing while Amanda runs out into the opening and over to Lee.) Go on, get in the bus!
(Amanda climbs into the Vigilant. Lee turns to follow, but Gordon fires one more time and hits Lee's leg. Lee falls, clutching his leg. Amanda looks back, then gets out and lifts Lee's shoulders. She tries to lug him into the bus.)
Amanda: Come on!
Lee: No.
Amanda: Get up.
Lee: Go on.
Amanda: No.
Lee: Go on, leave me!
(She finally gets him into the Vigilant. She helps get in his feet in, then steps in herself and shuts the door. Sarge leaps from the bushes.)

(Inside the Vigilant, Amanda helps Lee to sit up.)
Amanda: Leave me, he says.
(She pulls herself up and walks over to the driver's seat. She tries to start the engine.)
Lee: They tell us to say that. Thank God you never listen to me. (The men keep firing at the Vigilant. Sparks fly. Lee limps over to the radio, which Gordon busted.) The radio's smashed.
(He sits in the chair and looks up.)

(Outside, Sarge takes an extra machine gun from the back of the jeep. He runs back to the trees. Finally, the Vigilant starts. Amanda backs out and stops, facing Sarge. Lee looks through the monitor and sees Sarge standing there with his gun.)
Lee: Okay, let's see if this thing really works. (He flips a switch. The top of the RV opens up. A big machine gun rises up. Determined, Lee holds up what looks like a computer joystick. He turns it and fires. The gun shoots. Dust erupts along the road. Lee watches through the monitor. The gun shoots the jeep and the jeep blows up. Amanda ducks, also watching through the windshield. She gasps.) You guys wanted to play rough.
(Sarge still stands still, firing his gun. He gets the ground in front of the Vigilant. Lee aims the gun. Just then, Amanda pulls out. The Vigilant drives away, its gun still firing. Gordon and the other man run out of the bushes. Sarge, who had ducked out of the way when the Vigilant drove by, jumps back out and fires at the back of it. The van turns out of sight. Gordon puts his arm down and gestures for Sarge to come over. Sarge trots over.)
Gordon: C'mon, let's get out of here.
(He turns and walks away, tucking his pistol into his belt. The other men follow.)

(The Vigilant drives along the dirt road. Words appear on the computer screen as the computer says them. At what it's saying, Lee looks up.)
Computer: The vehicle is now in the firing mode. Your option to evacuate the vehicle expires in twenty seconds.
(Lee bangs at the glass covering with no success.)
Lee: Amanda, get this thing as far out into the country as you can. They've got this thing set to fire everything it's got.

(Blue Leader's jeep is sitting still. The man next to him is talking to him.)
Man: Blue Leader, we're picking up a strange radio transmission.

(Billy's car is driving along. Billy is on the phone with Blue Leader.)
Billy: She said she heard it on a CB? Well, I'll try anything. Donahue Dam's near here. (Francine looks at him.) Order all military units to get over there fast. And listen, if that dam goes, it's going to take a whole town along with it, so don't take any chances. Destroy that bus before it can fire.

(Bravo Wing's fleet of helicopters is in the sky. A woman speaks over a radio.)
Woman: Attention all units. Converge immediately to Donahue Dam. Adjust coordinates to bearing zero-five-seven.

(Blue Leader's jeep goes again. It meets up with two other military jeeps and they all speed along the road.)

(The Vigilant comes speeding from the opposite direction. Amanda's eyes widen.)
Amanda: Look, it's the army!
(Lee turns his head.)
Computer: Missiles will launch in T minus five minutes.
(Amanda waves at the jeeps. The men fire at the Vigilant. Amanda screams.)
Amanda: They're shooting at us!
(She drives past. The jeeps have to turn onto the side of the road to avoid being run over. The Vigilant drives onto a side street and the jeeps follow. The helicopters come, too. Everyone is shooting at Lee and Amanda. Lee sees everything through the monitor. He flips a different switch and the teargas tank lifts up.)
Bravo Wing: Bravo Wing to Blue Leader. We got them.
(The Vigilant continues driving along, with the jeeps closely following. The shooting continues.)
Computer: T minus four minutes.
(Lee fires the teargas. It sprays all over the jeeps. They swerve and men tumble out. Lee smiles.)
Lee: I feel sorry for these guys.
(Lee smiles and keeps spraying the teargas all over the road until all the jeeps have been through it. Lee smiles again, but it fades when he looks at the timer. He frantically looks around.)

(Up in the sky, Bravo Wing is communicating with Blue Leader.)
Bravo Wing: Blue Leader, the vehicle seems to be heading back for Donahue Dam.

(In Billy's car, the woman is on the radio.)
Woman: Attention all units. Vehicle turning back toward Donahue Dam.

(The Vigilant continues at full-speed. Lee is trying to pry the covering off the switches with a screwdriver.)
Lee: Come on, come on. Open up, will you? (He tries another spot. Meanwhile, a tank is coming from the other direction. It heads right for them. Lee is sweating. He looks up at the monitor and sees where they are going.) Amanda, we're heading right back towards the dam! Take us out!
(Amanda executes a sharp U-turn. She almost runs into the tank and slams on the brakes. The vehicle stops suddenly. The tank sits in front of it. Amanda opens her mouth. Lee looks up.)
Computer: T minus one minute.

(More jeeps turn in and drive around the Vigilant, surrounding it. The men jump out and hold up machine guns. Bravo Wing circles around in the sky.)
Bravo Wing: Target vehicle has been stopped. All units, begin to close in. Reapeat, all units close in.
(Men jump out from nowhere and hold up more guns. Amanda looks around. All the men are pointing machine guns right at her.)

(Meanwhile, the timer says 0:48. Lee frantically works at the covering. More jeeps drive up. Blue Leader stands up with a megaphone.)
Blue Leader: Come out with your hands up!
(Amanda nods weakly and puts her hands up. Lee still jiggles the screwdriver around. Amanda jumps out of her seat. An alarm starts honking. Lee works harder. Amanda tries to push the door open. It won't budge.)
Amanda: Oh, no! I can't get it open.
Computer: I'm sorry. The doors are sealed.
(Lee turns to Amanda. Outside, the missiles start rising up. All the army men back up, still holding their guns.)
Computer: Missiles have reached launch position.
(Lee looks back at the control panel and realizes that the screwdriver is not working. He looks around for something else and spots the bust of John Paul Jones. He grabs it and yanks, but it won't come, either.)
Lee: It's glued down.
(Amanda ducks down behind the seat. Blue Leader yells into the megaphone again.)
Blue Leader: Fire at my command. (The men cock their guns. The tank lowers its gun. Everyone gets ready to shoot, including the missiles on top of the bus. Lee continues trying to yank the statue off the shelf. Billy's car drives up. Billy jumps out, closely followed by Francine.) Four . . . three . . . two . . .
(Billy looks through his binoculars. He sees Amanda in the Vigilant, gesturing and saying, "It's me!")
Billy: Hold your fire!
Blue Leader: Hold your fire!
(In theVigilant, the timer says 0:17. Lee finally gets the statue free. He starts banging the glass with it. It smashes. Quickly, he turns all the buttons off and flips the switch with one second remaining. The alarm stops. Lee looks up and holds his breath, not sure if it worked.)
Computer: Launch has been cancelled. Automatic detonation has been cancelled. (Lee lets out his breath, relieved.) Thank you. Have a nice day.
(Lee looks up, as if to thank God.)

(Outside, Billy and Francine rush over to the Vigilant, unlocks the door, and steps in. Francine follows. They stop and stare at Lee and Amanda, who are leaning against the computer, exhausted, but calm as if nothing ever happened.)
Amanda: Hello.
Lee: I got it stopped. It won't fire.
(Francine catches her breath. Billy smiles.)
Billy: Good. Very good. You all right?
(Lee holds his wounded leg.)
Amanda (weakly): Oh, yeah.
(She turns and exchanges a glance with Lee. He grimaces.)
Billy: Good. Oh, Stetson, nice work.
Lee: Yeah.
Billy: Now, let's get this thing cleaned up and ready to go to Arizona.
(Lee and Amanda stare at him, then at each other.)

(Later. Men are extinguishing the overheated jeeps. Francine walks over to Lee, who is sitting on the front bumper of the Vigilant. Amanda is sitting on a pile of stuff, bandaging his leg.)
Francine: Well, they got Standish and Holt. Can you believe he was the leak? Hey, everybody is talking about your great driving job with the bus. (Amanda clenches her jaw, then looks back down.) You know, those jeeps really had a hard time keeping up.
(Lee looks down at Amanda and runs his hand through his hair.)
Lee: Yeah, well, uh, I wasn't driving. (Amanda looks up, amazed and pleased. Then she gets back to bandaging.) It was Amanda here.
Francine: Oh. (Amanda looks up and smiles, still bandaging. Then she looks back down.) However did you manage?
Amanda: Oh, I've had plenty of practice. I once drove the boys into New York City on Thanksgiving day for Macy's parade. (Lee looks at Francine strangely. Francine, not knowing how to reply, turns away and walks over to Billy.) There.
(Lee gets up with a bandage around his leg wound and walks around. His jeans are cut for the bandage.)
Lee: Ah, good as new.
Amanda: Good. Well, you know, I can sew those pants up for you --
Lee: No, no, no, no, don't think of it. Look, uh, they'll be giving you a ride home. I guess I'll be seeing you, maybe. But, then again, maybe I won't. You know.
Amanda: Yeah. Well, just in case you don't, do you think maybe you could say something nice about my work? I mean, after all, I think I did contribute something to it.
Lee: Hmm. Okay, uh, your work was . . . (Amanda raises her eyebrows. Lee smiles, seeing an opportunity.) Not bad.
Amanda: Not bad?
Lee: Yeah. Not bad.
(Amanda chuckles and shakes her head.)
Amanda: Not bad.
Lee: Well, you think my legs are just "okay," I think your work was just "not bad."
(Amanda eases herself up and looks him in the eye.)
Amanda: That is so petty.
Lee: Care to change your opinion?
(He smiles mischievously at her. Her eyes widen and she stares at him.)