Young Rider's Show '06
Young Rider's Show 2006 (Jane on Casey, Emma on Snoopy, Jackie on Pia, Jen on the ground)
Big Emily on Bella
Big Emily on Bella
Jane on Casey (Emily on Boo in back)
Jackie on Patches  Emily on Boo Emily on Boo + Jackie on Patch
Jackie + Patches and Emily + Boo at Northhampton Hunter Jumper Show 2006
  Nina, Kendra, and Christine
                      ^ Nina on Kiwi                             ^Kendra on Nick             ^Christine on First Star
Nina and Christine at the Pony Farn Horseshow (Ethan in back) Emily, Kendra, and Kim Emily jumping Boo
Nina and Christine (Ethan in back)                               Emily on Boo, with Kendra and Kim                                        Emily jumping Boo                              
Nina, Kim, and Kendra with Kelly on Nickolas Kelly on Nick, Peter on First Star Peter on First Star with Christine leading
^ Nina, Kim, and Kendra with Kelly,  mom to Kim+Kendra. (she does not ride )                    Peter, Christine+Emily's dad is on First Star (does not ride) ^
4-H Fair 2006
Christine on First Star, Jackie on Patches, Emily on Boo, Jen and Emma on the ground.
4-H Littleton Hach 'N' Tack's ribbon display
Most of us at Fairwell are/were in 4-H, in the club Littleton Hack & Tack (among others in the club), and this was our ribbon display!
Jackie, Kendra, and Emily in Club Tean Comp
Emily + Boo, Kendra + Nick, Jackie + Patches in Club Team Comp.
Club Team Comp
Club Team Comp
Club Team Comp: They won!!! (yay)
They won the class!
Christine, one of few western riders
Christine is one of our few western riders.
Hungry Horses
First Star and Christine, Sydney and Locket
Christine and Sammy
Christine with Sammy
(Sammy's helping)