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Bruce Boxleitner

From Babylon 5,

and Scarecrow & Mrs. King.

From TRON,

and How the West Was Won,

The Gambler movies,

and Bring 'Em Back Alive!


Member of the Board of Governors of
the National Space Society.
(See the press release.)

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What kind of actor is this man?
Here's a quote from Mira Furlan, who plays Delenn in Babylon 5!

TV Guide Online Bulletin Board 1/98: "I love working with Bruce. He's a wonderful actor. We had so many of these moments that happen so rarely, where your heart opens up and something wonderful happens. And you do it with some actors. With some, you can never reach that point because they never, they just don't have the capacity to open up emotionally. Then you somehow have to invent that stuff for yourself. You kind of play with yourself which is no fun."

Bruce the author:

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Good Bruce Bad Bruce

Alison and Claudia's Favorites



has eyes

for Lee...

And has

her OWN

Lee Stetson Page
with transcripts of SMK episodes.

The more elderly between us, however, believes that true enlightenment comes from close study across the decades and across the genres.
John Sherican

Former Commander of Babylon 5

and President of the Interstellar Alliance,
B5 now airs on Sci-Fi.

See my Visit to the B5 set


My John Sheridan Page

And of course, there's TRON

...I love this groundbreaking classic from 1982. It recently had a limited release in 70mm for a special screening in L.A. It has wonderful moments - not to mention spandex britches!

Who could resist?

Luke Very dear to my heart is

How the West Was Won

Luke Macahan
that hot-headed
guy who trouble just seems to find!

This western ran from 1976 to 1979,
and co-starred James Arness.

Visit my HTWWW pages on the above link.

... Then there's Bring 'Em Back Alive
from the Mustache Years! 

Derring-do, fisticuffs, exotic women, and even Maltese Falcon references! 

My compliments to the wardrobe dept. for devising The Towel That Won't Fall Off, even during hand-to-hand combat!

This show ran during the 1982-1983 season.

We must not forget the Hot 80s

Passion Flower (1986)
Red River (1988)

Always the cowboy

photo by Kenny Rogers from Your Friends And Mine
stubble ARCHIVISTS NOTE: in 1972 and 1973 our man starred on stage in "Status Quo Vadis." Reviews from the Washington Post and the New York Times are posted on the Library .
There you can also see pictures from Bruce's high school plays in 1966 and 1967.

Visit my Illustrated Filmography page for informaton about this performance, including scans of the Playbill from the Broadway production! (Thanks to Karen L.)

The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1973)

Dreamwatch BB 10/97

The 19 year old and the 52 year old to blame for this page have found much common ground to appreciate in this man. This is no trivial feat.

We would like to thank Mr. B. for all his work over the years,
and for the work yet to come.

Revenge has been exacted by the husBruce, below, in his own special way:
John Sheridan
if he had lived LONGER        
than 20 years
old John

   ...and the B5 Twins!

Countdown to Mr. B's next birthday.

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